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The speakers discuss the importance of humility and straight communication in religion, as it helps people understand their origins and the ways in which they relate to everything outside of Islam. They also touch on the history and impact of Islam, including the discovery of pearls and the potential for a new God-given source of wealth to be created through technology. The conversation emphasizes the importance of understanding signs and characteristics of God in building structures and structures.

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Mr manleigh al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah He after Lusaka woman wala Amma Bard Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh I know it seems like we're doing this every other day. And that's not intentional, by the way. It's just you know, with new job and some other things is just keeping me very occupied early in the morning, so I apologize for that. But nevertheless, we will always do our very best. To keep this as consistent as possible. I have no intentions of stopping this. I have no intentions of taking a break. soon as we're done this sutra, we're moving on to the next in sha Allah hoteller. But there might be some breaks and pauses in between. So just

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bear with me on those things on those moments in sha Allah. We're at verse number 14. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to put us in our in our place Haleakala in sand, we created human beings, min Sol Sol in CalHFA, Har, min Sol Sol from clay that is a far, far harder, it's useless clay.

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We were actually so we are actually created from useless mud and clay. Let me tell you what Sol Sol is. If you ever if you can imagine, and you can go on YouTube, or excuse me on Google and you can type this out. If you look at a barren, abandoned piece of land, and it rains and the mud, you know, it gets wet. After some time it starts to dry up, but nobody is walking on that piece of land. Eventually what happens with rain with with mud that's been dried up is that it starts to crack. Okay, so you see these cracks everywhere. And then you walk on top of those cracks, you hear this cracking noise. And then if you pick up a piece of that clay, it breaks apart in your hands. And

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here's the point, it's impossible to restore it the way that it was. Once it breaks apart. There's nothing you can do about it. So that kind of clay that's dried up after rainfall. That's called solid sod. Now maybe some of you where you live in villages that you live, where you live around places where this happens. Every time it rains, you know exactly what this is all about. You know, those are pieces of land that plants don't even grow it's completely useless. So what is a Lessing you the human being I designed and I created you from useless, Clay, useless mud, talk about being put in our place. And the reason why this is so important to us. Now here's the lesson behind this.

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This so far we've talked a lot about gratitude and humility. And yet like this tackle the opposite of of humility, which is ignorance. So, here's how it works when you have gratitude. Immediately, Allah blesses you with humility. But when you have dis gratitude, then the only thing that's left for you to do is to be ignorant. So Allah puts both of these concepts together in this intro in the introduction of the surah. We've talked about, you know, the three remember those three things

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stages of the scale, and how the ultimate goal behind that was to teach us to be grateful to be just to be fair, and to be and have gratitude. And as a result, to be a smart and honest businessman, also requires humility, you know, you can make an extra buck, you know, you can rip this person off, you know, you can add an extra zero, but you don't do any of that out of humility to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's one of the beauties of religion. That's what religion does, it keeps us under control, when our whims and our desires want to kick in, you know, I can do certain things. Just because I have a desire to do it doesn't mean it's right. And so that takes a lot of humility and

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submission. And that's one of the wisdoms behind religion itself. Now, the opposite of that is, Allah reminds us remember where you came from. Not only did I create you, but I created you from the most useless mud on this earth. That's where you came from. So when you grow up now, and you develop what we talked about in soda, TSC In fact, you will see more more being, then all of a sudden you develop and you grow. And now you have the audacity to argue about my existence, the validity of religion, the existence of God, you've been created out of useless mud, who do you think you are like, it really sets our pace and really puts us where we belong? subpanel up. So the result of that

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is when you don't have gratitude, and you don't have humility, then in ignorance is born. That's when it manifests and it becomes a life. Well, hello Carl Jan marijan. Minh, now, now that Allah spoke about the origin of how he created human beings, the next day, well, here's where jinns came from, as well. gins now are created from marriage from from the marriage type of fire, what's marriage, if you ever see when a fire is lit, in the very dead center at the base of the fire, it looks like it's invisible, it's almost hollow. But if you put something there, it'll immediately Ignite. Okay, I'm not suggesting Put your finger or anything in there. But the point is, is anything

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you put at the very base of that fire, where it looks like it's invisible, you literally can see right through that hollow section or that invisible part of the fire. That's called meritage. That's where the gyms were created from how only Allah knows how he how that happened. So the point here is, Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds human beings where your origin game from now the next area where genes came from. So what's the point of doing that? The next day febby a la you're a big woman to Kathy Ben, remember I said to you or a book or a book woman, and here will be cool man is in jewel form. So it's talking to two audiences. So now we fill in the blank. Now we filled in the blank. So

