Sulaiman Moola – Fasting And Taqwa

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The history and characteristics of Islam are discussed, including the use of the word Islam and the heat of the world. The heat and need for individuals to resist heat is also emphasized. The importance of reforming one's life and avoiding regretting actions is emphasized, along with the need for forgiveness and avoiding harm. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding harms and making a habit, and encourages individuals to avoid regretting their actions.
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In Hungary law in a country like

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Mr. De

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Cucina woman say, Dr. Medina may have the love of Allah Medina.

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Mo Farah de la

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la la voix de hula Sheree.

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mowlana Mohammed Abu

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ministry banyuwangi Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim. Yeah, Johan Latina

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de como slim kamakoti ban Latina mean publikum la la quinta de PUE McAllen nibio sallallahu taala

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man Samarra Ravana Eamon de Saba woofie Rolla una Taka, gentlemen. oka Mercado la Salatu was Salam

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ala Javi masakazu Karim, Allah daddy kameena shahidi Nova Karina Alhamdulillah have been hired me.

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Honorable Allah microm respected brothers and elders. It was the daughter of one of the Pioneer scholars of Islam. He used to continuously make this dua to Allah Dr. bara COVID Allah Allahu Allah harima Rama in Delhi shall remain in our lives Allah don't deprive us of your favors, because of the wrongs that we do. Well, I don't grow just because of our evil, our bias, our transgression, our violation, Allah don't hold our wrong against us. The Quran says whatever you aren't able

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to be marketable. mataranka Allah.

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Allah says, If I have to start punishing men proportionately he is wrong. They would not remain a living creature on this earth, friends and elders despite our wrong from the last Ramadan up to this Ramadan, safely we can say we are not in a position that we deserve another Ramadan. Yet it is the sheer Mercy of Allah Baraka what Allah did, he has once again afforded us endowed as honored as favorite us with this great month of Ramadan that it can imagine and he recited commonly heard and discussed in the month of Ramadan Allah believes it in the most comprehensive and concise manner explains and outlines the reason the wisdom and the significance behind Psalm and fasting yeah

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you're Latina man Oh, oh yo who believed quotevalet como se. Fasting has been made obligatory upon you has been made compulsory upon you. The natural question is Allah for what reason? Now as we law does Allah derive pleasure in seeing as hungry Allah bread is the concluding verse of the use of the Quran, Masha Allah will be coming checker mentone What can Allah Shakira Nima Allah says, just as it is painful for you to see someone burn in turn, it is equally if not more painful for law to see people burn in. Allah says it is absolutely no pleasure in seeing any of my creation suffering in any way. Allah derives no pleasure in seen as going through a hunger and thirst, there is some

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reason there is some wisdom. And really, if we have to analyze the hunger and the thirst, just to digress for a moment, if we have to analyze the hunger and the thirst, that you and I would be, you know, experiencing in Ramadan, and in the days of Ramadan, Allah in relation to what Sahaba experience as far as hunger and thirst, our hunger is no way compared to the hunger of Sahaba. If we study the lives of Sahaba, then we can safely say hunger and thirst was not something exclusively reserved to Ramadan. Well, it was the order of the day, it was the price of preserving a man there was no joy as Ramadan ended, or is a sunset came closer, because this is there was a hunger at the

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time of theory, there was hunger at the time of star, read the beginning of Ramadan be the ending of Ramadan, hunger and thirst in the life of Sahaba was the order of the day was the price of a man. Someone told Satan Alma de la Juanjo hateth na and Sha nissaki last raw, Omar, we accept that Islam later you accepted earlier, it was some of the difficulties you people encountered in the initial stages with nearly certain number of illnesses. Let me just tell you one incident where one last thirst was so unbearable, that every savvy thought today is going to die out of this. This was the general condition which did not see an end which did not terminate at the sighting of the crescent

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of savall. But this was the continuous condition of Sahaba kromm, he says on the occasion of whenever you will not meet the scale for us to join him in this campaign. The journey was long and it was extremely hot. The heat was intense. That is why many of the hypocrites felt that let us not join why the heat is it's extremely hot. The Quran makes sense.

