Musleh Khan – Tafseer Surah Ar – Rahman #08 V56-71

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of privacy and preserving one's privacy in social settings is discussed, including the need for privacy in the workplace and privacy in the workplace. The conservative nature of the Islam world is emphasized, with rules driven by culture and not based on sex. Representatives are given to ask people about their desire for sex and how they feel about it, with a focus on highlighting the treasures and blessings that come with every major culture. The importance of excellence and happiness is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to provide detailed examples of their experiences with the message of excellence and happiness. A follow-up meeting is planned for the next day.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Ali Abdullah Saleh woman Juana Bard Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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This is episode eight guys and I think that in sha Allah hotellet after today we have one more episode and we will complete the sorta insha Allah hotel Allah. So let's get right into it because one of the first subjects that we're going to talk about as we continue our journey of the Tafseer of pseudo ramen, Fie, Hinako Scirocco, part of so Allah subhanho wa Taala will now talk to us about hodl in the wives of Jenna. And this is a conversation that happens in social circles around the world religious circles around the world. Why is it that the men have wives in gender, but the women don't have husbands in general, right. And this is something about core and that we have to address

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and acknowledge the poor and speaks about this particular subject. But how you and I we translate the subject in the conversation is very different from what the poor ends point across the subject is. So there's a couple of things that I want to share with you a number one, if you can imagine that when you tell a young man, that look, you're about to start a high school, you're about to start college, and you need to ensure that you are cautious, you protect your modesty, you protect your higher as well. You also lower your eyes, lower your gaze, make sure that you don't fall in a cage, you don't do all of these things. And you have these conversations, you have these kinds of

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counsel with young men. And so whenever his eyes are constantly tempted everywhere he looks, he sees something, you know, in a something temps him, and he keeps fighting all of this, right? And he says to himself, no, no, no, I have to be patient, I have to be patient. And that journey, that journey through his life, that he's constantly battling with his neffs, you know, and his desire is, you know, one way of looking at the subject and this is not for me, by the way, like scholars have talked about this over the years, you can find this in Tafseer books as well, that when you are patient in dunya, then as a result, if you're a patient, now, the agenda is your reward. So if

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you're patient now with all of these things, then Allah subhanho wa Taala will give you what you think is how long or you're battling in this world now becomes okay. In general, that doesn't mean that people are going to be doing sin, people are going to just be all over the place know Allah will designate this situation for those individuals in a manner that he is pleased with. In terms of details and how this is done. We don't

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Know that. But the point is, is that it's about the discipline. And the reason why I'm concentrating on the men is because that's what the core end does as well. Remember when we were in suta, to nor suited to, nor taught us something about morals and ethics, even within an home between men and women, like remember in Sudeten Northern and especially those of you that were with me in that sorta remember, we came across versus that even told us when and how your own children should walk in the bedroom, when they have the right to knock the door when they can enter. Remember that whole conversation before the federal time after the sunrise after sunset? And then you had etiquettes of

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the eyes? How much you speak to the opposite gender? To what extent does that conversation Go on, we did a whole session just on gender interaction in Islam. And so when you look at it, from a bird's eye view, this religion is very conservative about its interaction with the opposite gender, that that's just the fact. Right? We have we're always told not just what to say, but how we say the level of inter interaction, the standard to follow, like, all of these details are all laid out explicitly in this religion, but now in gender, those rules are lifted. But it does not mean that all the inhabitants of gender now just, it's a free for all you can do whatever you want. No, Allah

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subhanho wa Taala now or the core and teaches us that these situations now are controlled or allocated, certain groups will have certain privileges, etc. And it's in a manner in a manner that is pleasing to Allah. And I keep saying that, because that's the point here so that our imaginations and our limitations, don't get confused to what what Allah has limitations are. So that's the first thing that when you are patient in this world, then you are rewarded, of course, in the asset or in gender.

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The second thing is a very important question. Right? And that is, you know, lots of, you know, sisters will ask me this all the time over the years. So how come you know, men have these wives? But as women, we don't have gender? or excuse me, we don't have husbands in general. Right. So how come that happens? That doesn't seem fair. So the first thing to mention about this subject here this question, I mean, it's an important question. We should talk about this. We shouldn't shy away from these kinds of conversations, but have these kinds of conversations. The First things first,

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there have been experiments, and you can watch some of this online, right? Even I've conducted certain experiments, experiments like this, even with my own students. And I remember there was another speaker that he was mentioning a story where he conducted an experiment with his students. So he had about 100 brothers and 100 sisters. And he asked each of them the exact same question. The question was, if you could do what ever you want, or have what ever you want, okay? Yes, the brothers this, if you could do or have whatever you want, without no punishment, without no response, without no monitoring, nothing, it's a free for all. And you could have this one thing in

