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The history and use of Islam have contributed to the loss of people's wealth and mental health. The speaker discusses the importance of showing a belief in Islam to people and the use of YouTube videos to explain Islam's concept. The speakers also touch on the negative impacts of Islam on people's health and mental health, including a woman who lost everything and became sick. The importance of protecting one's spouse's family and community is emphasized, along with the plan to reward strong partnerships.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim

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in Alhamdulillah Hina hermeto who want to start you know who wanna stop hero? When are all the Billahi min Cerulean fusina woman say a tiara Medina may

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or may You're bleeding fella her dealer. Why should one Isla de la la hora de la sharika Why should one now Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was Herbie Orman sourdough learner Ji one must standing be so nutty he elomi Dini borrowed for taco law, a U haul?

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For Marana subhanho wa Taala Phaeton z au Hola, Xena, Amman, tapa la helppo to quality. Wala de Mouton. Illa, one two Muslim on some buried

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Once there was a time when the angels they were sitting in Jenna.

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And they gathered together to discuss who was the most beloved servant to Allah azza wa jal.

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And at that time, they came up with a name of a great prophet, a prophet that all of you have heard of, and he is none other than the Prophet, a eWb. Allah His solemn, the angels when they gathered, they said that this prophet here, a lot tested him with so many trials with so many difficulties, but he persevered in everything. A lot took away from his wealth, a lot took away from his family, a lot took away from his health, and still he persevered and he had patience. And this is why Allah azza wa jal describes a yubari, his Salaam in Surah, outside narrow mahlab in a web, he was such a blessed servant of mine, and he is from the web, this word, a web, it means that a person that

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constantly keeps returning back to the same position, you constantly go back this is why a web and Bab they come from the same word because adore the word backbone, you open and you close it so it keeps returning to the same thing over and over. So the actions of a Ube Allah azza wa jal describes it that he constantly keeps returning back to me, anything that I do for him any affliction that I put upon him, he comes back to me,

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a U haul. Bob, a you body you sell them he is from the descendants of Abraham it you sell him, his great great grandfather is his help. And of course his health is the son of Abraham it is seldom, it is narrated in the Tafseer of Ibn katheer that a YouTube's mother was actually the daughter of the Prophet loot Allah his sudden. Now there's a beautiful story behind all of this and what we are going to do be is nilla he Tyler is this is a short presentation to give you an insight of one of the most profound stories of the prophets of Allah, one of the most profound stories that you and I we can take numerous lessons from it, especially now, especially in our times, especially in the

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times that you and I are living in. We're living in the times where the Prophet salallahu it he was sending them once described that when he stood up on a wall and he looked at his companions and said, well, law II there will come a time when fit to know will come down upon this oma like a strong storm, like a hard rainfall, it will reach every single part of the Ummah and the entire world was tasting a bit of this at this very moment and you all know exactly what I'm talking about. You all know the state of The Omen you all know the things that are being said, you all know that when you turn on the TV, when you look at the news, you all know all of the things that are being

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said about Islam and the Muslims. But if you look at the story of a you barley, his solemn, you will always feel and see that brink of hope that everything that is happening is from the plan of Allah subhanho wa Taala a yubari his solemn Once there was a time when he believes he went to Allah azza wa jal and he said to Allah, a believer, he believes he says to Allah you He only worships you. Because you keep giving him favors. You keep doing these things for him. That's the only reason he's worshiping you. But if you take away his wealth, you take

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Here's money, you take away his land and everything that he owns, you'll find that he will stop worshipping you. So Allah azza wa jal wants to teach a belief, a lesson. And so he gives a belief, the authority to go to a YouTuber, and destroy his wealth. It was said that you were so rich that he had more than a dozen children. And he built a building that was about three to four storeys high. And he had his family living in there, his brothers, his sisters, as well as all of his children. He owned huge, numerous amounts of land, he had a large amount of wealth, a huge body, his salon was a community leader, everybody used to come to him for advice, everyone would come to him for

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leadership, everyone would come to him, even if they needed some wealth for themselves. And one day,

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it believes and his followers, they came to a YouTube and his community and they caused that all of his land be taken away. All of his money disappeared, everything that he owned, simply perished.

