Tafseer Surat Qaf – 16 The Shaytan with us – Ayat 27-29

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being build one mean in army lead. So we went now from the 27th to the 29th.

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The 27th A allies soldier says his companion, meaning the disbelievers are human beings in general, we each have a shape that is designated to us. And this is all authenticated by how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam mentions this. However, the shape of the prophet SAW Selim accepted Islam and doesn't whisper to him anything bad or anything negative anything pessimistic at all. As for us, that shaitan is there. His job is to constantly constantly whispered to the hearts of each and every single human being to do harm to do bad. This is why in Ramadan, as the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentions that the shell team are locked away. This is why majority of us if not all of us,

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don't you find that it's much easier to do good now, it is much easier for you to fight off any evil thoughts. If you are ever tempted to do something wrong, you can fight it off instantly. However, outside of Ramadan, you can still do this. But there is a touch a touch a tainted difference. It becomes a little more tricky. It becomes more difficult. When you don't think it's impossible. No, don't come out of Ramadan and blame everything on child theme. This is not what the shaitan will do. As we will mention here. Allah azza wa jal says that his companion meaning the devil, no Salaam soldier talking about this particular shaitan, who is entrusted with every single human being. This

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show will say to Allah azza wa jal, or a banner, my Lord may apply to I did not force him to lie to Allah King Canfield Allah and in buried I didn't force him to sin to transgress or to doubt, but he was in error all by himself.

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A lot of them will stand at the end of our lives, whether it's 3040 5060 years.

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You know, there's people who go on throughout their life, that every bad thing they do, every mistake they make, they will say, Man, suppiler shaytaan, gUc me again, shave time, shave time, shave time. And they blame most of their actions because of the shape time. Listen to what happens on the Elmo piano, let's say time himself, we'll look at allies. So again and say that I did not force them to do anything.

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I didn't grab or physically force somebody to do hard on what this shaitan did. And there are many areas in the Quran that say this, that the shaitaan causes all the bad deeds to be a Xena beautiful,

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causes all the Heron to look pleasing to the eyes. Why do you think that for most people, even if, even if it is some of us here, when you look at something or you see something hard on it does become tempting. But as Muslims, we follow the religion, we follow what Karla parlato saw, and so we say no, hold on, we stop and we train ourselves to not go over the boundaries. But the sin is still made beautiful to the eyes, still has become tempting. And so this is why majority of mankind will always fall into sin. Always fall into sin more than they will fall into good deeds. This is a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us that every single human enterprise is subject to

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mistake and error. Every single human being will always sin, we will always fall into this trap of the shaitan.

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Allah azza wa jal says in solid and nahan that he believes our beliefs tells a lie. So a gel

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that he will make the dunia fill out of let's say in anila home fill modeled that he will cause that the

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Entire dounia be something of beauty. And so the Mothman This is a trap for the movement, the Beaver, that as he is living in the dunya, that he could fall into everything that dunya has for him and forget about the earth. Except Are there any exceptions to this, of course in the same sort of sort of natural, Allah azzawajal says a lot about the coming home and local law scene, except for those who are sincere, those who do righteous deeds insha Allah that you and I, the people who stick to Koran will stick to sooner and who try their best to do all the good deeds they can. These are the people that are saved from the trap of the shale team. These are the people who can never fall

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into that trap. In another area, in sort of Ebrahim. The Showtime allies, so azza wa jal talks about that the shaitan will come into the Hellfire and he will deliver a haka, and he will actually stand on a minbar on a pulpit, and He will speak to everybody in the jahannam everybody in the Hellfire and He will say to them, that you all did this to yourself. You made yourself out come into this area come into this place, Fela, Mooney

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and full circle and Abby Missouri Come on, and Toby masuri

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the shaitan will say to them, don't blame me blame yourselves, lateral Mooney, Luma and four circles area and solar Ibrahim, man and I'll be mostly a homeowner and Toby masucci. I can't help you. You can't even help yourself.

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Can't help you and you can't help yourself. Blame no one but yourself.

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So this is a very important principle. Whenever you find yourself that the man starts to descend, you start to feel weak, because I get emails all the time that brothers and sisters will fall into the trap of the shaytaan what to do, always, always try your best to stay on righteousness and good deeds. I know it sounds easier said than done.

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But whenever you find yourself that you become weak in any aspect of your life, the first thing the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us is to immediately go and do something good immediately. Even if it means to call up a friend, I say set Amati come to that person for the sake of a large religion, even if it means you see your brother or sister Caesar sister and they smile. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says even a simple smile is a form of sidecar charity. It's a good deed.

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So you smile at that person. And this is something I'm the type of good deed wolf protect us from the shell team and his traps.

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Furthermore, allies so it just says in alien number 28 Pilar simola, Dania kadem to La COVID. While listening to how Allah azza wa jal now deals with this shaitan. And the companion the shapefile is arguing with meaning each of us have a shaitan with us. Eventually, it may come a time where that will be arguing with us, whether we us or others. And they will be doing this in front of allies. So tell what's going to be happening. That's that person is going to be blaming the shaitan for every mistake and think that they did. The shaitan is going to say no, I didn't force you, you know, don't blame me blame yourselves. This is going to be happening in front of Allah. Listen to what Allah is.

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So it just says don't do this in front of me. Laptop the similar idea, don't argue or have this kind of confrontation in front of me. What kind of kadem to La COVID worried you have received enough proof? Enough signs I have shown you that this day will come What are the condemned to LA can build worried the promise the ultimate truth? I've told you it will come so now it is here. It's too late. Don't fight anymore. Don't argue anymore. Don't try to come out of this. Now you have to accept it. Now you bet polar woman and a beautiful landing lobbied the sentence is already been made. And allies so agenda is not an adjust. He is not unjust allow one of his names, one of the names of

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allies so which is he is allowable. He is the most just unfair. So Allah azza wa jal says,

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The day has already come, the sentence has already been made. And do not think for a moment that I will be unjust. Whatever you've done, you will be judged accordingly to what you have done. So if a person chooses to sin throughout their life, they will be judged.

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According to all those things that they've done, if a person chooses the opposite, chooses a life of goodness, sincerity, righteousness, then Allah azza wa jal will give them what they deserve. Give them what they've worked for.