The End of Ramadan is sad but special

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In the hamdulillah Muhammad who won a stereo horn is still fiddle when our other Billahi min Shiranui fusina women say at Medina, many MD level furthermore the letter will make your fellow head Yella. What a shadow en la ilaha illallah wa double will actually killer what a shadow under Mohammed Abdullah water solo sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was heavy on Serato and he was standing there be certain that he lay or Medina buried yet you will let me know it topple law help God to quality he will tune into the moon thumb buried. My brothers and sisters Welcome to a another Juma reminder on this blessed day of this blessing hour of Yeoman juwan first and foremost we ask

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Allah subhanho wa Taala to accept from us our bad debt, our fasting our sujood our record our total we Howard Juarez and we pray that Allah azza wa jal allow that all that we've done in this blessed month of the shuttle Mubarak, that he accepted from us and that it is a puja to Lenin, what a puja to an island, something that would uplift us, make us better people in this world in the F era. And that's something that will be against us on the Day of Judgment. I love them. I mean, so we have literally one week left before it's all over Subhana Allah first lesson behind all of this, if it hasn't struck you already, at least, I would say honestly, within the last 20 years, if it hasn't

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struck you already that every single normal bond that comes it as quickly as it arrives, it leaves us even faster, even quicker. And it just seems to increase each and every year that Ramadan continues to leave us and leave us quickly. May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us strength and bless our time. I don't really know what that means when Ramadan comes and goes so quickly. But I can say to you that it's a lesson for all of us. And the lesson behind that is simply, for us to really maximize our time in this world to understand that time is all the greatest asset, it's the most valuable thing that we have. But it's also the greatest loss that we suffer from time is something

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that we can't reverse and we can take back. And the fact that time continues to speed up and leave us quicker and quicker each and every day is a direct indication from our Creator subhanho wa Taala that we are running out of time, we are simply running out of time. So that's the first takeaway point in sha Allah, that as we go into the final stretch of these last 10 nights of Ramadan, the final week, just how quickly this is happening. Despite that we're in the midst of a pandemic despite that many countries, if not all of them are still have some form of lockdown. Despite that this virus continues to spread and it still exists and it may never leave us. Allah subhanho wa

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Taala is speeding up time. This is his way of teaching us psychologically that you're running out of it. So make sure that as long as you are alive to take full advantage of it. I want to bring your attention now to sort of tell Bukhara certain Baccarat is the only surah of the entire poor end that talks to us about Ramadan and introduces Ramadan to us. And I'm not going to go through the all the verses that talk about the subject I actually want to go to the very end of the conversation. So I'm going to bring your attention to the section of the horror end where you've heard versus the hunt teams love to use every time Ramadan is about to come around. And it's the verse that sounds like

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this matter of him yet you will Latina Eminem cootie barley como CMK makuti violin Latina men public homeline laquinta taco and it's those set of verses. So it starts off let's zoom through this really quickly and get to the verse that we want to address today. It starts off that Allah introduces shuttle Ramadan so this is a quick crash. Quick Crash Course Ramadan 101 of just what you need to know of how the or and introduces this blessing month So first, Allah introduces the month quinti barley calcium have prescribed it for you. It's nothing new. So there's a historical lesson it came to nations before you as a matter of fact, there are stories that perhaps even add to Miley his

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Salaam had some form of fasting that was legislated or attributed to him and his life. So is this something that has been there in the beginning of time and regardless of religion, all the major religions on the planet have some type of fasting attributed to their religion to their practices. Then when Allah is done with that verse continues, a young man married to death. It's just a few days matter. dudette just a few days married dude. That is literally when you have

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coins or marbles or something in your hands, and they're so miniscule that as soon as you glimpse at them, you can literally count all of them in a second or two. That's what I do it is. So Allah is saying that this month, it's just a few days of the year, it's really not a big deal. And the same psychology is also used with is a cat, that cat is 2.5% of our wealth. It's just 2.5%. Allah is saying that he puts you on this pedestal where you're able to make money you're able to save, and you're able to have a steady income. So the people who don't have any of the All we're saying is that 2.5% of your income belongs to them, that's it, you probably will never feel it or even see any

