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Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The importance of Islam's guidance on prayer during the upcoming hol shar is highlighted, along with the use of hesitation as a tool for settling problems and avoiding racism. The speaker emphasizes the need to show behavior as a part of the culture and not just for pleasure, and mentions a former event where a young man called Yo Ma claimed to be the person who attended the gym. The speaker stresses the importance of addressing topics that matter to people and making them worth their time.
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Good morning. So hey, boy, what are the Allahu Anhu

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and then the videos on Allah, Allah you earlier send them a call and you call me at a holla funa annually Jo ma the Hadith tonight is a collection in my Muslim in the theme of the significance and importance of Juma prayer, which is what we'll be covering in shoulder and the etiquettes. Obviously, I will I will talk about the etiquettes. As I see that there's a lack of knowledge regarding the predicates. Standing on the main body, you see certain things any kind of figured out, people don't know for sure what they should and shouldn't be doing within Jomar prayer. But I think before we talk about the predicates, we talk about the significance of it so that it's something

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that we can all agree to that men, specifically men are living in, they're not traveling, they should be attending tomorrow, and they should not have exceptions for that. So bottom, except if there are any, again, there are exceptions to certain certain things. If you're if you're a pilot in the middle of it, you don't have to pre jump on the plane when you're in the midst of surgery, maybe maybe don't leave the artery go for joy, I could take certain there are exceptions to rules when it comes to attending certain rituals and doing so. But outside of those very, very specific and severe exceptions, everyone else should be within their life's work is not an exception for example, you

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know, studying is nice and these are you're always working, always learning that's part of life. So the robotic it says I'm gave this hadith as Ebola tells us in closing, I'm Muslim. We're talking about people who don't come to Juma. It's a very, very harsh Hadith. We don't have a lot of examples of harshness coming out of his mouth so Allah he's likely Salam so when he when he does use something harsh it's always like a little bit of a nudge to a wake up call like it maybe maybe to pay attention. This is an important topic because doesn't speak like that, and he has a lot to say. But this one he said God called an abuse of Allah Azza wa salam, salam, naka de Hamamoto and Maura

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radula. And you'll suddenly be nurse, or Hurley, who is already journaling at the holophone and I need to do more to you to whom I came to the I almost came to the decision, her mum told me I had the intention, or I thought of it, or I leant towards something, but I didn't do it. Right. I didn't, I didn't actually do it. But I thought of it. It came to my mind, but I didn't actually end up going through with it. So I came to my mind that command one of the men to pray Imam, or Juma. They got someone do the husband do the EMA and then I go and burn down the houses of the men who aren't coming for Juma. Allah Hadees like he was Allah. He said, I can't I almost I didn't do it.

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You never did it. But I did. It came to my mind that I have someone else pray and I go see who are the Muslim brothers who are staying home when Juma is occurring and they burn their houses down. He never did on a hill. Salatu was Salam just to understand?

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So Allah Hadees like we said, I mean, you never you never did. But he did point it out as something that he potentially thought about the fact that he thought about that he saw to us that well, there's a few things in this hadith that you can learn on this, there's actually a lot of things this the scholars have taken a lot from this hadith and

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and one of them is that the Prophet Allah has sought to some did not run a utopian community. Like it wasn't perfect the society that he that he governed, and he taught and he educated was not a perfect one. There are people who he continuously explained the same thing to him still didn't listen to what he was saying. Or you saw to us, that there were lines that were crossed by individuals that he was trying to get people all to come by to. He's trying to gather people's intentions and thought processes and, and their feelings and their practices to do something that was important and didn't always work out. A lot of people didn't do always what he said he saw to

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us. And I mean, that's a struggle that that he had, that we have, that everyone will have, it's never, you're never gonna find a perfect society where you, you explain something, and it works out, turn off your phones before so it's always gonna be that odd person who forgets to do it and it's gonna you know, cause a difficult, that's a part of being within a gym and you're always gonna find something that doesn't work out perfectly, it's fine. It's a part of this process shouldn't bother you. And the problem it is thought though is that I'm new that so the fact that he's actually he knows that we're very well and he expresses that in his Hadith many, many times the fact that he's

