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Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of fasting during Shabbat is discussed, as it is a beautiful and significant month for many Muslims. The speakers emphasize the importance of shabbat and transformation, emphasizing the need for everyone to have a consistent message and focus on their deples. They stress the importance of sharing faith and unity, being aware of one's actions and words, and completing one's lives with their own values and words to avoid becoming a Muslim.
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No hamdulillah

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no matter who were the star you know who want to stop hero when I was a beloved Manchurian fusina woman say Tiana Lena May the level philomel de la will make you believe for her NTLM Why should one learn in the lava double luxury Kellen y shadow under Mohammed Abdullah water solo, Salam larvae who are early he was Herbie Orman sonardyne mg one Mr. B. So Nettie Hilario Medina, Baron for topo LaDonna you will burn for the Madonna subhana wa Taala Phaeton z. Yeah, you hola Lena. And I know, it took a long time to party he was tuna Illa, one two Muslim mon, from America. My brothers and sisters.

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Once there was a time, when I

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would do a lot more than her.

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She made a statement about her husband, the messenger sold a lot more it was seldom.

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And she said, I never saw him fast in any other time of the year aside from Ramadan, more than in the month of shaba.

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And that literally means that

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in another statement, she says that sometimes when I look at him fasting,

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I would think that he's not going to have a phone, he would just continue fasting every day. But then there were other times I would look at him.

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And he would have this if thought of meaning he would be eating every day and not fasting and I would think well, maybe he's not going to fast anymore. This is her way of explaining that. The messenger sold the love it was sort of didn't have this pattern when it came to fasting throughout the year.

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until something interesting happened.

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Another companion by the name of Osama bin Laden or the alumni woman,

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he noticed something about the messenger someone low it was send them so he went up and he asked him about it. So diano sudo LA I see you

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in the month of charbon. I see you fasting more in this month than any other time of the year. You see what it was some of the Alomar know picked up He looked at his pattern, but he noticed that in that particular month, something was very different. So he asked him why why do you fast so much in that particular month Siobhan

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and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave him an answer. That is a response for all of us as believers to really internalize, think about reflect on it as much as you can.

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And he said to him,

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the month of shaba, meaning the month between Rajat and Rama lon referring to sharpen

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is a month that most of mankind is heedless of.

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They haven't forgotten it. heedless hoffler. Offline is when you know something. But for whatever reason, you're not giving that thing the attention that it deserves.

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To forget, you just didn't know. So he says that most of the followers of this amount will be heedless towards that month.

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And scholars explain what did the messenger sell the love it was said to me when he said to me when he said this, if you look around the average Muslim, almost every one of us we know about the month of Ramadan.

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Most Muslims even know about Malaysia. But if you really break it down, and you really have this conversation about the different months of the year and which ones are special, which ones are sacred and so on.

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It's actually very true that many Muslims don't really know the significance of what Shabbat is and what it represents. We are in that month right now.

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And the messenger it has selected us and I'm says to Osama bin Laden, although the alarm wine home and

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as a result of this state of heedlessness,

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this is the month shabang where our deeds are lifted to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Think about that for a second to

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one of us, or some of us, or maybe all of us in this room today.

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This month our deeds were lifted to a lot. So panela you know, on the one hand, you might think to yourself, okay, on the other hand, at least for me, it's quite frightening just the thought of it.

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And the messenger RNA subtle so it doesn't stop there he continues telling some more. And he says to him, because that happens in this month. I wish to be in the state of fasting when my deeds are being carried to Allah. This Hadith is narrated in the soudan of an essay and it is an authentic marriage. The month of Shaban

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is a very beautiful and blessed month in our Deen

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It was said that this month of Shabbat is actually one of the legislation of Ramadan happened in this month. The Muslims were told you're going too fast in the month of Ramadan. It was said that in Shaban

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we were given our own Qibla in this month, the amount was told turn away from Mr. oxa. And now face to mystical haraam. It's a beautiful and significant month in our lives. But according to the messenger RNA select will slim most people won't recognize that. And even if they hear about it, it'll just be restricted to more knowledge and information and doesn't actually go beyond that. So the real question and this is the question that I want to share with you and also a response to it. What exactly should be our focus or attitude? Now that we are only weeks away from welcoming B? Isn't it lovely Tyler? The blessed month of Ramadan Allahumma Bolivia now Ramadan Allah I mean,

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the great pious predecessors they used to make this door listen to the door. These to ask Allah Oh Allah keep us alive so we can welcome Ramadan.

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beliveau now Ramadan, keep us alive.

