Tafseer Surat Qaf – 20 Blinded – Ayat 37

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Are you number 37 ally Soto continues to mention in nothing in Canada, the court on HeMan Canada who

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passed some foam wash I need to try that again.

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Nothing. In Canada, the Koran Eamon

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Mara WorldShare, he need allies. So we'll continue continues to say, all of this is a lesson to the one who has a heart, a heart that is alive. Here's the speech and cumbre comprehensive with intelligence, everything that we have spoken about since our first week in Ramadan, since the beginning of salted cough. This is the reason why we were doing it. A lot is so Joe tells us now, all that we have mentioned to you it is the purpose behind it is to shake and ponder a heart cause it to shake and ponder and cause the ears to listen and understand and comprehend. Because one of the characteristics of those who disbelieve is that when you speak to them, it's as if they have no

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heart localu blind Kahuna behind. It says if when you talk to them, they can't seem to understand or comprehend what you're saying. What are you like zero nebia then they have eyes that they can't see. So even though you might be wearing hijab, or you might have your beard, they can't see the goodness in this they can't see the truth in it. Well, then leissner obeah then they also have hears you're talking por la Carlota Sol, and it is as though they cannot hear what happens to these people. When other than Vickery. anila, whom he said and banca when I show who Yeoman piano Tiana Pilar B. Lim hotshot attorney cuanto basura colloca Delica Attica tuna offend a Sita or kaiserlichen? Yo Mattoon,

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sir. Allies soldier tells us in Surah for her, these people, they will be raised up blind. And they will ask Allah azza wa jal. Why did you cause me to be blind on this day on the Day of Judgment of you caused me to be blind when in the dunya I had beautiful perfect eyesight and Allah I soldier will turn tell them or refute them and say this is exactly the way

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our remembrance the poor and the Sunnah, all the things of Islam came to you, or they came to you as though you were blind as though you couldn't see as though you couldn't hear as though you couldn't comprehend. So today, we will humiliate you exactly the way you humiliated our message in the dunya.

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May Allah azza wa jal protect us from this because nobody wants to be refuted in a manner like this. Can you imagine Allah azza wa jal telling us this telling people, this is exactly the way you were. So this is what we will do to you. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us from this