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AI: Summary © The Hadith is a movement that claims to be a group of Muslims who will wield war based on the truth. The term "has been" in Islam is used to indicate that Muslims are not a threat to others, and the term "has been" in religion is used to indicate a group of people who will be wielding war based on the truth. The speakers emphasize the importance of being aware of the condition of the umal and the need for people to be aware of it. The use of "has" in religion is discussed, and the potential for misunderstandings of the term "has."
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Whoa, who's some Lola who it he were it was sending them to screaming cathedra Amma balgo

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When they failed Keramik anomala he will fail Buddha, Buddha Rasulullah he some Allah when he was a NEMA, or shuttle or more that to how a column of data can be datum, what could be the attend Burleigh? Wakulla Galatia Tim finna

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come to the next Hadith actually we'll do two Hadith today because these two Hadith like last week, they explain one another and they should be grouped together inshallah. And then first hadith is a Hadith of Malawi via ibn Abi Soufiane or guano why I named him

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the Prophet says on the law while he was setting the math does Allah talk if atonement Mati ka Eema tomb be Emery lackey. Now your daughter Roman hatherleigh, whom while I'm in holophone, had yet to

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Amarula he will whom via here on Alan NAS. IDEs said that they will not cease to be a group of people from this ummah, who will be victorious over the people.

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It won't hurt them, they won't harm them. Those people who try to make all the land they tried to trick them.

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Nobody hurt or harm them, those people will go against them. They have Maharlika against them, they will remain in this condition until Allahu Taala brings about his affair

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is hadith of IWEA may Allah be pleased with him as a hadith that is moto YT as shareholder slammy butane media said, and other than Him Rahmatullahi Allah or an AMA and Islam. So Hadith that has a lot of narrations coming to us from a number of the companions. It was a hadith as mutawatir. And as we've mentioned so many times whether the Hadith has moved toward terrorists, not if it's I had, we're going to take it. If it's in the Quran, we're going to take it. Obviously, if it's an

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authentic sunnah, we're going to take it. And when the Hadith comes to us, as we mentioned, we don't play those games as the people of desires. Were my Atacama Rosso, faux fur, hobo, woman, Hawkman, hoof and devil, whatever the Prophet gives to you take it whatever He prohibits you from, leave it alone. So his authentic sunnah, whether it is mutawatir, or whether these are high head, we don't make any distinctions. Whether those Hadith come in our Kedah or they come in, I can, we don't make

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any difference if it's authentic, and we're going to take it. So this hadith is a Hadith of the scholars of Islam. They came up with some concepts like the Hadith from last week. This hadith is the one that gives us this terminology, the fact that Tenaglia the same set the same group.

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Also from this hadith scholars use the wording of these Hadith that amatola the narrations and they say that this hadith is the hadith of a PA ephah and Mon surah the SEC that is also victorious because those are the words that the Prophet use some Allah what He was saying different words. Let his idle talk if a Tamil Marathi Anil happy moments Surah Lai you do Roman Carla for whom when I'm in LA whom had to Amala will whom I know that because it was a number of a hadith letters I will try

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it for two min Murthy and have had your car T rune they will always be a group of people from my mobile beyond the truth and they will waging war pays based upon the truth.

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So not everybody who fights everyone who is doing P time is actually fighting based upon the truth just as everyone who's given dollars now given dollar based upon the truth, but the thought even among surah the same group the same sec. Then they do these things based upon the truth. Few things can mention about the Hadith very first thing is the actual wording of the Hadith the verb, lat Desilu ta ephah they will not cease to be a group of people this ID is one of the many Hadith that

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show us whether people like it or they don't like it. The future is for LS lamb and LS lamb is never going to stop.

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Its Nan will never ever stop.

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The internal enemy the external enemy will

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will never be able to extinguish the light of Ellis lamb This is one of the many a doula for that from the keytab and from the Sunnah.

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So anytime the Muslims see problems around the globe at any given time during any era, it is not permissible for the Muslim to become faint hearted and to give up hope and to say that it is over never gonna happen even if a group of people were being attacked over here and they'll be you know, pressed over there over there, even if it's the majority of the Muslims still, that's not an indication that Ellis lamb is going to stop this hadith shows is Demerol the continuation of the

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height of this OMA

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there are a number of is not one not two, not three a number is a Hadith that mentioned that Allah will Tyler mentioned in the Quran, threatening the believers yet you Alina Amma know me or Ted Demming command Dini he for Sofia yet de la who will be owning your bone while you're at Buno. A villa tonight meaning visiting Anil carefully. Oh you believe if any of you if any of you are past state, and you leave your religion, then Allah will just bring a group of people who he loves them

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and they love him. They will be gentle and easy with the believers. And there'll be rough and tough, serious costs with the disbelievers who deserve that. So it's one of the I go to clearly indicate Allahu Tida threatens the people of this ummah. You don't want to get with the program. You don't hurt anyone except yourself those I get that talk about a jihad, not for sad jihad. And as we mentioned many times, and we have to keep mentioning it. We don't apologize about our religion. When

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people are practicing the religion correctly, and understanding the religion correctly from Elif to yet we sign up for all of that, that the people call us what they want to call us. Let the Muslims call you what they want to call you. Let the non Muslims call you what they want to call you. If you're practicing Islam correctly, not according to Warped interpretations as the Muslims have warped interpretations.