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extend our time on this earth, especially that we can welcome the month of Ramadan. And I started to think to myself the years ago when I first heard this hadith. Why is this heavy? Why is this Doris so specific and focused on this one month? Now we don't need to talk about the virtues of Ramadan. That's pretty obvious. But weeks and maybe even months in advance. These pious men and women of the past and many of the Muslim world today we are praying to Allah just extend our time. So we welcome that month. We're not even asking Allah let me fast the month. Let me pray all the total week in the month, we are simply asking Allah just keep me alive. So I'm here when that month begins, then I

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noticed something really frightening but very interesting. At the same time. I notice at least for maybe the last four or five years that a lot of people pass away very close before Ramadan, as a matter of fact, and I've even spoken to some of the students who are studying in Mecca. And I would ask them,

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when the Genesis are happening for every scholar in Mecca, do you know how many bodies are there? They said, yeah, we sometimes know. But as they get and I asked him specifically, especially before Ramadan, and one student told me about the Muslims, before Ramadan, sometimes there are over a dozen bodies in each Sala the gel Anza is being prayed for. And I thought to myself, wow, so panela that is so interesting.

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Even some of you who are sitting here probably know of loved ones and friends and families who out of nowhere, they probably would be sitting or eating or just, you know, being with their families or gone to work or what have you, and out of nowhere for whatever reason they passed away.

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And when you look at the period of When this happens, and you'll notice that so panela just weeks before Ramadan.

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The point is to be able to just breathe and be conscious of that month, and to be able to welcome it and experience whatever amount of that month Allah blesses us with seems to be one of the greatest blessings a Muslim and a believer can ever experience in this lifetime. So with that, being

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So, once again Allahumma Bolivian our Ramadan we as an ally so until all Allah allow us to welcome the blessing month of Ramadan. Allahu

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The coming now to the today's topic, I only want to share with you perhaps maybe one or two verses from a very beautiful sort of the core answer that Enron saw that earlier Iran is a very interesting sorter in the sense that it is a complimentary chapter of the poor end to its previous sort of sorbitol Baccarat, these two sources are linked together, they're complimentary suitors to one another. So that earlier in Milan, has a massive discussion that is devoted to Benny saw you a lot of it over 20 or maybe even 30 verses alone are talking about the things in the blessings that Allah gave Benny Is that all you He gave them permissible foods more so than what you and I are allowed to

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eat. Cool the time you can hit that the belly the saw you Allah said all the foods I made it permissible for them. In addition to that, in the status order, it starts talking about covenants and promises that Allah gave them and Allah told them that if you do this you follow our Isa or you follow Mussolini's if you follow the authentic message, here's what you will get in return, you will get sustenance you will get a raise, you will get stability, you will get security all of these wonderful things mentioned earlier in Ron, when that conversation continues in that particular manner. A lot of pauses from that conversation and shifts the attention to you an eye and says

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something very beautiful. Yeah. No old people have Amen. It took the lava how to potty what a tomo, tuna. Illa, one two Muslim on, you hear this verse, almost every jar. I even started off with this verse. And we're allies. So we're just pauses from that conversation or that focus to Betty is thrown at you and says to you and if people have even have Taqwa of Allah, not just any form of tough one, make sure that you have true taqwa to Allah. A Sahaba asked the messenger alayhis salaam. How is it possible for somebody to have true taqwa of Allah? How is that even possible that somebody could actually meet the criteria of tequila with a live surgeon, and the messenger that you selected

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was to them explain not just in that heading, but many others than your commitment, your sincerity, the genuineness that you have to be a better human being by doing the things that Allah commanded us to do? staying away from the things that he prohibited? These are all a starting point for you to achieve real authentic, genuine taco,

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then, then the ally. So Jill tells all of us, especially people of Amen, Latin tuna, Illa, wanting to masimo Don't you dare leave this earth unless you are in the form of some kind of submission. With that being said, here's what I want to bring to your attention. That verse,

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I believe it is verse 102.

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This verse about the taqwa is actually the first of three ingredients in the poor. And that teaches you an eye how to reform ourselves, how to better ourselves as people, the Koran gives us a three step guide on how to achieve them. The first ingredient, Allah talks to each and every one of us as individuals, there is an individual transformation that has to happen to all of you. This is the attitude, if you're not already in it. This is the attitude all of us have to be in as we inch closer and closer to the month of Ramadan.

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The first step is you start looking at yourself. You see what I'm all done is a time for reflection. It's a time for you and I to strengthen our commitment with a lot. So time for us to sit back and think about all the things that have happened this last year. It's an opportunity for you and I to reflect on all the deeds that we have performed good and bad. You look back at that scale. This is what Ramadan is all about. It's to kickstart once again. The love and desire the genuineness the sincerity.

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to police all bars so until May Allah bless us with that. A lot of them are.

