What Is The Criteria That Allows Cosmetic Surgery

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The speaker discusses the criteria for cosmetic surgery, which involves being careful about the definition of "cosmetic" and the ways it impacts the body. They also mention the importance of avoiding swayed people and the need to be careful in the process of licensing. The speaker emphasizes the need to avoid false expectations and the importance of avoiding false values.

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What is the criteria for allowing cosmetic surgery,

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we have to be very careful about this area because we could fall into something which the chevron promised and swore that he would do, as he says in the Quran, well, I am run home for your colon, I will command them so much so that they will actually change the creation of a lot. And this, of course, is a an IRA, which has got interpretations, but I'm very confident that from the interpretations of the changing of the creation of Allah is too much messing about of the face, and the body, and whatever, and I'm gonna have to get crude in his answer. So if you've got kids, and you don't want people to hear this kind of stuff, about, you know, sexual advances of the body, then

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you know, turn off right now. But for example, breast enlargement, I want my breast to be so big and so shaped, and I want my, I want my lips to be be stung more than a whole new fashion because it is these days, I mean, but everyone has got some kind of subjective idea of beauty. And that's the major problem here. The level of subjectivity creates a real instability and a real risk of us being swayed by powerful voices and movements of forces really, that that have their own criteria, their own standards. And these of course, they they change from time to time, from country to country from age to age, I mean, the things that I care about now, for example, which is hardly anything I used

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to really think was the you know, the world and order it contains 20 years ago, and those who are psychologically we can have low self esteem, they can really start to believe that people who are who just by virtue of them having large social media followings, or because they're very, very funny or because they're very X or Y, that they should then be copycats, people like to naturally copy others that they see successful as as funny as it as powerful. And their conditions and standards are something that has nothing to do with this with the with the with the deen of Allah subhanaw taala. And of course, our criteria is the Quran and Sunnah. And there are little glimpses that make

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it clear that, in general, we shouldn't be so obsessed with beauty and physical beauty because the prophets lie Selim told us Allah subhanaw taala does not look at your faces, but rather, at your hearts. And there are multiple meanings and doesn't mean that we can't have makeup and make our selves look good and beautiful, etc. And especially women who have a natural tendency and a desire to do so. And I'll be covering that in another video as well. But when it comes to actual, these standards themselves, we have to be very careful that we don't get swayed by others and then lose our own constant constants and values, the process of licensing, for example, he prohibited. I mean,

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I know it sounds crazy now. But there was a time where we want women would like to space their teeth, and in a certain way, and there are certain forms of for example, making your hair look more fuller and whatever. By giving extensions in terms of license. I'm prohibited both of these and then of course, we all know about the eyebrows, I'll be covering that in a different video as well. And so we do have certain things that are allowed and certain things are on so when someone asked what the criteria are, it's actually very difficult to state that because of the differences during of people and time. We knew we know that there are definitely certain haram things that we should

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avoid. And in general, we should not only fall into the same Yani obsession that people are really showing in this, we have to be careful and valuable ideas as over what other people make us believe we should