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But we don't apologize the way the Prophet brought this religion Subhan Allah who it was sent him. So some people will look at the Messenger of Allah. They even look at their own prophets and messages because of their warped understanding of their religion. And they have negative opinions about their own prophets and messengers. What you think is going to be the case with Rasulullah sallallahu it was sent him so I say, without biting my tongue and apologizing the religion that

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Prophet Mohammed brought to light and sending them any man any one black, white, rich, Arab, whatever. If you're practicing that way, then that's the correct Islam. Haiti who hate it, love it, who love it. So when this I had a lot threatened the believers, if you don't, if you apostate Allah azza wa jal will bring a group of people get rid of you bring another group people and then worship Allah, they'll do the things that they were told to do another ayat, and usually these eyes are

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connected to jihad. A Latin Pharaoh, you either become either been a Lima, we stopped the Coleman come, well, I had to do Rahu che, if you people don't go out to wage, the correct jihad. He said at that at the correct time with the correct people with the correct outcome and I that if you choose not to do that, then Allah will change you. And he'll bring another group of people and that wouldn't harm him one bit. That's another one of those many is that that show no matter what the

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condition of the Muslims, they are not practicing, they are not stepping up taking care of responsibility or they're the minority and around them and enemies of Islam all around. There will always be a group of Muslims from this ummah doing the right thing. The whole ummah will never ever, ever be in a condition where people who don't know what ls lamb is until Yamo Qian and we'll come to that in sha Allah Who Tiana until yomo Kiana. We're in teta wallow your step they will call me back

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home from Malaya Kunal I'm father come another ayat. If you people turn around, if you turn around and you reject this religion and what Allah is saying that Allah change it for people who are other than you. And again, as he mentioned, he would they won't be like you so this hadith that we're dealing with goes to show the perpetual hack of lsn is not going to stop this hadith and other Hadith. Yeah, who have the elimin kuliah elephant or doula who verily there will be a group of

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people who will carry

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This religion and every era. That's what the Prophet says from Allah who it was sending them.

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They will be a group of people, meaning scholars, and people like that. They are responsible for preserving this religion. In every era, they'll refute the people go extreme. There were fruit that people were ignorant, they'll explain, and they'll deal with the issues of the people on the scene, or trying to give a false interpretation of the religion of this fan. This is what is from the benefits of this hadith. It shows that the future is Islam and the Islam is for the future and vice

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versa. Also, the Hadith lattice Allah taught you for that word, thought it was from those words in Arabic that you should comprehend. Thought if it's like a Jamaat, like a Jamaat, unless sunnah. And let's Suniti with Gemma, a TA Eva is a group, as I mentioned, they call this hadith, a thought, if among Surah a TA ephah Adelman, Surah iffa It means a group a group. So the Hadith said they will not cease to be a group, we understand from that there are going to be many groups, but there'll be

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one group that's doing the correct thing. But there will be many groups and I say to you right here, it's not permissible for us to be with any of these groups that the Muslims have made for themselves. Even the group of people called selfies, who may this chef responsible for everything. There's an innovation that has been introduced into the religion, we're supposed to be the baccala, meaning mostly mean, people are holding on to the Kitab and the Sunnah, and understanding them the

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way that those companions did, may Allah be pleased with them. As for I'm with this group, and the shakers over me, everybody who agrees with me and the chef II, okay. And if you don't agree with the shift, and you're not your chef, and you are all on innovations, that's an innovation. It's not permissible for the Muslims to be in any group. If you want to take one of the former that hit format, haps, no problem. You could take them with hat, but don't have what I'm Baran love and hate

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based upon that myth, and based upon this mystery, that mystery, so the tougher it can be one person, it could be two people or it can be three or more all of that, that Kenny Mata, if it goes on it Allah mentioned in the Quran, we're into if a tiny minute meaning the total for Asli whole being a woman, if two groups of people from the believers fight than the rest of you get involved and stop and make peace, you have to make it slide. So the word thought if I hear, it can mean if

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two individuals are fighting,

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then you have to get involved. So that work can be used to people from this side, two people from the side, you can use the word thought refer three people, three people, you can use the word

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tribe, he and the tribe that you can use the word. So the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu, it was said to them, that that thought if they will always be a group of people, which goes to show again, that there are going to be many groups. This is one of the things that has happened and will continue to happen to our Ummah was a tough day vehicle having Amma and a third, if it was severe enough felucca called will have Inari in that Wahida. And this OMA is going to split up into different groups, 73

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groups, he said something Allah when he was setting them, actually is more than 73 groups amongst the Muslims. But if you were to put them all together, some of those groups still come under one umbrella, were divided inside of divisions inside of divisions, and then the people want to address the issue of Palestine for an example. We address the issue as if we're not looking at the condition of our Ummah, the ability of our Ummah, just a bunch of Kadem. There's a place in a time for Qlm

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like on the member on the Doris, you gave tau g hat and Nestle her that people need to hear, but just being emotional all the time, and a conditioning you don't understand what's going on with the Muslims, always the extremes. The one extreme is the one who looks and he says that the glass is half empty. The Muslims are destroyed. That's it. He only criticizes the Muslims. That's it. What Palestinians are not doing that strike, that's all he ever says. They're losing their lives.