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And then it bleeds, he comes to a YouTube it he says, and he says to him, Look, look, look what your prayer is doing for you. You're praying each and every day you're praising Allah each and every time but look what happened to you lost everything. You know, what kind of Lord is this for you? Listen to the response of a you body who said them, he says to a beliefs.

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And by the way, a beliefs came to him in a form of a human being here at this moment. And he says to him, Allah gives him whom He wills, and Allah takes from whom He wills, and all of the wealth that I have, it belongs to Allah, so he has every authority to take it back from me. So he persevered. It believes, of course, becomes extremely frustrated. So he goes back to Allah. And he says to Allah, surely, if you take away his family, because the hardest test for a parent is their children, so take away his children, take away the people that are closest to him, his brothers and sisters everything and then you'll find that he's going to stop worshipping you. Again, Allah azza wa jal

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wants to teach a police a lesson. And by the way, brothers and sisters, the fact that it believes is going back to Allah, there's a positive way of looking at this, it believes himself understands that Allah is in control of everything. So he keeps going back to Allah and he keeps asking ALLAH, by your power, by your authority, give me the authority to do this. So he realizes immediately that Allah is in control of everything. So Allah gives him that authority, it believes comes back to a human, his people. And as we mentioned, his children, they were living in a building, and all of his family was there. And he believes caused, that this building perish. And all of his dozen children,

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according to one narration, he had 14 children, all of them, they were killed. And all of his brothers and sisters who were living in that same building, they were killed. Brothers and sisters, pause for a moment.

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Where is your heart at this very moment, now that you've listened to these two points. He's lost all of his money. And in addition to that, he loses all of his family and his children. There's only one person remaining with him, which we will come to shortly. Can you imagine today, when you have a steady job, and you have that steady income, and you have security, but for a small portion of your life, or a small moment of your life, Allah snatches something away from you. And this is why Allah says in Surah Al Baqarah, that he will test us but listen to the order of the ayah while a nebula one Lacombe Shea in listening to the first thing Allah says, meanwhile, hope I will strike some type

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of fear in you. Something is going to make you scared, something is going to make you tremble something is going to make you think about your life and where you're heading. Well, sure, then Allah will take away from the things that are important from you. Allah will take from you food, and as we all know, food is it as a part of our religion. This is why Allah so Allah says in Surah taco how one of the greatest blessings in Jenna is that people will never go hungry. Allah relates food to one of the greatest blessings

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Gender and this is mentioned in sort of the forehand many yet in the Koran. Meanwhile Jews are ready when a number one no communal Hopi will Jory one knuckle sim minute and one will enforce with Temodar numerous things Allah azza wa jal mentions, he'll take away from your wealth from your children from your hunger from your lands from your families, Allah azza wa jal will touch every single part of your life at some point, every single one of us sitting here, we've gone through this, I'm sure that every single one of us here at some point, there was a steady time in your life. And then things started to become difficult for you. You started to think about how will I pay my

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next bill? How will I pay my rent? How will I take care of my child? Today, Allah azza wa jal gave me a son and a daughter, I don't know how I'm going to support that child. I don't have a stable income, I can't do these things. Every single one of us have dealt with this. And in addition to that, recently, brothers and sisters about a month ago, I met a sister that she came to me and this was during the month of Ramadan, actually. And she said to me, she wanted to know what would be the ruling for her if she wasn't fasting due to some health stipulation. So I said to her, we explained to her the physical ruling behind is depending on what the case is, you either need to make it up or

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you need to pay the video for each day that you miss.

