Ramadan Seeds Of Revival – Menses Stops During The Day

Ibrahim Nuhu


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of stopping events and drinking before or after a certain date. They suggest that people should stop drinking and eating before the date to avoid missing the day. The speaker also mentions that people should respect the day of Guinea and stop drinking and eating.
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this one says if events has stopped at around the hole, should I continue to fast or do I have to make up for it? So when the maintenance stop after fajr Okay, let's say not even have to do but after fajr right after rising of the frigid the man says stop, that day is missed, she has to make it up after Ramadan and for sure when the men's has stopped after

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or before though, you know, as long as it is after budget, then that day has to be has to be makeup afterwards. But does she need to stop eating and drinking? According to many scholars, she has to respect the day of Ramadan and stop eating and drinking. But according to the best color, the best opinion Allahu Allah, she doesn't need to stop eating and drinking. She can continue with her life, but just make sure that she doesn't show it to those people who don't know her situation.