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Children are dying. All he can say is Yeah, but look at their connection to Hizbollah and there's that's all you see. Because that is a part of it. And that's real. But that's all you see. And then the other extreme you have extreme is

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One who gets on the member and tells the people let's go protest and march and go and kill and fight people to change the condition killing fight people. No, let's pray so that on February 1, let's pray Serato Fajr ourselves and the people connected to us we talked about, you don't know the condition of our mouth.

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So as it relates to this word lattice, I will talk if there will always be a group, it's your job, it's my job responsibility to try to be with that group with those group of people in terms of that understanding and we'll explain Inshallah, what that group looks like be really lucky to Ireland. As a relates to the

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characteristic as we mentioned, of the group.

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That is the one that's doing what the prophet is doing in his companions, Allah Allah when he was setting them above the Allah and Jemaine as we mentioned last week, but this hadith shows us that the group the same set

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is not because I said save sec, will you say save sec

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and this one set in that one set and we've run them around and walk around? I'm from the safe sec? No. A likes the rhetorical question about the yahood especially ilimitado il levy music corner for some Bella who use that key mania shadow. Have you not seen those people who go around praising themselves? The Jews in a Christian saying that they are Allah's beloved sons, Allah loves them doesn't love anybody else there that people have agenda no one else have you not seen those people

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who do that? I said no, Allah gives his key to who he wants. He sent another item the Quran Allah to Zack Cohen for SOCO

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don't praise yourselves who animal be minute taka. Allah knows best who really has tequila. We have personal van and think people are doing the right thing. But nobody can see he and say, Well Allah he I know for sure that brothers in Paradise is in paradise. I'm in paradise, nobody can say that.

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So as it relates to the thought, if among Surah has some characteristics that come to us from the Hadith, from those characteristics is the thigh if among surah is is Hadith said is Ka Eema tomb be amarilla it is taken care of Allah's religion, the Emir of Allah

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wala he, his Billahi cannot be the Torah if among Surah it's not even possible that the Ta, ta implements Surah are going to be a group of people who are cursing the companions of the Prophet sallallaahu Sen. So if I oppose some of the heavy, I want to get help to solve my problem because my enemy is getting me or something is happening. If I go to get Hezbollah to help me and to assist me in that, then there are things in the religion that tells me I'm doing a bad decision that I can be

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destroyed, i can be destroyed as a result of being around people like that. I'm loving our best will be asked a simple question about hygiene. And that question was which Hodges the best? He said the best hygiene to monitor will you make hajj and umrah they say but that wasn't the opinion of Abu Bakr and Omar, they said something else. Abdullah didn't Abbas said, I tell you that Prophet Muhammad said something and you tell me Abu Bakar, Noma. I'm telling you Rasul Allah said something,

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I believe, and you're telling me but I will book your own mindset. He said, I'm gonna get out of here I'm leaving his place. Because I'm afraid that Allah is going to send rocks down from the sky and destroy you people.

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What about the person that's because he felt you can't be around people who if you tell them the if you tell them that a hadith? They say no, I don't want that. Somebody else said, an Imam Abu Hanifa didn't say that. What are you talking about? You could destroy for that.

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So he didn't want to be around with those people. What about the person you think would have been able to love now bass his position, his motive from a person who is cursing Abu Bakar admire this man and I and I Isha. He's gonna sit down and have dinner with them and have dinner with them. It's gonna say I'm getting it here. So the thought ephah and Mon surah. It is not the one who's just saying that. No, has to be a person who is called Emma tune be admitting that he's taken care of the

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religion. So now and this message is this message it is a little Hadith in sha Allah. Allah Hadith from the group of the people who they say is applying for admin Sora. But what if the person comes to the annual Hadith Masjid is doing magic? He doesn't pray she doesn't where he

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jab. They don't know anything about the religion. You just say their thigh from Surah because they were born to parents who went to a masjid or were born in the village of Al Hadith. No, it's not like that. It's about practicing. They are the people who are fighting upon the truth. The other Hadith said your particular Alhaji they will be fighting upon the truth. So if you look in the internet, and you put in Arabic,

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the Hadith, if among Surah, you'll find people coming from die ich, ISIS, and the guys explaining there from the Thai if among surah. So some young kids, some young brother or sister, they get motivated by that kidnap, and they say I'm going to the Thai for Hmong surah in Syria.