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the first is the humans and also to the jinns. You know why Allah constantly fuses us together? Because some of the scholars said the Tafseer of a yet like this is the despite a low was revealing the quarter and to humans, there were always genes in the background trying to listen in. And this is why we found in an entire chapter devoted to to them, and will stem inf o domina. Jin, I'll call it inner has Porter and I Jabba when they heard the horror end being recited from from the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. They were amazed. They said, I Jabba this thing that we just heard,

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but the poor, and we just heard, it's incredible. And you know, what's amazing in that same and there's a first a of sort of gin, they even called the poor n by its name, the poor, and they knew what it was. So it meant that they were always listening, and they had always heard and they understood what the horror n was. So they were always in the background when revelation was happening. And so this, you hear why we're always coupled together with the jinn world is at the end of the day. They're deceptive. You know, they're sitting there, they know what the truth is. They understood what it was. They never submitted to it. Do humans be human beings do that? Of course.

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And that's the lesson here. I created you, and I created the gin. Now the both of you. Now Allah speaks to the both of us puts us at the same place at the same level. Now the two of you, humans engine, which one of the favors Are you constantly going to be in denial of? You're both exactly the same. That's the point of the A, you're both the same. Now if you're going to deny, you know what's right you know what the truth is?

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So what separates what is going to distinguish the two of you from one another. So now moving forward till the end of the sword, I'm going to stop translating febby a little bit at the end because now you understand what that is. But Rob Boyd machete a pioneer a lot of bold mastery by him, he is the master of the two east and the two West, there's a lot of commentary on what the to East and to West is talking about. Some of the early MSA, there's a couple I'll share with you a number one, Allah is referring to all directions of the earth. So if you're standing, and you're looking towards the horizon, the two extremes, so the North East, and the south east, the Northwest

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and consequently Northwest and the Southwest, so the two extremes of the east and west, Allah is the rub, and He is the Creator and the authority and the master of all direction. Another interpretation, all seasons, you know, every six months, when the sun rises, it doesn't rise at the exact position or the exact station, it shifts to a different direction to some degree. So it doesn't rise at the exact moment. And you know, farmers know this very well, you know, they'll open you know their window and look out and then six months to get on they see the sudden it's six months later, the sun is on a different window. And it's rising from that direction. So all seasons the ROB

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will measure your claim for he is the master of both east and both West's meaning the first six months as well as the last six months of the entire year as the sun rises from all direction he is the master and don't rob of that. So that's why group it is all seasons. So I hope that's clear. February a Europe B coma to get the band so now that he's the master of all of these directions of all season. So the point is, is that a lot gives us a complete picture to appreciate of what his authority truly is. So for be a euro be command to get the man Mirage el bahara el cap Yang, when the seas are the rivers are the oceans when they meet together. So when you have saltwater, and you

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have Sweetwater when they come together baina Huma barossa Hola, yo, Julianne, in between it, there's a barrier, an invisible barrier bubbles up an invisible barrier that never crossed paths, you know, you can see pictures of this on on Google, it's not just one particular part of the world, deep within the oceans, like you can look, scientists have discovered this for ages, that there's there are these invisible barriers within the ocean itself, that never cross. Now, why is this important? Why does love bring this to light? Water is perhaps the most powerful entity that we have on this planet. It's very intimidating, it's very aggressive. And here's the thing about water. Once

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it starts flowing, you can't stop it. You know, if you have control over it, that's one thing. But once if, you know, if a canal breaks apart, and you know water and the ocean starts gushing into a city, there's nothing you can do. Water doesn't care about what's in front of a human beings, life buildings, powers, you know, large, powerful structures, it doesn't care. It'll wipe out everything in its path. It's incredibly forceful and powerful entity that we have. And Allah says, if you think that I don't have control over you, look what I can do with water, I can cause the ocean where it's sitting in this massive bucket, okay, like the entire ocean is what it is. It's the majority of the

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entire planet. Yet within the ocean itself, in this aggressive, you know, situation where water is crushing a tumbling on each other. I can create barriers that even the ocean submits itself to me, it won't cross when I order for it not to cross, it won't cross path. So what's the lesson brothers and sisters? If water is in the obedience of Allah, that can follow certain parameters that Allah sets for it. What happened to you and I?

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How come water can do that? Like, it's just water.

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Its water. That's it. Get now water becomes a hook but to us now water is giving us a lecture. Now water is putting us in our place. Allah says, Look, I can do that with this with water. This aggressive entity in this world that you can't stop when it's coming towards you. It's coming towards you can't do anything about it. Yet you yourself will still deny my existence.

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You're still questioning me why the ledgers why the login that's when it'll stop. Why won't stop, like Who do you think you are? That's the lesson this a it's panela talk about a suitor that puts us in our place is Allah subhanho wa Taala giving it to us straight up.