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Regarding this in the last quarter of the 10th jewels of the Quran, Allah Puna be Makati him the lava rasulillah that those people that remain benign will then appear over lovington and what did they say Latin Pharaoh fill her. Really it is so long and it is extremely hot. How are you going to travel in this heat? Allah revealed reverse and Allah said those that will pay and contain and resist the heat of this world tells them they will be exempted from the heat of Africa, but those that cannot bear and contain and resist and enjoy the heat of this world. Kill them the heat up john Cole Narayan, Masha taharah tell them the heat of Jannah is much more intense than the heat of this

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world. Satan Omar says we were in this campaign. We came to a certain place we halted there was a lot It was such a banana under recovered a certain coffee every Sahabi fell today out of thirst this will be his last moments. This wasn't the brothers when we experienced in hunger and thirst. Let us revise what was the condition of Sahaba my mother's ancestors a lot of work but say you didn't ask Maria lawanna says

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my husband Zubair levy alone was going out in the path of Allah. What maybe le salam, I was at home and there was absolutely nothing in the house. Like I said, this was the general condition beat Ramadan outside Ramadan, our hunger is controlled. It's it's catered for. We look at the watch three hours time my test will be two hours time I will eat the meal of my choice. We have design explained it's programmed. There's nothing of severe challenges sahaabah Beach Sunset Beach sunrise, pizza world pizza ban hunger one third of the day.

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And brothers if we cannot even resist this level, then what fraction of a man are we holding on to let's try and get perfection in one order of Allah? No mas is not right. It is not right. It is not right. Let's see that we passed with what was the correct spirit? Who knows that hunger and thirst with the correct zeal may be the means of solving our problem on the day of Tiamat

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she says well Anna jar Amina Leah who we had one yahoodi neighbor, my husband is going out the daughter Baba calorie Allahu Baba had shot and the next door my neighbor she slotted a sheep for Toby hut. It was then roasted for widget turi haha and of course I got the fragrant sitting in my house. What Anna hi Milan B infinity Khadija. And at that time, while my husband is out with the nephew of Allah, there's absolutely no food in the house. The neighbor has slotted and roasted a sheep. I wasn't expecting mother in my stomach was my child who later was a girl and became whose name was Khadija. She explains this year. She said we are law. My husband has gone out in the path

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of Allah. There's nothing here at home. That neighbor has cooked something. The smell is hitting me the desire the human inclination brothers, when a woman is pregnant, there is that unusual crave that she experiences she has desire for strange things she's expecting the fetus is developing in her in her in her womb. She says the thought came in my mind. Let me perhaps go to the neighbor and make the excuse of borrowing some fire or firewood. Who knows perhaps on the grounds of courtesy or hospitality, this woman would extend the meal to me. So she says I got up and I went there. I asked the neighbor that I just came to borrow some firewood or some fire. So she said no problem. You can

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take the fire and go I took one two flame war Lima, Bihar jemena Gnar, Alaska, some I didn't have the slightest need of any flame, no firewood, I could give that woman more. The only reason I went my hunger was unbearable. My husband was gone. There was a time in my stomach and I was crying. I came back she said when I held it flame and smoke it made the third became unbearable. The crave for the food hit me so bad. I said if I'm gonna keep this flame, it will aggravate my hunger. So I extinguished it again the smell came this is I cry too unlikely Allah who is listening to me on my electric potty on my condition, or the key word Oh, I'm crying. I went back. So let me make it a

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second excuse maybe this woman will sympathize. I came back and said have you got some claims against you says no problem you can take whatever it is let a woman folk in the stand. If they feel while they're in the kitchen and cooking and they are tempted with food. They know it's sunset, the hunger will end. They know it's the world hunger will end. Let us revive the likes of asthma. This was the price of preserving a man. She says I went again the same procedure was repeated somehow this woman did not extend hospitality to me. The third time I cried. I fell down. I broke. I said y'all know you take pity on me. It was in this interim that this woman's husband came to Yahoo

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demand. He asked the wife at home at the holiday. Did anybody come visiting home today? So the wife said, Allah be here to talk service naran you know, our Arab neighbor here this lady, she came to us for some flames of fire that was about it. So the husband said no, no, I will not put your muscle in my food until you don't send a plethora of food next door. As far as the Atlanta says, well, la when the food came close to me, it was the most delicious meal that I've ever eaten in my life.