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And then the husband came in and said to me, that my wife just had a miscarriage this morning, the same day that she had a miscarriage. All her concern was, how will her Ramadan be? All her concern was is how will her relationship with Allah as diligently so I couldn't help myself? I asked the sister. Why are you thinking about this after you just had a miscarriage and this was their first child. And she said to me, the response that a YouTube said to a police the response that a YouTube says to a police when all of his family was destroyed, he says to a police, Allah as so agenne gives me what is good for me, and takes away what Allah sees that is displeasing for him. And for me,

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Allah sees that all of these children may be a strong test and a trial for me. So Allah took them away from me. And the sister eventually said to me, perhaps Eliza, Jen, may give me another child. And perhaps Allah as so agenne may give me more children than I ever imagined. And that reminded me of another case of the same scenario, a sister who had a miscarriage, many months went by she gave birth to twins. And this is how Allah has. So this is the Sunnah of Allah azza wa jal that sometimes things may appear that they're too difficult and overwhelming. But there may be great good in the long run. Now it believes again, he becomes frustrated. He's got the wealth of a YouTube, he's

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gotten the family of IU but still it's not working, or you Bali, his Salaam still has the perseverance and patience. So what is the beliefs do? He goes back to allies, so a gel for a third time? And he says to Allah azza wa jal? Surely if you take away his health, surely if you will make him sick. This is going to be the end of a YouTube ad Salaam, Allah as so agenne gives them and as a bit of a theater mentions a lot only gives him the authority over his body, he doesn't give him the authority over his heart over his knifes or his soul, he just gives him the authority to bring hardship over his physical body physical ailments to himself. So he believes goes back to you. And

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as a result, he causes you to become sick. And according to one narration, it was said that a uvala, his salon was so sick that there were only two organs that were working in his entire body, his heart and his tongue. Those were the only two things that were functioning properly and well for him. Now, some time went by, imagine the scenario, just picture how this looks. You've lost all of your money. You've lost all of your family. And as a result of this, you lost all of your health and your strength. The community of a tube, they left him because they thought that there was a curse upon a tube. So they all abandoned him as well. There was only a human body who said

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And one person that remained with him, his wife, his wife comes to him one day.

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And this happened after an important incident, a believes comes to his wife in a form of a men. And he comes in, he starts to tempt her. And he starts to tell her, why are you with a person like this? Don't you remember the good old days when your husband he was young, he was good looking. He was strong. He had money, he had wealth, he gave you all this children? Why are you still with him? Look at him. He's real. He's all he can't move. He can function. He can do anything for himself. So she fell into the temptation of a police. And she goes to her husband, and she says to him, how long are you going to do this? How long are you going to continue in this state? How long are you going to

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continue suffering?

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Are you Bali sallam, he heard this, and he responded. And he asks his wife, how long have I been healthy in my life? Strong at the peak of my life? How long have I been going at this stage? And she says about 18 years of your life, you are physically strong and you reach the peak, the pinnacle of your strength and your health.

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I think a you body salon asks her, how long have I been sick. And she responds to him and she says, approximately seven years you've been suffering like this. And you've looked at her and says, voila, he I am ashamed to go and ask a lot to cure me. Because I have lived more of healthy years in my life. Rather than the six years, six years of my life. I've been healthy for much longer than I have as opposed to being sick and unable. So he tells his wife, I no longer want you to serve me, I no longer want you to be here. And she gets up and she leaves. You, Bob, there's an important lesson here.

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This here, it clearly shows you an eye that the spouses that you choose must be spouses, husbands or wives. They must be people that support you through thick and thin through all the hardships and all the ease. This is the true spouse that you look for. And don't think that just because you're already married, this cannot be accomplished. Because even if you are married, these are still things that are simply easy to accomplish, to train your spouses to create that environment that no matter how much difficulty happens in your life. Still, there will be at least two individuals or at least one unit that would look out for each other. This is why Allah azza wa jal says in Surah Taha

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Boone yeah you hola Xena Emma No, in I mean, as YG como la de Kuma do well law come find the room this is a really strong area. If it's not placed in the great context, it really can make a mind run very far and think about many different things. Allah says here in this area, oh you who believe verily your wives and your spouses and your children, they are an enemy to you. So be aware of them? How could Allah azza wa jal say something like this, our children and our spouses, they are enemies to us, so we have to protect ourselves from them.

