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undoubtedly if our households as Muslims today resembles that of our backers, our situation individually and collectively would be most different. The prophets migration story makes it so clear that every member of our backers household was planning for the sake of Islam Abubaker his wife, his daughters, his sons, even his shepherd were all planning, working, sacrificing thinking for the religion of Allah. During this journey, each and every generation of Muslims.

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For the past 1400 years, owes a debt of gratitude to the family of Abu Bakr, to think about it. If it wasn't for his wife, or moral man, being patient with the extended absence of her husband, and also covering the secrets relating to her husband's disappearance from Makkah, what would have become of the prophets migration alayhi salatu salam take, for example, as swma, the daughter of Abu Bakr, who secretly delivered food to them whilst they hid in the cave. What would they have eaten had she not done so at great risk to herself, take Abdullah Abubakar son who mingled with the pagans by day, listen to their news plots before then embarking on a stealthy return to the cave by night

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to update the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam all of their plans. Even our Mecca Shepherd played a part in driving his flock of sheep close to the cave to deliver milk to the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam and his companion, and he would also direct his sheep to trend over the footsteps of Abdullah who delivered news to them by night to eliminate any trace to the cave. We owe the family of Abu Bakr so much for their service and their sacrifice each member being a testament to the nurturing provided by Abu Bakr and Omar Omar and his wife. This team effort is a goal we should all have in life to produce a family unit, which shares a common goal of glorifying Allah subhanaw taala

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preparing for the hereafter furthering the cause of Islam. To ask yourself the question how can I make my household resemble that of Uncle Becker's?

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How was able back you're able to unify his family to work for a single cause?

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What talents do the individuals within my family possess? How can these talents then be nurtured, fostered, invested in the course of Islam? Carry your household on your shoulders? feel responsible lead by example and let them see in you what you hope to see in them.

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Fast forwarding to the Treaty of Alhadeff Obeah, which is the name of that pivotal agreement made between the Muslims and the pagans. This treaty was truly a faith testing experience for the companions of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu said because he agreed to conditions that were first seen to be extremely disadvantageous to the Muslims. Now, prior to the signing of the Treaty, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam saw a dream in which he had entered Mecca and he had circumambulated around the Kaaba as a pilgrim. The Companions were so happy when they heard this news, because they revered Mecca. They've been exiled from it, it's their home. It's been a long time, and they deeply

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missed the cada. So they heard this news, the dream which is revelation from Allah, and the Muslims got dressed as pilgrims, they bought sacrificial animals with them. And they embarked on a journey from Medina all the way to Mecca, eagerly hoping to visit their beloved city of Mecca,

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even if it just for a brief moment,

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and it was clear that the sole intention of this journey was none other than to perform on the minor pilgrimage. However, to their surprise upon reaching an area called El Hoda, Euboea

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they were barred from entering Mecca. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam then negotiated with the Mexican ambassador's until they agreed to sign a peace treaty, some of the clauses of which stated the following number one,

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the Muslims shall return to Medina on this occasion and come back for Amara next year. And when they do, they shall not stay in Mecca for more than three days. Number one Kunos number two war activities shall be suspended for 10 years, during which time both parties will live in full security and they will not raise the sword against one another.

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Claw number three, if anyone from the Quraysh goes over to the Muslims. Without his guardians permission, he shall be sent back to the people of Kadesh. But should any of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his followers returned to the Quran, he shall not be sent back. That is so unfair.

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Yet the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his wisdom sigh

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In the agreement

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at this news, Omar's fury overcame him, because he saw the Muslims with a stronger negotiating position and he was appalled that the pagans had dictated such conditions which served no purpose other than just a desire to be arrogant and difficult.

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So Homer, in his sincerity rushed to the messenger SallAllahu I knew who he said, and he said, Are you not truly the Messenger of Allah? And the Prophet said to him, I am. And Omar said to him, are we not upon the truth and our enemies upon falsehood? He said, That is correct.

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Omar said so why should we accept so lowly conditions? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam responded in near Rasulullah

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Wallace to ask li wa now Sorry, I am the messenger of Allah. I will not disobey Him, and He will give me victory. memorize those words and you will find out for a moment why that is.

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Or mana he then asked the question, but you do not tell us that we're going to go to Mecca and circumambulate around the Canada. The Prophet said to him, did I tell you that you go to do that this year? Or what he said no. On the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, then you shall enter Mecca, I promise you that you shall circumambulate around the Kaaba number was silenced. But then he, he remained frustrated at the terms that seemed to favor the eye idolatry. So he rushed to Abu Bakr hoping that he would convince the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to reconsider the causes of the clauses of this treaty.

