Musleh Khan – Tafseer Surat Qaf – 15 Thrown into the Hell-fire – Ayat 25-26

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the history of Islam and the definition of the "has been made in charge" in the Hadeeth system. The segment also discusses the definition of "has been made in charge" and how it is used to indicate whether a person is in charge of a group of people or in a specific group. The segment also mentions the definition of "has been made in charge" and how it is used to indicate whether a person is in charge of a group of people or in a specific group.
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Moody and Lizzy Jara the morrow law he Isla

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de the who feel

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the need so I am number 25 and 26 Alonzo Joe says I am number 25

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men a little higher, more attending Modi three things. Number one, they did not do any good. So this is now Allah azza wa jal is telling us, why will these disbelievers end up being thrown into the fire? For one, they didn't do any good, meaning they didn't have any righteous deeds, the door they were open in front of them and they didn't walk through. This is the first thing, Martin they also transgress the cinder in the limits of allies soldier. What we mean by this is that if allies so a gentleman mentions that he has sent down a prophet or a messenger, or mentions a quality within himself, don't go beyond that. If allies so it just says con fair coin. If he says B then it isn't

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we accept it. So whatever Allah subhanho wa Taala came with whatever the prophets subtle wa Taala he was salam, O Allah, him, King with accepted, even if you did not understand it. This is why we are an oma that Allah azza wa jal describes in sola baccara, Samir Anna, what on earth and we accept, we follow, even if we don't understand it, we accept it. And this is why some people will ask a question.

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You know, when it comes to the four wives, why is this allowed for a man and a woman is not allowed to have four husbands? The hikma the wisdom behind this Allahu arland semolina, what Aparna, this is how it came to us. This is how we accepted this is the morals and the ethics that we have as Muslims. So they transgressed in the limits the boundaries that Allah set for them. And the third thing marieb marieb here means doubt. So not only that, they transgressed, they had nothing good to say or do on top of all of this, they even doubted whatever came to them. They said, No, no, no, this can be true. No, no, no. I'm messenger, a prophet from amongst our people. Never. If you're

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going to send a messenger if you're going to send someone like an angel, send somebody with with a miracle just by looking at him. Everything about them is a miracle. So they didn't like that as well.

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Who are these people? They are disbelievers. Allah azza wa jal also gives another characteristic about them. And let the jerilyn Mara la Ilaha Aha. They are also the ones who have committed schilke they have associated partners with allies so agenda unclear who will either be shady cast them into a severe punishment.

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Mm hmm. Rahim Allah tells us in his Muslim in a good acceptable Hadeeth year Hello Joe oronoco Minh and now to get to Colombia call the neck of the Hellfire will rise and the Hellfire will speak

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will kill two young man he will kill two will Yama selasa the Hellfire will say that he has been made in charge of three Eagle

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a woman the first be collegia bear in need. So the Hellfire is in charge of three groups of people the first group is be collegia bed in I need. These are the leaders who are tyrants or obsolete they were ignorant, they were stubborn, they didn't want to listen they didn't want to accept and these are especially those who are leaders whether they were in communities, countries, cities wherever they are. So the Hellfire is in charge of this group of people meaning punishment. The second group of people that this the Hellfire is in charge of is woman Jada Mara la Ilaha. The second type is anybody who committed shear or associated partners with allies origin and the third woman Potter

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lesson the hyenas whoever took a life without it's right okay so whoever took a life without it's right for a fantastic ballet him

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and and then the jahannam will say that at this time, it will step back and gather these three groups into the myths of the Hellfire meaning the Hellfire will now

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Settle down, the neck of the spire will settle down and bring and cause these three groups of people to come into a more severe punishment within the fire. The Hickman and wisdom how you understand this Hadeeth is that these are not the only three groups of people that are in the fire as we all know, there are many groups of fire many different types of people that are going to be in the fire. And we are going to be discussing this tomorrow in sha Allah was for not what earlier, we will discuss with you a description of the Hellfire, how is it going to look for the people who enter it, as well as what is going to be the state of the people in it. And this is a topic inshallah for

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tomorrow and we will discuss with you in greater detail how the jahannam the Hellfire is going to punish how it burns the different types of fire that are in the jahannam itself. And so these particular groups of people, what is meant here by this heading is that their punishment is increased. This is why I came a specific Heidi's about these three people, these three groups, groups of people, their punishment is going to be more focused on than others.

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We ask Allah azza wa jal to protect us from this

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