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AI: Summary © The importance of thanking Allah for his blessings and appreciating his is discussed, particularly in the context of " inspecting the culture." The negative impact of overweight children on schools and their education is also emphasized. The importance of learning and educating children on Islam is emphasized, along with the need for early learning and early education for children to build a successful life. The segment also touches on the history and importance of support for organizations and activating individuals to change the status of the oma.
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Now the request annex speaker for the muscle damage owner trustee and head of the research department of atomic International Foundation Kolkata to say a few words and share the vision

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was Salam ala

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nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa

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rubbish roughly study via silly ugly waffles 70 Yakubu Kohli brothers, sisters, alumni club and prospective guests are Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Okay, I'm not gonna speak to words, I'll take some more time.

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At the outset, I will first of all like to find a prize for National School for inviting me away here.

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It's very important that when we gather for such kind of meet, such kind of inaugural session, such kinds of conferences, Islamic conferences, that we start appreciating the blessing that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us

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if we look into our life, see a decade ago, 10 years back, we never had these kinds of gatherings that were happening.

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We never had Islamic conferences happening. We never had weekend summer camps. We never had online summer camps. I was surprised that there is an organization in Canada, which is organized online summer camp. We never had online universities. We never had online courses. We never had full fledged Islamic schools.

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When I passed my class,

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we never had these facilities. Leave alone, these facilities we never even had the computer or the internet. And today are kondalilla everyone's got a computer, everyone's got the internet based on the mobile phone or at home. And that makes it easy for you to access Islamic information. It makes it easy for you to listen to the lectures of your speakers who motivate you.

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And for all of this, it becomes imperative for us as Muslims to thank Allah subhanho wa Taala because it is only when we thank Allah subhanho wa Taala and it is only when we appreciate the blessings that Allah Allah has given us will Allah bless us with more.

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So it is imperative for us at the outset that we start thanking Allah subhanho wa Taala and when we go back from here, we understand that what we have today is a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala. We are living in a time of great

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living in a time of great turmoil. Every day in the newspaper, we see there are information which are being bombarded against Islam, there are islamophobes who are out there, we're there to malign the religion of Islam. In spite of all of this, Allah Subhana Allah Allah has given us so many avenues for us to acquire knowledge of his Deen, which was once again as I repeat, we never had this a decade ago, I never had a computer at my place. When I finished off my password that was way back in 2000. Now I come from Kolkata.

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But when I passed out my cluster that was way back in 2000, and never had a computer at least

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in 2003, when I passed on my graduation, I didn't even have an internet at my house. So we've come a long way. And for this, we must appreciate the blessings that Allah has given us. And after appreciating the blessings that Allah has given us, now Allah Allah makes us responsible. With every blessing that Allah gives us, we must become a responsible individual. And today as parents, it is your responsibility. You have a right as a parent upon your child, to give them good Islamic education. Give them the best of Islamic knowledge.

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There's a very famous Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu ala rasulillah. He

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said, seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim. I'm sure all of you must have heard this before.

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seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim and that obligation and this respect

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sponsibility begins right from the time a child is born.

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No, we tend to think that when a child is born, this is time to enjoy, have fun play with him. But believe me, a lot of brothers and sisters, the seeking of knowledge, that obligation begins right from the time a child comes from the desert, and it continues till the end of his life, till the time death overtakes him.

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So that obligation becomes, becomes, right from the time a child is born. And that is why, as parents, when we do the hand holding of a child, when he is small, it becomes imperative upon us to ensure we give the best Korea to our child. And how do you give to your child? How do you give Korea what is the mood that you use, the best form of earlier that you can give to your child is that you introduce him to the

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there is no better way to educate your child of Islam. But to introduce him to the

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the sahabas would say, change your child for an early, don't delay. Now, I met a family a few weeks ago, and child is three years old. And we were just inquiring Have you started teaching and

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so the lady said that but not right now. He still was four years old.

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Getting it? I didn't know where this concept comes from. concept like this.

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There is no concept like this, you have to start teaching your child or an from a very early age, because when you teach the child or man from an early age, you are attaching them to the speech of Allah subhanaw taala. But it is the speech of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And when you change your trial, or if you have attached him to the speech of Allah, and when you attach him to the speech of Allah, you have attached to Islam, because the speech of Allah is nothing but Islam. That is Islam.

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So you need to attach your child to the Koran from an early age. And when you do that, this will give an impetus to your child to move forward in his life. You look into the life of the Sahaba

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who were the servers this hovers before Islam came in the current period, these same group of people were regarded as tough people to have walked on the face of the earth. The album's before Islam came were the worst of people who have walked on the face of the earth. There was a US philosophy, for one wanted to hold the arms. Yet, when Islam came, and in fact, before Islam came and Adam had no status in front of the Persians. You know, the Persian was the largest army of that time. And then I don't have no status in front of the person. Yet, when is slumping, when the message of Argos instructed the hearts of the people changed? People started believing in themselves, the same people

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who are regarded the worst of people, they became the sulfasalazine they became the best of people to have walked on the face of the earth. Why? What was it that changed them? That was that was Islam, Islam changed the Arabs. It made them the best of people who are walked on the face of the earth.

