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Juz’ 4: Al-‘Imran 92-200 – An-Nisa’ 1-23
Al-‘Imran 103-117

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And if we want this, that we want to die with La Ilaha Illa, Allah, our death comes to us when we're saying that Allah in the law, then what do we need? We need to stay together. We need to keep ourselves in the company of those who say la ilaha illa Allah so that when we are slipping, they remind us, when we are falling, they remind us. Now sometimes there are people who will come and pull you. And sometimes we don't find a hand that will come and pull us out. So what do we need to do? Get up ourselves and go and sit in the company of those who will remind us of Allah. Don't just depend on others to pull you pull yourself also, and go and attach yourself. The Prophet sallallahu

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Sallam is commanded in the Quran was Bill Neff Sokka. Molina, the owner of bombilla data will Archie, you keep yourself firm in the company of those who remember a lot morning and evening. If the profits have a lot of sentiments being told, stay in the company of those who remember Allah than what about us? Because sometimes we complain that Oh, people who know the Quran they have forgotten us. Well, have we remembered them? Have we bothered to go and be with them? They didn't go anywhere. We got our connection with them. What does Allah say? Allah says wire tassimo. It's the responsibility of every person, every person who cares about his Eman, hold on, hold on firmly

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worked, LC mu b haben, Illa e geneon. Hold on firmly, to the rope of Allah all together, all of you all believers together, learn the Quran, together, follow it come together. Why? Because when you will be together, you will have strength, because when a person fights a battle alone, when a person stands against the strong winds, all by himself, then what will happen, he will fall, he will fail, he cannot be successful, eventually, he will become weak and he will fall. So what is it that we need to do? We need to keep company with who with him and we need to sit with them. Why? So that we can also remember Allah, we need to meet with them, we need to keep in touch with them. And on

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getting together. Don't just sip on tea. Don't just have coffee parties and don't share recipes, and share ideas of how to look after your children parenting advice and so on. Because these are the issues that generally women talk about. But in addition to all of this, also be concerned about holding on to the rope of Allah, that when you get together, also together and work

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together, what should you do hold on to the rope of Allah come together? For what for the Quran, just as you come together for tea, come together and remind yourselves encourage each other, to hold on to the rope of Allah. Now the question is what is the rope of Allah? What is hamdulillah? The Hub Lola is keytab of law. It is the book of Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Kitab Allah who are hablo Ma, it is the rope of Allah and mum do mean a summer, a lot of it is the rope of a law that is suspended from the sky to the earth. Meaning it's one end is with Allah. And the other end is with who? The one who takes it. The rope is suspended. Allah has given the Quran now it is up

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to us. Do we hold on to the other end? Do we grab the other end? Do we take the Quran which Allah has given to us? Do we hold on to it? Or do we leave it? And how is it that we need to hold on to it individually? No, Allah says Jamia can collectively, collectively together. So as we're coming together over here, what are we doing? Holding on to the book of Allah? Not Alone, but together? Because think about it. If you try and reviewing the entire juice at home yourself, would you be able to do it? What would happen after 15 minutes a phone call? What would happen after half an hour, I have to cook then I need my tea break, then I need to go somewhere and now the kids are home

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and I'm busy. Right? So what happens when we come together? When we're sitting together? Then we are even hesitant to get up and go take a drink of water isn't it? When we're sitting together, we are encouraged to stay apart until we reach the targets until we complete what we came here to do. So not just individually but together collectively.

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And collectively hold on to the book of Allah. This is in both ways, physically, like we're doing over here sitting together in one place in one room in one must

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But not just that, if that is not possible for a person, then does it mean that he should not do anything? No, this can also be virtually over the internet over the phone, however possible, but a person must strive to keep connected with the book of Allah. How by holding his hand her hand with who, friends for the sake of Allah, friends, through the Quran, together, hold on to the book of Allah. Because remember that the path of gender is the most difficult path. in Hades, we learned that gender is surrounded with difficulties. Because you see, the more beautiful a place is, the more difficulty you have to endure to get there. Isn't that so? All the beautiful places in this

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world? Is it easy to get there? No. Sometimes there is a long trek along drive along flight. Right? But why is it that people go through that? Why? For what reason in order to reach that beautiful place? So just like that Jenna is surrounded with difficulties. The path to general is not easy. And it is not easy to go on this path all alone. What do we need? We need friends by our sides, we need people with us together, we face the storms together, we face the difficulties where they'll see movie heavily. Larry, Jimmy and