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The starting point, the formula that you and I are given step one, Allah says have Taqwa tough, what literally means to be conscious of Allah. When we say to be conscious of a lump, it means that you will never, ever forget him, regardless of your circumstance or your state, the least that you are doing is you are remembering that Allah is watching and Allah is listening. You're always aware of that. And the reason why that is so important is part of tough love, is you fear a lust punishment. So you're thinking about Allah and you're remembering Allah. And the reason why you're doing that is you don't want to be a candidate of punishment from Allah Milan, so it'll protect us. I love them. I

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mean, that's the first ingredient. So now that you've taken care of yourself as an individual, and you know what's interesting about this concept of taqwa mentioned in this am in certain Baccarat how Allah starts off the conversation about what am I done? What does he tell us? Yeah.

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quotevalet como si m Kim equity, Baraka Lederman. publikum. How does it en la la contenta. The same verse the talks about why Allah gave us Ramadan actually ends up that perhaps insha Allah you will attain some form of taqwa. That's what Ramadan is all about. Now, things will get interesting.

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That's step one here, step two,

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this transformation process or to strengthen what we already have that is good and positive in in us to make it stronger, inconsistent. Here's step two, the next verse allies so until verse 103, b tells us, one plus c mu b heavily level jamea.

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Here's step two, all of you hold on to the rope of Allah Jenny on every single one of you.

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So the first step was what? Look out for yourself. Make sure you have some form of consciousness and taqwa in you. You know why this is so important, by the way, aside from Ramadan, just generally speaking, white is so important.

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Where do we get our template from? We get it from the poor and

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those of us who have a steady relationship with a laws book, you will notice something very unique about your attitude and your behavior.

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Coronel causes the student of it to think very differently than anyone else. Your attitude starts changing about life, your perception on things starts to change. A lot blesses you with a self with a sense of self control that no professional can ever teach you, you will never learn it in a classroom. That's what the coroner gives you. You're able to look at the entire world and all the chaos that's happening around you, because you love this book, and you're connected to it. For some reason, you're able to put things into perspective. This is especially crucial. When the angel of death, Allah gives him the command, go take his soul. And when that angel comes and takes the soul

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of that individual, they're not worried about oh my goodness, I feel like I'm going to leave the certain feeling I'm going to die right now. They're not thinking like that. Instead, Allah blesses them because of their long term commitment of being close to Allah as book. That is the moment Allah blesses them instead of being worried to go and meet Allah. They are just under a shadow in the evil lower shadow Mohammed Rasul Allah, Allah gives them the Baraka and the blessing of a righteous ending. May Allah azza wa jal bless all of us with a crystal Nicola Tim Allahumma I mean, your life.

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So once you took care of yourself, now all of us have a collective responsibility to hold on to the rope of Allah. What exactly is that? scholars different? Some said the Quran is the rope of Allah. Other said it was the Sunnah that's the rope of Allah. Others had no ambassador and others. They said, No, it's everything. It's Islam altogether. I think all of these have truth to them. They all complement each other. They give you a complete picture. So let's just say for the sake of argument that the rope of Allah is Islam in its entirety, allies, so it just says now that all of you have Taqwa. Now, all of you collectively together. Hold on to the teachings of this Dean.

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Do you see how alone

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keeps us together.

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It's not about what's your professional background is

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the maturity and responsibility Allah cares about so that we stick together as an omen is that every single one of us has the basic morals and ethics and teachings of our Deen. That's what you need.

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And don't split up and separate into factions. You know the word of father who also comes from the term FERPA and FERPA is when a group separates and starts their own movement. It's not that this group just decides to separate from others and just continue with life. This group started their own movement or their own voice that's called a fitness club. That's why that is also the Arabic term of a sect in Islam. So the point is, is Allah is saying to you that if you guys don't have the same common Foundation, which is your deen, if that's not the thing that's encouraging and teaching you and helping you and that's not the arena that you use to make all of your decisions, what is going

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to be the consequence, you're going to split apart into factions? Allah says Don't let this happen.

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What could we narrow matola here I leave home is going to either

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remain Apolo become for us battle mania or mentally whiner, listen to the next and the third and final step towards building transformation or reformation within a community startup by yourself. That's step one. Step two, all of you collectively meaning the entire amount get together, get on the same page, our decisions are always going to be based on what the dean has taught us. And number three,

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Elon tells us think back for a moment with kulu. Now mental lohardagan think back and remember, this ultimate an incredible blessing Allah gave you is called to order and Sabina pulumi come once upon a time you were enemies to each other and Allah brought your hearts together. There is a context to this.

