Tafseer Surat Qaf – 04 The Signs from Allah – Ayat 6-8

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allies soldier tells us they looked at the skies the heavens above them, how Allah azza wa jal created it Keifa benina her number one, wonder how Allah azza wa jal created the sky. Number two was a Yana her, how Allah azza wa jal decorated the sky, meaning the beautiful clouds you and I see every day. And in the evenings the beautiful moon, the beautiful stars that you see how Allah azza wa jal has decorated the sky.

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Keith abedini was a

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how he beautified it how he created one manna harming for Rouge. When you look into the sky, there aren't any cracks. There aren't any spaces. It is just one solid color.

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And you find that one part of the world they're looking at the exact site, but for them, it is black, it is nighttime. And in another part of the world, they're looking at the exact same sky and it is blue beautiful in color. how Allah azzawajal created the sky and decorated with the clouds, the stars, the moon.

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This alone here shows the power and the ability that Allah azzawajal has, over all matters.

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How perfect the creation of Allah azza wa jal is, and this here is a challenge to the disbelievers. And they ask, Where could this have come from? It couldn't have just appeared, so the disbelievers you imagine the signs are surrounded. If the disbelievers were to look up to the sky and try to figure out how that reach up there.

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A simple easy way out. So we're cheating actually, just stay out of an easy explanation, just say well, it just suddenly appeared and stamp that with a theory called The Big Bang Theory. It just appeared somehow.

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If you go back to the stories of the LMR to LA era, they have been refuting the Big Bang Theory before we ever heard about it. And there's a very famous narration of Abu hanifa Rahim Allahu taala when he was once asked to debate with three individuals.

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These three individuals were atheists, so they didn't believe in Allah azza wa jal, but they believed in the big bang theory that things would just suddenly appear that the Earth was just suddenly appeared this way. So they got together and they said, Yeah, Abu hanifa we want to debate this issue with you how the earth is created. Meet us and so and so place at so and so time, they heard that he was a great scholar bable hanifa Rahim Allah so

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the meeting place is now about to happen. The three people are waiting. Abu hanifa Rahim Allah doesn't even show up.

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So they're waiting. They're waiting. They're waiting. He hasn't shown up yet.

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hours have gone by and he's late. He hasn't showed up yet. These three people

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eventually they're about to leave. And from a distance they saw a small little boat with Abu hanifa in it. So Abu hanifa is coming on a boat towards them.

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So when they met him they said yeah, other hanifa what kind of scholar are you?

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We have an appointment and you come this late. You don't tell us you don't send a message nothing. What kind of adapt manners do you have?

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So Abu hanifa said, You are the ones that are confused.

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You are they don't understand anything.

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You are the ones that believe in this theory that the Earth was just created. So what other hanifa was his explanation? He told them. The reason why I'm late, is I waited on the other side of the lake.

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And as I waited there, I found it that the ferry the boat that was going to take me to you guys had already left. So I waited.

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And a tree suddenly broke into pieces into the water. Branches started to come and tie together these branches into the water.

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And eventually it created a boat. So when that boat was created, and appeared, then I got on the boat and now I came to you. Sorry, I'm late. This is the reason why. So they responded and said, You're crazy. This doesn't make no sense.

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You see where I'm going with this? You see the wisdom of Abu hanifa Rahim Allah says are the fools. How is it you can't believe that a single boat can be put together by itself but you believe that the entire world has been put together by itself.

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Abu hanifa one of the debate was finished.

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The scholars were dealing with this before we ever heard of it.

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And so the disbelievers continued, and allies wouldn't want to show them again. As for the earth, we spread it out it is wide it is vast. We made it spacious well, Paulina Fie her we made it spacious and place or Alessia mountains, to keep the earth from shaking, to keep its inhabitants together, those who live in the earth, that they wouldn't fall apart, the Earth is held together by these mountains and planted with it every kind of rotation, every kind of vegetation possible. So Allah azza wa jal is continuing to show the miracles ated all of this The earth is why did we can travel.

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The earth is healthy, we can grow food, vegetation, and we can survive in it. Oh, disbelievers. Can you not see that Allah azza wa jal is here, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is from him.

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Allah azza wa jal, the purpose of this, the purpose of showing them miracles is so that they will begin to contemplate

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they will begin to contemplate and start to understand and start to figure out how things suddenly appeared. And this has to be the power of Allah azza wa jal. And so still in Darwin, we are still in the Dow phase, that in Darwin calling to the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala, calling to him. One of the best ways you do this, especially to those who are not Muslim, whenever you give Dawa, one of the number one ways to get your message non Muslim, is talk about the miracles around them. Talk about the mountains, talk about the human body and all of the complications in the elements that form a human being. Talk about the sky, talk about the plants, talk about the vegetation, talk about

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the fruits, you cut an apple open, you cut an orange over, talk about the Pope, talk about the miracles of Allah azza wa jal, voila, he, you will find that whoever you speak to about the miracles of allies, so a gel they will be baffled the exact same way the disbelievers were baffled. And we conclude that allies so gel did this because this is an insight and a reminder for every servant who turns to Allah azza wa jal in repentance, to have a civil tone with the Quran, liquidity RBD money. This is the purpose of it. You want them to be reminded that allies so a gel is all powerful, as a result will cause them to turn to Him, repent for their mistakes, and then they are eventually

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placed upon guidance. So these are the words that I leave you with brothers and sisters.