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difference in your own savings in your own wealth, but just do that. So it's the same idea. It's just a month, 2930 days of the entire year of 365 days, I just want you to take 29 or 30 of that and devote it to me stay away from the things that you have to stay away from. So that's the second verse and the first toxin to some, some exceptions and so on. third verse shuttled on urban legend, Lindsay Lohan Porter, now Allah tells you the purpose of how to spend your time in the month of Ramadan, it's a month of poor and I don't think we need to explain anything about that. This is the month of the book, this is the month of where the poor end was revealed, some scholars differ was

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revealed in its entirety, or it began in this month. Point is a whore and was given to us in this month. And so it's a time that we also spend, and we devote in reciting and learning and memorizing and so on and so forth. Then we come to a part of that same verse, where Allah subhanho wa Taala says, you read the love will become really useful, whether you read or become interested, I only prescribed this month to make your life easy. I didn't do it so that you can make your life difficult. You know, a lot of people from other religions asked all the time, like, how do you guys do that? Like, how do you guys fast for 29 and 30 days in the middle of the summer? I mean, at least

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here in Toronto, it's hasn't been much of a summer, really, it's still pretty cold outside. But the point is, is how do you do that for that many hours, 1617 hours a day? The answer is, it's, it's easy. Allah just prescribed it to us. And we do it and it's a piece of cake. It's no big deal. Try fasting outside of Ramadan, just one day and see how difficult that is. When it comes to the month of Ramadan. It's so easy. We get through an entire month, every single day without any breaks, no problem. So here's the question. Here's our topic.

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Why did we do all of this? Why did we go through all of this sacrifice. And in addition to all of the things that we are told to stay away from, we're in the midst of a pandemic, it's added stress and pain and difficulty and uncertainty. You know, if the pandemic is out there and I could be susceptible to the virus, then how do I protect my immune system is fasting going to actually help my immune system or weaken me? And there are hundreds, literally hundreds of studies and research done, that fasting actually boosts your immune system, it actually makes you stronger. This is why some of the healthiest athletes on the planet have actually done at least the bare minimum

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intermittent fasting, and they've become the fittest they've ever been. They've been able to burn fat, they've been able to sustain themselves, their endurance was longer their strength was increased so many different things. So it's only by Allah's Will, that he prescribed, that this system that we're putting for a month, whatever you want to call it, whether it's a detox phase, whether we're flushing out our systems or our system of things that you know, it's not good for us. It's not healthy for us, whether allies strengthening us, making us better people healthier, boosting our immune system, whatever the case is, why did we do all of this? Why this month? The

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answer is found in verse 186. That's the last verse. In that same page when Ramadan is introduced into the Bukhara where Allah subhanaw taala says, What does Allah carry Bertie I need for inet pub. g Buddha with either their own filius Digi bully Will you mean will be loving your shoe? This is why we went through Ramadan it was because of this verse. It was because we wanted to arrive and achieve and be candidates that we can practice this verse while either Salah carry birdie Amy whenever they come to you. So in context whenever they came to you or messenger solo love argue with them. When they came to you and they asked about me I asked about Allah, not

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just pause

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this pause. Whenever you talk about a law, you have a conversation about a law. Whenever you ask about a law, who is a law? Like, where's the law? How come Allah doesn't cure this? Why don't allow to do that? All of these things, all of these things, incredibly subpanel love. It's teaching us that we are actually preparing ourselves so that at the end of Ramadan, we now become candidates to ask and make dua to Allah. You might be saying to yourself, well, aren't we making dua to Allah this entire time? So what do we mean when we say that now we can ask a love for things. In other words, brothers and sisters, at the end of Ramadan, now we become candidates, where when we do turn to

