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spell al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah He of total Salah woman bharucha Marley Kumar Mittal, Lucky Roboto cartoon, and we are here at verse number

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versus the Oh, we're at verse number 33. So let's get right into it. Lots of amazing things to talk about in sha Allah okay. Yeah, man shout out to Jimmy Well, it's now a lot calls Elgin's and in some Marussia means a group. So a massive group so Allah azza wa jal to say all of you that you come together you Jin's as well as people, in his thought Artem, if you had the ability to intend for them to run away, Minh occupied his seminal work you want from the split of the skies and the earth, fen foo, then go for it. runaway, this is where I got the title of this episode from.

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There will be people on the Day of Judgment, who will do everything in their power to run, run and run and run away. What is the criminal criminal, at least lots of criminals do when they're about to get arrested, or they're about to get caught? I mean, even at home with our kids, you know, they know they did something wrong. You know, they took something without permission. And even jokingly, just for fun, when mum and dad looks at me said, Did you take that? What's the first reaction? Do you just they run away, start running into rooms or an upstairs do something.

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Now on the Day of Judgment, they're not running for fun. They're running in fear. Because that's what criminals do. Criminals try to hide. They do their very best to you know, commit the crimes, do what's wrong, and hopefully not be accountable. Don't get caught. So unless is on that day, you're going to see all of this chaos. And you're going to think about and want to run fen fudo. So lesses Go ahead, run run away Run as far as you can.

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Latin funa illa Bissell Ponte you'll never be able to run away unless you had somebody to lead you through unless you had somebody to who owns you who was in control. And on that day there's no authority except the Creator Himself so kind of with either that'd be a little bit more mental Kathy Ben, your site or is a cool Nashua Kelvin.

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Allah says that he will send to the both of you show Alvin shooting stars medium chawan is meteorites. So meteors that are shining bright showering from the sky? Because why? Allah subhana wa tada says min Akbar is semi wet he will. So you have the seven heavens that somehow wet some out one which is singular is referring to the first heaven

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So Allah says that from that, we will literally pelt and shoot down a shower of meteors manavi that are like balls of fire, when who has shooting stars finatus Iran, you'll never be able to find or retaliate or seek any help, nothing, what's happening here. These are of course, Jin's shale team that will try to do everything in their power to run away from the split of the sky. Day of Judgment is about to happen. But Allah subhanho wa Taala says, punishment will begin even from the sky, before you even get close to it, we will repel and fall at 10 00, you'll never be able to retaliate, you'll never be able to overcome. So if you're a black woman to Kathy band for even shopkart this

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offer cannot water the tank at the end, when the sky is split shut, when the sky split or ripped apart, if I can at what would that what are the is something that is bloodshot red, kept the hand kept the hand is like, you know, when you're cooking the oil, the color of the oil changes slightly becomes a little bit more red a little bit more darker. So the color of that oil is called di n.

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So for Canada, what are the 10 cat the hand, it's going to be bloodshot red, with a mixture of this yellowish type color fabric, that you're going to get the van. I mean, when you're trying to just, you know, at whatever capacity and ability, we're able to imagine what this is looking like. I mean, this is terrifying. I can't even compare this to a horror movie that I've ever seen, or that I can think about. It's truly frightening. And this is one of the last passages in sort of the Rockman what our last panel Tyler will talk about the day of judgment and give you certain things and certain images to reflect on about the Day of Judgment. These are some of the last verses, then the

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conversation is going to ship shift to even more very, very specific things.

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For the Euro big woman to get the bendfilm either use them be he in some way, Jan. So on that day,

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no one will ask about the sins of people, nor the gym gins. Now let's pause here, verse number 39. Sounds contrary to everything that we know. And that we've learned about the Day of Judgment, isn't it a day of accountability. We know that everything about the Day of Judgment is will be asked will be asked about everything, either cooling, cold and cold wire cooling and enamelled. So everything that you've said, everything that you've done. So what is this, referring to? This a here? It seemed to us that on that day, you will not be asked about your sins, all mankind as well as jeans. So there's a lot of you typing. So I want to ask all of you, what do you guys think? What is the lowest

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penalty to referring to about this as of the Day of Judgment? So I'm going to say this again, let's hear what some of you are saying. Just type out what you think. Allah says, We're not going to ask on that day, two men and two men to mankind and jinn, we're not going to ask them about their sentence.