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No, that's not the meaning of Torah if among Surah one of the conditions are one of the signs of yomo Qiyamah is that things will be called by other than the names what people will start to do. So instead of people calling it Reba because everybody knows Riba is haram by the Quran and the Sunnah, they'll call a prophet, thinking by changing the name, you change the ruling on the reality camera camera Shara. They'll call his spirits by drinking it by selling it by using it, the same evil is

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going to happen changing the name doesn't have anything to do with the price of peanuts. People say that I'm Sunni and the Sunnah, is at the Sunnah. But he's the first one who has g dal mu J Dilla. When he is come to him about Allah's names and characteristics. He's the first one to start arguing about that. He's the first one to make a G down. He's not doing what the people the student is supposed to do and so forth. So so the point here in the shade here is what's in a name, call

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yourself what you want to call yourself. How many people do we know call themselves things but has nothing to do with the reality. So the top if among Surah are the people no matter what color they are, no matter how much money they have, they don't have. It's the people men and women who are practicing the religion, what religion what was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu it he will either it will set it up and what he came with and show to the Companions last week I didn't mention but I

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take this opportunity to mention it. One of the reasons why the companions are the explanation of the signposts the Quran and the Sunnah, is because again, simply put, the Quran was revealed to the Prophet saw a lot he was sending them into came down, addressing their issues, they were the ones who things were happening to them, and those I guess will come down and those companions as well may Allah be pleased with all of them, they were very careful about doing things things they wanted to

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do, sometimes they wouldn't do it because they were afraid something from the Quran will be revealed about them. And when the Prophet died SallAllahu it was something obviously that's not gonna happen anymore. So that's from the main reasons why again, we look back at them as the example for how to understand this religion so back to say it one more time in sha Allah a person's Bremen um said if he said if he and you're just going around but you're his be person you just with a group, you're

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not really practicing said Fear. So the fear is not everything shift Ruby says it's not safe here. So that fear is not you making Milan Bora against the Muslims based upon what message you go to. This is not sending fear. Salafi is understanding the Quran, the Sunnah, the way that companions did, may Allah be pleased with them and not being with any is any group from these political groups other than that, because these groups do nothing but they divide us go to any country you want to go

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to go to any Masjid any city, you want to go to these different groups that the Muslims have made for themselves, they divided the Muslims and they prevent us from uniting against a common enemy for common cause we can't do it. There's going to be our condition. The group that you have to be from you have to be with I have to be fun I have to be when is the safe sec but again, what save said the one that's doing the right thing. Now I want to make this clear. Does that mean that we should walk

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around saying I don't know if I'm from the safe set? No. You have to say Inshallah, you're from the same set.

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I'm a believer, you sha Allah. I gotta add on Inshallah, because I don't know him. I believe it with Allah. You don't know if you will believe it with Allah. But what you're going to say I

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I don't know if I'm a believer and what are your caffeine or something? No, I'm a believer in sha Allah gotta add that in sha Allah. So we're from the same sector inshallah we're trying. But Allah Allah Allah knows best. Are we measuring up? Are we not measuring up? So that's the Hadith. Now the question is, Who are these people? Who are they? This test key that I was mentioning, we have to understand that Allah gives the test key and there are two types of test Kia. The test Kia that is

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general and the one that is specific. The General Test Kia is that Allah loves the believers. Whoever is a believer, Allah loves and that's general. Allah loves those who have Taqwa. Allah loves those who pray Allah loves those who fast those who make Hajj Allah I love those who have suffered. So there's general anyone who makes Hajj fast the month of Ramadan. Other than that, anyone who has better why they think things like that, Allah praise those people, but you didn't praise you

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So if you're a person who prays, don't walk around, say Allah loves me, sha Allah, Allah loves you, but you don't know. That's a general test here. And then there's this specific because Kia, Allah has given specific Teskey as to individuals, like in the Quran, the prophets and the messengers. Allah praised all of them. So they are all in Jannah and they're the best human beings because Allah has specifically said them by names.

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Those righteous people of the Quran, like the young boys in certain calf, like Look man, like other like ASEAN other people of the Quran. Those are specific people that Allah to Allah praise them.

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The companions of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu it was set it up. He said Abu Bakar as in Jana, Omar is in Jana, Earth man is in Jana, and he is in Jana. So those 10 people promise Jana, Allah specifically prays that he prays Khadija all of the wives of the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he praised all of them he said in the Quran, Radi Allahu I knew him what I do and Allah is pleased with all of them.