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In the Tafseer of an email, mattancherry Rahim Allah He explains that when you put this idea in the context of why it was revealed, everything makes sense. It been our best sort of the Allahu anhu man, he mentioned that this area was revealed, because of a particular family that was living in Mecca. There was a particular family, where the father, he wanted to accept Islam, and he wanted to make hedger with the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam to Medina. But then the family and the children, they came to their father and said, Oh, Father, why would you leave us? What's going to happen to us? We need you here. They didn't say we want to accept Islam to we want to make hegira as

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well. But they said Why would you leave us an abandoned stay here with us. And so the father remained, and he didn't end up accepting Islam. And he didn't make the hijra of that our source Allah lahardee was settled them. Eventually the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam heard about this men, and he went in he visited this person. And when he met the man, he found that this man was extremely intelligent. He was a bright individual, Allah so it just gave him an understanding, and he was a person of authority and power, and a law and the prophets. I seldom told this man will love you. I wish to punish your family for closing the door and becoming

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barrier for you. And the religion of Allah Silla Jen and that is when Allah subhanho wa Taala sent down this warning you and I to be aware of how the relationship is with you and your family. We love our family as they've been clear mentioned, you will love your family, you love everything for them you will do everything to protect your family, but to remember that the love that you have for your family and your children, there is a cut off point, there is a limit. And Eben Pagan mentions that when you will love your spouse so much that you can breathe or live without them. This is a sign of a sickness within the heart. And where there is a sickness of the heart, there is a punishment of a

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lie so again, and so a uvala who said he loses everything. He lost his money, his family, his wealth, his community, and now his wife also leaves him he sits on the bed by himself. nothing except Him and Allah azza wa jal What does he do? This is what we will discuss in the second part of the Altima May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the patience and the perseverance of a yubari you Selim of our Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam of use of Allah His solemn and of all the prophets and the messengers May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us a fighting chance to be like these great men. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us from the trials of this dunya May Allah subhanahu

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wa taala cause ease and mercy in our lives, protect our families, our wives, our husbands and our children and protect the community and the aroma of Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Aku Mata Cimarron was Sofitel La Jolla welcome it certainly Muslim equally them first of all, in who who will offer

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi woman while Amar bad

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au barling is seldom

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he starts to do one thing. And this was the only thing that caused the change in his life a lot so it just says in Surah till MBA, what a YouTuber is NAD

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and nema 70 of what untar our hamoed rahimian This is perhaps some of the most beautiful Arabic you will ever read in your life when it comes to speaking to Allah azza wa jal if you want to know how to have your Dharma accepted by Allah, and how to speak to Allah that He will listen and accept from you. Just go back and see how the prophets of Allah spoke to him. Listen to the words of a you he says What are you but is not out of bed The first thing that he does is he calls upon Allah, he doesn't call upon anyone else, the first thing he thinks about is a lot so ajan but listen to how he calls upon Allah, and ne messenia Dora, there has been an affliction and pain that has come upon me.

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You notice that you doesn't say Oh Allah you have made or you have brought an affliction upon me. I you does not attribute all the hardship and the pain back to Allah azza wa jal he doesn't do that. He simply says, this pain has come to me. What enter our homeowner rahimian this is what he attributes to Allah, he says to Allah, but you are the most gracious You are the Most Merciful. You notice that you doesn't say Oh Allah cure me, or Allah give me Oh Allah give me back my family and my wealth. He doesn't even ask for anything. He simply praises Allah because he knows Allah knows what is in his heart. We see this throughout the Quran. When Ibrahim alayhis salam became sick. The

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first thing he says in Surah chura what is the motto? For who is female? He doesn't say when I'm sick or when Allah makes me sick. I asked him to cure me. He just says, whenever I fall into hardship or sickness, Allah cures me. He doesn't say when he doesn't ask how he doesn't do anything. He just says Allah cures me. Brothers and sisters. The lesson behind this is how you speak to Allah azza wa jal in your doula. Sometimes, the most effective doula is not asking for anything, but praising allies so agenda to get what you want, sometimes by simply praising allies so agenda and acknowledging that he has the control of everything.

