Yasir Qadhi – Ramadan 2015 – Day 12

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The "vanishing point" in the Bible is linked to the Day of Judgment, where the church is hit by the persecution of the Prophet system. The "vanishing point" is important to the Day of Judgment, where the church is being punished for its actions. The video shows a group of men who lost their lives due to their parents' actions and struggles to return to their past. The "vanishing point" is important to the Day of Judgment, where the church is being punished for its actions.
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smilla Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah wa t he was a woman who Allah,

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more reciting surah Menon we just finished to the moon. And most of us, we know the first page of sorts of moon as a description of the believers. And it's a very powerful verses about who are the believers, but after the honeymoon, and then the long this begins. And instead of talking about that, which is really the most popular, I thought I'd emphasize another section, or Susan moon, and Subhanallah, in our Salah. Today, the our court concluded on those beautiful verses very powerful verses. And this is the conclusion of solar thermal mineral. And so what I wanted to do is simply go over the last page and a half of solar thermal mineral, which is really one of the most powerful

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verses in the Quran, about reminding ourselves of the reality of the Day of Judgment, and about the fact that every single one of us will feel guilty on that day, every one of us will regret on that day. Now, some of us our regrets will be somewhat minor. And that's our goal. That is a minor regret, we should have done more, we got the agenda, but I could have gotten higher, but there will be people whose regrets will be immense. And these are the people that are heading towards jahannam. And this is what this whole section is about. And so I'm going to begin with verse number 96, actually, and of course, the the sutra is building up to this conclusion. I'll begin at verse number

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96, because of time, and in this verse, the sutra is concluding talking about those who reject a law and those who worship other than a law and remember so so moving on is a mucky surah. So the Prophet system is being persecuted in Makkah. It's actually a late, mucky surah towards the end of Mecca. So the persecution is reaching higher and higher levels. And a law tells him either if I build it here at San Jose, you know, Allah will be merciful and respond to their evil with good, don't respond with evil, when they're bad when they're nasty when they're mean to you respond to them with good infallibility, he sort of say, you know, Allah will be merciful and we know best with what they say

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about Allah and about you, we know best the evil that they say. So here our process is being told that do not stoop to their level, go to the higher moral ground. If they curse you, if they slander you, if they lie, don't go to their level, respond in the best manner. And then Allah consoled him I know what they're saying. I know exactly what they're saying, but I'm still telling you to take the higher ground and if it so happens that shavon comes and tries to tempt you to go down to that level, we'll call Rob br o to becoming hammers attache out in seek refuge in the whisperings of shavon. And so, to be crude manner to be evil is being linked to shavon whispering to you to go down

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to their level and be vulgar is not something that is from Allah subhanho wa Taala it is from shavon. So Allah tells the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that if you kind of feel like going to their level, then you say welcome to becoming Hamza. Tisha thing. What are all the big Caribbean? Yeah, Darren, I seek refuge in You. Oh, Allah from the province of shavon hamasaki Shelton. He's like tempting me, he's poking me to do something. You know, when you poke somebody, you get irritated, agitated, so shavon is poking us to do something so Hamas attache out in what are used to be corrupt be and yeah, don't and I seek refuge in You, oh, my Lord, that even the Shelton come

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close to me. Then Allah describes what will happen to those who are making fun of you What will happen to those who are lying, these people that I'm telling you to be patient, your day will come out of soda law, maybe not in this world, but in the next world, it will come. So what's going to happen to those people who reject me and deny me had either had a woman mode, until finally when one of them faces death? or build your own? That person will say Oh my Lord, send me back. The same one who denied a lost existence. All of a sudden he's saying rugby, rugby rugby, the same one who used to mock those who believed in Allah, when he sees the angel of death, there will be no mocking at

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that point in time. And immediately he man will come into his heart just like the worst human being ever. Who is the worst human ever. I said this a few days ago, around is the worst human in the history of mankind. The worst human what happened when he saw the angel of death? What happened

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to below the amulet behind it was Dr. Ella and Amina muslimeen. Right at the end of this life when he sees the angel of death, that owl knows you know what? I was lying all along. Now it's too late. And he says I believe in the God of the children of Israel, and I am a Muslim. And Allah says to him

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now, now you're going to accept Islam at the very end of a long life of sin of vice of iniquity. Now you're going to accept no, that's not going to happen. But it's not just for around every single person who has rejected the worship of Allah has rejected obedience to Allah will feel

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Regret and they're going to beg and plead color of Bill jeroni Oh my Lord, send me back. Lovely amaroo solea and FEMA Tara, you shall see, I will do my best in that which I have left behind. Just give me one more chance. I beg you, I promise you one more chance. And this shall be the call of every single person who has rejected the worship of Allah without exception. Every single person who refuse to submit to Allah will attempt to beg at the time of death. Beg the Angel of Death beg Allah subhana wa tada and Allah azza wa jal says, Gala. That's not going to happen Canada, because I have already promised from the very beginning that every show social tastes death once I have promised

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from the very beginning that no one shall be brought back for a second opportunity and a chance. This is Alaska that he has decreed in color. And then Allah says in Kenny Mattoon, who are called elucha these are just words that he is begging with. Even if I were to give him another chance he wouldn't do it.

