Implement your knowledge during times of Fitan trials

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The third of them might be brothers and sisters is as they

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say, an honor to be doing an implementing that which you know of the knowledge or you know sort of the Messiah. He says when unknown Pharaoh now you are gonna be higher Allah why should that be? Why? Mila Donna Sharona Lima

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Lima, right. This is a very incredible a Yanni acting and implementing what you know, you know. So Pamela, every single day, knowledge is passed through and it's forwarded through the WhatsApp through the Facebook, through Twitter through whatever it is of social media. And that's good. But all that is useless if none of it is implemented. With the release of Surah Nisa versus one unknown file name.

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Have they implemented, what they were advised and what they were won't have? Had they implemented this knowledge they had, like at a fire alarm, it would have been better for them. So that means if you did not implement what you don't know what you knew, that's no good for you. That's that becomes deadly and that becomes bad. It becomes a weakness against you on the Day of Judgment. So what keeps you protected in the times of freedom is to implement what you know. And the reason for this is again in Surah Nisa Lara's origin, he says, like and it would have been better for them. Why should that be that and it would have kept them firm and steadfast upon their Deen and as a result, what

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we would have given them great reward. This is the reward that Allah Subhana Allah gives them on the day of judgment

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and we will surely guide them and keep them guided on the straight path until they meet Allah subhanho wa Taala