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I came to LA Salaam to visit him and he's sitting in performance Salah. So I said this device comes in in heylia

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I said Molly araca to salida de semirara su de la una be over la What up Did you are performing Salah sitting Why aren't you standing? The vlsm just look at he pointed towards his stomach and he said yeah, you know what once I tell you the pangs of hunger severe hunger you're gonna be constrained today. Where are the allowances I couldn't control myself I burst out into tears. Brother this was not in Ramadan understand what law has been so kind to us ally have made it so easy for us. Even if we accept this little form of contribution on our part well it is the sheer Mercy of Allah and nothing else. I cried. I said only be over law What is this? Literally solemn said law to

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be clear about a law in

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the law tiama la to see booja er de Buffy dari dunya O'Hara Don't cry my Allah Promise me those that will be hungry in this world will never be hungry on the day of the hermits Audrina, my Allah promised me coffee now What did I say they walk into the masjid whenever you ever failed? I looked at him I since he was hungry. A child walks in the mother knows he is hungry. Imagine the reaction of Sahaba so don't be over Lamar. arakata you're alone. What is it that you're calling his turn pale? The very terms that God three days have left. Nothing edible has entered the stomach of your Navy capital. Yolanda said I excused myself. I went to go work for someone. I got some dates in lieu

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of my work in I came in I put the dates before then a viola Viola salon said our two hip Bonnie cup cup you love me? I said baby. Boom era Sula, LA. I love your own to be over La La when I seen hunger. I couldn't resist. Immediately I toil I brought something the Vla Salaam said under Mata cool you are you convinced you love makeup? Allah Kasim, I love Yona, viola, the VNA. Sam said God funda in what you are saying, contemplate in what you are saying in Quinta Savita delille fuckery teacher Papa, Let us wrap

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up, oh God, prepare yourself for hunger. If you are ready and you claim to say you love me, then prepare yourself for difficulties and hardship for difficulties we'll come to that person who loves me then water will roll down the slope.

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Well role difficulties will come faster to that person who claims to love me then how water will roll down a slope. So my brothers in essence Allah mentions in this is what is the wisdom of taqwa? What is the wisdom of fasting? largely?

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Allah says that it inculcates within you the fear of Allah to discipline yourself, friends and elders if in the month of Ramadan, Allah has made lawful things unlawful in the form of food, drink and cohabitation with one's partner lawful, white and spouse. If the halaal things have been Haram, then what words can describe the level of prohibition of those things that are always forbidden? must use in our eyes misusing our tongue? Leave it in all the Addison's if highlighting had been made haram then can we imagine the prohibition of haram whether or not it may? Allah says abandon all forms of sin, be internal or external? Really, Allah forgive me, there are certain sins in our

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life, which we haven't yet intended to abandon, which is the first step of giving up wrong. There are some wrongs with which we are living we are guilty of we haven't yet intended that I go to stop this wrong in my life. How long will I live with this wrong that my father is performed at home? When will I end this we haven't yet intended which is the first step, the first step of recovery.

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Now Allah say Allah accepted the Toba of Adam and Sam for five reasons. This month is a month of forgiveness. In the heart of every believer, there is that subtle desire that I need to reform my life. Every believer in his heart, he has that desire, I can live like this and I can't die. I need to change my life. I need to strengthen my bond with Allah. That's a subtle feeling in the heart and in the mind of every believer, deliberately. Ramadan is that chance capitalize on this and make this ambition a reality before it becomes too late. Now what am I say Adam and Eve Salaam repented to Allah for five reasons, except that he's Toba. Number one, we are speaking of the sin we need from

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the forbidden three. The first reason is that our ma Salatu was Salam ala nuptse. He acknowledged it and he is wrong. He admitted he is wrong. As long as the man is on denial, as the medical doctor that will tell you when a patient has been diagnosed with cancer, that most difficult patient to treat was is the one that's denying his problem is still on denial that I don't have cancer. My brother, it's time you're acknowledging that you have the cancer. These are the options you had and now you can go forward towards cure. As long as the soul mate is denying they will never repent. The first thing that Adam is done was he acknowledged it and he acknowledged it in such stern words I

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will explain in the light of Quran. The second thing after that and obscene nazima he regretted Toba in essence is to regret

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It needs to hurt you. Sometimes you offend your wife and then you feel bad about it. And the natural reaction of remorse is that now you want to do something to patch up the wrong it's a human reaction you've offended you hurt your child, then you go and hug him you kiss him you buy something in to to to cover up to patch up the wrong that you have done. One line is regret come in our heart seriously for disobeying Allah. The second thing that as Emily said Ahmed was the regret. The third thing that really stood out was Jeremy lamb, and if so, who he blamed himself and no one else. The fourth thing is rocktober. He hates him towards repentance. And the fifth thing that he did was he did not become

