Musleh Khan – Tafseer Surat Qaf – 02 The Blessing of the Qur’anic Message – Ayat 1-2

Musleh Khan
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Hey Nina Shane pornea Raji

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Rahimi

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Majeed, Ben ijebu

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been home for

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Fiona has Shane G will.

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So we will begin now with the first three.

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And so the first idea Poff Allahu RLM. We have mentioned this to you what this means, one port and in Majeed. Allah azza wa jal begins the surah by an oath and the oath is by the glorious poor and poor attitude, this is an oath Eliza gel is testifying now to us, that by Allah by himself that this poor en is a glorious book, it is a glorious miracle from Allah azza wa jal here we understand that the Quran it is an honorable book, it is great and the disbelievers when they heard that the poor and and Majeed they heard this they wonder at its message, they're baffled immediately. One pour an image, a style of Arabic never heard of. And so this is an oath that Allah azza wa jal himself is

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testifying to the message. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came with

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and continues by telling us by no means the disbelievers. They wonder, there has come to them a warner amongst themselves, but ijebu, Anja homerville Minh home, they were surprised that How could a warner somebody to come and warn them that there is going to be a torment and a punishment and so on? How could this be possible that this person came from amongst themselves? In other words, he was a human being just like them. This was something strange. He wasn't an angel. He wasn't a jinn, he wasn't some special creation. He was a human being just like them. So the disbelievers continued to say, for color Heather shade or nije for color Kathy Luna had the shade on RG so the cafe room the

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disbelievers say this is something strange. We are baffled by this. Allah azza wa jal

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in another place in the Quran in surah. Al Baqarah tells us that this is part of his min Hajj methodology in how he presented the owner with the Koran, a candidate nunciature Japan and a hyena lol Minh home, the people they were surprised that the Quran was sent down the message was brought to them and sent down by a man that was amongst them. In surah Toba Allah azza wa jal testifies the exact same thing. Law Khadija Acoma sulam Minh emphasis on that without a doubt, there came a messenger from amongst you, from amongst you, there came a messenger.

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So here, why is this important? No one would take him as a god Salalah while he was settling, if he came from amongst the people, no one would think that he is alone or he is God Himself. He became just a human being like amongst themselves amongst themselves. This is also another indicator another purpose why Allah azza wa jal did this is to also show the miracle of Allah azza wa jal that he could take an every man, bless him give him Bartok and everything that he does, and cause him to be a prophet and messenger to him subhanho wa Taala another wisdom as to why this man was taken from amongst his people, and given this shot of given this level to become a prophet and messenger. This

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is Dawa. And this is a lesson that we all see and experience throughout our lives.

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One of the most effective ways to reach someone in Darwin calling them

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Islam is if you are from amongst those people. This is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that authentic hadith, he sent more as even Jebel to Yemen and told him that you are going to the People of the Book of Luke keytab. He didn't say to him, or more Earth point to disbelievers. But he specifically mentions a little kita why this is in order that he understood who he was going to. And so from the miracle of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, is by him being from amongst the Arabs speaking their language, knowing their habits, their cultures, their traditions, this made his message easier for him to proclaim.

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And this is the one of the most important keys when you give Dawa. It is extremely difficult to give Darwin to present this religion, when you do not understand who you're presenting it to.

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It makes life very difficult for yourself. So you will be there preaching and saying this is halal. And this is how I am and the people don't even know what you're saying. They don't understand and can't comprehend what you're saying.

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Have you ever seen

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that when you have a large gathering,

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and 80 of people are are from one background or from one race? So they're all Somalians or they're all West Indians, Guyanese, Trinidadian. So whatever.

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You bring a convert, who is a new Muslim? His English is at such a high level, that the people who are listening to him will take maybe 5% of what he's saying.

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You bring another person who is a Somalian, or who is a West Indian and you put him to say the, to give the exact same topic speak on the exact same topic. And you find that the majority of people know and understand what he's saying. This is not discriminating, is this is this this is something that is discouraged in Islam, is how Coleman Coleman eisah and your corner Ohio minimum, do not break apart the religion into groups and to tribes. Thinking that you are better than others is not the point we're making. What we're saying here is this is a whiz pick on how you proclaim message how you teach others, if you understand them, you speak their language, you speak their accent, they

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are more successful, they're more vulnerable to accept your message.

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I share them does Rahim Allah, it has been narrated numerous times that he used to sit in a dose in a lesson just like the same nature here.

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And there would be some people that will ask him questions.

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And the shaker Rahim Allah, he would give his daughters his lesson in lower till for see her in authentic Arabic.

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But then you would find that there are a few times a man would ask a question and he would speak nothing but broken Arabic slang. So the shape of course understands this. So what do you think from the wisdom of the share? Instead of replying in authentic clear Arabic, the Shema hola starts speaking the same language as this person and replies to him in the same slang and broken language that he understood. The person asked the question is, this is from the hikma and wisdom of when you preach and give Dawa. So Allah azza wa jal begins the surah by testifying his poor end, it is a glorious miracle from him. subhanho wa Taala and the one who came with this core and the

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disbelievers were shocked and surprised the first time they see that a normal human being from amongst them has come to be a warner. This is something strange

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