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Back in the days during the time of the Prophet Alayhi, salaatu, wa Salaam, even before Islam, there were tribes that were fighting over each other. There are dozens of stories like this of tribes fighting over each other for trivial things. I mean, believe it or not, there was even a war that happened pre Islam, where one person's camel, these camel walked over to someone else's lead, and it turned out to be a war allies. So Joe says those are the things you were enemies to one another, you disliked each other you couldn't get along. But as a result because of allies soldier blessing you with the poor end, and this man, the messenger it is Salatu was salam, he brought your hearts

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together. What I love about the statement is the word that Allah uses to describe how the hearts came together. Allah says editing

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comes from the word of medicine. That's the Arabic term for 1000 1000.

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So in other words, a lie saying your hearts were split into 1000s of pieces. And a lump brought all of that back together again. How did he do it? It gave you this book, and told you follow the men, the messenger sold the law while he was in them. It's cool to

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be in a pulumi home for us back from being aromatically of when and as a result of the outcome of that is you all became brothers in faith. You all support it and looked out for each other in faith. There are two words to describe the Brotherhood in the Quran. If one and if one, if you say 100 it's brothers in humanity. If you say if one, it's blood brothers. So Allah says that the least the outcome that should happen is if you all share the exact same faith you should at least come together as brothers and sisters in humanity.

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A love calls up and

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you know the word NEMA is also another word to describe a precious gift.

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So Allah's precious gift

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to this oma

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is that we have each other.

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Think about it.

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And if somebody for whatever reason refuses to put aside their misunderstandings or confusions or pride or ego or whatever you want to call it, if they refuse to do that, for the sake of keeping a bond. It's

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As if they are in directly saying to Allah, your precious gift, no thank you. I don't want it. May Allah protect us from that? You know, this is what the Quran does. It really gets you into the state where you deeply reflect on yourself. You start thinking and you become more critical on yourself than anyone else. metallized which will continue to bless us with the knowledge of the forehead, and May Allah azza wa jal blessing our hearts and align our lives that we constantly always and forever follow the teachings of Our Messengers on the love it was something we conclude this verse in the second part of the Apollo mantus marathon was stuff that we'll learn early whatever what he said he

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didn't see me and I'm equally them. First of all, in the whole of a photo Rahim.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While he was happy he woman was buried. Welcome to Marcia for a 10 minute nap. And either coming

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up in a lava lamp from A to healer, I love to look at how beautiful this ends.

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Allah says that as a result.

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When once upon a time, you didn't get along as an oma.

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And there was lots and lots of hatred and division amongst you. The consequence of that, is that some were literally at shafa.

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They were at the edge of a cliff, about to fall into the fire. May Allah protect us. What does that tell you about brotherhood and unity? It's probably one, I would say, probably one of the top three greatest blessings on earth. And the after as well. One of the greatest blessings of gentlemen, is that no one in paradise will be alone.

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Alone will bless you with companionship, brotherhood, companionship, this here that we have in this room, and that we continue to experience in total we, if father on read and throughout Ramadan, is an indication to you and I, that the deeper lesson of all of this is that we need each other to complete our journey with Allah, we need one another. And we have to look out for each other. Because Allah said we're tassimo from errata sama, protect yourself and look out for those around you. That's the least bare minimum. And with that attitude, this is how Allah blesses the spoon Mel with guidance and knowledge is because at the end of the day, you care for one another. When there

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is care and love for each other for the sake of Allah, Allah blesses you with the poor and he blesses you that you love his messenger, Arlene's Salatu was salam, and you walk each and every day. And all you see and you think about is your Creator, you're conscious of him. That's what we want now. That's what we want as we go into Ramadan. That's what we want when we graduate from the month. That is what we want to live our lives and leave this world. May Allah azza wa jal bless us and honor us that we love each other and keep our hearts mended and so between each other, for love and for his sake, and his pleasure, love them. I mean, these are the words that I leave you with. And

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with that being said, we send peace and blessings to our muscles Ottawa, Toronto, LA, cama moderner, some kind of water undefeated xili in the La Liga to who you saloon Arlen levy Yeah. Xena Amundson, Diwali, he was suddenly motus Lima alumnus on the island Mohammed wider earlier Mohammed can also later let you borrow humor either early Ibrahima innaka habido Majeed, Olam muffling Muslim you know what a Muslim man what meaning you know when what meaning

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one on one in the cup or even semi on Mooji Buddha, Allah Khomeini Milena silicon Jelena la Herman Polin alarma on our author becoming another woman

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in Poland a woman but I'm benna enough in dunya hustler woodfill harati Hasina. What is up and now subpanel it'll be it'll be recent here I made see for number seven when lm or Selena will come to the LA Europe para la mirada.

The Month of Shaban | Sh. Musleh Khan – Friday April 20th, 2018
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