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using this terminology and he's using this this harshness that this is what I would, I thought of doing me is that what you're missing out on is so important. This act of sin is so bad that you're better off having your house burned down then not showing up for it without a good reason. This is what he's saying it is that he's better you're better off having me burn your house down and deal with the consequences of that than just not showing up for drama without a good reason. You should always show up for Jamar you this is your obligation this is and this is what he's trying to explain out of your soul to us and I always felt

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that that point yet that because because you go through a hadith is awesome you look for similarities are there are there things where he pointed out very few racism? Another one harm, harming any backbiting certain things I saw someone they happened he was very harsh. He said things that you you're everyone who listened quieted down because he was always very pleasant, some hola Hi psycho sender. And when he talked about things he brought in not only to bring in the logic of running the emotion and people

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felt connected to what he was trying to explain. And people want it to do things. So that's what they're used to. And then he comes on, he says something very harsh, and everyone quite stuck

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in the in the point of that, I think this is something that you should not allow to occur in your life. You should not, you shouldn't be okay with it. And it shouldn't just happen. It should never happen. You should always attend this. This is the

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Well, I mean,

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I remember

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this happened a few years ago, or maybe a number of years ago, and I attended a gym while I walked out. And there was this young guy in front of me saying to this other young guy, saying, Annie, is it possible that Allah subhanaw taala holds me accountable for not attending this, if I didn't attend it, and attended the whole drama.

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That was, forgive me for the lack of a better word, completely useless. It was just a 25 minutes just sitting there. And that's what he felt like it was impossible. Now, how is it possible to allow hold me accountable for not attending this? Obviously, the answer is, of course, you'll be held accountable. But then it brings back the other part of the story. It's a two way road, right? The profit idea sauce is very, very, it was very harsh and very, very clear and very strict, you must attend Yo Ma, I thought about going and burning people's houses down for, for not coming to this, I didn't do it. But it crossed my mind. So think about it. But then on the other hand, you have to

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offer something that's worth worth people's time, you have to be addressing topics that actually matter to them, you have to make sure that when they come because they're not coming for for you, they're coming, or they're not coming to the message because they're coming because Allah is not going to call upon them. You want to see what what people will come to Iran have thought about 50 people, that's the number of people who have come to listen to me, but Jomar is full. Why because for me, that's not for me is because it's because ALLAH SubhanA, Allah told him that comes with the coming. So just like you have to come I have, we have to deliver something that's worse, or else

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we're held accountable. Similarly, just like you're held accountable for not coming, we're also holding on to accountable for not delivering. So that's why this is such an important topic. Because it has to be talked about from both sides. If you're not a hopefully, then you you hold up your side of the bargain, because you have to attend, you cannot just not come to Joomla Joomla is important we'll talk about and show the importance of it. But then on the other hand, these are institutions have to make sure that the delivering something that we're that is worth people's time that they're actually coming in, there's a point of them coming, and they're just just showing up and sitting

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there waiting for that you're just running the clock hoping that this ends as soon as possible so that they don't have to, you know, suffer any longer. And that's not fair either. But that's what he used on it. You saw it was and that was the terminology. This is one of the Hadith that is used heavily in the books of filth, and there's a lot of Cymbalta that happens with it. But I'm just taking the basic understanding of it, which is the fact that he never used that terminology. It is also I mean never harmed the soul never burned the house down not for his enemies. But He used that terminology for his own Muslim Brothers and Sisters Brothers who was who decided that they didn't

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they just weren't going to come and attend Juma Yahweh email and Western one faesal Hey, throw the Allahu Anhu and then Leviosa Allah hi to you earlier Senator McConnell you follow me to California and in Jumeirah, naka de Hammami to morrow Raja and usually the nurse dome or Hurley provider Raja Donita Hala funa I need to do more it boo you to home so that Rasulullah Hassan Allah Allah is actually sparkling honey Chanda Illa Allah and just to fit with who they are. So

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