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Allah, and we talk about him or ask of him, or we asked from him, there is a really, really good chance in sha Allah, your chances just improved, that all of your eyes are going to be accepted. Why? Because you went through that phase, you went through that phase, you've refined yourself, you better yourself, you've increased your faith, your year of worship, all these things have now come into place. And then hamdulillah Now you're ready that whenever you raise your hands, you ask Allah subhanho wa Taala, for something, he is going to give it to you, you can rest assure that the confidence within is there, that you will be able you will be able to ask Allah for things and He

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will give it to you inshallah, you'll be able to develop that confidence. It's much more, it's a much different situation than pre Ramadan. So that's the first lesson of why we are looking forward towards the end. This is why the title of this short reminder is that although Ramadan is coming to an end, it's sad but also happy at the same time. You're sad that it's coming to an end, but there's always something good to look forward to. And this is one of them than the a continuous fat in the body. A man came to the Prophet Allah saw to someone asked him something about Allah. That's what this verse was all about. And the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam is being guided by a lot of how

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to respond. But listen to the response. Doesn't say a lot doesn't say, a whole level in the party. You say to that man who asked about me that I'm close. Allah is saying he actually took over the conversation, and he started doing the talking subhanho wa Taala. So I hope I hope we all get this. So a man comes and he asks a question about Allah, instead of the profit artists or to some coming up with this answer and being able to respond, and Allah quoting him and say, Okay, well tell him this. A lot took over the conversation. What's the lesson here? When you talk about Allah, you have direct access to his protection and his mercy? Why do I use those two attributes? Let's keep

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reading. For in the party. I am close to him. How is the luck close to us through His knowledge and protection through his guardian ships handle law. This is what Allah subhanho wa Taala pretty much saying, If you talk about me, if you mentioned my name in any conversation, or you simply ask or learn about me, I am close to you. And I'm going to protect you and I have knowledge of all of your affairs and I'm going to emphasize all of that on you. We know that Allah is always there we know that Allah has knowledge of everything with or without us. But the point is, is just the fact that you've brought up his name in a conversation somewhere your special about to Allah, how keep reading

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for me a potty huji boo Darla to dairy is a Darren, I answered the call of the caller when they call those of you who study Arabic at dairy, it's a definitive word in Arabic We call this medica. So in other words, when you do this, when you call upon Allah, and you ask him and you pray and you make dua, you are not just a color, you are the color. Nobody who speaks to Allah is anonymous to Allah. You're somebody, you're definitive. This is why Allah made that the one who's making dua, he put it as Meredith malefor he added the Elif lamb and dairy either Darren, and I thought and I think to myself, subpanel line I hope that you feel the same way. That is just amazing. It's just amazing

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that every time we connect with Allah, we are considered the slave v worshipper of Allah, we're special. And I hope and I pray that all of us are counted amongst those who are special and will conclude this verse in the second part of the short reminder I'm going to take that short pause and we pray that Allah subhana wa tada always in forever allow us to have moments like this when we can encourage and remind one another

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allow these reminders to be hoodia telenovela puja to gnarliness something that will uplift us and something that would not be against us. I love them I mean take this time to pray to your Creator to ask him for what you want because you will be the caller to him some kind of alternative automatic smile stuff that will only work on what he settings equally them for stuff it'll enable we'll have a full rein

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smilla Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah He Apollo's sada women while finally brothers and sisters or j with their with their either their own failures, the G bully Will you know, be landlocked in your shoe? Here's how we get it guys. So it's not just about the fasting now now start thinking about posting Ramadan, we just have a week left, we should all start to think about post Ramadan. And this helps us to do that failure stingy bully Allah says Look, if you want me to be your protector you want me to be close to you want me to respond to you want to be that special color? The color to me if you want to have all of those wonderful things from me, the StG

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bully while you mean it will be then answer my call and believe in me reinforce your faith in me. So what is a lot? So first and foremost, if you want those things, you got to do two things. Number one is Digi bully. When a lead tells us to do something, do it. When he asks us to for something respond to it. When he says stay away, stay away. When he says prohibit prohibit. When he says this is bad for you don't get involved. Allah is saying I want you then to answer my call. What's the last call it's the entire port and follow this book. And make sure you trust it will you mean will be amen? trust it Have faith in it. Now Lumia yo*sune Rushden or rasheeda means that when you're driving

