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So Allah subhanho wa Taala continues in the Latina shown out of Belton. Now you notice the verse says Allah Zina, in the Latina shown or of the home, it doesn't say you're shown out of the home without this in the Levine and levena obviously is an exception, which means that out of all the people who claim belief, out of all those believers who say I believe in La Ilaha, Illallah, Muhammadan rasul Allah, only some of them will actually have this. And that's so true because in our times, a lot of Muslims lose hope. A lot of Muslims lose hope, because there's so many things happening around them. All the fingers are pointed to to us, all the problems are thrown on us,

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anywhere, there's problems in this world, that somehow we're connected to it or we've been forced into it. There's some sort of allocation between those problems and us, it's only a few people that can say at the end of the day, I'm always going to have faith in Allah subhanho wa Taala. That's why in almost a hundreds of times in the Quran, Allah is constantly talking about affirming and believing in the hype in Edina shownotes the home be live. Third point Before we continue, this here is one of the primary descriptions of the people agenda. So make sure you note that one of the primary or one of the most important characteristics and descriptions of the people in general are

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the ones they are the ones that constantly hold on to the lie of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And in the lesson I have shown out of boom bill hype, what's their first first reward? lahoma ophira for them, Allah azza wa jal will forgive them. lahoma zero to one agilan Kabir so Allah azza wa jal showers His forgiveness upon them Why? Why would Allah send down their forgiveness on this group of people because if you don't do it, obviously, it's a major sin. If you don't believe in the hive of Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is a major flaw and a major sin in a person's Arpita and belief with a lot. So again, as a matter of fact, if a person doesn't even affirm that there is a hijab, or they don't affirm in their heart as part of their Arpita, that believing in the unseen is part of being

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Muslim, then they have exited the fold of an Islam. You cannot say that I believe in Allah azza wa jal, but only the things that I can touch See here, and observe only of those things that I can contact. Other than that the things that are unseen, I'm not too sure about that. This nullifies a person's Islam, and they're off PETA with Allah as zoa. Jen. So that's one of the reasons why the first thing Allah says is the first thing that I'm going to give you this forgiveness. A second reason why some of the lemma they say, this is why Allah starts off with forgiveness, and then says agilan kebele, a great reward is that this is the one thing that we're all looking for in our lives,

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we all want a lot of Forgive us, every single one of us is going to have that moment in our life where we have do something that's so severe that so wrong, or we may have many of many of these things that happen in our lives. Or it may happen consistently, where we just keep doing the same things over and over that we shouldn't be doing. That first thing Allah wants you to know is, look, I am aloha for, I am going to forgive you as long as you do what I want, as long as you do what I say, I'm going to forgive you try to hold on to me Have faith, hold on to the ether, you can't see it, but hold on to it. You can't see the agenda or the Garden of the cupboard or the grave. But it's

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there, hold on to that hope for it. You don't see the agenda in the Acrobat hold on to it. You don't see that the doors of genda will be open in front of you on your will pm but hold on to it. You can see that there will be beautiful birds and trees and you know foods and things and fruits that we've never seen heard of or tasted in our entire life, but hold on to it. You can see that after every single pain and suffering you go through there will always be multiple avenues of ease, but hold on to it. Allah is constantly. This is why I always say that every time you see the word or food or mother fear or forgiveness in the Quran. Don't just restrict your mind to thinking or Allah will

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forgive or allows the most forgiveness forgiving. What does forgiveness really mean?

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When we say something is forgiven, what you're doing is not just pardoning that person or you're pardoning the mistake. But what's

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You're doing is you've created a brand new slate and a brand new beginning for that individual. It's much more than just saying, look, I forgive you for loss, you know, life goes on. That's how we deal with each other but with Allah azza wa jal, when Allah forgives, it's as if you've been reborn all over again. It's as if you have another chance once again to accomplish what you want to do. You have a brand new start. This is something that is continuous until yomo piano, Allah azza wa jal will constantly forgive. So he mentioned this first. Look, what's the secondary priority thing to think about? The priority is to get a less forgiveness. What's secondary to that is a June Kabir

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which is a great reward scholars they differ on exactly what the greater reward is, is talking about here in this particular verse, but the majority of them and they mentioned that it is talking about Jenna, the greatest greatest edge or reward that a person can ever receive is the paradise itself. So here when Allah says edge when he says a reward, but then he describes what that reward is, and he says, it's great, it's vast, it's large, it's something infinite. It's something that you can comprehend, which is the word Kabir. So it can only mean one thing that the professor when they mentioned a mammoth show can even kassian and others that it is talking about Jenna, now Allah so