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So as it relates to the thought, if among Surah, the same set, the same set is a general test kit. You have to try to be with that group. But you can't walk around saying Allah he I mean that group up, say in sha Allah, but we don't doubt our religion is something we understand we try to do, but the point is to be careful being those people who have a war and you walk around and you exist as if you are Allah's gift to Benny Adam. So who are the safe set? The scholars with a Sam didn't leave

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the question on turn, mmm, Acme said, If the thought if a non surah is not another Hadith finalists to remain home is I don't know who they are. If the thought if, among Surah are not the people of the Hadith. And as we mentioned many times, Imam

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atma used to say that

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a little Hadith are the people who work by the Hadith. They work by him with the Hadith from Adnan Hadith, but I'm racist, I'm from Al Hadith, I'm racist, I'm not going to let my daughter marry anybody except a cousin, another man can come but from another village from it. I know when I'm screaming, I don't ID your adult Hadith, but you're not practicing those a hadith that make racism impermissible. That's the point. It's only then the be of Islam some lady was telling the people

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said that he said say that I believe in Allah and then be upright. He said it sung Allah who it was said to them and he practiced it. We on the other hand, we say but we fall short of the mark me Eliza Joe make us of people who help each other inshallah to be complete. And Imam and in Medina he was a contemporary with an imam Adnan he said there are little Hadith, which al Hadith and Hadith from Kashmir may pour from quarterly. From from from Lahore. No, not talking about that. The Jamia

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al Hadith not talking about that. Talking about Al Hadith from the time of the companions, all the way up into this time, may Allah be pleased with them. The hadith comes whether you understand it or you don't, it goes against you or is for you. It goes against your Med hat madhhab. Your Eman The important thing is what the messengers today you give it to program. That's another Hadith not the Jamia al Hadith

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And we're different from railways and deobandis and 567 Maasai. And even in those masajid, we may not even be different because we mixed up coming together, you know, growing up, and we don't really know. No, not talking about Germany and Hadith. I want you people to understand that very clearly. And Imam Al Bukhari said that the Torah is among surah. They're the people of knowledge. They're the people of knowledge. And as true clearly, and they know conflict, the contradiction in all of these

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different statements, they all are supporting one another

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group of young people sit together, and they come up with really large, big fatawa. about life and death, about blood and money. Who's a Muslim who's not a Muslim? And they're no people knowledge with them. You can't be from the thought if among Surah, and expect that scholars are not from the Torah, if among surah. And then look, look, look. Some of our Shabaab have this understanding that the scholars are the ones who are in prison, anyone who was in prison, it's a sign that he's a good

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scholar. And that's not true. Where did you get that from? Where did that principle come from? Is that an ayat of the Quran? Is that a hadith it's possible that a scholar can be imprisoned? And it's possible that scholars are in prison. I don't doubt that. But this thing that our Shabaab have is, every time a person goes to prison is because he's a scholar. No, he went to prison because he was negligent. And he went to prison because he shouldn't have said what he said. And he went to prison

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because he was too emotional. And he went to prison because you don't scholars and having scholarship doesn't put you in prison. They don't go hand in hand. Abu Huraira the companion of the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam during the fitna via XID. He used to tell the people when he would give a class of the people, I know some Hadith, I know some a hadith if I were to tell you, these hadith is knowledge, then they will chop my head off. He didn't say who would chop they said they

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will chop my head off. He was clearly referring to the leader Yazeed who would deal with you.

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So he didn't tell the people about those Hadith. And not a single person said Abu Huraira was not a scholar. I will put that as a scholar for Dallas, Abu Huraira. He doesn't speak the truth, especially in the fitna. He has to have self preservation to help the people. If the scholar goes to prison, if the scholar is dead, if he dies, then the people are going to be in a bad condition.

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So having knowledge having knowledge, that's just what it is. It helps to preserve your life and other people life. The man who came and he told the people I want to make Toba killed 99 people. Can I make Toba? They say yeah, you can make Toba COVID And next that man over there ask him he's the most religious righteous zakat. He went, can I make tobacco 99 people, the ignorant man said, you can't make Tober how you think you're gonna make Toba? You killed 99 people, the man made him 100

00:33:13--> 00:33:44

killed them no knowledge. And he had now what you would have said, This man has killed 99 people. And he's asking me can you make man you can make job all day long? Even if I didn't think that I'm gonna say that. So I can go back home to my wife and my children. He came back and said, Okay, I told you people I want to make Toba, they sent them to the scholar. After that the scholars a year you can make Toba. And what's going to come between you and Toba? What will stop you from making

00:33:44--> 00:34:02

Toba just leave these people that you're within this place and go to the place to worship Allah be with the religious people. That's from the benefit of knowledge. But the reason why I'm using it is to show you get that out of your head. The scholar is the one who's locked up. He could be locked up.