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or when you're going on a particular path that you are steered or directed towards the right path that is best for you. So you can have multiple options to reach a destination. But the job shadowing is all alike choose for me the best direction that is best for me to reach my destination. So in other words, Allah subhanho wa Taala will facilitate a lifestyle for you. That is the best lifestyle to get to you and I where we need to be, which is under a loss, forgiveness and under laws, mercy and protection. When we have a loss of mercy and protection, then the only thing that is given to us, the only thing that Allah promises to us, is his agenda. And that's where we want to be in sha

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Allah hotelera that's what this whole Ramadan is all about. It's not just about the fast. It's not just about maintaining health. It's not just about fulfilling this important token or pillar of our Deen. But it's also to help us refine ourselves as believers so that when the time comes that we ask Allah, we know in confidence that Allah will respond, especially in this time that we're living in brothers and sisters, in this time that we're living in Subhana, Allah with this pandemic, COVID-19, and the hundreds and 1000s. And then globally, almost, or I believe it's just over 3 million people infected. This is the time where not just Muslims but everybody is calling upon Allah, we're all

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calling upon Allah to either protect us or heal us and forgive those who passed away from that virus. And this is the month it's as if Allah is saying, I sent the COVID now in the midst of Ramadan, so that you all could turn to me get your lives together. So that posted on hold on in sha Allah, those of you who asked for protection, those of you who want to me to leave this virus away, eliminated, destroyed, remove it from this planet, in sha Allah, whatever that alone will do that for us. So this is a really really critical time for all of us, especially in this whatsit month of Ramadan as we reach the final stretch, perhaps in sha Allah with errata the next time I speak to

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you, we will actually be finishing up the last day of Ramadan. So from now until then, may Allah subhanho wa Taala bless your time. Bless your time with your family. Bless your time with your Creator. May Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to accept from us our doors, our rural core, our sujood and our fast in this blessed month of shuttling robotic and male Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to give us the consistency and the discipline, that each and every time we continue to turn to him for praise and for help and for assistance. And even if we don't ask for anything that at least returned to him and we praise Him and when we are not praising him subhanho wa Taala that

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whatever that we asked for and we need that Allah subhanho wa Taala

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facilitate that for us in a manner that is pleasing to Him. Male ly so would y'all bless all of you, male lunch Allah Allah reward all of you mail, our social protect all of you. May Allah azza wa jal protect your family, your children, and your health, your well being, wherever you are, wherever you are in this world, and you're listening to this, I honestly honestly pray from my heart that may Allah gendo are the honor and bless all of you. And I pray that in sha Allah Vitara that those of you who have been supporting me throughout this month, and throughout the years of my doubt, will work. And we've never met, I pray that Allah subhanaw taala allow us to meet at some point wherever

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we are in this world. And if it's not in this world, perhaps one day in sha Allah, Allah guys, perhaps one day, we may all be sitting together in genital theodosian area, in sha Allah, and one of those conversations we'll be having is be like, yeah, you know, I saw you You did a life, and it helped me. And then I would say to myself, you know, I did all of that, because I wanted to reach you guys. And here we are, we were able to reach each other in our own way. And now we're just sitting, reclining on our beautiful couches, the nice garden somewhere, Sipping Some nice, you know, drink, whether it be honey, yogurt, whatever. We're just sitting there relaxing, we reminisce and we

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remember these moments. I pray that Allah subhana wa Taala bless all of that, with moments where we can gather together and reflect and continue to worship Him in gender to the Philadelphia area, a lot of them I mean, and so with that being said, some Hanover we got a bit of a city, a mail c form, or Solomon Island, more setting what hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen now's the time that if you haven't done so already, especially for those of you who are falling following ESD time, now's the time for you in sha Allah to perform your logo or your full rokerites. With that being said, I will see you all again in sha Allah, Allah in one of these live presentations just from a low height.

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Allah bless you all, said Mr. Lee Kuan watch me too lucky.