Musleh Khan – Tafseer Surat Qaf – 17 Description of Jahannam #1 – Ayat 30

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the characteristics of Islam, including the use of the jahannam and the shadow tree, the portability of the Mahdi, and the history of the Mahdi language. The process for entering the Hellfire involves individuals entering the Jahannam with their hands and feet tied behind the back of their necks and then placed on their head with a Hadid. The process is ongoing and the Jahannam is expected to have doors and many individuals in the room.
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Yo man APU Li Jehan Nana hurry t moto

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or tofu hun min z on that day

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allies so agenda will ask the jahannam had integrity Are you full? The Jehan and the Hellfire will ask Allah Do you have filmi

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bring it bring more. What is the fuel of the fire? What is the charcoal of the fire? allies soldier tells us in sorta Herat

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that the charcoal, the fuel of the fire is what is the humans themselves, the disbelievers themselves those who enter the fire. And so Allah azza wa jal will cause that the jahannam be filled. And once it is filled, he will take his feet subhanahu wa taala and place it above the jahannam.

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This in and of itself is another punishment, you think that it is enough that a person enters the fire,

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then the person is being burnt into the fire and punished in the fire. You think that that is enough on in addition to all of this, the person now has allies so which causes his feet temp the jahannam

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and this isn't one of the attributes of Allah, that Allah subhanho wa Taala has a foot as as many as there are other things in other suitors. Allah azza wa jal describes himself that he has a hand he has a foot

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How does this look? What is the nature of this allow Ireland? This is the position up a little sooner. Well, Gemma, the people of Quran and Sunnah never, ever, ever will get into a discussion on k fee. It was filler.

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How the descriptions of a large surgeon, if Allah soldier says he has a foot, you're not going to ask a question. Well, does it have toes? Does it have five toes? Does it have this month? If Allah has so it just says that it has a he has a hand? Does it look like our hand? Can he grab like us? Allah who are them?

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There are narrow there are I shouldn't say narration there are segments of many groups of Muslims, but awfully the martez ila and all of them who give various descriptions and say, well, Allah azza wa jal, his hand is the sky. His feet is the out of the ground. And this has no evidence in the Quran or signal whatsoever. So you and I, as people who try to follow por en and Sunnah. What is our position when it comes to the Sleaford description of Allah? Allahu Allah was good. And we remain quiet. We don't say anything. We leave it at that.

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Having said that, brothers and sisters, we want to just begin very, very briefly. And then we will conclude about some of the descriptions of the Hellfire and those who enter it. And actually, I'm using my book that I studied in Medina. And this is actually a beginners book, although it took me months and months to understand it, but it gives me also a great pleasure for me to actually share with you the actual notes that I have an F studied in my time in Medina. And this is actually from a book that was written by a chef Ahmed Eben Rashid Abreu Haley have uvala He is one of the main students of the therapy, an alum, minella Alana, Ashraf, Mohammed, even Mohammed Al matar a shin TT

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happy Lala, who is one of the scholars that is part of the committee of senior scholars of Islam. And so this book has been put together by his one of his main students who Alhamdulillah has taught us for, and he has been a student of the shape for almost 23 years and is still studying with the shape until this day. This particular passage, I want you all to see this.

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It's one and a half pages.

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Originally, this passage that we're going to discuss beginning today and tomorrow. It was the sheriff actually told us that when he wrote this passage, it was originally 11 pages long, 11 pages. And so he did a mobile sort of summary of it. Every single word that I will say to you, is based on an authentic hadith. And also it is based on a Koranic

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The entire passage itself and so we begin a now what are the double

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the Hellfire and those who are punished in it. And now who don't are the holla who did caffeine?

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The Hellfire is a place that has been put and created for those who disbelief, disbelief and we mentioned all the things that make a disbeliever how Russia did it is so severe, warmer call maroma Hadid, those who enter the Hellfire, okay, so its heat is severe, we're describing it now, the heat is severe, and those who enter the fire will enter with a Hadid, meaning an angel will stand. And as each person just think of it this way, imagine you're entering, you know, you're entering a park, or you're entering a concert, and you're standing in line, and the person at the ticket booth collects each ticket. So this thing this is the ticket to enter the jahannam what is the ticket, there's an

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angel standing

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and the person will come to that Angel, how does that person come,

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the person will enter the jahannam like this, maybe I should stand up and do this.

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The person will enter the jahannam like this stand in front of the camera so the sisters get a look. These two hands these arms will be tied at the back of the neck. Okay,

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and the feet will also be pulled and will be tied behind the back of the neck as well. So picture this. Okay, you can all visualize and illustrate exactly what I'm talking about. The person now will be put to lay down on their stomach with their hands and their feet tied the back of their necks. Also the head will be reclined so far back that the person will be able to see the back see their spine. So this head will also be reclined so much so so Pinilla punishment is happening to this person even before they enter the * even before they enter the gentlemen. And they will be dragged one by one and an angel will be standing there with a Hadid. This is the hammer allies. So

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Rachel talks about this hammer, talks about it in salon talks about it in sort of soft fat, there's a hammer, and this hammer is used to crush the skull of this person as he enters the fire.

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Lahu Stan, they haven't even entered yet. This is just the entry period, just the entrance alone. They haven't even stepped into the agenda. They haven't even seen it yet. They don't even know what's waiting behind them. And we know that jahannam has doors. He hasn't even seen what is behind the door yet. And this is already happening to him.

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We're in the Sahara tilava metalla tool coffee have it we severina center if you were to take now we're going to use the table as a demonstration here. If you were to take a rock

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and this is the top of the jahannam

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and the bottom of the jahannam is the carpet. If you were to take a rock and drop it till it reaches the bottom, it will take seven or eight and a center Illa party here it will take 70 years to touch the bottom 70 years to touch the bottom of the gentlemen.

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How do you know how jahannam looks like imagine or the amount of matola here, I leave them in their books of our theater actually have a illustration, a diagram of how jahannam will look, we know that jahannam has levels in them. I will draw this for you tomorrow the vanilla heater either so that you will see for yourself Exactly. I don't know if you could see it there but we will dry it out in a more clear diagram for you. And in the middle, there's going to be stairs you can even probably follow my hands, you'll have one level 234 and it'll come down like this like a upside down pyramid until it reached the seventh level. And at the bottom there will be

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a tree and this tree is called the Shiza and we will have an entire discussion of what this tree is how it grows, how the branches Look, the fruits that grow on it, why the people of jahannam will eat only from this tree. These are the discussions that I will leave you with. I know it sounds delicious to learn. So in shallow Todd, I hope that we will be here tomorrow and in the rest of the discussions that we have. May Allah subhanho wa Taala Have mercy on us, forgive us, allow us to be of a hidden agenda and save us from the fire. Aloha

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So local agenda when are also becoming another Allahumma international local agenda when our rules are becoming an Aloma in Nanana stop federal kawana tubo la Allahumma Taco Bell cm Anna Wokingham Anna water Coronel was scheduled in a herbal alameen sapan Auto because it is a former salmonella, more saline what hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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