Musleh Khan – The Life and Times of Imam al-Shafi’i (ra)

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The life and death of thecees are discussed, including their teacher, wrestler, and their mother. The chef Emen Hudson used virtual class until he was hired by his mother, emphasizing the importance of finding the right person for the job and being true to one's values. The transcript also touches on the history of a Korean chef who was considered a yellow person and had a beautiful voice, and how his work was seen as a way to change people's views.
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Next category in the life and time so, that

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is we will discuss very briefly, literally we're just going to zoom over his teachers, students and some famous statements that the members share theory or document level title. As far as teachers are concerned, there are many we don't we are not going to be mentioning any of them. However, we will say that he began with the scholars of Mecca, and he began studying from them when he was the age of 13 years old. Then after that, one of his main teachers that he began to study with is an EMA medic Rocky Mount LA. home he went to the travel to Medina. It was said that during this time, the actual wrestler or the actual journey that Imam Shafi Rahim Allah had to go to him and Malik was going

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there to study the famous collection of a hadith that in America together, which we talked about, titled a lot. And during that journey, he memorized the entire morpho.

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So when he arrived in front of Imam Malik, remember he told him and Malik said that you know, I'm coming here and I want to study from you. So in America, Rahim Allah, you can say, you know, if you want to put this in a one statement kind of took him for granted or underestimated who this person really was. And he says, you want to study? Mm hmm. You want to study the water? And Emerson said yes. And I have memorized it. And the chef and he said yes, I have memorized it. So in my medical case, said, Please read

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read the entire malapa to me, and they sat there and mmm the chef theory Ramallah read the entire multitude. They began to study. And so Mr. Musharraf, he stayed with Imam Malik until his death of Mr Malik or rocky Mala.

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So having said that, he also studied in various other parts of the,

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the Muslim Ummah, especially in the Arabic world, we went to Bethel that you went to Iraq, he went to Yemen, and other places as well. One particular shape that he studied with that he loved to be with was a chef by the name of Eben Hudson, Mohammed in essence, of a human love. This one particular chef, love the man, the chef, and he's so much that the leaders and the kings of that time,

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he preferred to have a man the chef is sitting with him than to sit with any other King or leader. This is how much he loved him.

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I knew this shows us how the type of student, I'm a chef, and he was a serious student love to learn, just like all the inmates, but this is the precedent that they had over other over other students who are studying with the same Chase. As far as the students of the mammoth chef is concerned. Like all the other images that we mentioned, there are too many of them. They're the students of these men are too many to mention. They were situated all over the Muslim world in Egypt in Buffalo died in Mecca. And it's important for us to mention because of our discussion that one of the most important students of even the chef at Rocky Mountain low was an email.

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An email ash metal Rahim Allah used to study with Mr. Chef there is so much that he himself said, I have never missed a single class of the amount of chef has never missed any of his classes. And it was actually there's a narration that says that a man the chef that he used to ride his donkey, this is what he would use for transport. And beside it, Mm hmm. After my daughter came home, I used to walk beside him and read to him and study from him. So this was to this extent.

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An image of metal Rahim Allah said about his teacher, that he never saw anything in him except good. never saw anything in him except good.

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Lima chef Iraqi mahalo when he was in Mecca. He used to teach in the famous Mr. Dill haraam

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which is in Mecca as we all know.

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And many of his students used to say that they never thought they would ever live to see someone created liking them, walking them online as a teacher. His students describe them at this level they never thought that there was a creation like this. So beautiful, so knowledgeable. It is almost as if it was so perfect. This was the level of an enamel chef model last

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More specifically in the way he used to teach it was said that he used to teach from federal till approximately six, seven hours used to do a lot a lot, this time to teach and the rest of his days and not the rest of the hours in his day, he would allotted for private sessions that he would have in his home, as well as private students that he would teach at any time for his family, etc. So they're like we're said, we're just going to zoom over this real quickly, until we now come to some of the famous statements of Alabama chef.

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Now, as we mentioned, last week, we said that Mmm, Chef, was a very famous poet, the most beautiful poetry you can find is the poetry of emammal chef itself. He was a master in the Arabic language.