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Jimmy are on together, all of you. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, The Book of Allah, the Book of Allah, the Exalted and glorious, that is the rope of Allah, He who holds fast to it will be on right guidance, and he who abandons it will be in error. Letting go of the book of Allah is like letting go off guidance is like letting go off strength, what will happen to a person, he will fall he will become weak. So what is necessary that we hold on to this book. So we're tossing will be heavily lagging domian. And whenever for Roku do not become divided. Because what happens when we are walking with other people that are they're going to be differences? Yes, there will certainly be

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differences. But despite the differences, what should you do stay together, because if you do not stay together, you cannot advance you cannot go forward, you cannot prosper. The fact is that every person is different, we do not think the same way, we do not look the same, we do not dress the same way. We do not eat the same kind of food, we do not drink the same kind of tea, we don't drink the same kind of coffee isn't that so each person has their own taste, their own likes, their own dislikes, each person is is individual unique, different from the other. So because of these differences, we should not become divided. It doesn't mean that everybody has to like the same

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thing. No, it's possible that I like something but you like something else. But just because we like different things. Does that mean that we should not come together for a greater goal for a greater cause? No, leave aside your differences and focus on the goal. Focus on what you are striving towards. And this is what we see the Sahaba did when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam ordered them at one occasion to reach a particular place before us. What happened? Some of the Sahaba they said it's time for us. If we don't pray, now, we will miss our prayer. So they said we're going to pray other said, but no, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us we should only pay us when we reach our

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destination. So they didn't pray. But we don't learn that they abandoned each other. They said you go your way. I go my way. No, they still stay together. A group of the Sahaba prayed. And the other group did not pray. When they reach their destination together. That is where they prayed. And the prophets and a lot of them was not upset with any one of them.

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There are differences. There are disputes, there are arguments, but just because of these differences, we should not cut off and split away from each other. Because when we split away from each other, what are we doing? We are causing, we are bringing weakness to ourselves. We are putting ourselves in danger.

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Somebody told me about this incident lately about these two individuals who were deported to a particular country. And they were not being accepted in any country. So they were just left in the middle of a forest somewhere. And when they were left, they were given limited supplies and they were told that a village is nearby. So the two people that were walking there and in the middle they came across hyenas also in the middle of the night and they fought them back and one person said to the other

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Look, stay with me, we need to be together. And he didn't listen. He didn't listen. He went his own way because he disagreed with him. And so this man, he continued his journey and the next morning, he saw that person had been killed by some animals. So he buried that man. And then he found some shepherds, some herdsmen, and then he reached a village and this is a true story. This is the reality that when we split away from each other, then what are we doing?

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putting ourselves in danger? Because strength is where? In unity, not in being alone? Because think about it, how much can we do ourselves individually? We cannot. We cannot. We have to combine our efforts. Each person brings his own skill and talent and contribution. And together as a team, we achieve more. So Allah says, what are the four Rocco? Yes, you have differences, but do not become divided. And remember the favor of Allah upon you. Remember, Allah is favor upon you when you were enemies, and he brought your hearts together. And you became by his favor brothers, prior to Islam, the Sahaba they had much hatred for one another. They fought many battles. What brought them

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together was there one belief one Eman one Koran, their belief in one God, one of law. This is what brought them together, what united them, they came together not because they agreed with each other over everything.

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Not because all of a sudden, everybody was on the on the same page. No, they had their differences. Still, they had their arguments, but because their center of life became one. Because of that one goal, what happened, they overcame their differences, they put aside their differences, and they loved one another for the sake of Allah. You see, loving each other for the sake of Allah also is not something that is easy. We make this claim very easily. I love you for Allah, I love you for Allah. But this is not a simple claim. It's a very big claim. Because when we love somebody, because of the material benefits we give them then what happens as long as we receive those material

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benefits, we love them, we are happy with them.