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deprived or despondent of the mercy of Allah. He admonished himself in the most severe words are a bonobo lambda and Prasanna, wild lamento pero, la tierra, homina, lacuna, nominal, Cassini, oma Illa have transgressed myself, my life have blessed myself, and what he did, he ate from the forbidden tree, and in that consuming of him, him eating from that forbidden tree. The scholarship also explained one reason why he did this, he perhaps thought that the prohibition that Allah had given was motivated by kindness and not by religion, like many times you tell your child, don't walk outside without socks. Now naturally, that is not to you know, you. It's not a command, but rather,

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it's a command in the kindness of the child in the good in the good nature of the child to save that child. So if a child doesn't obey his father, in that regard, it's not termed as disobedience, because that particular command came in the interest of himself. Some scholars say that Emily ceram, felt the prohibition from the tree was was a command of that nature. Adam, don't eat from there. Although the command was of a divine command, there was misunderstanding in the understanding of Adam alayhis salam, nevertheless, he did not justify he did not argue he did not verify he acknowledged, oh, my ally have oppressed myself. I have wronged myself. And if you don't, pardon me,

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oh, Allah, I will be a loser.

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Rahmatullah brothers. Like I mentioned, the object of fasting is stuck what the Quran says we have to bring the awareness of Allah, just as in the month of Ramadan, two things in essence, we will find Libya Karim salario salaam says, as long as my Ahmed will delay the surgery and have the thought immediately they will attract the mercy of Allah. Listen to this hadith. The Vla Salam says, as long as my unmet will delay they care and have the start immediately at sunset, they will attract the mercy of Allah. If we have to analyze this particular command of Libyan a salam, then perhaps we will not find a spiritual dimension to this particular command, having Siri at the last moment just

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before the time of pleasure sets in, and likewise having if not immediately at sunset, that's our human desire our human inclination, we would obviously want to eat immediately at sunset, and we would preferably delay our care so that we have we ate later so that we have sufficient strength to take us across the day. But I wonder my grandma explained the reason for this is that in this particular demonstration, a servant manifests and expresses servitude in totality, that oh my Allah, I will eat, I will eat as long as you tell me to eat once, what kulu what shabu Hata yatabe, Allah kumaun hytrel abbiamo meenal hightail as well, when the black line becomes evident to you and the

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time of surgery ends, oh, my ally will stop at that moment. So I will eat till the time you permit. The time you terminate my meals I will stop beat the muscle in my hand or in my mouth. When you said the time is over. It's over. I will not eat for the duration you said I cannot eat at the time you said I must continue eating. I will not show independence that I can eat later. The time you command it I will eat you will decide and dictate what I eat when I eat how I eat. This is the life of servitude under the commentary of this is the volume I say one levena Jang rufina Lana Tiana boom Solana those did make effort in our part, in essence, what does this require from us? What am I

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saying in a nutshell, this is requires that the sirven abundance, abundance and life of personal desire and adopt a life of unless desire alone but the servant abendessen when I read the Calamine I have mature I have pledged with my Allah that now I don't have choice in my decision. Yes, my choice. My Allah told me you look at my desire and I will consider your desire inaccurate. But if you want to try and fulfill it, you will not do day you will definitely be deprived even in this world you will be deprived friends and elders I want to mention something very important time is running out. When we speak of taqwa, which is the essence of fasting, the reason for it. Now this

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first thing is regulating our life. It's discipline in our life. Just as we have disciplined ourselves in food and drink. We have to discipline our entire life in every aspect. Now what am I say about them Bishop rumina dombey there are four things after a sin. That is

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Worse than the sun itself. That means when a person commits a sin that is one wrong there is one bias that is one violation. But if he addresses the sin in a particular attitude, then that attitude of yours is worse than the sin that has been committed. Listen to this very attentively, is this wrong? After disobeying the law and then considering unless this obedience as trivial, as minute as insignificant, that attitude is that notion towards the violation of the command of the Supreme Being that attitude the Allah mercy will cause you more harm than the sin that you have committed. So after disobeying the law to trivialize what was so wrong about what I did, you violate the

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command of the Supreme Being and you refer to it as minor that is more major than the crime itself. The first thing is this var. So in passing is to bring taqwa into us. Come in Simon les sallahu Minh so yummy Hilda Joe, there are many more fast but achieve nothing but hunger. What come inside me, ladies, Allah who come inside me, Lisa woman, so yummy. And Joe, there are many who passed but get nothing out of us other than hunger and thirst. And there are many who stand up in salah and will get nothing other than tiredness and fatigue.

