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Intention is the Key to Worship

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Haifaa Younis

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Bismillah Ar Rahman you're wanting

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to change the concept that

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act of worship is fasting is prayer is the family reading Quran those for sure but what about the people who don't have time and Allah gave them the three and the four children or gave them the job which is 12 hours where does their spiritual connections here because that's how it is you we are always should be always connected with Allah. It's only depend where he puts us as I think he might have been up I used to say whom has come call me a comma Kenya or stand up when Allah put you so he puts in me as a mother with five children in the house and I'm taking care of their need from morning to evening. Look at it as this is your a bad this is your act of worship, you're going to

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turn to Allah says Alhamdulillah I have children Alhamdulillah this food I can feed them the handler the time I am using to prepare for them food, Allah will reward me. It's not only if I am alone, in taking care of your family in the house, there is no disobedience to Allah. I could be working outside and Allah knows how much this obedience around you. But when I am in the house, taking care of my family, my spouse, my children, my house, even taking care of that my yard, all these change them to an act of worship. They are pleasing to Allah, you're near to please Allah. Don't expect any gratefulness or gratitude from people only from him and now you're spiritually connected.