Musleh Khan – Tafseer Surat Qaf – 18 Those who fear Allah in private – Ayat 31-35 #1

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the punishment system in the jahanna and the anger of Allah's actions, including his use of the word "bringing" to signal the beginning of the punishment process and the need for people to pray in anticipation of upcoming judgments. The importance of facing "has calmed" and "has been called" in a war, shaping one's body to fit in a certain way, and not giving too many concessions is emphasized. The segment ends with a recap of the previous discussion and a discussion of the agenda.
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And the idea that we left you with was, I believe, a in number 30. When Allah azza wa jal says Yeoman akula jahannam had him Tilak tea, water kulu helmy moseyed so Allah azza wa jal began to speak about the jahannam that the jahannam now is going to ask a lot the large size of an Eskimo you fill in an animal say Do you have any more?

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And here are an amount of tafsir ibn katheer Rahim Allah teaches us that this is an indication that jahannam will be full. Because at the end, as in the Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also also mentions that this is the time where Allah azzawajal will take his feet, and he will stamp and destroy the Johanna villas in it with the people in it as a another form of punishment.

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Cassio Rahim Allah mentions that one allies So what does this takes his feet and stamps the jahannam that is more severe of a punishment than a person staying in the jahannam forever eternity

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to have allies so agenne take his feet and stamp the jahannam it is a worst punishment, nothing in the jahannam will be worse than this.

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This is also an analogy you can use. This is also the anger of Allah. The anger of Allah azza wa jal is worse than any punishment in the jahannam because Allah azza wa jal is the creator of the gentlemen. So if Allah azza wa jal becomes upset or takes his feet and stamp the jahannam it is worse than anything else that can be offered in the health.

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So it is also in addition, another form of punishment. So after Allah azza wa jal mentions that

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listen to him subhanho wa Taala how He loves creation and mankind how Allah azza wa jal loves good and hates to punish tells us in alien number 31. in a court of law,

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our own Toby laheem in banyule waje

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ones leafa telogen not only delfina Berry has

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been happy

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men Hachi

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boy Obi Wan

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beam boonie

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we do holo hobbies and

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Odin Hulu hobbies

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on Hulu

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nyesha una de

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una de hawala dang in mezzi

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This is from a a number 31 to 35 allies. So it just says the same time Jenna will be brought close and near to the pious on that day. It is not going to be far from them. So insha Allah insha Allah insha Allah, this is you and I, people who are striving their whole life every you're not just sitting in an empty calf, because you're asking Allah azza wa jal to protect you from the fire which you are also sitting here and doing all these deeds praying. pm will lay praying taught all we are fasting reciting pour and because you are asking Allah azza wa jal, you want him to give you his agenda, and inshallah the agenda on the day of judgment will be brought very close to the PI's to

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the mucked up team has to I do Nellie Cooley, a web in Hatfield. This is what they were promised. Jenna, the people who were sincere. The people who prayed the people who had sincerity allows the people who fasted zeca Pm will lay had all the righteousness, all the good deeds. A lot of soldier promised us something for all the good that we do. And so this is the day a large soldier will fulfill his promise. Who are the people that we deserve this shield man will be live while holding money. Who the ones the ones who feared a lie so agenda, believe in secret and had a heart that has

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Turn to him in repentance and forgiveness. Notice that Allah azza wa jal talks about a person who remembers him in secret. This is also based on a hadith authentic hadith, that we all know that a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentions sabar to him. You will love him, Houma, la houfy Lily, yo Milan, in La Villa, and one of them origin zaccaro la huhtala hollien for fall, but Nina, seven people, seven groups of people will be shaded on the day of judgment on a day where there will be no shade except the shade of Allah azza wa jal from the seven groups of people is going to be that person.