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At this point in time, he thinks he's going to do it. But if he were to just wake up from a dream imagine, then he's just going to dismiss it and go on to his life as if nothing had ever happened in Kadima and we'll call it what it's just words he's saying. So Allah azza wa jal explicitly says in other places in the Quran, even if I were to bring them back, they would go back to their lifestyle, because once you've made up your mind to live in a certain lifestyle, it doesn't matter. So even if they had seen the angel of death and comeback gala in the academy, a woman was in berzon, Isla yo Mubarak throne, and behind them are in front of them basically facing them shall be the bottles. And

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the barossa is the interim between this life and the next life until the time of resurrection. And this is an allusion to the punishment of the of the as I will cover. Now the Koran does not explicitly mentioned the word either will cover but the concept of allowable cover is hinted at in many verses, I repeat, the Quran does not explicitly say either will cover that's in the Hadith, but there are many verses that hint that there's going to be punishment to the grave. And this is one of those verses, Allah is threatening them that just wait, you have a bulldozer that you're going to meet you until the day of judgment, which means the barista has a terrifying place for this person,

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then alive so we just said for you the nucleus of his soul, then the Trumpet will be blown. So now the pm is happening fella and Saba bainham Yama he didn't wander around on that day. All lineages will be cut. Now pause here the people of Makkah The one thing that they cherished was lineage. My father, my brother, my tribe. That was what protected you. If you were a member of Ben Ohashi, nobody could touch you. And that is why our process and I'm chose the process to be that is allowed chose that process to be for the new Hashem from the elite of the elite. Nobody could harm him because of his lineage because he was the grandson of Abdulmutallab. So on that day, fella and

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suburbia home there, it doesn't matter who your father is, it doesn't matter your father was the chieftain your brother was this, what are you alone, nor can they call one another for help your servants your army, it doesn't matter. So your lineage and your power will all go to vain to waste what's going to matter from an sacoolas mo was you know, your good deeds, that's it doesn't matter who your family, your connections, your power, doesn't matter your servants and wealth, all of this will be left and the only thing that will matter is what four months ago that was you know folder called muffler on if your good deeds were heavy, then you are successful women have fatwas. You know

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who and if your good deeds were light for like a lead in a hospital and foster home, these are the ones they've wasted, hospital lost, wasted, they had the opportunity they completely lost it Fijian Emma, Holly don't tell if I would go home now the fire of help is going to be burning them won't be half Kelly own and they're going to be burnt so bad. Now this is a very harsh verse over here, California means their teeth will be exposed because of the burning as if the burning is taking over their face. So even their facial features will be gone. And this is of course for the worst of the worst those who made fun of the Prophet system, those who rejected Allah subhana wa tada and the

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those who believed in Allah and were sinful, they will not go to this level of Jannah, those who are the unrighteous of the Muslims, they will not go to this level of janam. This level of jahannam is for those who openly mocked Allah rejected the messenger and of course the verses being revealed to those who mock the process of them to his face. And then Allah says didn't my verses used to be recited to you and you would deny them? Allah is asking them you want another opportunity? I gave you an opportunity. So they are now begging Allah Paulo or abana halibut, Idina, Chico tuna workqueue nakoma ambolyn. Oh our Lord our sins.

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The better of us our wretchedness shikata means our evil side got the better of us and we were the ones who were misguided or have been an original minha now they're begging again in jahannam so notice they begged one day died, they begged in the bodies of their begging again on the day of judgment and in jahannam always begging What are they begging for? One more opportunity, one more chance. So they say to Allah subhana wa tada that Robin Krishna men have been rooting for in Nevada moon Oh our Lord causes us to go out just once. And if we then deserve to come back, then we are really missguided give us one more opportunity. But Allah subhana wa tada will say to them directly

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por la Sofia wala to kalamoon silence, be quiet. Sophia remain humiliated in jahannam. And you will not even speak to me. And then Allah says, There used to be a group of my servants who used to believe in me and make dua to me. And I've been fiddling Warhammer one to hero. I mean, you used to make fun of them. Your job in life came to mock the Muslims, so much so fast.