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And so some of the very famous statements that he mentioned, follows that he said once that whoever wants the dunya, then seek knowledge, and whoever wants the earth or seek knowledge. So basically, if you want both, if you want everything in this dunya that will give you a content life. Seek the knowledge of Islam,

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of seeking the knowledge of Islam. This may sound like a dichotomy here, like a contradiction to the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when he tells us in authentic hadith, that whomsoever has their ultimate goal, to seek knowledge, whoever seeks knowledge and this is their ultimate goal for the dunya then this is all they will get

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his head teeth like this, anybody who seeks knowledge for the sake of the dunya This is all they will get. What is meant here by the statement of mmm chef theory is that a student of knowledge a person who seeks for the sake of pleasing Allah azza wa jal than Allah subhanho wa Taala will make him live a happy and contented life in this dunya waffle Arthur as well as in the author of Allah azza wa jal testifies to this and sorbitan a very important idea where he states men amilo solidly had been decorating a room for one min. So whomsoever does righteous deeds, and believes in Allah azza wa jal from the males and females fell in Oceana who hired and then a law, so which guarantees

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them that they will have a content life in this world, they will have a happy life in this world. And we've gone through this. And it's important for us to continue to mention this. The difference between a person who Eliza ludgershall constantly tests with trials and tribulation and fitness. And you see the ethics and the and the effect of all the hardship this person goes through, as opposed to the person from a human or in the person who is studying the knowledge, who's practicing this knowledge, and who spends his time his day, his minutes everything about him for the sake of allies. So, no matter what trial comes to this person, he will always smile, he will always feel content.

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The Vicar of Allah azza wa jal will always make him happy in this dunya This is what allows religion talks about sorta till right? When he says Allah be Vickery la dama in blue. Is it not true? That the remembrance of Allah the knowledge of Allah azza wa jal brings contentedness to the hearts. And so, this is how we understand the statement of elemental sheffey. Mala. If a person Sakura, the dounia is given to him by default. By default, a person who is struggling for the earth era, Allah azza wa jal guarantees them that if they struggle for the Hara, the dunya, by default will be given to them. And they will feel content with it throughout their lifetime. From the statements of an

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enormous chef at Rocky Mountain law

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is he mentioned

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that the essence of the scholars is their success.

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This sweetness in the scholars is their manners. And the ultimate beauty in listening to the scholars is their kindness. So three things he mentions the essence of the scholars, meaning their presence, when they're here with us, and we know that they're here to guide this oma as a literal source of the law. alayhi wa sallam tells us that they are the inheritors of the Prophet, meaning that the way they practice Islam, the way they preach it, the level of

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knowledge that they have is the closest to the prophets and the messengers, some love it, who will sell them.

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And then he mentions that there's the essence of the scholars is their success, the sweetness is in their manners. So if you really want to see

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the sweetness of being amongst the scholars, you can do so by simply observing them. Not even necessarily going to the extent of being students of them, but simply observing them. This is how you know a scholar.

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You see their actions, you see their manners and your Eman increases just by this alone, you see that the way they sit, the way that they speak, the way their hand gestures are, the manner in which they speak the level of their voice, the way they dress, the way they smell, simply all of this just observing them. This is how you know this person insha Allah is a real scholar, a real alum, Phil Islam, in the religion of Islam, and the ultimate beauty is in their kindness, meaning in their actions. What beautifies a scholar at the end of the day, is that they have taken all of this knowledge that Allah azzawajal has taught them. And they began to practice this knowledge, they

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began to illustrate this knowledge. And the entire Obama is a witness to this. This is one of the traits of a scholar, everything that they know, they practice it, everything that they learn, they implemented. Even tahajjud. They learn about tahajjud they learn about the rulings of it, and they practice it. scholars are the people of 200 They wake knights and their Knights are alive with prayer.

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From the statements of an Imam with Chef, yo Rahim Allah and as we said to you, there are many we will show we will state one more, whoever desires to over who's ever desires overtake him in the dunya then he becomes a slave to his family.

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Now, what does this mean? Who's ever who's ever desires overtake them in the dunya then they become a slave to their family. This is how we understand the statement that whomsoever rushes and seeks the dunya and completely it completely ignores the ethera completely ignores the ultimate result is the ultimate destination. Then they become a slave to their family meaning to human beings not just to their mothers, their fathers or children, husbands or wives etc. But they become a slave to them. Meaning just what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam tells us that a person who makes money their Kibler who worships money than Allah azza wa jal will cause this person to perish. So, a

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person who constantly seeks the dunya and everything in it, for the sake of their families, for the sake of their friends, their community, etc, and they completely forget the setup, such a person will eventually perish. Now, realize here is an important note.

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It is not held on to seek the dounia does not hold on to one to live a good life, it is not held on to make money and make lots of it is not how long. The problem is, is when this becomes something that overtakes you, this is where the problem is. So when we seek money and when we seek a healthy, comfortable life in this dunya it in each and every Muslim that they do this in a very constructive manner. They do this in a responsible manner that they do not forget that alized agenda today will give us all this wealth tomorrow may * it away from us, may completely erase this from us. And this is a sign of how little control we have of ourselves how little control we have of our wealth

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and property and our health etc.

