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Rahmani r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shara philam BIA evil mousseline, Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi, wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam just leavin Catherine kathira from abajo

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my brother and sisters

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we have been talking about the reason Allah subhanaw taala centers Ramadan, which is to help us to become Turkey.

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So how can we develop taqwa

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as I mentioned to you taqwa is a combination of two things. It is the combination of the glory and all and majesty of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And it is combined with the hope, the mohabbat the love of Allah subhanaw taala. When these two combined,

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the condition that is produced is stuck. And what is that condition? That condition is where I do not want to do anything to displease the one I love the most.

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So, how do we develop taqwa?

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How do we develop taqwa? Let's take the first part of it. How do I

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bring into my life and bring into my heart, the glory and majesty and all of Allah subhanaw taala

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you do that because

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of one thing, which is because you know a lot

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you know, we get it. For example, if I

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if I meet a person on the street, right, I don't recognize this person. I just meet the person on the street. And he's a Salam. Aleikum, wa salam, Salam.

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And then somebody introduces me to that person. And they say, Do you know who that is?

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As you know,

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he said, this is the king of this place.

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Now, you might say, well, this is a far fetched thing, if the person is a king, you know, won't I know that? Won't he be wearing a crown and will really not be surrounded by, you know, a whole entourage of security people and so on and so forth. Let me tell you, that's not true for for several, not just kings, but for several heads of state. It is not it is quite common to see them walking around driving their cars, without escorts without flashing lights and, you know, motorcycle out riders and all of that kind of stuff. Being perfectly normally, including, Somebody once told me that he he sent me a message and said that I am in the store and standing just in front of me

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waiting for the checkout, waiting to check out at the checkout counter is

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his mama Mahathir the Prime Minister of Malaysia and he is with a shopping bag he is doing his grocery shopping, and there is somebody ahead of him in the queue, he doesn't jump the queue, the the checkout clerk doesn't call him first and you know, not like an ordinary person in the street. There are many of you who live in the UAE who live in Dubai for example, and you know, that chef Muhammad you will see him you know, crossing streets walking on the street driving his g wagen or something by himself, you know, so, it is quite common. So, my point is that if this person is not obviously you, we have all seen Shivas face on, on in on television and so on, we know Mamata but

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suppose, you meet somebody take for example, the, the the Prime Minister of Sweden, I mean, I, I know what he does, which is like going to going to the parliament on his bicycle, but I don't know him by face. So if I meet him, and you know, I greet him and he greets me and after that somebody says, you know who this is, this is a prime minister, will there be a change in my heart?

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Will I suddenly look at that person in a different light.

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And I say to myself, Oh my god, what I didn't realize is the person.

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Somebody introduces me to someone who's powerful, who is wealthy, who's powerful, and so on and so forth.

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Now, what produces this feeling?

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What produces the feeling is to know about this person and to know about their wealth and to know about their power and to have some understanding of that, and to see whether that has any relationship with me to the to conduct two things involved. One is to say, what do they have and second one is how

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Doubt as it relates to me.

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So let us see what Allah subhanaw taala said about himself.

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Allah subhanaw taala said, Allah will he manage a toggle Raji Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Allah Allahu Allah, Allah

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Lata whoa CNET Oh Allah no no my office

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ialah mama D him

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while you're at a mineral me he will be Masha was he

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in a long walk

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hola hola

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u sub B hola hola is

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disease or highkey Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim

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Allah Muhammad Ali Dawa moolah, the wall Amir Kula who co one

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my brother and sister when you listen to this, ask yourself what if anything is happening to your hearts?

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Right? Ask yourself this question. And believe me that has nothing to do with my recitation. It has nothing to do with my recitation has nothing to do with my with the correctness of it or the sound of it or the tune of it. It has to do with understanding what Allah subhanaw taala said about himself. We all know these if I decided for the vital kursi and then I decided for the last Ayat of surah alhaja and then I decided for you as well to look last. Go read them, look at the meaning of them and ask sit and reflect Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala gave us free time now and confined us in our homes. The sola sola salon, in the famous hobbies five before

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five, I will not talk about the whole audience now. But now take advantage of your leisure take advantage of your free time before you lose that free time before you get busy.