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But when we love someone for the sake of Allah and we're saying to them, that I love you, not because you give importance to me, I love you not because you give me gifts, I love you not because you messaged me so frequently. I love you not because you do this to me and you do that to me, I love you because you remind me of Allah, I love you because I sit with you, when I read the book of Allah. So, even if there will be times when I will get annoyed because of what you say, I will still overlook that. And I will not leave you because you are my companion when it comes to worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala This is love for the sake of Allah. Because you see the best of friends,

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even the closest of people even what happens between them? Are there differences? Yes. Are there times when they will hurt each other, annoy each other? Yes, this will happen. When one will have to sacrifice when one will have to give up when one will have to contribute. Yes, these things will happen and will not go to the long run. Will you love the Prophet similasan for the sake of Allah, how much that man suffered for Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He gave up his money. He gave up his honor. He suffered so much for his love for the Prophet sallallahu sallam, why did he love rasulillah? Because he loved Allah. He loved Allah. That is why he loved Rasulullah sallallahu

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wasallam. So what is it that we need to remember, Allah says favor of guidance. Remember, Allah blessed us with Islam with Quran and the people that were sitting with a lot is blessing us with them also with their companionship also. So let's get over our differences. And stay together, remain together. Think about it. If you're coming here with a friend of yours every day. And then today, she says something to you that you get annoyed with and tomorrow you don't call her so she doesn't give you a ride or you don't give her a ride. Then what will happen either you won't be able to come or she won't be able to come, isn't it so then one is going to be left behind. One is going

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to suffer. So why is it that we will overlook our differences because our goal is one and what is that goal? Allah? What is that goal? Kitab Allah. So remember the favor of Allah upon you when you were enemies. He brought your hearts together and you became by Allah's favor brothers, and you were on

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edge have a bit of the fire. Think about it without a man in your hatred. What were you like? Where were you literally standing at the edge of a bit of fire and Allah saved you from it. Thus does Allah make clear to you his verses that you may be guided Walter Come in Come on metoder owner lol hide and let there be arising from you all Muslims a nation, a group inviting to all that is good a group of you Muslims, their goal in life should be to do what call people to hide now what his height are on his height. Everything the Quran tells us his height all works of righteousness. So there must be some Muslims who dedicate their lives to this cause. Most are they going to remain

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over the long run who he made hinted at before the prophets that allowed him to Medina the prophets that allows him sent him to Medina to teach people Islam. And what did he do? He taught them the Quran at his hands. So many people embraced Islam, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam towards the end of his life, he sent more Ali bingeable all the way to Yemen, and Ahmad was leaving the prophets of Allah and was instructing him and he told him that it is quite possible that you will not see me again, that next time you come to Medina, you will see my grave and more on the left because of that. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam comforted him, that people who are who fear Allah are close

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to me. Yes, there's a huge space between you and me. But if you fear Allah, you are upon the upon the path of righteousness, then we are together. So, some Muslims, what should they do, they should spend their time their talent in what calling people to hide. And if we cannot do this full time, then at least whenever we have the opportunity, if we read something beneficial, we hear a good lecture, why keep this to ourselves? What should we do either Runa in Delphi, call others to this good also call other people also come and benefit. Because when when we find something that is truly beneficial, and we like it, then we cannot just keep it to ourselves, then we must share that

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treasure with others also, and way more honorable maroof they must also enjoy what is right way and hona Delmon called and forbid what is wrong, what is right that which Allah likes what is wrong, that which Allah dislikes that which is forbidden in the *tier that which is harmful to the people what Allah ecohome will mostly hone look at these words, it is those who will be successful, who will be successful, those who call to good those who command that which is right, who forbid that which is wrong. What are Tokunaga Latina, tougher Rocco it is emphasized that do not be like the ones who become divided.

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You should remain together don't become like those people who become divided, who separate from one another. Why? Because of their worldly benefits for their selfish desires, while other cuca Latina tarraco wa Taala foo and a different member demerger, humbled by you homophobia net, after the clear proofs had come to them. What Ola ecola humara de buena alim and those will have a great punishment. sectarianism becoming divided up is something that is evil, especially when it happens amongst those who are working for the religion of Allah

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amongst Muslims, why? Because such people who become divided what happens to them they suffer in this world, and certainly they will suffer in the next life. Also, look at the example of Yahoo, the NASA look at the example of the Muslims who have become divided, has not led to much bloodshed, has not led to much opposition of one another, instead of coming together and combining our efforts and putting them to a good useful cause. What are we doing? Our efforts are against each other. We are destroying each other breaking the strength of one another. Why? Because we're not willing to give up our Eagle. What does Allah say? Lenten Allah will build on fecal matter a boon for many of us,