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And coming into the second last category and this is the sleep fat or the description of an amendment chef rahimullah. It was said that he was very tall, very robust, a very strong person. He was a yellow person yellow in color. So he was between white and brown somewhere in that nature. He had an extremely beautiful voice. Some of the people who were who heard him speak, they said that it was some very difficult for them if they did not memorize the poor and it was very difficult for them to differentiate between the words of Imam Shafi and the

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Hold on, because of how beautiful his speech was, and how eloquent his Arabic was. These are the people who did not know Korean and they just simply heard him speaking.

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Everyone would cry, it was mentioned that anybody who prayed behind enamel chef fairy will be brought to tears because of his beautiful voice. He also wore a ring.

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It was said that he used to go there. Now this is something to emphasize the strength of Alabama share theory. As far as the ring that he wore, it said that he worked on his left hand, which finger I could not find anything stating on which finger he would wear it. However, he had a ring that he wore on his left hand. To emphasize his strength. It was said that a man was Sheffield I used to wrestle with one of his horses, and he used to take his head and take the horse's head and put it together and he used to push like this and the horse would back off because of the strength of Alabama share theory or akima law. So, he used to do this for fun for something to test his

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He was also known to change his opinions. Now, this is something that you find when you look in the books of Alabama chef Here you will find a very important statement, you will find that at times he will say polar padeen this is an old opinion, what Kolja deed, this is a new opinion. So realize that dish the method of mmm chef, he is divided into two broad categories, two general categories. There is what some scholars will title, the old meth habit, and some scholars will title the new method. So this is important that when you study this the meth habit mm chef at the tomb is that what was in the old meth habit is not necessarily the same thing. What is what what was in the new

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meth habit? Okay, and this is one of the main hedge or the methodology of the scholars is that if they traveled or if they had a certain group of people to deal with, sometimes their opinions would change. And when we say change, it does not go out of the fold of Islam, it does not go out of this religion. For example, what is what is Muslims talking about here, for example,

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some of the scholars have made a statement in effect way, which you can find in the legend today, which is

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volumes of books of fatawa that the senior scholars of Islam have given and this is continuous, it's not something that stops continues and each year or each few years, a volume is added on. In this collection, you'll find that some of the scholar combat is just solid fosun but Crusader, Riley and others, they made a statement saying that women are not allowed to drive.

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Okay, this is a very valid fact whether it is you find in the books.

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Now if somebody were to take this fatwah and bring it to Canada and say women are not allowed to try what's what is going to happen. There's going to be more corruption, there's going to be more fitna. What people don't realize is when they took this set where they forgot to read the section where it said that this fatwah was only for the people of Saudi Arabia. Because in that country, women don't drive and they have their own set of rules that are exclusive to that country. However, here, if you stop women from driving, this will eventually lead to fit now more than anything else, especially for her, her safety will be jeopardized. As a matter of fact, some of the scholars logic for a woman

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to try her very best that when she lives in countries where the Muslims are a minority, that she should try her very best to get a driver's license and drive. Because she is safer in her car than she is in a subway. She is safer in her car than she is if she was walking the streets because of her attire, her nature etc. So this is how we differentiate that sometimes the opinions of scholars it will change from one place where they understand the people to another place where they understand that these people are different. However, at the same time they are in the fold of an Islam. Having said that,

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it was said that mm chef Rahim Allah and this is where we will conclude his life and times

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is how he passed away. As far as the information that's available is concerned, it said that he was very sick. And there were various moments in his life where he was sick and he had a problem with is it was said that during his lifetime he would lose a lot of blood and the reasons behind this a level RLM we did not find much detailed information regarding this. So he

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had some sort of sickness with regards to his blood.

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He eventually passed away in Egypt and this is where he is buried. He passed away after McRib, in the year 204204 This is when a man was Chef rahima long passed away. And just for those who weren't here with us, we mentioned that a man was chef Iraqi masala was born in the year 150. No, this is the same year that who died,

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which mm died in the year 150. Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah. So the same year that Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah will die in the same year that element was chef he was born. And this is why the scholars saying when they speak about these two great Imams, they say that at the same time we were losing an Imam, another one was being born.

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So this legacy of these great images continued. Imam Shafi Rahim Allah was varied after jumaane and he was the youngest of all the memes and he was 54 years old.

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