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This is enforced leisure, and we are hungry for this. Sit and reflect and say what happens to me when I listen to the Ayat of Allah subhanho wa Taala Now you might say well, why should anything happened to me? Because Allah subhanaw taala said in navall Bumi noona Lavina either Isa Sukira Allahu wa Jalla kulu

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What is a truly at Allah He Maya to who zyada tomiyama Rolla Robbie him yet our canoe in Surah de la la la serata said Verily and truly, the more we need are those who when the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala comes before them in whichever form it comes before them. Their hearts shiver with the glory and majesty of Allah subhanho

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wa Jalla kulu what is Juliet Allah him Isaiah, Hosea tomiyama and when the Ayat of Allah subhanho wa Taala are recited before them, it increases their email that even increases why

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Allah Robbie mijatovic alone and they have faith and reliance only and only on Allah subhanho wa Taala

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so the condition of faith is to check your art and see what happens to me when I recite the Quran. What happens to me when I look at the when I read the Quran what happens to me when I listen to the Quran

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and I'm giving you the lead of the Quran itself about this? What happens to me when I hear the name and the sound of the name of Allah? subhanaw taala?

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When I hear the other, a lot, a

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A lot.

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What happens to me? Does anything happen to me?

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We need to ask these questions. Because we're saying how can I develop taqwa by recognizing the glory and majesty of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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My brother and sisters, like anything else,

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like physical development, the development of the soul also takes time also takes effort, consistent effort. That is why we know the famous hobbies were this. Navi Shara Salaam came home one day and there was a lady sitting Who said I just wanna say the eyeshadow delana introduced her and said, jasola This is my friend, so and so.

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And she is perpetually in worship of Allah subhanaw taala he was she worships Allah subhanaw taala All right.

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Sarah did not look happy with that introduction.

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Say that I just asked him where sola Is there anything wrong? You don't look please do this. He said, tell your friend, that Allah subhanaw taala likes that action which is done consistently with regularity.

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If you are going to worship Allah subhanaw taala all night? How many days will that be? Can you sustain that? Instead of that he said, do small actions but do them all your life consistently.

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Right? So think about this and say,

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let me reflect consistent effort on the soul is very important for the development and the strengthening of the roar of the soul.

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And we do that by exposing the soul to the word of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Just like the body needs food, the soul needs food, what is the food of the soul, the food of the soul is that the level of the

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the food of the soul is the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala

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This is also imagined when you are doing this when you are listening to Quran, what else is happening around you. And that's this is why it's important to be conscious of what we are doing what we mentioned yesterday, be aware the importance of being aware of what we are doing to live our lives thoughtfully and consciously and not just by default.

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So what happens when I'm listening to her and when I'm reading Quran,

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there is no zone of Allah aka the angel's descent.

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Right Surah Surah Sallam said, the beautiful Hadith he said that Allah subhanho wa Taala has designated groups of angels. And these angels roam the atmosphere, listening for the sound of the vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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people praying people talking about the glory and majesty of Allah, and above all, as people reciting Quran. These angels that is that that's their only job, their only job is to search in the atmosphere of the Earth, and all around whatever is meant by that meaning all around the universe, for the seeker of Allah subhanho wa sallam said when they find the seeker of Allah happening in a place

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they descend, and surround those people who are engaged in the seeker of Allah. If you are alone, then you are not alone in that room, the room is filled with villarica listening to you deciding

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if you are doing that in a group of people, there are angels surrounding you.

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And me, Sara Sallam said they fill the space. And then they fill the space between you between the Earth and the first heaven year upon year upon year of Malacca,

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who fill the space and they listen and participate in the Zika virus.

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said in a when that Zika is over, when that bug is over, when that recitation of Quran is over, these angels go to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And they tell Allah subhanaw taala what was happening and of course Allah, Allah already knows what was happening.

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Why do we have these IDs which say that the angels tell Allah subhanaw taala this, or in some cases, Allah asked the angels What happened? This is because of the Wrath of Allah, the mercy of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is establishing proof in favor of the slave who has worshipped him.

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So the angels go to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this year, Allah we came from such and such a place, and these people, or this person, they were remembering you, they were

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they were they were glorifying you.

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Allah subhanaw taala says, and then what else were they? What else did they want? Why were they doing that? This is dangerous. A lot of these people are doing that this person was doing that because this they are seeking your pleasure. And they are seeking your Jannah they want your agenda. Allah subhanaw taala says, Have they seen my agenda? They will say no, they have not seen yours. And

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Allah says that what else are they do they want? They will say Allah, they were seeking protection. They were asking for your forgiveness. They were repenting. They were seeking protection from the fire from the from the Johanna. Allah says have they seen the Jana with agency? No, they have not seen the Jana.

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Allah says, then you bear you be witness for them.

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That I am pleased with them. And I will give them what they were seeking. And I will save them from what they were seeking protection from.

