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The world of Islam is losing its mentality and celebrities are leading the movement. Visitors are encouraged to use their influence and support their movement. The loss of family members and community members is discussed as factors contributing to the movement. Visitors are encouraged to act in small ways and a proposal is made to accept small donations.

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sila combi level silica Salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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fickle the island,

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Musa Lake Mojave risala, Masha Allah DRC

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Abu Omar destiny for national protection of Istanbul Marquez Islami the Dow well, tomorrow at Masada Jamia Muslim in

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New Berlin

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Santa Monica, avocado. This is your brother

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Abu Mohammed Khalid Jesse, I'm Ricky.

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Mickey. Sitting with my homeboy, Chef, Mr.

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Abramoff from Dagestan, Sending out a message to everybody in the world brothers and sisters all over the world, wherever you are, whether you in the street, whether you in the jail, whether you're in the hospital with you and get whatever your situation is, we just send a shout out to you from Istanbul. We sit in here with the brothers of dour and the brothers who is working Mashallah to raise money to feed the orphans around the world and we just thinking about you. And we're giving you a shout out

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in Southern California Jamia muslimeen Allah in Assalamu alaikum family from Islam and Muslim in Alhamdulillah Allah Allah Coolio kulu Minami Allah Masada Romani naseeha

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mahogany, Birmingham, precision, Rosie boo, boo, Armando Villa

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salam, Al masala Masada pochettino battle her Baku Alam can be him on the beach or Santa Ana California teeny, teeny Jana

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she can be some

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stars of Omar he said that his words going out to all the young brothers and sisters, whether the new Muslims or the old Muslims of wherever they are, and all the places in the earth, just to give you some good pieces of advice, to lift up your spirit and to cultivate your mind and that you know the work that we are doing. Specifically, we're working to support the orphans. These are orphans of the people who are striving in the way of Allah subhanaw taala who have lost their properties and lost their lives. And maybe we know of we hope with escolares honkala that they are now

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in the belly of the green birds flying around the throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala and what we're trying to do is we're trying to earn some rewards from the loss of animals either by raising some money, okay, raising some spirits and taking care of these orphans. And we're just sending out the same message so that you be aware of this and that you can share with us and this work that we're doing.

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We celebrate an

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akuna mustachian after the Amalfi Sevilla laser column, Islam work eight hour call Melissa Islam column,

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internet and Islam was a problem in America agenda the Muslim media in a Latina MANOVA Amina solly, her mama llama Sonia and Eman, Jana, gamma.

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Misa Mashallah chef, he said that he just want to remind all of us, that means, remind me remind himself remind all the Muslims, but Islam is not just a lecture. Islam is not just the internet. Islam is not just worshipping, or rituals, but Islam is an Islamic action. That means if you're not in action, that means you're stagnant. If you're stagnant, you cannot win. And so there's just words that he's given because of loss and data. He mentions Virgos who believe in lost mentality and they strive in His ways. Surely, he's going to reward them according to the nature of their striving and the quality of debt plus, and he also mentioned about the profit loss him he said, in authentic

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hadith that I am the guardian of the orphans are like these two fingers, and we will be in the agenda together or come apart, have a civilized some login or center, and then restart results of

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my university

00:04:39--> 00:04:40 fusina

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Lu, alpha, lacuna ledger, Indian public college, coffee.

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I'ma log in with pizzeria v sakara hamasaki. Feel free to demo to Danny Joe

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ladies sumali affinity gene, Idina inshallah.

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inshallah for that kind of subject antifibrotic data is my

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database Tommy. And Mr. Curry asked

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me for Rama,

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Rama Rama dolla dolla dolla Allah insha Allah kuno inshallah Hasina, Yakuza kulu, sahab.

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fiza Medina

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de Colima

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de la.

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De inshallah Hara.

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Shaheed mentioned the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Some say,

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none of you can be a real believer, do you love for your brother would you love for yourself. And how we want to put that Hades into context is that nobody can really feel that they are expressing Islamic brotherhood, rather, they don't have a desire or a feeling, or a thought or an empathy. For the people who is inside refugee camps. They don't have water, they don't have coffee, they don't have bread, they can't have fun, the children don't play. And even maybe there's even at people they don't laugh. Why? Because we take these things for granted. Therefore, think about our brothers and sisters. Okay, especially the team, whether they in Somalia, in Afghanistan or Syria, or wherever

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they may be on Semyon Earth, because they are the victims of the war or the oppression. He said, remember them, when we eat, remember them, when we sleep, remember them, when we enjoy ourselves, we see with our families, why, because remembering them as a part of Islam, and this is what our chef is reminding you that whether you spend $1, or you spend a dime, or you send some food, or you send some clothes, or you send some medicine, or you make do it for them, then you are sharing with us and the answer and you're sharing with them, also, you're sending in their situation. And this is the nature of Islam, to share with everyone so that if they are in pain, we share some pain. And if

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they have a need, we fulfill that need, and just what I was saying a lot, he knows best, you know, for me, I'm not out of, I'm striving and we're the last one to try to learn this language just like you and I hope that inshallah, that my translation is at least you know, like half half that it will at least benefit and that it is representative with the SEC is trying to say to us inshallah so this is a shout out, you know, we assembled. And we don't know where you are when you're going to see this here, but you should know that we make and do it for you. And this the nature of Muslims, Muslims should be making good dr for each other. You know, don't be hating, you know, y'all

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understand what I'm saying, don't be hating, you know, which we're doing all the time. Do the same was good, keep quiet, and go if you're not part if you're not, if you're not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. And so think about the Muslims in other places think outside the box. Especially think about the orphans. If you don't help them and we don't help them, who do you think is going to help them? This one is trying to say to you again, we come in from Istanbul that's the last one to accept from you and except from us, all of our actions, all of our prayers, all of our bad, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to have mercy okay on all the Muslims and also forgive us for

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our shortcomings. And we asked the last 100 to accept this small naseeha which we are offering to you which is also in this area to ourselves not to how he had lost what's up for the law. Howdy welcome yellow for Rahim

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subhanak I

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want to start for the corner to break