Tafseer Surat Qaf – 10 The two angels that accompany us – Ayat 17-18

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E Ronnie Lee new arani Shima Nia partied

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fuel meals counting in de t bone or lt need allies soldier here tells us a number 17. Remember to receivers to receivers,

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they are to receive messages receive all the things that we say one of them sits on your left one of them sits on your right here alarms. So we're just talking about the angels, who he has designated them to cool the whole input into every single word we have said, every single thing we say we utter, there is an angel on the left and on the right that is recording this.

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And here in the following a number 18. It continues whatever he utters from his words there are scribes ready to record this. So allies soldier emphasizes the same thing but actually explains it that the purpose of these two angels is to record leaving no word no movement, unrecorded.

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In another area, Ally's soldier describes that these two angels, they are they all they are caught on. They are honorable, and they are catty Vien and their job is to write, record, can you imagine?

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Now Subhanallah if you really think about this, think about that as a single word and letter you say, try to comprehend this. Every single letter, even when I'm sitting here status, Sydney are speaking to you. There are angels sitting beside each and every one of us this very second will never leave us. And every single word you say is been recorded. And on the Day of Judgment, Allah azza wa jal will say her or Makoto ketopia. Here, take the book. And if it just so happens, that the book where all of these things have been recorded in if there are more good things, more positive things recorded about us, we will receive this book of record in our right hands.

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And we will actually say that we never thought this is all installed, how alarmed soldiers are when they receive this book, they would say to themselves, they never thought that there will come a time that a book will be placed in their hand that has every single word that they've ever uttered, recorded. And of course, if it is the opposite, if the person was a constant sinner, and they constantly would use their tongue for all the wrong things, they will receive their book in their left hand. This is a form of punishment in and of itself.

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In a good acceptable Hadith narrated in the Muslim in an email I met and to me the, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us that when a man utters a word that is pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala he is unaware of how highly it will be regarded to Allah azzawajal In other words, every time you say a good word, you and I, we don't have a slightest clue how grateful it is how much Allah loves this from us. And the same thing in the Hadith is the opposite. When you and I if we ever have to say something that is hot, um, or we say something that is displeasing to him subhanho wa Taala. Neither one of us will ever realize how severe This is to him, how severe it is

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to Allah, Allah azza wa jal to have his servant do this. This is why in another Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us when can you know biller will yom will filioque will hire an owl via Smith, that whosoever believes in Allah azza wa jal and the final day

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Let him speak words of goodness or remain quiet. The Salah Rahmatullah Hara him. Do you know that they used to speak so little that in one week, they were account every single word they said in an entire week?

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Now, what does it mean? I mean, you have to go to this extent, but the purpose of why I mentioned this is so you can understand

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how careful it is for a person that they should try to control everything that they say whether it be good or bad. Everything that you say be careful, because there are angels on both sides recording constantly, non stop recording each and everything that we say nothing deserves to be locked up. This is a code this is a statement from Dora lemma. Nothing deserves to be locked up in a prison, meaning the prison of the mouth more than the tongue. Nothing deserves to be locked up and remain quiet more than the tongue. Do you know that some are the men actually give a nickname, they actually give a phrase to the tongue and they call it sub sub or to the record in this word here is

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that the tongue is like a predator. This statement is used for predators like lions and tigers and eagles and Falcons and these things and vultures, these types of animals, all their purpose is to attack you know, they want to kill their animal, they want to destroy it and eat it. Though Lemme give the exact same name to the tongue. Because of how dangerous it can be the statements that a person says it can either cause harm to someone or it can bring goodness to them that they will remember for the rest of their life. And so brothers and sisters allies so it's a here is fully well making us aware of but more specifically to the disbelievers that he is fully well aware of all that

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they say and do and think about in their heart. And at the same time, he has designated to scribes to record