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everything in your life is enough that Allah will cure all of your problems and increase you even more. And that is why the story of a YouTube concludes that eventually Allah azza wa jal answered his call. And Allah orders him in sort of side he orders him to take his leg and says, or Cobo be rejuvelac and he says to take your feet and stamp it on the ground. Now unfortunately for many Muslims out there, unfortunately they take this idea out of context. Can you imagine that there are some people out there that use the same idea to justify that music is halal? And they say that the fact that you barley his Salaam takes his leg and he stamps it on the ground it shows that a you was

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dancing so it is permissible to dance are also Billa ministry Tanya regime, and Allah azza wa jal explains this has Mutasa loom Bertie, don't shut up. And as he stamped his feet on the ground, cold refreshing water started to come out, and you took a shower in it, and he was 100% cured. And then as a result, there were some gold locusts, some gold insects that had a gold color to it. That came around a tube and a tube was fascinated to see these beautiful insects. So what did he do? He started to gather them and in the head Ethan Bahati of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam relates that Allah azza wa jal says to you, I've given you so much. I've given you back your wealth,

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I've given you everything, your strength, why do you want more? Why are you gathering these locusts and a you responds and says, I just want to enjoy the blessings that you have given me. And as a result of a you barley, his solemn, got back all of his wealth. And according to one narration by even cathedra he became more rich than he was when he began with then Allah subhanho wa Taala gave him back his children. According to one narration, he had more children than what he started off with. Then Allah azza wa jal returned his entire community, his entire community tripled and tripled and triple and became bigger than, than it ever was. And eventually, his wife returned to him. And

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she begged him for forgiveness, and he forgave her brothers and sisters, the whole moral of why I present this story to all of you is that when you look around in our current status, not that the Muslims are doing everything wrong, this is not the impression that I want to leave you with. But the impression I want to leave you with is when you look around and you see all the fingers pointed at you.

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Stay patient and persevere, that everything that is happening, it is from the plan of Allah. So again, it happened to all of the prophets and the messengers that Allah subhanho wa Taala when he sends a prophet to them, and they disobeyed their religion, a lot guaranteed every single one of them that his punishment would have come down to them. So no injustice to a people will go unanswered by Allah subhanho wa Taala so all of the hardships that you and I we deal with all of the scrutiny and the the criticism that you and I we go through each and every single day in our lives, in our societies, in our communities, realize brothers and sisters, that this is the plan of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala and this is the son of little Sol sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the patience. Give us the perseverance give us the gratitude, give us the mercy and the blessings give us the security that we protect ourselves and our families, each and every moment of our lives. These are the words that I leave you with. We send peace and blessings to our Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam kemah Ahmad on our sub panel, what are lF eaten xili in the LA one Allah ecotel who you saw lunarlon via your Latina ermanno salani he was suddenly motors Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa ala early Mohammed came also later Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim in nicomedia Majeed

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Allahumma Farrell Massimino one Muslim as well Mina Mina, even Humala much in naka de mon semi or Mooji boo dharwad Allahumma Nanana local houda what to call wa Paulina Allahumma in Santa Ana locale Jenna omaka roba la Harmon Colin wireman when are also becoming a non omaka Robert la Herman Colin wireman. Allahumma barik fiocco Latina Allahumma Burdick fee boo Tina Allahumma madikwe as well Gina Allahumma baddeck feola Gina with Ria Tina Yara balada mean supernova credibility city I'm a oc funa masala manorial mousseline Al Hamdulillah are below them.