Tafseer Surat Qaf – 19 Patience when giving dawah – Ayat 36

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And we continue here in sort of a in number 36. Allah azza wa jal tells us

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our ob learn Hina shail banyule G gt. Welcome

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owning home shed domain

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bhamashah furner kaaboo Phil biela de Han mim e

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allies so Adele tells us how many we have destroyed before us of the disbelievers generations after generations before us, we have caused that their nation be destroyed for the exact same reason they disbelieved

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even though they were stronger in power, and even though they left their lines, in other words, they try to escape from the punishment of Allah azza wa jal. So they left their lands, they left their wealth, they left everything, yet they still could not find a place of safe, they still could not find a place of refuge. Now we go back to our discussion of Tafseer here in sort of the path. Remember, we were talking about the disbelievers how Allah azza wa jal has caused that they will be punished. Now olara zoa gel is mentioning here, look back, the same thing that's happened to them. They're trying to do the same thing. You all are trying to do the same thing that they have. They

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try to run away, they left everything and they try to run away throughout the lens and it did not help them. This is a warning to the disbelievers the torment of punishment, and commending the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to be patient. This I hear commends the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam to be patient. This is Darla, whenever you give Dawa. Whenever you try to teach someone about Islam, whether they're Muslim or not patients. This is why many other men past and present tell us if a person does not happens when they try to teach in Islam or give Dawa to non Muslims. It is better for that person to remain quiet even though they can be saying the right

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things all the time. And actually shed solid headphones on half the level la has a book called A dour evil Islam and I'm pretty sure that it's translated right now in its he mentioned his various wisdoms. why someone should have patience when you call to the religion of an Islam.

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So help me my heels, meaning whatever they did, they collected they worked for it didn't save them. So the people who would work in the dunya and have a relaxed life, even in the month of Ramadan. Their brothers and sisters who call themselves Muslims, in the month of Ramadan, they are still not fasting. And they live a nice relaxed life. You know, Tim Hortons every morning, going to work?

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Maybe they won't even pray. And the irony of all I just met a sister a few days ago, and she was so concerned about wearing her hijab properly and having her hair covered. Michelle is a sister fasting, she's never had a Ramadan in her entire life, is the sister praying. She has never prayed a single Salah in her entire life. But she's very concerned so of her hijab.

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This is like trying to build a house starting with the fourth of the fifth floor, and you just skip everything else.

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Okay, so

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for those who have disbelieved those who are still living in a state of play and ease, and how common cathode Are they still in a state of fun in ease and enjoyment, had desu tamale macabre? Is this going to end until they reach the grave till they visit the graves? Is that what it's going to end? So if you and I know people are still like this, we escalon What are Ireland to give us the strength and the patience to encourage them. Because it is our duty as practicing Muslims and believers in this world is that we try our very best to pick up those who keep falling to pick up those who keep drowning in sin, drowning in disbelief. We try to reach their hands and pick them up

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as much as we can.