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So this is everything completely contrary to what we know about the Day of Judgment. What is Allah subhana wa, tada referring to here? So I'm not going to tell you what it is. Yeah. I just want to wait a few seconds. Let's see what your thoughts are. So go ahead, just all of you type something. And let's see what happens. That'd be a little bit cool man to get the band.

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You're on a full moon to the moon, ABC mountain fail has all been now I'll see what's up with them. That day, you'll know the criminal

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by their foreheads, by their appearance, we see mountain

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you'll know right across their face, who they are the majority of the criminals.

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Okay, so it's just a look now, that day, our eyes hence feed will take and give testimony either for us or against us. Good. So we want to know, on that day, so alone won't ask us because our limbs will speak on our behalf. Sure. It's interesting. But the point is, they're still a questioning period. That's what that has to happen. That's what the Day of Judgment is all about. So why is this a saying, leave us alone? We're not going to ask. So let's hear from one more person. Why is pseudo Roman teaching us that on that day? At least this is what the A appears that it's saying on that day that we will not be asked about our sins from mankind origins.

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I'm going to just wait for one more person to type

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And I'm going to share with you the answer. They have been nasty. So the criminal on that day, it's going to be very obvious on their face.

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So you have to be nosy and allow will allow that they are captured from their forehead, what's up with them, and their legs and their feet. So they will be dragged in. And they will be tied together with their foreheads or their their heads as to their feet is imagery like none other. If you have ever watched, like, you know, those, you know, YouTube videos or those shows where they're roasting an entire animal, you know, so they'll place it over a fire, and they'll poke the you know, they'll put the pole through the mouth out the rear, and then it'll just kind of roast for the entire day and the entire night. It kind of gives us imagery, they're going to be captured from the legs and

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their head and tied together. This is the criminal on the Day of Judgment. Just really, really interesting imagery here, but frightening at the same time. Okay, so I don't see much of you see if any of you have really mentioned anything. Okay. So, let's go back to verse number 39. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, He will not ask, and then be he about your sins, mankind or Jin, on the day of judgment, he will not ask about it. It seems like this goes against everything that we've ever learned about the Day of Judgment. Here's how to understand.

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Allah teaches us the day of judgment in stages. So the first stage before the questioning period even begins? is Allah subhanho wa Taala. It the answer to this is of the next as your honor for you in which any morning OBC mountain, it's going to be very obvious, it's going to be very obvious on their faces, that they're guilty. They know what they've done. You ever, you ever no notice when a student studied for a test. And when they hand over the test to the teacher, you know, after they're done, they hand it over to the teacher. You ever noticed that sometimes. Sometimes, the student will hand over the paper. And you can see on their faces that like they look absolutely devastated. So

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there's like, there you go. Okay, I'm leaving now. And then there's the other student that walks in real happy. And then hands over the test, big smiles. They're outside, they're laughing like, Oh, that was the best test ever. They don't even have to say what their mark is didn't even know what it is. But they already on their faces, you can see who didn't study or who just bombed the test. And who did well. So on that day, criminals, whoever was guilty of doing wrong in whatever capacity, but they didn't change. They didn't repent. They didn't seek forgiveness. They didn't correct themselves. These are generally what criminals are particularly on that day, people who have done

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crimes and never regretted or repented for those crimes. So their judgment now begins, unless, as you'll see the distress and the fear. They're terrified on that day. And so they are captured, with their head and their feet tied together. febby a big romantic as even as he jahannam will let you can they will be held to the moon.

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Now look at this final lump. Alexis has he genom not to kill Johanna tilka is when you refer to something that's far away. Has he it's right next to you. alone. One says that when we're studying pseudo Roman, the Think about that these things are near us. They're close, they're not far away. So less punishment and accountability. And all of these, you know, terrifying things that we're seeing, and we're getting an insight about the Day of Judgment alone once is to know it's not that far away. You know, some of the elements said that majority of the signs of the Day of Judgment have happened. And the greatest sign of the Day of Judgment, not the last side. Because usually when asked this

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question, what's the greatest sign of the Day of Judgment? Lots of students will say okay, the sun rising from the west, no, no. So one of the last signs, but the greatest sign of the Day of Judgment, most profound one was the birth and the death of the Prophet Allah. His Salatu was Salam.

