Curious Muslim Episode 1 – Why Fast 6 Days in Shawwal

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of fasting during the month ofiva, and encourages viewers to take photos and recite the Quran. They also discuss the success of fasting during a long time and the importance of succeeding at the highest level.
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We just finished Ramadan fasting, we're ready to get back to normal routine. Wait, keep fasting my friend. We are encouraged to fast six days of show while the month right after Ramadan. I'm curious after a whole month of fasting Ramadan. Why is it that we are encouraged to continue with six days of Shawa? Let's go find out

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if you look at our Muslim worship, there's a pattern that you might notice the pattern is this When good deeds come to an end? We're encouraged to follow up with more good deeds soon after. Take photos of prayers finished. Yes. Okay. Follow it up with sunnah. Take reciting the Quran. Whenever we finish reading the Quran, we start again immediately page one Surah Al Fatiha certain Baqarah Allah says in the Quran for either of the phone sob which literally means that when you are finished stand up. So Ramadan fasting finished? Yes. Okay, follow it up with six days of show. Well, we praise Allah our entire lives five times a day. But what if we could fast our entire lives like

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every single day? Is that possible? Yes, it is. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said that whoever follows up Ramadan with six days of Chawan it says if they fasted their entire life, how come check this out? Good deeds are worth at least 10 times in the sight of Allah. So if you fast Ramadan, it's as if you fasted 10 months, one month times 10. And if you fast six days of Shaohua it's as if you fasted for 60 days, 10 times six, and that's two months. So total Ramadan plus 60 Chawan equals 12 months, the entire year, each and every year. So why Fast Six Days of Chawan in my technical scientific conclusion, because it's awesome sauce. If you haven't fasted your six yet better start

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now. The month of Chawan is almost gone. This is Muhammad Sharif. My job for you is to see you succeed at the highest level