Acts and Deeds Recommended for a Muslim in the Month of Ramadhaan

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the activities and deeds of the holy month ofFinancial, including fasting, eating, and performing missed daily acts. They also mention the importance of avoiding the "mistake" act and the recommended number of acts to perform in the month. The speaker emphasizes the importance of doing as much as possible in order to get the best from the month.
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The first question is from Sohail Ahmed, from London, UK,

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he's a manager in a supermarket.

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What additional acts and deeds should a Muslim involve in the month of Ramadan, besides fasting, to make the best use of this holy man, the additional acts or deeds that a Muslim can do to get the maximum benefits from the holy month of Ramadan can be broadly categorized into eight categories. Number one is continuing the Friday which you normally do during the other months.

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Number two, also do the fries of the month of Ramadan, like fasting and if Allah forbid, you may not be doing certain Farhad see to it, that you start doing in the month of Ramadan. The third categories continue doing the most the hub then couraged the Sunni acts which have been doing in the other months. Number four, the sadhana acts of the month of Ramadan, the most up acts of the month of Ramadan, and even the other must stop acts see to it that increase and do as much of Mr x as possible. Number five, if abstain from the mockery Act, which you normally absent during the other months besides them then number six,

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abstain from the macro exhibition in the month of Ramadan. And see to it the increase in the number of acts that you abstain which are macro, if possible, abstain from almost all the macro acts in this glorious month of Ramadan. Number seven

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normally as you avoid the Haram acts, besides the month of Ramadan continued avoiding the Haram acts and the last category, the categories the specific acts that have to be abstained from in the month of Ramadan abstain from that like eating from after delavan to sunset and so on and so forth and see to it that you try and abstain from 100% all the Haram acts were the minor or major

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during the holy month of Ramadan. This was broadly how you can categorize the acts and deeds that can be done in the month of Ramadan. Many scholars are listed the top 10 act to be done in the month of Ramadan some I've listed 20 some I've listed 30 Sheikh Salim al Masjid Mashallah here listed 173 good dates to be done in the month of Ramadan

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I've listed the good dates to be done or the recommended acts to be done in the month of Ramadan in the fall two points after happening together number one and the most important is that perform the five times compulsory for the fella in congregation in the mosque.

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Not for the men of course for the woman at home

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number two

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fast during each and every day of the month of Ramadan. Those who have to fast

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number three gives a card if you have to give

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number four abstain from all the Hara max

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number five form the Sonata Matata, that is the encouraged salah

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and there are 12 Raka of Sunita maka to before the Father of Salah, two plus two for Raka before the Zohar salah and to rock up after this or Salah to Raja after the Maghreb salah and to Raka after the Shah Salah.

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These 12 Raka

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perform them during the month of Ramadan but naturally including the Tierra catheter that makes it 56.8. So, seven point

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delay soon as much as possible just before the start of the final time or before the start of the Federal ban. Eight big your fast as early as possible immediately after sunset.

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Ninth, break your fast with rooftop rod dates and water 10 point

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say the recommended dua after making the first 11 point.

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Make dua before if this is one of the best times that was accepted. Number 12. provide food for a star especially to the poor people 13 point

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Perform taraweeh salaah

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14 perform the Salah to Doha,

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free for aka 15 point recite as many as of the Prophet dua for all the activities that you do daily 16 point do as much ethical as possible 17 point read as much as the haoran as possible

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in point, if that seek for forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala 19 point do as many good deeds as you can 20th point whenever anyone provokes you don't get angry, say I'm fasting and fasting and fasting 22nd

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do a tick off during the last 10 days pretty sad point seek for the later card in the last 10 nights of Ramadan 24th point is a form of gambling especially in the last 10 nights

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25th point do toska enough that is purification of your soul.

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26 point is that do as much as possible of the Sunnah acts of Prophet consult Psalm 27 point read documenti Hadith of the Prophet

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28 do the math or the miswak that is the tooth stick 29th is a wine as much as much as possible. All is the best point perform omura in the month from now

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31st point forgive other people's faults 30 do do

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correct the mistakes of your Muslim brothers and sisters 33 do Dawa convey the message of Islam to the non Muslims

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34 form your suniti glare maka and there are 10 Sunita Guillermo cada that is to after the Zohar Salah two plus two for before the Salah two before the McGriff salah and two before the Shah Salah formula Sunita Gare maka da besides your third and affinity maka Salah the fifth point do as much as dua and supplication as possible 36 attend

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the lectures and programs of scholars so that your knowledge increases in slam

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37 watch the videos or listen to the audios of Islamic scholars who are authentic, whether it be lectures, group discussions, talk shows, interviews, etc. Create

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read the Syrah of the beloved partner salah and also read the authentic books by your authentic scholars.

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Number 39.

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give more time to your family.

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Number 40 be cheerful and happy. Number 41. Do not waste a single minute during the month of Ramadan and 40 to see to it that you live with others with love and affection and care. This was in brief regarding the 42 recommended points that are mentioned in my series of ROM nanoray doctors are here and I repeated here.

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I've clipped some of them, you can elaborate on it, you can reduce it, but broadly as I mentioned it can be classified under eight categories dimensioned and do whatever is a foreign animal stop do as much as possible. abstain from all the Haram and as much as possible in brief and that will be the best for you to get the best from this lesson month from now.