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So jahannam and AF era, Day of Judgment is very near talking about 1400 years ago, Prophet says

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has passed away, or at least, you know, roughly that time period. And here we are. And so these as bring to light, our reality, and just how serious and important it is for us to consume, and utilize time, the best of our ability, the best way that we can make the best of our time, make the best of our relationships with one another. We just don't have the time to mess around with that stuff. You know, I was having a conversation a few days ago, his brother was telling me that they have family members, like close relatives that they haven't spoken to in like 20 years. So I would ask, you know, we started talking about he was telling me, you know, what happened and so on. And they said,

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you know, you know, what's crazy, is that people still believe that they have the right to cut off relationship with somebody, especially that's close or dear to them.

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It's not a right that we have, we don't have the right to just cut off family members, no matter how close or extended they are. When your family. We don't have this given right. Okay, I you know, they did something wrong to me, they said something wrong, and it rubbed me the wrong way. I'm gonna cut them off, cut off relations with them. There's no we're in the poor end. There's nowhere in Islam in our center that allows us that we have that privilege. But everything else that revolves around that is about reconciliation, work through your problems. And one of you know, a long Hadith mentions that there will be a group of people that as they inch closer towards the gates of Paradise, and

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they're about to enter a level stop them, stop a group of them, what would be their issue here? Why is it that they can get into the paradise when there's literally standing at the front door? It's because they had issues with their fellow brother or sister. So you guys have to decide now Allah will say to them, now figure out what you're going to do here? Are you going to reconcile? Are you going to forgive? What is it, you guys need to work through your problems as authentic. And as soon as that'd be dealt with, it's lengthy, I just gave you generally what it is. But just the thought of relationships like that that can't be worked out or one party refuses to work through, could

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actually be a reason that they will not enter a less paradise until Allah allows that situation to be settled. And Allah Himself, either he will intervene and deal with it. Or in this case, here, he allows all the parties involved to sort out their problems. So happy Jen number Leti, you can it will be helpful to remove

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this is that jahannam and it's right nearby. And it's the same one that these criminals use to deny and liable, you know, lots of criminals that try to run away from the authority, or does they never get caught? And I was just watching the show last night parking wars. You know, there's just people who were getting parking tickets violating all sorts of parking laws. But once they got caught, they just went into denial. Oh, I didn't see it. I didn't know I didn't this I didn't that have some mercy. Why aren't you sympathetic, blah, blah, blah. And it's like, you know, at the end of the day, and I'm not saying they're all criminals, what I'm saying is that the concept itself, is that when

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you do something wrong, you know, mankind, generally speaking, has this tendency, okay? You know, if I don't get caught, nobody's watching, and hopefully it's not a big deal. just brush it to the side and a less saying, No, no, no, no, that's what the real criminals do. They are in denial and they lie about this day about this reality. So sort of over really highlights some things guys, so Pamela is really really puts you in a place where you're constantly reflecting in your thinking about your whole life, and everything you say, and everything you do. That's what disorder really and truly is all about. So I'm going to pause there because the next section now we're going to look at a few

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more as with respect to jahannam then we're going to look at a with respect to paradise, and then the sort of will conclude itself inshallah, so just bear with me, we're gonna probably do maybe three more episodes inshallah and then we're going to be done with this sorta, but it's really important that we keep the themes that are being introduced and concluded in the sorta that we try to keep those together in sha Allah hoteller metalizer job with broken our time may Allah subhanho wa Taala. But But again, our relationships. I mean, this is really

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things for us to think about. And again, just keep in mind, what we're seeing here is slowly but gradually how the Day of Judgment conversation, how Allah introduces it in the court and it happens in stages. There are lots of there are series of events that happened sequences that happened on the Day of Judgment. So it's kind of beaut it's kind of nice to be able to see how that works, at least in this sort of one of the very first and early stages of the Day of Judgment alone won't even ask anything. It'll be very obvious on the criminals faces that they were guilty that they've been hiding, that they've been in denial. Now lie social protect us from being amongst them, love them. I

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mean, so guys, let's pause there inshallah, like I said, we want to keep these. We want to keep these verses

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excuse me, these episodes short, like 20 minutes or so. Yes. So first 44 is also talking about jahannam as well. So we're going to continue from 44 onwards tomorrow in sha Allah Butera. So with that being said, two more will be in the law around the same time we'll continue with the suta which is okoma level Hydra. May Allah azza wa jal always and forever, reward us honor us, increase us and elevate us in this world. And in the Hereafter, along I mean, just like Mullah Hydra, said Mr. Lee come to LA he