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The second harm after disobeying the law, and is to be shot up to disobeying the law to rejoice on a less disobedience how said you will find a group of youth congregate and they will then tell the other one you You must it you had to join us last night I enjoyed a woman of this nature. I enjoyed this so much with such pride. What such honor that attitude, disobeying Allah, and then posting ownerless disobedience such a man should fear he will be deprived of a man and the old MSA there's one person that's worse than the second person, the one who committed the sin and then rejoices. He's worse than the one that committed. But there is one worse than the one who rejoices. And that

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is the one who regrets that I could not come at.

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So when the group got together and they you spoke about last night we enjoyed a woman like this. And we think like this, and we did this and we did that. And we enjoyed the night and the one that could not be part of that evil. He now feels deprived and regretted He's worse than the one rejoicing over that senate. So is to do away with sin brothers have said Allah forgive today Amen. Allahu Akbar, Allah guide one in all, a man in the name of the love of his children bolson and is proud about this, that I made it easy for my children. I love them. So I decided I'll put a devil box in every room. You don't have to come in the lounge to go to Jerusalem from your room. You can go to

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Perhaps it might be harsh, but what else is it? What have you seen on there? My brother, my sister, you don't know what you're saying. You see it seen when he's sleeping? Well, I that is the way he sleeps every night, the night is going to leave this world that will be the same sites. Posting and breaking on the wrong that you are doing that is worse than the wrong is this word well is the bizarre when you try to disobey Allah and then not see any consequences in your life because of which you become more brave to violate Daughters of Allah. So the doctor said I have sugar, I mustn't drink cold ring. But when I'm drinking coding, I'm enjoying myself even more, it's quenching

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my thirst. It's not putting up my blood pressure in any way. My brother, it will not manifest itself now, but the day the harm of the scope because of your diabetes will manifest itself it will be too late. Either it will be cancer or you will be terminally ill at the moment immediately you won't see the harm. The third harm that after disobeying Allah daddy says if I don't perform pajamas, the devil urinates in my eyes in my ears. I don't perform further but I enjoyed the sleep who said there will be problems in my life till today I have been misusing my eyes. I haven't seen any problem. today. This problem gained strength within you and expresses itself it will be too late. That's the

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third hump that to be deceived by not seeing what Allah has promised on that crime because of which you excel further in that crime. And the fourth thing is is that after doing that wrong to persist on endless disobedience, to insist on endless disobedience, how long will we continue with that wrong? Will we not for a moment, at least occasionally, occasionally let us abandon our wrong the right thing would be immediately totally permanently to terminate an abandoned but the nature of persisting daily will I save my beard without fearing Allah? Will this practice remain in my life while I persist and insist that attitude is worse than decent? We make what we call mighty Allah, He

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gives us the tofik to value this month of Ramadan. Welcome this month of Ramadan in moments of hunger and thirst let us revive the likes of Sahaba this was the daily condition Allah has made it so easy for us. Let us value it let us welcome it. Let us enjoy it. Let us anticipate it. May Allah accepted give us the Tofig to honor Ramadan cherish Ramadan first with the correct zeal and desire make it the turning point of our life. But as every Ramadan we make an intention for Ramadan I will change my life

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I will not look at wrong I will perform Salah proportionate to our intention Allah aids us. We find that men who before Ramadan could not start his day with further Salah during the month of Ramadan he started his day with

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that man who couldn't listen to Quran in Ramadan is complete in Quran. This is the strength that Allah has given me and when he makes a commitment when he when he decides something, this is how Allah enables him. Let us not be foolish to restrict our good intention for Ramadan. Certainly we've been intending Ramadan accordingly Allah has been helping us The home has been full of happiness to our piety obedience submission, let us say inshallah From today onwards and just as we intended Ramadan proportionate to that Allah aided us let us say From today onwards inshallah we will see Allah will aid us May Allah give us the trophy and bless us with this month of Ramadan make us among

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those fortunate souls whose emancipation and deliverance from the pyre of Jan Nam is confirmed an entrance into the gardens of Jeanette eternally, walk through Danone.

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