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And after the coming of Islam, what error was equivalent to 100 person

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blessing that Allah has given in Islam, and yet we have people amongst us, we have parents amongst us who provide their children of Islam. Normally, I have come across two bands of people, there is a middle way also there are three, but generally we see there are two bands of people. One is those those parents who will give the child the best of dunia education, they put them in the best of schools, whether missionary or non missionary, but they will ensure the best of school so that they are able to get the best of education in history, geography, science, English, and then after they finish their 12 they will spend another 2530 lakhs to admit them into a medical college. And after

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that was done, what what happened after medical then the Masters happened the MD and forced them to send them to UK, do your FRCS and come back. They spend a lot of money on the child. But they do it at the cost of the beam. That's one group of people. And Rahim Allah says this, and this is remarkable. He said this 800 years ago, if they tell you he says that there are

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The worst thing that you can leave though, though, the thing that leads the child astray, is the excessive care and love of the parents. If the law says 800 years ago, that excessive love and care takes the child away, because when you give him excessive love and care, your child does not become a real man.

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He is a man, you know, we have this system where the child gets so much of love and care, and he's not given a time to blossom out. He remains within the four walls of the house these days, and a child of a child, who in Islam, of course, if he grows past the age of 10, he becomes a responsible individual, he is accountable for not reading the Salah, he has to start fasting. But in western world, we have this concept of adolescence, where till the time, they do not cross the team, they do not become men. until the time we don't reach 25. They don't become men. But in Islam, a man is at the age of 13 or 14, he becomes a man. You have to give him responsibilities. The Sahaba would even

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discuss problems with their children. Why? Not that they expected great response, but it was to train them to train them to stop thinking. But we don't do that. We say a child is too small.

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The time of bronzer, the child is not fasting. Why? Because he's too small. He's already 12 years old, but he's still small. When he's 16 years old, and he's preparing for his board exams. Don't fast you've got your board exams tomorrow. If you fail, one year is gone. And if you fail if he dies tonight, he will be answered with your loved one not fasting.

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Not questioning what happened about your board exam? First thing? Why did you learn that obligation.

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And we see parents not encouraging the child. We have children who are encouraged to see their friends. But then they discourage their child I know of a family and called another son is one of the best student in the school. But he comes to leave the Juma Salah by lying at home because he says his parents don't allow him to even step up.

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Why? Because this is not your age to eat. masala is in class 12. Now, this is not your age. We have this group. This is one extreme. The second extreme people is those who do not give even the education of the Antonia they don't give them any indication. We find so many animals from locality anywhere in the world.

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I would say that it's not to me, India, it's the problem. We're all over the globe. And that's absolutely true. Go to any Muslim locality, you will find those who have no no no knowledge of the no knowledge of dunya They are the ones who are the rapists, criminals, thugs, and waste money to ship say that are coming from Kolkata, when in the last two months. Two major * cases have got Muslims involved in it. And this is no media. This is no media. These are people who are responsible. They did it.

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And when you look at the background, no tea, no education, no basic education lacking even basic education, they can't even talk and we will religion. This is the other extreme.

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In between these two extreme is what Islam offers. Islam says that you have to take both Deen and dunya. Together we live a life which is temporary understand this My dear brothers and sisters, this life is a temporary life. Do we agree on this or not? Do you think that this will go on building your account back again? No, this is your temporary place of rest in this temporary place over

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60 years. You know, Mr.

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Speaker from Islamic Research Foundation, he was giving me some nice statistics he says on an average a man lives for 60 years of use for calculation purpose. And in a day on an average amount of sleep for eight hours. Right? That means one third of the day he sleeps, which means one third of his life. He sleeps. So 20 years of our life you sleep

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out of 60 years. 20 years we're sleeping 40 years left. That's what we do. He says eight hours a day a child goes to the school

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person who's going to the office on an average he also works eight hours a day Saturday Sunday included when he's not working. So which means another one third of your life. You are busy in matters of dunya which means another 20 years of your life goes away. 40 years gone.

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This is a temporary light, there is an eternal light. We've already got rid of 40 years, we just got 20. Let's see what we do in these 20 years. On an average IPL cricket matches How long?

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Right? A movie is about three years, any kind of entertainment to us, right? Seriously serials on television will start support primetime, seven o'clock to 11 o'clock or whatever the

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three hours will be another one of your life goes in watching program entertainment. I don't want to get into the calculation further. But towards the end, we find we get just about three to five years of complete life to do a mother. And two we do justice to that. Do we do justice to that? What do we do in those three to five years, even in those three to five years? We try. We miss us a long time. We don't read off a long time leading us on China's fall.

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It is important compulsory, it should it can only be excused on an extreme case. And I won't get deep into details.

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But what I understand is that you can't use your cell phone. fella has to be ready on time. It has to be done on time to

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come towards towards success. So what are we doing

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in our office? You know, I got a six year deal to do. Va No, I got close by deal six crore Haleakala there is no impact.

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Why? Because we've gone away from the dean. We've not attached ourselves to the Quran and the Sunnah. And that is why within these two extremes we have what Islam offers us look into the life of the people who are among the Prophet.

