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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim

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al hamdu lillahi wa middle one is staring over here want to stop him? When are all the Billahi min Sheree and fusina woman say tiara Medina. Mia de la felon will be led up with a young lil fella her DLL. Why should Allah Allah illallah wa de julio Sheree Keller Why should one number hamedan Abba What are solo sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was herby woman sir our learner Ji will miss Denby. So Nettie Hilario, Medina buried, brothers and sisters said Mr Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh him.

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So we continue in sha Allah hotaru Allah or with our second session in the Tafseer of surah till molk, the Tafseer of Surah Al mulk. We are at approximately a or verse number 11 and in sha Allah hotaru Allah we will continue now with the sorter

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and as part of our routine, we will recite the verses that we will look at insha Allah Allahu taala today and Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us

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our Ruby learn Amina shale, Borneo, Raji in

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the Nile, Shona

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala continues and tells us at

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verse number 12 in Surah Al mulk. Now just to recap before we begin in sha Allah hotelera Allah we began with the surah of glorifying Allah subhanho wa Taala and we mentioned that every time Allah does this in the beginning of a surah in the Quran, it's to affirm the theme that's going to happen in that particular surah. So for example, this sort of starts off with Tabata keleti big hint mulk already you are going to praise the master or the owner of the Dominion that is above the earth, which is a lot as so much of you're affirming now who Allah azza wa jal is and you're affirming his power and his authority over his creation. Other suitors do this as well, like so little NRM Allah

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azza wa jal starts the slaughter at hamdulillah he led the Holocaust somehow it will out or jrr Lovato managed to win Nord again allies so it just starts off that Soulja by by saying to us that he is the one that has created the heavens and the earth and and you know, has brought us out from a darkness of disobedience and misguidance to the light and the note of Islam. That's because sulan anon is the sort of rlms say is the sutra of understanding who Allah azza wa jal is

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If you want to know Allah, then you study sorta tell NRM that's why very few scholars do TIFF pseudo pseudo al anon. When was the last time you heard a TIFF pseudo pseudo till anon happening in a halaqaat anywhere. The reason why is because sawtell and RM is so comprehensive and because it is a suitor that's so directly linked to Allah azza wa jal and his attributes and who he is and his power to authority. It's almost as if you kind of hesitate to want to take on that responsibility of describing who Allah is and talking about his his characteristics, talking about the way Allah does a judgment, the way Allah puts together, his creation, the way Allah places things together. Like

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it's also it's almost you want you hesitate for a moment to do that. Because that responsibility of talking about Allah azza wa jal directly is huge. As opposed to the other sources where it's mixed with stories of the prophets, a cam of the religion and other issues. It's mixed in but this one Sora it's so directly linked to Allah azza wa jal, it's huge. And it's a great great stress on the professor or the one who is explaining that sorta to take on that task in sha Allah for myself that is going to be probably one of the last sources I will ever get to it simply because I feel as though at least go through all of the other soldiers at least have a good synopsis of what the

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quarter and is talking about before you get to a sorta as heavy as sooner than an arm nevertheless, so sorta tillamook starts off this way. And then our last discussion we discussed about some of the characteristics and the C fat or the district descriptions of a Hello now, we mentioned that in the Hellfire, there will be groups of people that in and of themselves, they will try their very best to get out of the jahannam they will be confronted by Allah azza wa jal lm yet to come in Ethier didn't dare come to you, somebody to warn you, to tell you to let you know that this is going to be waiting for the person or the one or the group or the poem and nation that disobeyed me. And it talked about

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certain slave fat or certain descriptions about the people who constantly fall into this type of sin. And who don't repent and seek Toba with Allah azza wa jal where their final abode is. Now the suta from a of verse number 12 onwards, takes a different theme in the sorta, that's one thing you want to note from verse number 12 onwards, the theme of the Surah Now changes. So now we're going to talk about the people of the agenda. Before we even get into the Tafseer. There's one pattern that you want to know about the Quran, when it comes to these two subjects, the Hellfire and the agenda. Almost every single time, Allah azzawajal talks about the Hellfire, he's going to follow it up