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the most beloved thing to us is what? our own selves, our own ego, Yamato Bo Buju what is what would you on that day on the Day of Judgment, some faces will be glowing, they will be shining. They will be white, they will be radiant. Why? Because of their Eman. There was faith inside. Their hearts were pure. Their hearts were shining with the light of EMA. Now that shine that glow will surface were on the face. This doesn't mean that the color of the skin

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will change, it means that the face will be radiant shining, glowing, that brightness will surface where on the face and it happens when a person is peaceful, happy inside, then what happens? Do you see that glow and happiness on the face? Yes. And when a person is miserable, unhappy, angry, full of hate for the kafir, inside, full of bad feelings for another person does that surface on the face? Of course it does. Now on the Day of Judgment, remember, our spiritual condition will be our physical condition. So on that day, some faces will turn white and some faces will turn black. The person whose heart is clean, loving, pure, is lost, there's a loss in the heart, then that person's

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face will become likewise. And he whose heart is dirty, stained with the sins stained with the marks of sins, than his face will also will be overcome with bloom. As for those whose faces will be blackened, whose faces will be covered in glue. To them, it will be said, Did you disbelieve after your belief, a fountain Barga a monocle. What is the scuffle? It is their division. We see over here in the context, what is the scope of it is the division that just because of ego, opposing one another, refusing to cooperate with each other, and in that, even rejecting parts of the Quran, Imam Abu hanifa. He said, that when we used to argue, we argued why in order to save the face of the

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other person, and when you argue, you argue in order to condemn the other person to Hellfire, and this is, this is true, that as Muslims when we do have a discussion with another Muslim, what is our goal prove the other wrong? prove that he is doing * prove that he is committing COVID so that he will be condemned to Hellfire Imam Abu hanifa said when we argued when we debated with each other, we did it to save each other, and you are doing it to send each other to hellfire. And when a person wants another Muslim to end up in hellfire. What is this? This is a kind of cover? Because who are we to judge the fate of another? So aka farrakhan, by the economical, did you disbelieve after your

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belief? Earlier we learned that the one who refuses to do hij even for him Cofer is mentioned and not obeying a line is messenger that is also Cofer and division, that is also a form of gopher. Why because it leads to cover for the color other than taste the punishment for what you use to reject. But as for those whose faces will be white, glowing, shining, they will be within the mercy of Allah, they will abide there eternally. These are the verses of Allah, we recite them to you or Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in truth. And Allah wants no injustice to the world's Allah does not intend injustice to the people of the world. A law does not want to punish the people. He

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wants good for the people guidance for the people. And this is why he has sent these clear verses to Allah belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth and to Allah will all matters be returned. contempt biomethane you are the best nation produced as an example for mankind. You are Muslim oma, have been produced in order to save mankind. Earlier we learned that we are omitted once upon what is worse off, the old mother is in the middle meaning that is the connection between Allah and the creation, that if the people want to learn about Allah, they need the knowledge of Allah about Allah through who through us because Allah has given this knowledge to who to us, it isn't the

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book that is sitting in front of us. So we are the connection, we Allah has chosen us why so that we convey the sport on to others that more honorable maroof you enjoy what is right what and hona Anil munkar and forbid What is wrong with me una bella and you believe in Allah. This. This is why Allah has chosen us to fulfill this obligation of conveying God's Word to humanity. And we need to see that my life What is it going in my days? What are they going in? In just savoring the world? Are we just enjoying the blessings in this world? enjoying our children, enjoying our houses, enjoying good food, enjoying shopping, enjoying buying clothes, and then washing them and ironing them and putting

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them on and then changing them? And is this what our life is about? One style of makeup after the other? Is this what our life is about? Is this why Allah produced us? Is this why Allah honored us with Islam? Allah honor this with Islam so that we take it, we apply it in our lives, and we also give it to others because people are dying in public

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People are lost in their grief in their misery, who's going to help them? Who's going to take them out? If those who have this knowledge are living in their comfort, sleeping in their comfort, then who is going to go and do this job? Who's going to fulfill this obligation? Think my life, my time, where is it going? Where is it going? Am I just enjoying my life? Or am I also thinking about serving Allah serving humanity, serving the creation, helping them also? Because Allah says, you enjoying what is right?