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Then the NSA, there was also a man who was passing by and he just stopped for you stop for a little bit to see what was happening this but he was not in this in this merciless. He was not a part of that module. He didn't come in and sit there. He just stopped by as he was walking. Allah subhanaw taala says, For the Baraka of this module is I forgive that when also

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how do we develop taqwa by reflecting on these things? by reflecting on the glory and majesty of Allah? by reflecting on the fact that Allah said first guru me as Coco was cruelly Wallach for

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Allah subhanaw taala said You made my seeker and I will make your seeker

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and thank me and do not be thankless

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lots of Fortune do not do cover, do not deny Do not be thankless.

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In one of these personas, Allah Sallam said Allah subhanaw taala said that when a slave remembers me within himself in his heart, I remember him within myself.

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He said, when a slave remembers me, amongst other people.

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I remember in his own gathering, when a slave remembers me, in a gathering, I remember him in a gathering which is better than his

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and that is the Malika makara born who are healers who are around the house of Allah Subhana.

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Allah will remember you Allah will mention you by name.

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In other hobbies amateurism said that, he was talking about the the value and the father of remembering Allah subhanaw taala regularly

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and consistently. And he even said that you know, try to do that at the same time every day. There is an answer Allah subhanaw taala waits to listen to the recitation of the slave and when that sound starts when that slave starts residing, Allah subhanaw taala draws the attention of those around him.

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Allah, Allah waits for that recitation to start and Allah subhanho wa Taala then

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draws attention

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of those around him to that recitation and says, Here this, this is my slave so and so.

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What What do we want? You will remember on the our Savalas, Van Alton, how do we develop the worship of Allah? How do we develop the or and majesty of Allah in our hearts by remembering all of these things? By reading Quran? By understanding Quran by reflecting on Quran Allah said Allah tada Barona Quran, Allah, Allah

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follow Allah subhanaw taala says, Don't they reflect on the Quran? Or is it that their hearts are locked?

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May Allah save us for having our hearts locked?

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So reflecting on the Quran is so important to reflect on the column of Allah subhanaw taala not just read it, read it, think about it, reflect on it.

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Then reflect on the creatures in the creations of Allah Subhana.

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Allah.

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Allah said, verily in the creations of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of the day and the night there are signs for people of intelligence, and will people who reflect people who are thoughtful.

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One of the greatest signs of Allah subhanaw taala is what has stuck, has got us confined into our homes, the Coronavirus COVID-19.

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Right, one single strand of RNA,

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which you cannot even see, except under an electron microscope, has brought the whole world to its knees.

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All our arrogance about our power and our military might and our wealth and our, you know, technology and our ability to do this and that everything has come down in circles.

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We are forced, whether we like it or not, to put our heads on the ground before Allah subhanaw taala.

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Those who still refuse to do that, well.

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What can you do,

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but we are not among them. We are not abundant.

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So reflect on the creatures of Allah subhanaw taala. Reflect on your own self. And say that in this whole situation where there are, I mean, I'm now in Connecticut. We are getting reports from New York. Just this morning, I got a report that hospitals in New York are now so full of dead people dead bodies, that they do not have place to keep them. So they are loading them into containers. They're taking them off to someplace where there's going to be a mass burial

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of dead bodies.

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That is how serious it is.

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But in the middle of all that seriousness, Allah subhanho wa Taala has kept you and me safe on hamdulillah. We ask Allah subhanaw taala for safety. Yesterday, a friend of mine called me and he said two of my cousin's both of them plus 50. Both of them, God Corona, they went through the whole cycle and they recovered.

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We have the report of the 91 year old woman in Italy, the 91 year old grandmother who went through that and she recovered.

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And then showing his bar.

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Allah subhanaw taala will show his power and Allah said, there are signs for people of intelligence. Now imagine if there is somebody despite seeing all the signs, if that person still does not want to accept the glory and majesty of Allah, what do you say about that person's intelligence? I don't care how many believes he has, what do we say about intelligence? Because the definition of intelligence made by the one who created intelligence is somebody who recognizes the signs of the glory and majesty of Allah subhanho wa Taala in creation.

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So reflect on the caliber of Allah, recite the caliber of Allah, think about that and introspect. Then look at the creatures of Allah subhanaw taala Look at all that surrounds us

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as going for walks now and now it is spring

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and the daffodils have have started flowering, the crocus's have started flowering forsythia has started flowering

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you know, amazing. So how labmd is Valhalla? The, the holder of the beauty of Allah subhanaw taala. Just to remind myself and you let us focus on this first part of how to develop that wise, focus on the glory and majesty of Allah. Second part we see to orange Allah, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to fill our hearts with his glory and majesty and to make us among the hotaki in sha Allah, to accept all your with higher and Baraka. And to make this Ramadan, a means of great benefit for you in this dunya maraca was Allah Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was ibH main parameter gamma