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So what he said to Abu Bakr our back here, is he not truly the Messenger of Allah, that will work and he said, he is Hamas said, are we not upon the truth and our enemies are upon falsehood? Who back who said that is correct? Or what he said, so why are we accepting such lowly conditions?

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Listen to the response of Allah Subhana Allah

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and they will sound familiar. He said, Are you Hara jewel? In a hula Rasulullah while ESAV so you're about who who are who are now Cyril who first time sick because he he for Allah in the world. He said, Oh man, he is indeed the Messenger of Allah. And he will not disobey his Lord, and He will give him victory. So hold on to his way, because I swear by Allah that He is upon the truth on what he said, but he did not tell us that we were going to go to Mecca and circumambulate around the Kaaba. And Abu Bakr responded by saying he did but did he say that we're going to do that this year? Almost said no. I will back and he said, then you shall enter Mecca. I promise you that. And you

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shall circumambulate Arabica Allahu

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Allahu Akbar.

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It's almost as if the very hard to beat of apobec had pounded according to the rhythm of the pounding of the hearts of Prophet Muhammad Salah lives, it's as if his soul had synchronized with that of the messenger alayhi salatu salam, Abu Bakr as you just heard, repeating the exact same words of the Prophet Muhammad to Omar, without any indication that he had heard the prophets Allah Allahu Allah who said, Speak with Alba.

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What you and I can take from this

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is the importance of trusting Allah Almighty lack of a bucket. For example, even if you fail to understand the reasons underlying certain obligations and prohibitions of Islam, have full confidence in your Creator and Maker and don't challenge his knowledge by picking and choosing from his commandments and his prohibitions. Be completely aware that Allah desires for you, the happiness that you desire for yourself more than you desire it for yourself, trusting him. After all, he is the worthiest of your trust. Whenever you feel hesitant, whenever you feel uninspired to practice your religion, push to argue with a sincere adviser or pressured by a societal norm to compromise on

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your belief.

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If you find yourself plunging into despair, because of the battered nature of the Muslims that you see worldwide, whatever else it may be, during moments of spiritual weakness, or doubt, remember, the confident words of Abu Bakr when he said to Omar oh man, he is indeed the Messenger of Allah, and he will not disobey his Lord and He will give him victory. So hold on to his way for I swear by Allah he is upon the truth.

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When it comes to Islamic knowledge,

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Abu Bakr was grasp was unmatched, and this was attested to by the other companions.

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The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wants to surprise his companions with the following statement during a sermon that he was delivering.

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And he said in the law, how you arrived and be the dunya

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while they were in the whole factor Rama and Allah, He said, Allah Almighty has given a slave of his the choice between this world and what is with him. And that man that slave chose that which is with Allah.

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So the apparent meaning of the statement is what most likely comes to mind when you hear it or read it.

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A man was given a choice between this world and the Hereafter. And the story of a worker, however, viewed the statement in a different light altogether.

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He was only after moments that these words touched his ears, and he broke down into heavy cry. Imagine that he stood up amidst all of the crowds. And he said, O Messenger of Allah, we sacrifice our mothers and fathers for you. We sacrifice our mothers and fathers for you as he wept. The narrator of this moving incident, Abu Saeed, he said what makes the sheikh cry? Allah has simply given a slave, the choice between this world and what is with him when he chose what is with him. Soon after, he and the rest of the companions realize the reason why our back here was crying and why he said those words. He said for kinda Rasulullah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who wouldn't

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work on Abu Bakr in Hua LMNOP. He said it became apparent to us the one who was given this choice was the messenger of Allah Himself. And Abu Bakr Abu Saeed says Abu Bakr was indeed the most knowledgeable of us with respect to the prophets, Allah Allah.

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It was a subtle indication by the prophet to his alma, that he didn't have much longer left with them.

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that his time was almost up, and his blessed soul was due to return back to its creator.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam turned to a while back, who was in the state, his heart had broken, he was crying, saying we sacrifice our parents for you. And he said, our backyard. Yeah, Bob Becker in law deputy Oh aboubaker Do not cry. And then he said in an unnecessarily fierce liability. He you Mr. Lee.

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There isn't anyone whom I am more indebted to with regards to his companionship and his wealth than Apple back. And if I the Prophet of Allah were to take a Helene, meaning a friend of the highest order. If I was to take a saline from my own, I would have taken a while back here, but the Brotherhood and the love of Islam is sufficient.

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He then issued precise instructions making it even more manifest to the Companions. The higher regard he held Abubakar in and he said lie about Korean film Sgt baboon in the suit in Abu Dhabi Baca, he said closed off every door that leads to the mosque with the exception to the door of Abu Bakr keep that open.

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So companions had built their homes around the mosque, and so they enjoy direct access into the Masjid.

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But with these instructions, all of the other doors were sealed off, with the exception to the door of Abu Bakr