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Because we take a lot of pride in being the Muslim Ummah being the chosen people, yes, we should be happy, because Allah tells us quantum hydro, Martin, you are the best nation. And we should be happy about this. But when is it that we have the right to be happy about this, when we are doing the next part also, that morona will Marouf with an honer and illman curve? Who can order what is right and forbid that which is wrong? The one who himself is doing right, and the one who himself is keeping away from wrong, only then he can tell others also, what do I mean when a biller and you believe in Allah one oh M and hello kita. And if the People of the Book believed Locanda higher on the home, it

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would have been best for them, but they did not. And so their honor was taken away in this as a threat, that if we also don't do this job, then what will happen? A lot will give this task to somebody else, he will use other people for the same task. Allah has given us the Quran. Now it's our job to implement it to take it on. If we don't take it further. If we don't pass it on, then who will pass it on? Somebody else will. And we see so many people in the world are doing such great things to spread the word of Allah to spread to spread Eman in Allah subhanho wa Taala so many people are being guided through others. The question is, who is being guided through me? What is my

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share? What is my contribution? Because remember, the deen of Allah will not stop. It will not stop spreading. What will stop is the reward that we could be getting. We need to be greedy for that reward.

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Among them are believers but most of them are defiantly disobedient because the fact is that when a person has knowledge and he doesn't take it seriously, then what does he become defiantly disobedient. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that if any man is among the people in his midst, he does act of disobedience. And though they are able to make him change his acts, they do not change, meaning they do not stop him, then Allah will punish all of them before they die. Meaning before they leave this world, the entire people will be punished. Why? Because they did not do nothing under the moniker for they follow the law argument. He said that you must keep continue

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to call to good and you must continue to forbid evil, you must continue to encourage one another to do good, or Allah will destroy you all with the punishment or will make your evil ones, your leaders and your righteous shall make the owl but they're ours will not be accepted. They will not harm you who the People of the Scripture, they will not harm you except for some annoyance. Because the thing is that once that if you live your own life, you just perform your own prayers in your house. You just wear your hijab and you give yourself a fight and you do your pm. Nobody's going to say anything to you. But the moment you tell other people, sister, you should also read Quran, sister,

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you should also do some hits. Sister, you should also do this, then what happens? People start getting upset with you. What does Allah say? Any kind of such annoyance that comes your way? Remember, it's only other it's not a big deal. It's only words, how much loss can people cause you? It's just a little bit of anger. What are they gonna do? They're gonna yell at you, they're gonna scream at you. They're gonna say something negative about you. It's okay. Just remain firm, and be strong inside and don't give up. And if they fight you, they will show you their backs. And then they will not be aided. They have been put under humiliation By Allah, wherever they're overtaken,

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except for a covenant from Allah and a rope from the Muslims and they have drawn upon themselves anger from Allah and have been put under destitution. That is because they disbelieved in the verses of Allah and kill the prophets without right. That is because the disobeyed and habitually transgressed This was especially about those at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they are not all the same, what a fair statement is being made, that all the People of the Scripture, they're not the same. among the People of the Scripture is a community standing in obedience, reciting the verses of Allah during periods of the night and prostrating in prayer,

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reciting Quran in prayer in the night is better than reciting Quran.

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During the day, you mean una bella he will do mill acid. They believe in Allah and the Last Day and they enjoy what is right and forbid what is wrong and hastened to good deeds, and those are among the righteous, and whatever good they do, never will it be removed from them. Because there is no bias against groups and communities. What matters is not what group we belong to, what blood we have, what country we are from, that because we belong to a certain race, then Allah loves us or he does not like us. No, what matters is our actions, our Eman, women, if our lumen heighten following you for all their good deeds will not be rejected. Allah will appreciate their deeds, and Allah is

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Knowing of the righteous. Allah had honored this nation by granted them. But when a person does not do Ramadan, they're ill, and nor does he share it with others, so that they can do I'm alone. And then what happens? This is not a source of honor anymore. But when a person acts on the knowledge that Allah has given, then what happens, this knowledge becomes a source of honor for him. Indeed, those who disbelieve never will their wealth or their children, avail them against Allah at all. And those are the companions of the Fire, they will abide there eternally. The example of what they spend in this worldly life is like that of a wind containing frost, which tracks the harvest of a

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people who have wronged themselves and destroys it. And Allah has not wronged them, but they're wrong themselves. Allah has not wronged them, who has wronged them, Why? Why have these people suffered such a huge loss? because of who because of themselves? Because this is what will happen on the day of judgment to the deeds of those people who disbelieve in Allah, why because their man is not correct. So if a man is not correct, then great works of charity also become useless. So what is it that we need to protect a man and what is it that we need to be most concerned about? for the for the people also, there Amen.