00:34:03--> 00:34:33

But we found that a lot of the youngsters who was saying that they are in their mind, there are consistent patterns with the people who they're saying other scholars who are not scholars, some of them have knowledge, some of them don't. But scholars know the thought if a man surah is going to have read our minds not possible for you and me to think that we're from the type among Surah that doesn't have any scholars we just walking around. We walk it around, expelling people from Islam and

00:34:33--> 00:34:59

the Sunnah and our desires, and we swear with the thought if among Surah know, the way you're acting is assigning indication that you're on the opposite of the way of the fight if among Surah because they aren't the Amana Allah with the heart with the truth. So they all of those people, so let's say some of the people have the opinion that the Thai Freeman surah is the one that sent Palestine in a sham

00:35:00--> 00:35:32

So you find that these days, especially with the fitna with Palestine, a lot of people are using this hadith, and some of the words of the Nebby. So some, some are not authentic, some are to say, look, the Thai if among surah is in Palestine right now, it could be that there are some people from the top if among Surah, but the Palestinians is a group of people. I'm not the type of Minnesota, Saudi Arabians as a group of people, not the type of among surah. But what is that? The TA if among

00:35:32--> 00:36:06

Surah, can be from the UK, they can be from the Sudan. They could be from a sham. They could be from any Yemen, they can be from Pakistan, it can be from Cameroon, wherever they are not for a specific place or a specific time, because some people understood that this hadith is talking about the seven no money. Because when the Prophet talked about the Typhon Missoura, he was talking about IE seven who mme. And that people with IE seven Romanian, they're the safe sect during that time. They're the

00:36:06--> 00:36:33

ones who are going to be the minority, they are the ones who are going to fight and kill the digital. They're the ones who are going to be with a seven on Monday. And during that time, when all of the people are against Ellis land, they're going to deal with the Jews and non Jews when they come, they're going to be the at that time and run away from the Jews and non Jews and make Hedren to Allah azza wa jal deals with them. But they are the thought if a man sort of the safe SEC doing

00:36:33--> 00:36:55

that time because some of the Hadith they said they will not cease to be a group of people from the safe sec and they say God also Allah jasola Who are they? He said they're in beta muck this they're in bait the muck this in the quarters surrounding the messed up saw

00:36:58--> 00:37:27

that's a recess time, but they are hearing right now. You can be from them, you should try to be from them. I should try to be from that and so forth and so on. Which brings us to the second Hadith Inshallah, because it elaborates as well and sheds light on who the thought if a non Surah are who they aren't. And that comes to us from the hadith of Sullivan, who said, may Allah be pleased with him. Prophet Muhammad mentions of Allah What are you sending before I forget, the end of the Hadith

00:37:27--> 00:37:37

said that the Save SEC will be victorious until Allah brings about his affair. Some of the scholars said that the meaning of that is yomo piano,

00:37:38--> 00:37:45

but a stronger meaning that it seems when the believers run away from yet Jujin juge.

00:37:46--> 00:37:49

And then Allah sends the birds down.

00:37:51--> 00:38:05

And he deals with them and he destroys yet Jude, Jude is going to be a stench on the earth from their bodies and their corpse. And then Allah will sit in the rain down to the earth and cleanse the earth

00:38:06--> 00:38:11

and wipe them away. And then everything is going to grow big and an opulence

00:38:12--> 00:38:50

and then there's going to be a wind that's going to blow they said this is what this hadith is talking about. And Allah knows best this time that time. The important thing is they'll be with the people who are the same set because of the characteristics and the Hadith of Solomon who side then it'd be mentioned Salah when he was setting them in Islam better riba was a Yoruba riba comma better for tuba little Hora verily al Islam start started as a stranger started as something strange. And

00:38:50--> 00:39:05

the religion of Islam is going to return like a stranger. So tuba for the strangers toolbar for to the strangers. And this is from the

00:39:08--> 00:39:47

proofs that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam is a Nebby della in and Naboo from the proofs that he's from a Nisa Nibi is all of the things that he told us what was going to happen in the future. He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam during this time of Palestine. The Imam should teach the people that our Ummah we have a book and a newbie who came to us Salatu was Salam. And the Quran gives us Bushra, that, be patient? You're gonna get tried. You're gonna get tried with your wealth, your family, loss

00:39:47--> 00:39:59

of life, be patient. Those of you who are patient, you're going to win out in the last part. You're going to get Tim Keane that's what the Quran said. You're going to get the Khilafah so Quran said

00:40:00--> 00:40:25

The hadith said that so at times like this, the good Imam, the good tea, the good teacher, is the one who reminds the community correctly about the issues, not just one issue is all emotional, all emotional, and all we're going to talk about is jihad. And what do you say may be true but in layman's terms right place, low G high for a group of people don't make set out to Fajr

00:40:26--> 00:40:32

there is no jihad for a group. It's like Ramadan. There is no Ramadan for the one who doesn't pray.

00:40:34--> 00:40:51

Well, Allah He there is no Ramadan. If he fast the whole month of Ramadan, it doesn't count stone in his face because he doesn't pray. So I gave in front of the people excited and I told about jihad, jihad, about Palestine and I know the Ummah doesn't pray.

00:40:53--> 00:40:57

And I'm not putting anybody down, look at my kids, look at my family.

