Musleh Khan – Tafseer Surat Qaf – 03 The Miracle of Resurrection – Ayat 3-5

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The "monster" culture in the Middle East is discussed, where individuals engage in sexual activities and become "monster" in a "monster" fashion. The "monster" culture involves individuals becoming "monster" in a "monster" fashion, leading to the loss of their bodies and negative surrounding. The "monster" culture also involves individuals reciting surah cough, leading to people walking over their boundary without reciting it.
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either now or

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Otto mean?

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kita boon haffi

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so Allah azza wa jal continues, when we are dead, and the people become dusty. They said, meaning the disbelievers they said this is impossible.

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So when Allah azza wa jal mentions that he will resurrect the human beings, that this believer said this is something impossible, how are you going to take something that is already dead and bring it back to life?

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We know a lot of SOA just says listen, we know what the earth consumes called the island matome coastal auto looming home.

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We know what the earth consumes of their dead bodies. We have it all recorded in a book. In our bus, Lahontan woman explains this and tells us consumes what the earth is consuming meaning the bodies the organs, the hair, the nails, everything that has to do with our system with our bodies, the earth consumes it. This is the explanation of even our bustle of the Alomar in Homer.

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So Allah azza wa jal now

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begins to show these disbelievers the importance of resurrection, a miracle that allows so a gel can be performed himself. So Allah now is what he's doing here is showing them listen.

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This is a miracle that he can perform. And still, they said this is impossible. So they doubted resurrection. they doubted that this would ever happen. And Allah azza wa jal in many places in the Koran testifies that he will do this for me, you'll need to come through me You're here. So Allah azza wa jal says in Surah Baqarah, that he will cause us to die. And then after that will cause us to be brought back to life again.

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And then the disbelievers they denied us. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions that he is very well aware of what is happening in the grave, everything that is happening in the grave of every single soul from the time of Adam LLN until this very present moment alive. So john is aware of this.

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The earth consumes the body, and consumes everything that is to do with that particular body. And there are exceptions to this, as we know for the martyr the prophets and the messengers and so on. The earth does not consumed their body, their body remains fresh as though it died that very moment, Eli Oh pm until the day of judgment,

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but the other bodies

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the ones who have died, as consumed consumes them.

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This is the wisdom now look at the wisdom of this religion. That the sooner has caused us that whenever you bury a body, what do you do? Do you dress that body in a beautiful shirt and tie? Do you give it a beautiful shoes to wear? Do you dress it up? Do you buy a $5,000 coffin and place the body in there and seal it?

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But it's from the wisdom of Allah azza wa jal that is caused this religion to be so clean and perfect that we the Muslims will only take two pieces of cloth.

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We are preparing this body for what is going to happen what the earth is going to do with it. So we prepare the body with only two pieces of cloth and the body is placed into the ground.

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And so this is the hikma of Allah azza wa jal instead of those who spend rigorous amounts of money, time and effort praying this large funeral

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and preparing the body spending 1000s of dollars to prepare a body which the earth will eventually consume.

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We continue Allah subhanho wa Taala explains to us the reason behind this disbelief, why they refute it and rejected resurrection and allies so gel continues.

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Ben can

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However, they denied the truth. This is the reason why it resulted that they denied resurrection. Because they denied the truth from its very beginning when it came to them, so they fell in a state of marriage, the disbelievers see denied the truth from its very beginning. As a result, they fell into a state called the state of marriage, the state of marriage, what is this?

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This is something you and I witnessed daily. We witnessed this daily throughout our lives with people around us. The word marriage is a person who is confused about the religion of Islam, even after truth has come to them meaning even after you advise them, still, they're confused. Still, they can comprehend. Still, they can't understand. And so as a result, they don't accept. This is not a person who is ignorant. This is a person who is in a state of confusion, confusion, confusion.

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For some reason, one or another Alize, or gel has caused their heart to be sealed. How do you cure this, it goes back to the very beginning stages. If that person accepts the message from its very beginning, they come out of the state of marriage. But if a person has absolutely no idea who Allah is nothing to do with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has no clue about his son, his way of life, nothing like this, and you try to advise this person, they will always be in a state of confusion and confusion, define the characteristics of the truth.

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And so there is no direction for such a person. They're confused, they become like animals. And they just follow this is the result of a person who is in the state of marriage, they end up following their own desires. In other words, they fall into misguidance. And this is the and this is where they end up their way of life. A sister will take off her hijab, and she will have no idea why she's doing it in the first place, a brother will stop coming to them, a brother will shave his beard off completely. He will stop praying reciting Quran and it becomes a chain reaction. This is one of the characteristics of marriage, it brings a chain reaction. So you don't become confused of just one

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issue, you will end up becoming confused of series of issues. And that results into the state of disbelief. Eventually, a person who is in this state, if they do not lift ignorance from their heart, in order to learn and accept everything wholeheartedly in the religion, they will remain in the state of marriage. Eventually they are destined to fall in the state of disbelief. I'll give you a prime example.

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A sister and this is prime is famous in our society, a sister, she will say to you that she accepts everything in this really, except having four wives. This is something No, no, no, no. can accept that.

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So she'll accept everything. But this four wife concept. No, she doesn't realize she is already in the state of marriage. She's confused. me She is disappointed. She's confused. So she's starting to deny something in the end. And we know that part of the shuttle the requirements of a proper Shahada is one of them is called a yaqeen. Which is to be certain that everything that comes from Allah azza wa jal is the truth and part of doing that is you must accept it. So even if she doesn't understand it, the fact that she just denies it falls under the state of marriage eventually leads her to disbelief to cover.

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And so Allah azza wa jal tells us that this is the reason why these mystery corn and disbelievers fell into the state of denying the denying the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam denying resurrection. So here we want to pause for a moment. And let's see some of the reasons why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would choose this particular surah and constantly recited in Juma in their eat prayers. We mentioned now here, we've already started to discuss a brief introduction to history, the state of the mystery Kuhn.

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We've already discussed that allies so just sent down a prophet as a warner to the disbelievers. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is introduced here in the surah

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in the surah, we've already seen that there is a reason

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reminder of the ultimate destination for all of mankind is that everyone will be in a state of death. And eventually we will all be resurrected.

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And we hope we've already been taught. What happens to those who do not fall into the state of marriage confusion, as a result leads them to disbelief. Can you imagine someone today

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standing up on the minbar and reciting surah cough

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we have a problem right now, in many masajid if a person steps over the boundary of half an hour of a hotel, some massage will stop that person from ever giving a foot by again

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because they stepped over their boundary you know, brother we have to go to work school this and that. You can never do what we're here again.

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The prophets all along while he was selling recited the entire sort of path. And for those of us who know the sort of know that this is not a short surah

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Furthermore, we continue that allies which are now wants to show the disbelievers some of the miracles that ally xojo performs.

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