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We mentioned here that Allah subhanho wa Taala one of the reasons why we have is Tiana in this particular verse, why didn't Allah azza wa jal put something else? Why you alone, we worship and You alone, we seek help Why not? You alone we worship and You alone, we pray to you alone we recite for or you alone we die for you alone, why not any of those other aspects or those other acts of worship? What's so special about esteana? seeking the help of Allah? This is very interesting because scholars they write a lot about this, they've written a lot about why would Allah put these two together in one verse? And they've mentioned that basically, the whole purpose of praying and

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doing those acts of worship is so that you when you call upon Allah for his help, he will send it down to you. Now, doesn't that answer the question then? If all of the brothers and the sisters who are going through those problems and they're suffering, but they're praying five times a day, they're reciting the Quran, they're doing all of those things? Then why isn't the help of Allah azza wa jal been sent down and bestowed upon them at that very moment? Well, there's a number of reasons. Maybe it's not the right time, because we don't decide when Allah answers our wirdora we only decide that Allah insha Allah will answer to our that's it. We just don't know when and how he will do

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that. But then if the person asks Allah azza wa jal, but they're not praying, then you can put the A together, they're not worshiping then you can put the ayah together, you're not going to have one without the other. And the whole essence or the core of worship is that you get the help of Allah azza wa jal when you need it the most. Again, another interesting point, the way that you and I we can live a successful life in this world is as long as we have the help of Allah azza wa jal. Let me give you an example. You remember the story of soldat usif.

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So that use of when he was going through the seduction, and that woman came and she threw herself at him. What is the first thing that Yusuf Ali Salaam does? He says Paula Robbie, he calls upon Allah azza wa jal. That's the first thing that he does, he doesn't say are the Billa he says Parliament as a law. And he says in this here is related that murder the law means I seek the protection of Allah azza wa jal from this seduction from you. This is very interesting because what that tells you is that nobody can overcome a hardship or sin unless you come to Allah azza wa jal. So that's what you learn from that verse. You can't get over your life, you can't get over hardship unless you have

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allies in your life to do that. So again, we learned that also from why we have a what kind of staring at the end of this so a verse

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finally inshallah, last point and then inshallah we will conclude. And that is, as we mentioned, it's always nice to kind of look at the relationship in the order of the A, because even the order of the surah is all from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah Himself put these verses in order. So it's also interesting to kind of get a psychological benefit behind why it starts off with praise white starts off with ramen, or Rahim, Manda, Chioma Dean, and then the first conversation if you'd like that first relationship we have with Allah azza wa jal is narrowed its worship. Scholars they say here is that once you've established once you've learned who Allah is, it's time to practice. So you

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see that in the theme of verses one all the way to four, the verse number four starts off with practicing your knowledge. Yeah, can start to practice it immediately. Don't hesitate. Now you've gotten the knowledge now you understand who you're doing it for. Now you understand the purpose behind it's to prepare for yomo piano, then go ahead and get started. Get busy with your acts of worship immediately. And so this is really important for the person who says, You know, I know that Hajj is important. I'm just not ready for that yet. I'm not ready for that commitment. I mean, I can't tell you how many emails I've gotten, because Hajj season just finished. How much people

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they've contemplated going for Hajj, they have the means to go financially, physically, everything they have is in place, but what's holding them back. You know, brother Muslim, I'm only 32 years old. I don't think I'm ready for height yet. And that's it, the person doesn't go to Hajj and so panela the real bigger, the bigger picture here is

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What if some time from now until next year, Allah snatches away their wealth, some kind of problem happens and there is no chance for them to ever get back for Hajj will lie I tell you. I know of a woman, a sister, who stood in the line in the airport waiting to check in to get her boarding pass to go and board her flight to go for Hajj. And while she was in the lineup, she gets a phone call that her father that her mother passes away in her country. And she has to leave the line and hedge was not written for her hedge was not written for her. How old was this woman? She was in her late 50s what happened to her from the time you know when she's when it was in her? 30s in her 20s she

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came from a very wealthy family she always afforded it but what did she say? She had the ideology that insha Allah, I'll go once I get older. That's the way she grew up with that stigma in her mind. How just just for old people. And I mean, that's pretty much what it was. Those of you who have gone for had you know very well it's the elderly that struggle the most, and they struggle to complete the Hajj the most the there's always that chance that every single day they may not complete their Hajj. So all of this brothers and sisters we see just from one verse Can you imagine almost two hours we only discussed one verse from the Quran two words, yet Can he kind of stone This is why the

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solid they said that this here is the most important verse of sorbitol Fatiha and as a matter of fact, as I mentioned to you, when I look at all the different TIFF series I find that this one verse summarizes literally the concept of the entire Quran, the concept of our worship the essence of why we believe in Allah azza wa jal and what do we do with that belief? So we ask Allah azzawajal, always and forever to keep us steadfast and consistent in our worship. Don't allow us to be lazy, and don't allow us to lose any part of our worship. And most importantly, brothers and sisters, we ask Allah Allah azza wa jal for all of us here that are praying that are involved in acts of worship

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every day. May Allah azza wa jal answer our doors when we call for him and we asked for his help. May Allah subhanho wa Taala answer the call of all the Muslims around the world that also seek His help and his guidance and May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us that help at a time that is pleasing to Him, not that at a time that is pleasing for us, because whatever is pleasing for him, by default will eventually be pleasing to us. So these are the words that we conclude with insha Allah so next week, we will continue with

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Dino Serato monster theme, and Serato ladina naantali him this is those two parts of the verses we will discuss an entire lifetime of Adobe rla him will be one session one oh barling will also be another session. And then in sha Allah from that we will conclude so total fat and there are a couple of if you'd like some bonus material that I've prepared that to kind of summarize all the concepts that we've done in sorbitol Fatiha and I want to show you how you can use sorbitol Fatiha, how you can use that as the introduction to studying the entire core and you believe that some scholars they say if you want to study the Tafseer of the poor and the door to that lies in the

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Tafseer of Surah Fatiha so once you study sort of fatty how well it will open the door of every single surah of the Quran. And this is one of the main reasons why I wanted to take on this challenge of trying to go through the entire Quran and give a basic Tafseer behind it is because of so little Fatiha. I mean it's a sort of that we've been studying for years and years and the sooner that we will never stop studying. So having said that, may Allah subhanho wa Taala reward you all for your efforts and for your time and May Allah subhanho wa Taala reward you all for being here and inshallah I will see you all for our next session. session. session number five be the lightoller