00:40:58--> 00:41:32

And you look at your kids, your family and yourself, and then we're going to come to the community now. So we tell the people, different aspects. Like the Prophet used to do Salah when he was sending them. This OMA has been promised that He laughs 10 King, but it comes with tests trials. So he sallallahu alayhi salam in the beginning of Islam, was building the messages Allah Allah who it was send them and our companions couldn't get a rock out of the ground. They say yeah, Rasul Allah, we

00:41:32--> 00:42:03

can't get the rock out of the ground. He went himself sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as an example. And he took the axe what he added, he hit it, he said, Allahu Akbar, me hit it. And sparks came out, and he kept in spots came out. He said to the Companions, you people are going to come in control of the treasures of Rome and Persia, when those sparks were coming out, not a single companion said, How do you know that your Rasul Allah, your Salah, that's not in the Quran? You are also Allah, what? How

00:42:03--> 00:42:09

are we going to beat them? How are we going to overtake Europe? How they didn't say that?

00:42:10--> 00:42:20

So how can he tell them that in the beginning, when he got kicked out of his own city of Mecca, he was that week.

00:42:21--> 00:42:34

But he said, This is what's going to happen in the future. And unless land hit the shores of Europe, how did he know that? He knew that because he's divinely inspired by lies. This hadith is one of those Hadith

00:42:35--> 00:42:56

that Islam began as a stranger and is going to return as a stranger what is the stranger? Something that is weird to the people people not used to and when the Prophet came in, he started calling the people to tow him for an example Salallahu it was setting the people set a giant alley HETA Isla Hida

00:42:58--> 00:43:33

and the hyperbola Shaban Rue jab as he may our guys into one God, this is a strange thing. Very IG, you want us to worship one, one? Illa. What about all of these other guys 307 Guys that we have what? And they couldn't get with the program. They could not get their heads around that. They believe that Allah, they believe in Allah. But they didn't believe in worshiping Allah alone. It was strange. They heard the Prophet sallallahu it was setting them and he put behind him a rabbi as the

00:43:33--> 00:43:34


00:43:36--> 00:43:55

And doing the prayer before the prayer began, I will go down the line and push and pull people to get in the line. And Erma will go down the other line and push and pull people to get in the mind. Not a single rich Arab, not a single person set the bit out, Hey, don't touch me, which of black ends.

00:43:57--> 00:44:09

This was something that was strange, something that was strange that slaves have rights. Slaves have rights, women they can inherit.

00:44:10--> 00:44:12

It was strange.

00:44:13--> 00:44:34

The rules that Islam brought, and these people here is Paola, after the Companions made all of those efforts and established this religion during the lifetime of those companions with one ally, Elaine, these people come now and they are living in Jamia and then they start saying aspects of our religion are backwards. And we want to apologize and feel bad about that.

00:44:36--> 00:44:46

No, it was strange. And it's going to return strange meaning now Now, if you come into this religion right now and you are practicing Islam correctly.

00:44:47--> 00:44:59

One of our Shabaab here, comes up grows up in a family that's liberal, they're not practicing. He or she gets the religion the Sunnah. Not that cultural Islam

00:45:00--> 00:45:22

That's Sunni Islam, and they learn everything about their religion and they start doing things based upon knowledge. The mother and the father and the relatives are the first people to say, what are you doing? Are you being too rough? Are you being too strange? You will Wahhabi your this your that your family, the first person to have a problem with you because what you're doing is weird.

00:45:24--> 00:45:28

is weird. They're gonna look at you as being weird. Leaving your beard. That's weird.

00:45:31--> 00:46:05

That's just an example. Islam is weird to the Muslims today. So what do you think about non Muslims? What do you think about non Muslims, you can barely get a non Muslim who knows about Al Islam based upon just mixing with the Muslims, because the Muslims, we've given people different understandings and interpretation. One guy meets the non Muslim Qadiani, non Muslim Qadiani. He means non Muslim, he tells him, well, we have an OB. He's midazolam admin. He's asked him, and we don't do this. And

00:46:05--> 00:46:28

we don't do that. And we don't do this. So they give him that person. The next guy he comes. And he said, Well, we beat ourselves up and make blood come all out of the place. And we worship far with him and all that. He says, oh, that's what you do. And then the next guy, he comes, and he says, Well, I sit in the dark, and I shake my head, and I make the Dhikr of Allah become one with Allah, he becomes one with me, and I'm one with the pig and a dog all simultaneously. And if you do that,

00:46:28--> 00:46:39

what kind of Islam is that? There's three types of Islam. And then the Salafi people. They have the extreme ones over here, they have those over. What is the Islam? What is the Islam?

00:46:42--> 00:47:12

That's the meaning of this hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Al Islam began as something strange, and it's going to return us something strange. So toolbar for the strangers that we're about tuba in this hadith is talking about the agenda itself all of the agenda, or is talking about what the Prophet said an authentic hadith sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said in the agenda, he said, There is a tree in the Jana, and that tree is called tuba, tuba.

00:47:14--> 00:47:30

That if a person were to start from the trunk of the tree, and he was to ride the fastest animal, the Baroque or whatever, goes at the speed of light, you rise something fast, you won't get out of this shade of tuba for 500 years.