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That'd be alert, you're a big command to get the bang. Behold, you mean whom a loop loop one more region. Now think about it. Now you can also extract from this water from these oceans, corals and pearls. Now, once upon a time, people did not believe that pearls would come from Sweetwater they only thought it would come from saltwater. And now we know that you can go into Sweetwater and find find pearls. So back in the day when these aids were being revealed, there was a lot of denial. There was a lot of denial like these as though they're just not accurate. But now we know they are. And Allah says look, and this aggressive you know, ocean that's, that seems to be out of control and

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angry. In the depth of this ocean I placed beautiful coral and pearls for you to discover to appreciate. So it might look intimidating on the outside. But once you get in it's an entire planet by itself. creatures you've never seen before life you've never thought would exist. And in addition to the love buried treasures in the ocean, it gets even more beautiful phobia he Ella your ob Kumar to cassava Willow will Joanne to feel badly kill lol. And also for them

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as well. And Joe on ships, massive, you know, massive boats and ships. moonshot, moonshot means that they were elevated, which also means they're extremely heavy, heavy, those massive ships that have like little mini airports on them, that have helicopters and airplanes that land on them, these massive cruise ships that have like entire cities that are built on them. So less says they're in the ocean filled battery.

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And from a distance, you would think they were a mountain. So you know, when when you're standing at the edge of you know, on a beach or something and you look out to the ocean, if you look as far as you can see, you think you're seeing like islands or something.

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But they actually become ships that are just out there in the middle of the ocean. Now, what's this all about?

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If you've read the story about the Titanic, you know what this, you know what this is all about? All sailors and captains, once they get out in the middle of the ocean, they say it's in God's hands now. Because when you're out there, you become subject, you're literally at Mercy to the ocean, there's nothing you can do if something goes wrong. There's just nothing you're stranded there. And we see this till this day, when cruise ships get caught up in the weather. You know, they do their best to predict it. But at some point, there's only so much you can predict all of a sudden, a crash storm hits and hurricane hits 1000s of people literally stranded on in the middle of the ocean.

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Done, there's nothing you can do. You literally have to wait days, you sometimes have to wait weeks for help to arrive.

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And so Allah says, all of this, and you know what's beautiful, we just talked about pearls in the ocean, you know,

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you have this massive structure that's floating at the top of this delicate surface water.

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But if you were to get a pearl from the bottom of the ocean, and you stood on top of the ship, and you drop the pearl into the ocean, what would happen to the poor? It'll sink to the bottom again, wouldn't it? Yet you're standing on top of this ship on top of this boat and it's not going anywhere. Like what more of a clear and explicit indication of Allah's existence Do you want, then the fact that you're standing on this massive moonshot at this massive structure, and it's not just dropping to the bottom of the ocean by laws will but you took this tiny pearl and you drop and it just sinks to the bottom Subhana Allah

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that those are the lessons in sort of ohana. That's what Allah wants us to look at and concentrate febi ie Allah, your ob Kumar to catch the bed. So when we look at all of these a

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the lesson here today is just how profound the signs and the you know the

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The tovala how much of it surrounds us? And it's not just something for us to think about and reflect on and be like, oh, wow, look at the aid of Allah and just walk away. These a, it helps stimulate thought provoking ideas and reflection about who our Creator is that there has to be a creator out there. And it helps us to understand and it helps us to connect with the whole idea that, yeah, there is a God, I do have a religion, there is one entity worthy of worship out there. And I need to recognize that because no matter how much you apply physics, and science, design, and structure, to building these massive, massive structures, these ships and boats, at the end of the

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day, everything has to work. It has to work. So the design has to keep this ship this entire vessel afloat.

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And what we're saying is, that only works by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala. You know, I've told you the story before years ago, I asked the pilot who was a pilot for Saudi airlines, I asked him, How does a plane come off the ground?

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And he gave me He's like, he looked at me and he's like, do you want the truth? Or do you want like a technical answer? I said, both, you know, so he started explaining to me about wingspan and the design and airlift and all of these things. And then I'm like, Okay, so what's the truth, and he just looked at me and he says, a level airlift. Says only Allah knows. Only Allah knows how it works. At the end of the day, as we gain speed on the runway, somehow, a lot causes this massive structure, the size of like people's homes, the size of buildings,

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to just float, and now be suspended in this delicate invisible air that we breathe and we live with. Now these massive buildings are literally flying in the air. Only online knows. And the opposite of that is only Allah knows how it floats on water. But the pearl that one of the tiniest things you can discover in the ocean, as soon as you drop it in water, it goes right dead to the bottom. It's incredible. So we're gonna pause there and shout Allahu Allah. May Allah subhana wa Taala continue to teach us this beautiful sutra and all the wisdom and knowledge in it allow me to give us the strength, the ability and wisdom to continue to apply to beautiful teachings in our hearts and in

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our lives and love them that have been, which is that Molo, heighten and in sha Allah. I'll see you guys tomorrow was Santa Marta como la. He will bark at