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again, you see what just happened here. one verse is talking about paradise, and it describes the most important characteristic of the people of paradise. Then it also tells you how to get to paradise, which is to constantly seek forgiveness from Allah azza wa jal as much as possible. You know, in the sooner the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there's only one thing that he did. In his whole life. There's one thing that he did, constantly and repetitively each and every day, all of us we know this, which is to constantly seek a lust, forgiveness. That's the one thing that he does constantly, every single day of his life from 70 to 100 times a day. All of the other things

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like asking Allah to give you a risk. He didn't do that 70 times or 100 times a day, asking Allah to give you strength and good health process tell him never did that 70 to 100 times a day. So when you put these things into perspective, it really shows that the food or the forgiveness of Allah azza wa jal is more than just pardoning you. But this also entails you having a good life, having a healthy life, having a long life, and just living a happy life in this world all goes back to one concept, constantly asking Oh ALLAH forgive me each and every single day. This is why I want to say to all of us, including myself, don't let a such the from the sujood of your solid go by without asking Allah

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azza wa jal just at least once Allah homophily or just squeeze it in a stuff it'll look if you're praying behind any man, you know, his sujood is kind of short. And if it's enough for you to just squeeze in a stuff it'll get it in there at least because the closest to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So when you're closest to somebody, you want to maximize your moment with them. So you want to mak maximize that opportunity that you have with Allah azza wa jal and squeeze in Allah forgive me some with something along those lines. Now the story takes or the theme of the suta takes another turn. So we've gone from the people of a huddle now, then we've gone to only one sentence of our agenda.

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Now we're going back to Allah subhanho wa Taala talking to the disbelievers. So the next verse was sealed room Pola calm which how to be

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in who are Lehman without sudo. here Allah so agenda now is going to talk to the disbelievers just before we touch on this one verse is all it took to give hope to the people of how to get to general one sentence alone It took Allah azza wa jal devoted 11 sentences with all different subjects. a chunk of it was talking about the people of the Hellfire, but only one sentence was sufficient enough to put all of that aside and said, Look, here's your ultimate goal. And here's how you get it. Now Allah azza wa jal goes back now to the same thing, now addressing the disbelievers and he says

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there, they make certain statements in secrets. What a silver polish, a sealed room is the plural for children Simran means to tell a secret with each other. And so what assumed root Pola or which hurdle will be so they do one or the other?

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A which huddle obviously comes from the word Jehan, which means something that's done loudly or publicly. So Allah azza wa jal says is that they would make certain statements of disbelief. Or scrutinizing the Bibi verse or making fun of them. They would do this either in secret, or out loud in public enough, who early on be that your pseudo? Allah azza wa jal is fully aware of their thoughts and their ideas within their chest. We're going to come to this part of the verse in a moment. But here Allah azza wa jal says that the disbelievers they're always talking about you in secret, and then occasionally, they might do so in public. Now you notice Allah azza wa jal is

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mentioning, they're doing it in secret first, before they do it in public. This is why that one of the wisdoms behind the order of this aim is they do this more often than they do the second part. So more often or not, the disbelievers they will plan against you, they will make fun of you, they will ridicule you, they will scrutinize you, they will laugh at you, they will point fingers at you, they will insult you, they would make fun of you, they would curse you, they would speak against you, they would warn against you, they would hate you more often. And then they would do this secretly. When we say secretly, it doesn't mean that they'll do it privately away from you know what, what it

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means here is that you're just not going to hear it all the time. You're not going to be able to see it all the time. But what Allah is telling you is that it's happening all the time. But just because you can see it doesn't mean that it's just, it's just happening behind closed doors. We see we we experienced this each and every time we leave, we leave a message we leave our home, we're always experienced, especially living in this part of the world where we're a minority. We're always being faced with these challenges. Just you know, for Muslim sister, she walks out with her hijab, everybody's gonna point fingers at her for the Muslim men and because of his character because of

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his attire because of his, his morals and his ethics, his choices that he makes, people are always going to make fun of that. People are always going to scrutinize him for that. And this is why Allah says ensuited and multifeed for yom Allah, Xena and then Amina fatty Yup, harpoon that this year on yomo Pm would be our turn where we will be sitting in front of the disbelievers and it's our turn to laugh. It's our turn to point the fingers back in them. aisle are all icky on Varun, we will be sitting and we will be looking at them. And we will be staring at them the same way that they would stare at us. It will be our moment it will be our turn to sit in front of them and do the same

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things but obviously not with those intent now with that intention, but we will be able to do the same thing and say look, you laughed at us now it's our turn to be happy and now it's your turn to be sad and your turn to cry. Why? Because you had the opportunity and you didn't take full advantage of it. Now today is our opportunity. Now you face the consequence and show let's take a pause here for a moment.