00:47:33--> 00:47:54

So in the Japanese, what no eyes have ever seen, no ears have ever heard, and not been contemplated by any human being. So these waterbath are the people of the Forgotten Nigeria has three different narrations for this descriptions. And this one is says that

00:47:57--> 00:48:31

it's not become strange is going to turn come back as a stranger, so Janna for the strangers who are the strangers Yeah, Rasul Allah, group of companions said Who are the horribad? He said, Oh, nice. Kelly alone, Sally horn. They are people who are the minority, but they're religious. They're not the majority. It's not a lot of them. They are the minority, but they're religious. Those who disobey them and don't listen to them, or more than those who listened to them and obey them. Like

00:48:31--> 00:48:38

the previous idea. The thought if and men Surah, the safe sex not a lot of people

00:48:39--> 00:48:41

and the hoorah but not a lot of people.

00:48:43--> 00:49:14

The Hadith also said when he asked them who are the yado so like I said, I live in a slave owner. They are those people who rectify things that the people messed up, so they make a sly, and that's what the chef ellaby rahmatullahi tonali brought, and he chapter called The chapter, those people rectify. That's what he called this chapter, using this hadith. They are those people who rectify what the people messed up. So look, this strangeness

00:49:17--> 00:49:20

that people have a horrible if you're in the msgid.

00:49:22--> 00:49:39

It would be strange for the one who doesn't know about Islam because due to the flick of Islam, you see them doing things. For example, the Imam is praying, and he's walking in and he says Allahu Akbar before he gets to the stuff, and he's walking like that.

00:49:40--> 00:49:44

People don't read will say this is strange. What are you doing?

00:49:47--> 00:49:59

Now, someone still may have some if they laugh and say, I don't agree, we're not talking about him. But that action of his, if he's in that message of the aura, when a person sees it, he's

00:50:00--> 00:50:08

says this is a mixture of people do things right the right way so if I don't know it, I want to pose it just because I don't know it. I'm going to ask about it.

00:50:10--> 00:50:23

But they say in Arabic the one who's ignorant about something he takes it in me as animosity and Jaya che and Idaho. If you don't know about something, you don't want it you become an enemy to it because you don't know about it.

00:50:26--> 00:50:36

So in the strangeness a person makes will do and the only makes will do a one time that's it, a person who sees that and says, Oh, that's strange.

00:50:38--> 00:50:46

They Eman gets on the member and he really sort of golf for Juma and that's a people going to sell that strange what is that?

00:50:48--> 00:51:00

Now I don't think people should do that. He's making Salah and in the Salah. Instead of saying cinematic rock to Lhasa, he says I said, That's it. People saw that strange.

00:51:01--> 00:51:11

But when you're in the masjid of the Hora, but people who are learning the really slam, the person won't freak out as a result of seeing something

00:51:13--> 00:51:36

because that's how the masjid is the masjid is built on doing things the right way now 11 o'clock we're going to pray Sonata Allah salata, Alicia, 11, o'clock, autobuy. Same. And we're going to combine these prayers at this time of the year, because it's just too late and difficult. Personal does it. They said, What are you talking about combined the prayers.

00:51:37--> 00:51:49

And granted, there's room to agree and disagree. I'm not talking about that what I'm talking about is being an individual is not freaked out when you hear or see something that you're not used to

00:51:51--> 00:52:06

know. So a lot of things that we don't know about in the religion, a lot of things we thought it was this way, and it's not really that way. But through learning and exposing yourself and being upon the right way being upon the right way. It makes things easier.

00:52:07--> 00:52:37

So the last part of that hadith, the other one, the Prophet said about them, sallallahu alayhi wa and it was setting them. They are a group of people who again, they're the minority those people who disobey them or more than those people who listen to them. So that's a sign indication, again, that Islam doesn't pay attention to numbers all the time. That's not always if you will follow the majority of the people in the earth, they'll send you straight. And most of the people most of the

00:52:37--> 00:53:11

people are not thankful to Allah. And most of the people they make sure with Allah, for every 1000 people, Allah created 999 and the whole phi one is in Jana, right? So all of those are examples of how Islam but down and unfavorably to the majority. But that's not it block all the time. The people of the Sunnah, the euro, but the fate of Kenya and Nigeria, they used to say amongst themselves from the many things our day is the day of the janazah when you see the people of the Sunnah die, you see

00:53:11--> 00:53:43

how people come, how they behave in numbers and so forth and so on. So the big number of people with something they used to praise something that they used to like, and a madman knows that he used to say Rama to lay it Hey people, the sooner the sooner you horribad people want to be easy and gentle with each other. Don't be rough and tough with each other. Because you're a few from amongst the many. And then the person on a claim he's from the Philippines in Nigeria and his religion is

00:53:43--> 00:53:59

divided people even more unnecessarily for the new assault that people introduced into the religion. No, no. Okay when if you brothers have any questions Shala we're going to stop right there. If you brothers have any questions you could put your question forward now and then come shake

00:54:02--> 00:54:12

Hi, that was sung Allahu wa salam Mubarak and then the beginner Wanda Ali he was having as your mind was set on my neck Kamara Tula. He will barakato