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And so convicted, so much so that making fun of Muslims caused you to forget about worshiping me. Your whole life became to make fun of Islam and Muslims and will lie there are people that live now they are doing exactly this thing. What law there are people that live right now they get their risk and their money and their sustenance from smearing Islam. They're famous in the world because they made it their lifestyle to smear Islam and ally. xojo is saying you're causing to mock Islam and the believers has taken over your whole life so that you couldn't even worship Me, Fatah Tomasi, Korean Hatter, and so completely Welcome to min homepod hackathon and used to always mock them. So in New

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Jersey, to whom will yo maybe masaharu today, those whom you mocked, I will reward those whom you made fun of I shall honor them by email sabado because they were patient, and know whom whom alpha is on. These are the ones that will be the winners. And then the sort of concludes on some of the most powerful verses in the Quran that reminds us of the quickness of this world on camera based on film or the either the scene in Allah would ask them tell me how long How many years did you live on this earth? color? come live with the either this evening, tell me how long did you have in this earth? And the people in jahannam? They will say all your love is now Yeoman, our barrel biome, not

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yours. You only gave us one day Oh Allah. No, you gave us half a day, a part of a day. And we're so confident first LLR Dean, go ask those who are taking count, meaning the angels. So in their madness, they challenged the knowledge of a law and they say to a law, you didn't give us a chance. You didn't give us yours? Why would they say this? Because when they see nothing that they've accomplished, after Allah has given them 60 7080 years, and they have nothing to show for it, their whole life has been wasted. So instead of blaming themselves, they blame a law and they say Allah, you didn't give us time. You didn't because if you had given us time, we wouldn't be here. So you

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didn't give us give us more time and a lot and so they challenge those knowledge. And Allah says Allah Elizabeth from illa hollyland lo and nukem quantum moon, you know, you're right. You only had a little bit of time, meaning 67 years, it is not that long, but you should have taken advantage of it If you only knew and that will conclude in this final verse that Allah azza wa jal says, For huseby to unima Hola, kanakam, Tabitha one, Elena latorre, Jr. On this verse or multiple hop hop. It is reported he would recite this verse, where he wants to recited this verse into hedgehog, and he got stuck on it, meaning he kept on repeating it, repeating it, repeating it until his beard was

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soaking wet with his tears that he was sobbing until his beard was worth that what is this verse translate as Allah says, effa huseby tomb unima hudec nakoma Bertha, did you think that we created you as a joke or for no reason? This whole creation, your life, your existence? The world around you, everything that you see, you think I did it for no reason. There was no goal. There was no end result of a symptom anila Hakuna Matata and Allah says in the Quran that Allah does not do Ibis. Allah does not waste time. Allah does not play around. These are explicit verses in the Quran that we don't do this. No, Allah has a purpose and Allah has a wisdom. Did you think that there was no

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purpose to life, and that you would not return unto us one nakum Elena la Turin now these verses no doubt they apply primarily to the co founder of Porsche primarily. But my dear brothers and sisters Don't be so arrogant as to presume that the meanings are not relevant to me and you will law he every one of us we need to ponder over these verses did a lot

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Law creators and just for no reason, all of these blessings that we have, what do we have to show a lot for the blessings? What will we answer a lot on that day? These are questions that every one of us needs to ask how heavy will our scales be? What do we have to show a law for the 5060 7080 years? If we even have that long for who amongst us even knows whether we have that long and subparallel dear brothers and sisters, we know the questions on the day of judgment will lie it is something that really amazes and startles me. I am a college professor. I can you imagine if I walk in the first day of class, and the first lesson I give the students this will be your final exam. And then

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I spend the whole semester. Is it impossible for any student to fail? I've given him the questions. These are going to be your final exam. How can anybody possibly fail? Well, Allah subhana wa tada has given us the final exam, he's told us exactly what will be asked of us about our wealth. What did we earn? How did we spend it our knowledge about our time about our life? All of these are the questions that we know we know the questions of the grave. We know the questions of Mancha and nickeil. We know the questions of the gamma. It's all prepared for us. Now we have the opportunity right now the exam is being written our deeds are writing the answers to that exam. These verses of

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sorts of Minjun remind us that there's a purpose to this life that we shall return to Allah subhana wa tada that there's going to be a weighing of our good deeds. And the righteous is the one whose heavy deeds are indeed the ones that are heavier than the other side which all of us are going to have those as well and those that have wasted their lives and the deeds are going to be nothing rather than blaming themselves. They will blame their time they will blame Allah they will say we didn't have time in this world brothers and sisters let us not be of those people. Let us be of those whom are the law says in the Quran in Nirvana to unnamed will often a sabya I was certain I

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would meet my hisab I knew I would meet my ASAP I knew the accounting would come so I was prepared for the accounting May Allah subhana wa tada makers amongst the right hand amongst those whose magazine are heavy amongst those who were searching to meet him on that day was set. I'm working with him as well. Lucky robotica

Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi discusses verses 96 – 115 of Surah Al Muminun and we get acquainted with the trueness of Judgement Day.

‘Repel, by (means of) what is best, (their) evil. We are most knowing of what they describe. And say, “My Lord, I seek refuge in You from the incitements of the devils, And I seek refuge in You, my Lord , lest they be present with me.(For such is the state of the disbelievers), until, when death comes to one of them, he says, “My Lord, send me back that I might do righteousness in that which I left behind.” No! It is only a word he is saying; and behind them is a barrier until the Day they are resurrected.’

At the time of the blowing of the Horn, relationships will cease to exist and one will fail to worry or care for his own. The ones whose scales are heavy with good deeds will emerge victorious and successful. The one whose scales are light will go to Hell where they will live till eternity.


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