Tafseer Of Surah Maryam – Day 26

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Conclusion: Message from Makkah

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu This is a special message for everyone who's been following the tafsir series on Muslim matters hamdulillah two years ago, this is something that we initiated in the month of Ramadan for everyone to be able to enjoy a consistent study of the book of Allah throughout the month of Ramadan. We had the thematic docu series two years ago, last year Alhamdulillah, we had the two series covering to the trc handle. I've gotten a lot of very encouraging feedback throughout the year, the rest of the year, even outside of Ramadan, where people have been forming groups particularly sisters, they memorize what at the scene they study

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each session and they get together and have group sessions and handelsman continuing this Ramadan we had this issue of sort of medium, and which has now come to a close. So just wanted to give a special Salaam and a special shout out to everyone who followed the series. As you can see, I'm here in Makkah hamdulillah here at the beta LOD caba. So you're probably wondering how our diffuser is going on because it looks like I'm recording in America, but then I'm here in Mecca, performing Amara well that's something that well, that's something for me to do for me to know when you to find out basically I'm going to leave it at that. So I'm gonna let you guys figure out exactly how that

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works and how we made that happen. But Uh hum de la we are here. And I just wanted to give a little bit of a last encouraging message here at the end of the two series, you know, sort of medium as we talked about in the very first introductory session. And actually throughout this series, sort of medium was revealed in the mccunn era. It was revealed at that, you know, fifth year of the Macan era, the prophets a lot he sent his message and mission in Mecca, and it was revealed at a very difficult time, and that's why sort of Medea Masuda to Rama it's a surah of mercy. And it's constantly consoling and strengthening the prophets, a lot of the seminal Muslims of believers

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resolve and you don't just think about it. The pseudo was revealed at a time when oppression was starting oppression was happening. And now look at this theme behind us. I mean, we're here in the month of Ramadan. I'm literally telling you there are millions of people here when Salah happens. The whole machine is for three floors, people are stacked up outside the mustard into the streets. I mean, there's the cameras panning, and you're getting a look at the roof of the masjid. This is like 8am fudger has been over for a couple of hours. And there's still this many people here all the time. I mean, just imagine what a legacy has been left behind, and how all the promises of Allah and

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all the blessings of Allah came to fruition. You know, at the end of sort of money, I'm Allah subhanaw taala said, in the levina Amen. huami Dasani had a lot more than that as long as people will believe and continue to do good, a low will create love for them. The love of Allah the love of the messenger, the love of the house of Allah love amongst each other. Love as you know my love in the hearts of humanity. And you see that love manifest here today. So just wanted to say Salaam to everyone. thank everyone for following this series. I want you to continue to go back and watch the series over again. I want you to open up the Koran and reads for the medium now that you've watched

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this series you've heard that that's here that I want you to memorize this and then read it in your Salah within your prayers and enjoy the the fruits enjoy the horseshoe and Salah that you get when you understand what you're reading. And most importantly then I want you to share not just these videos, but the message and the lessons that you've learned. I want you to share with people far and wide. Share with your family, with your friends with your neighbors with Muslims and non Muslims alike. Let's inshallah share the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala with the whole world may Allah subhanaw taala make this a means of establishing and growing and nurturing our own faith our own

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emaan May Allah subhanaw taala make this a means of our success in this life and in the Hereafter. And lastly, make dua that Allah subhanaw taala grants all of us the ability to continue this tradition on in following Ramadan's in successive Ramadan's for as long as Allah subhanaw taala wills, that we keep this tradition going of the tissue series in the month of Ramadan and even beyond that in sha Allah. Before I do and I wanted to acknowledge everyone. When Hamidullah played a very vital, very pivotal role in making this series of possibility. You see my face on the camera and you hear my voice talking, but realize there are a lot of other people who put in a lot of hard

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work to make this all possible. I do want to acknowledge some of them today. There's brother Abdullah from Salaam studios, who records and edits and uploads everything made last month I bless him and he has sleepless nights, making sure that you get these sessions. There is the Quran Weekly team brother Makarov in the Quran Weekly team who recorded that sort of medium series, they actually recorded it and hand it over to Brother Abdullah Salaam studios, for him to be able to edit and put it online. There is a whole Muslim matters team. Countless brothers and sisters that I don't even all know all of them by name, but the homeless and matters team Mashallah who makes sure that the

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scheduled posts are scheduled and that they are

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delivered to you and brought to you and made available to you on time. And lastly, my own family as well, who Mashallah they make the sacrifice of me spending hours and hours and hours with my face buried in Tafseer books and me spending them hours on top of that delivering the series, they make all of that possible and they Hamidullah sacrifice that time, that is really do to them, but they sacrifice at time so that all of us can benefit from the law. So please remember all of them in your prayers. May Allah subhanaw taala you know, bless all of us and May Allah subhanaw taala accept this from all of us. And may Allah allow us to remain students of his book and the life of the Prophet

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sallallahu Sallam which is our common law hate on but salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. I'm going to request a cameraman to just let you take a cut. Let's take a look a couple of seconds longer at something a little bit nicer than my face.