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When he or she hid themselves, they begin to tear and they begin to cry, because they start to think about the punishments of the jahannam. And at the same time, they are crying in happiness, of how merciful and how the love that aligns so adyen and that which he has in store in the paradise. And so by themselves, when nobody is watching, nobody doesn't know, everybody has gone to sleep, that person's light in their room is still on, and they're crying to allies, so a gel either by themselves or in Korea, Malaysia, reciting the horror and praying to Him subhanho wa Taala and they begin to cry.

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They love Allah azza wa jal and they love to see that what Allah so Allah has promised, may Allah subhanho wa Taala cause that our eyes become soft, cause that our eyes will cry. Every one of our hearing poor and each and every single night with our cache reciting to us, we are hearing these exact same words being recited to us. If you find yourself that in your hearts, you want to cry, and it is not happening. letter S and don't be afraid. Because this is exactly what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us about. If a person cannot cry naturally, by hearing the words of Allah azza wa jal take the next step, make yourself cry, make yourself cry, force it out of you,

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while law he, I tell you what law he a person who does this forces themselves to cry lilla here as so a gel only for Allah subhanho wa Taala will law you will find that that person the next time they find themselves they want to cry, they will never have to force themselves, it will come near them.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam goes even further than that. Let's say you force yourself to cry, still not happening. Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, force yourself even more, to cry, because you can't be you can't cry by force. So cry because of this is the state of your heart. That even when you're forcing yourself to cry, you still can't get it out. So cry because you're in this state.

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So you see where this is going.

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Brothers and sisters, there isn't a single Island from the other man, except that their hearts tear when they hear the words of a large soldier. And so we ask ourselves, that even a Buddha always and forever, that if we find our hearts in the state, that it becomes hard. Just realize that it is something that can always be fixed and we ask Allah azza wa jal to soften our hearts that we tear for him. Whenever however we hear his words subhanho wa Taala. Furthermore, Allah azza wa jal says oh the Hello hubby salah and they're like a Yeoman who tells them what to clean. In sha Allah you and I tells us are the Holo Harbison. Enter the agenda with peace and security there likoma hollow

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that is the eternal life that is waiting for you are the Hello happy Salam be Salam with peace in subrata. Right Allah azza wa jal describes what the Salah is the Salam is actually from the angels. The angels will come to a person who has made it they've passed the test of the dounia they will come and they will flap their wings clapping in joy and happiness and they will say to that person, Salah Muna la comb beam l sabado. Tune fenyr America.

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peace be on to you. Because of the patience that you had in this dunya What a beautiful ending you have, and the angels will clap and they will celebrate. They will say

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elebrate that this person after all the tests, the hardships, the trials in the dunya they passed all of them. Now it is time to fulfill and reap the reward of Allah. So

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Allah azza wa jal keep us patient, notice in the eye in sudo, right, Allied soldiers sbml Saba sebata to him because of what they were patient with, because gender is not something easy. It is not something that you strive for, and a person will be reclining at the same time. A person must sweat with tears. If they want to be in that gender, you must always continue to work hard. This is why Allah azzawajal uses the word sobre. When he talks about the people when the agenda May Allah subhanho wa Taala keep us patient

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lahoma Sha una fi ha what a day Nana z in the agenda, they will have anything and everything they want anything that they think of will come to them. And this brings me now to another section. We will break from this. This is also part of our tafsir where we just had a nice detailed discussion of the jahannam the Hellfire and everything in it. Wouldn't it be fair that we also do the same for the agenda? Let's follow the Sunnah of Allah azza wa jal in the Quran. So I don't wish to instill fear in your hearts, except that I follow it with hope. This is a key to dharma. Anytime you try to give Dawa to someone

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and if you find that the only way to get through to them is to talk about the punishments of allies so don't leave them this way.

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But have them hope that after all, the punishments all this severely that people will go through Allah azza wa jal also forgives and there is a another destination and that is the agenda. While Edina moseyed they will get the paradise, they will get everything they want in it and they will also get something extra.

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The something extra is something greater than the paradise. If you do not know what this is. Stay tuned. Then shall Allahu taala. This is our discussion on Tuesday.

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