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Who are they, you know, again,

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making a mentioning of how the Sahaba they have hardly any clothes to wear.

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Their clothes have patches on them rasulillah clothes use black patches on them.

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Upon occasion, they used to tie stones around the stomach and go to sleep.

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This was the same yet Islam changed in men like a blind men like Saudi Arabia have passed mela College in Malaysia.

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What changed them it was Islam which changed the life of these people.

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They allow

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his father, his father was worried when

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he was asked to launch enemy of Islam. All the planning, which was done in the early years of Makkah against the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was done under the supervision of a man.

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And the scholars of Islam who has studied his life, they say, Well, he was a great poet. He was educated, he was smart, he has every good thing which you want, if pertaining to the dunya. But a lot deprived him of the greatest blessings. And that was Islam. He had everything he had, well, he had children who are played people that follow the money, people like money.

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But Allah deprived him of Islam, and the scholars of Islam see that as if you have nothing with you, of this dunya. And if you just have Islam, that is sufficient for you in Africa. So this temporary life, 60 years of life, of which 4550 years goes away, in fund the balance 10 years, we need to focus on preparing ourselves for eternal life. That's a very difficult calculation. So what do we do, we need to start from today.

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We need to start from an education, we need to start from an early age, push your child to start reading the Quran from an early age. Get involved, get them involved. The Muslims are not involved, unfortunately, that I was mentioning a while ago, we keep fighting amongst ourselves. We start naming ourselves, you know, whenever school comes up, and we've seen this recently in law school or stablish, as you're facing the same kind of problems, or which tomorrow do you belong to? Which school of thought do you belong to or do you belong to any school of thought? You know, if I wonder who takes the interview, you know, my mother is a teacher. And she tells me how parents come for

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interview in the school. But I know from

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from other people who are in school, how the parents come and interview the school. They come and interview the principal. Amazing, amazing situation. You sending your child when Islam

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Schools for education have both been engineered yet you have a problem you want to know which school of thought are they associated with? Remember this my brothers and sisters, our overriding identity is that we come from the sooner

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we are Muslims, that is our overriding identity, Allah Allah says, watch this he will be happy to

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tightly folded tightly.

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And yet the first thing that we utter is division meter brother, Big Brother, Where are you from? I am from India, from India

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is gorgeous, you know,

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his blood is more than this compared to the Indian me gonna come down to the nation wise, you know, where are you from? I'm from Lucknow, Lucknow, Delhi.

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Delhi is bigger. The kind of mentality that people have go within the state. Where are you from? I'm from the suburbs, the suburbs, I'm from the city, you know, we are better than you. Muslims. This is intelligent telling you I've interacted with people like this. And it's not a handful. It's a disease which has been found amongst many Muslims today. And then within locality, which NW stay. Okay, you stay in those areas, of course locality. I stay in a particular Muslim locality which no one visits unless they have to go and buy meat.

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Look at the mentality. And then within localities, we have this much to do come from do you come from x Masjid? Why do you go to X? Why don't you go to y, every word of ours which we attend this division that's come out of that it's time we came out of it. It's time that we focus on the larger mission, the Sahaba would have differences. But those differences never led them to fight each other. They have differences, they would argue with each other. Yet, if you are convinced, they will take the word, they will not have an ego. So we need to shut off our ego. It's time that we realize that these mission that schools like a national school have taken is to revolutionize the dunya they

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are creating a band of people who inshallah Allah will not only be succeeding in matters of dunya, but will also become righteous Muslim, willing to support these organizations. There are many assignment a new organization opens up and taking some more time. Many a time when the organization comes up, there are some people who sit back and they say they had to place

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And what happens is with this mentality, the school does not get support from the Muslim Ummah, and eventually the school shuts down. And then we say,

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you know what you are responsible for that. We always pass the buck. But believe me, it's time we took the responsibility for the state of the oma that we are in today. If any Muslim organization opens up to change the status of the oma, it is already gateway upon us to go and support them.

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We need to go out and support them. We can't sit back and watch out, you know, they

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can't have that attitude. That's not an attitude of a Muslim. That's not a narrative of a real man. Men like polybutylene who stood by Islam and look at us at every drop of the hat we want to shut off Islam from our life. So inshallah Allah, I would request each of you who are gathered here that you take up the initiative supports us organization.

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I will see how much he spent. And then he said that we are looking for donation, but I say, and I'm not a spokesperson for Accra, I've come all the way from Kolkata and I'm treating this as a Muslim, that it is

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it is important that you support such organization in any which way you can. irrespective of whatever you can give if you can give thought give thought if you can add value with money, do that, if you can give space to that this is what the human needs and inshallah those children who will pass up from here. They will be a source of blessing for you on the day of

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these people will become a witness for you.

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With these few words I would like to make

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mattala except the efforts on a Friday to national school and all the other Islamic schools who are working with a class to change the status of the oma May Allah subhanho wa Taala those who hold on to the poor and the sooner in these times of fitna And may Allah subhanho wa Taala keep us all united in this dunya and maybe reunites us all ingenico fellows somehow

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Hola Como estas online.

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la sala de la

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