What Is The Minimum Haircut Required For A Man During Umrah_Hajj

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_ _ Shaykh Ammar AlShukry answers


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The speaker discusses the importance of hair cutting in the context of bathing. He explains that shaving one's head is more virtuous than trimming it, and that the length of hair is crucial for optimal results. He also mentions that people should avoid shaving their heads while trimming their hair, and that they should avoid shaving their heads while trimming their heads.

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What is the minimum cutting of hair that a man does an omelet or hatch

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handleless Allah Salam ala rasulillah. So when we talk about minimum, we're talking about two things we're talking about size area. And number two, we are talking about the actual length of the hair. And so obviously the province of the lightest and then praise those who shaved their head during hygiene and whatnot, three times more than his praise or his prayers for the ones who trim and so shaving your head is more virtuous. If a person can do that, then that is better, except in one circumstance. And that is if a person is in or omura, at hatch, so they've done to matter and they have performed Ramallah to proceed there. Hajin had just going to come in a couple of days, and so

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that person should trim so that they can save their hair for the the bigger advantages hatch. So that being said, if a person is just out omura, or just that hatch, which one is more beloved to Allah Subhana, Allah, the shaving, but if they're going to trim trimming is permissible, you don't have to shave your head,

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what is the amount and what is the length, the length, anything that would be considered to be trimming would be sufficient for it. And so whether that's a fingertip, right, just the tip of a finger, or anything more than that, one, level two, level three level, according to your local barber shop, all of that would be fine. All of that would be considered trimming. Then the second part is with regards to the actual areas, do you if I just trim the sides of my hair, as opposed to trimming all of my hair Do I have to trim all of my head altogether? Well, if you trim all of your head, then that has taken you out of any difference of opinion, and that's the safest bet. Although

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some of the scholars have said that you trim as long as you trim a quarter size that you've trimmed your hair, some sad as long as you trim even three hairs then you've trimmed your hair, but I would encourage a person to trim all of their hair and as long as you've trimmed fingertips like finish all your hairs.

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