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subhanho wa Taala by talking about the agenda. This is really interesting. Because what this tells you is that the dairy or the teacher or a Muslim, every time you discuss about something that's so detrimental, that's so horrific, that's so bad as the Hellfire, you always want to end off with hope. So you end up with gender, you end up with something a way out. In other words, you're giving a solution to a problem. That's the methodology of a Muslim, you never leave people hanging. And this is the methodology especially for a DI or a speaker, a speaker it is fundamentally wrong for a speaker to constantly raise issues that are happening in the community and leaving it at that

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without providing a solution without saying to the community. Look, this is the problems that we have. But here is the way out here some of the things that we can start to do to rectify that problem. It's like when you go to a hotel you ever hear sometimes a hottie will stand up and be like we Muslims, we are backwards. We Muslims we don't we left off Islam when Muslims were the last ones to do this. were the last ones to do that. And then he'll just say fear Allah as though it didn't just continue. That's not fundamentally sound or correct. For the audience's listening because you still left them hanging, you still left them with no solution or no way out or no hope that things

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can change. So Allah azza wa jal now is going to give hope to every single one of us, just because I've talked about the Hellfire, just because I've talked about the people who will enter that hellfire. I don't want to leave you with that and only that, so in sha Allah, Allah here is the way to save yourself from the hellfire. And then Allah azza wa jal begins and he says in the lesson I have shown out of the home Bill hyb la humo Pharaoh Toma agile rune cabbie

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If this was the only statement that Allah subhanho wa Taala makes, to completely solve all of those ill feelings or those sad feelings, or the lack of hope that we just went through in the sutra. If this one verse was where it stopped, it would have been enough. Because this one verse alone gives us all the hope that we need, that things are going to get changed, things are going to be different. So here Allah is so adyen, after talking about Atlanta, he's talking about a Hello, gentlemen. And he says in the Latina, Shona, or Rob Bell home, the ones who really, really fear and are really scared, and really are conscious of me. Rob Bell home bill, hi, Eva, lahoma federal

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children kavir. They're the ones that are really scared of and afraid of the things that they can't see in the things that they can comprehend the hype the unseen, so it's the jet it's the the Hellfire, it's the shale clean. It's the punishments in the grave. The things that you and I we cannot see, see only a piano that we things we cannot comprehend. A true believer is always afraid of this because he relies on his faith. My faith tells me my he man tells me my email teaches me and trains me and molds my heart to always be afraid of these things, even though I can't see them, even though shaitan may come to me and cast doubt and that and say to me, perhaps maybe it might exist,

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maybe it doesn't. Maybe it's just one of those things you just believe. And a lot of atheists they use this argument, how do you know? Why would you believe in a creator and you just don't know and you can't see him? You don't really know if he's there? Why would you believe it just because everyone else says so. So all of these things now are to address those issues. Whenever Allah stresses on there in labor. He stresses on it, because this is the most difficult thing for a believer to affirm to and to hold on to just look at the second verse in or the third verse in Surah Al Baqarah aleafia Mill Valley Kalki taboola, Roy Buffy Hoda, Lil Mata Pina Latina umina bill hype,

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or yo Ki Moon Asada. Allah azza wa jal describes them with Tapi The one who fears and protects himself from the punishment of Allah azza wa jal. The first thing about him is not that he prays. The first thing about him is not that he fasts or he makes Hajj. The first thing is Allah Zina, you mean I believe he's the one that affirms his belief with the hijab and the unseen of Allah azza wa jal. So this is extremely important and Allah subhanho wa Taala starts off by affirming this, you want to save yourself from the hellfire. You want to save yourself from all the punishments and the difficulties in this world. Then the first thing that I want you to do is I always want you to hold

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on and have hope. Allah is telling you have hope, hold on to the rope of Allah subhanho wa Taala as best as you can. Allah He in our times, this is extremely difficult. Because we're faced with so many difficulties and so many tests in our lives. It's extremely difficult to do this, and then in sha Allah who tirelessly we will continue with the rest of the verse after a short pause.