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the worldly life. Again, there's no accountability, you're not going to be punished nothing. What would that thing be? What is it that the one thing you would want? Or do that nobody would ever question you about? And you never be held accountable for? What would that one thing be? And there was almost like a 99% unanimous consensus amongst the brothers exactly what they wanted. Okay, this was this was an experiment that the speaker was talking about, amongst 100 brothers. The same question was posed to the sisters. And you know, what was interesting? The sisters had about almost 100 different answers. Even some of them said, you know, it depends. Some of them when they handed

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their papers, you know, they, they, they took it back in like, Oh, we I just thought of something. Let me add one more thing. And it kind of went back and forth. Then they said, You know, I just want to be with my parents. I just want to you know, have you know, the perfect guy, I want to be able to be married, I want to have children, I want to stability, I want to have you know, this and that I won't have some favorite clothing. I want to have my best friends with me, like all kinds of endless amount of answers. That's what the sisters came up. And it taught us something that, you know, our needs are very different. That was the point of the experiment, to to emphasize and to highlight

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just how different we are equal in terms of things that make us happy things that we find pleasure in. All of us have things in life that we find pleasure in, and some people

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find pleasure in one thing, whereas the other doesn't and vice versa. And that's perfectly okay. My point here is this with that experiment, what it teaches you an AI is that no one will be unhappy in gender. No one will say how Okay, well, that's not fair. No, no, no, trust me. And if there's one thing that we have learned of all of our conversations in all of the sutras and all the episodes of any speaker you listen to, is that every inhabitant of Paradise is happy, his content, a love, blesses you and gives you everything you are aware, like, again, it's not coming from me, and sudut facilite, Allah tells us and proves to us that everyone in general will be happy and content,

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welcome fee, hammer tiszta. He and first of all, welcome fee hammer, Ted derawan, you will have an agenda, everything that you desire, and you will also have the things that are personal and important to you. So to answer the question, will you know the women of gender have multiple husbands, the poor and a silent on this issue? That's it, leave it at that. Because why Allah says, you will have everything you desire in jet engine. Now when I configure my tester he and full circle everything that all of you want, you will have the Configure method down and even the one thing that you personally desire, you will have that as well. How Allahu RLM that's the position of a Henderson

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that's the position that all of us should at least adapt in terms of having a neutral conversation on the subject, you know, and don't fall for you know, some some people who try to you know, swing the conversation to one end or the other just to create this like imbalanced that's not what Allah does. Allah is never unjust. You know, basic, average, layman, Muslim knows that, like Allah will never be unjust, especially to the believers, and especially those who inhabit his paradise. There is no such thing as or lie like how come he gets to have that nice river, that beautiful tree, how come His home is better than mine, that will that those conversations will never happen. So it's

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really important that we have this conversation that at the end of the day understand, when we preserve and protect our higher our modesty, we are patient in this world, Allah will give us jedna insha Allah hoteller in the Hereafter, and number two, when it comes to the subject, every single person, everyone will be pleased in general, in sha Allah hoteller fi hidden nakazato parf that this hole in these women of Paradise, they will be shy of possibly at all parts, they will be shy to meet their spouse, let me help them with hoonah in some popular Humala, Jen, no Jen no human being would have ever touched them would have ever come near them. So what does call Sarah mean? When we say

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ie those of us that are married remember in the beginning of marriage, like the first two weeks or a couple of months, right? Everything your spouse says and does is just like perfect, you know that the you know, the way they sneeze, the way they blow their nose, the way the way the how they look when they first wake up, you know, you know and later on later on in the marriage, then you can start saying things like man, you look like an episode from The Walking Dead, right? But in the beginning of the marriage, everything is just beautiful and perfect, right?

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What Allah is saying in this area, is that the first meeting that you have with these hudl in is always going to be the same feeling that you and I have in our first meeting with our spouses. And you know like husband and wives we do this a lot right? We we reminisce and we think back remember the first time you saw me remember the first conversation we had remember the first time we met at this you know you know get together or I see what the mess dude or something and you just got to think back. You know and both of you are like in your pajamas. You just woke up You didn't even go brush your teeth, nothing. You just talking about this. Those are the moments that alesse says he

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will preserve it always and forever engender a side question What about my own spouse? What about my own husband or my wife that I was married to in this worldly life? Will I be with them in Jenna? The answer is yes. In sha Allah if Allah allows both of you and we have lots of commentary on this from the Quran as well as and as soon as our Prophet Ali's

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Was lm tells us the beauty of the huddle in is one thing, but the beauty of your spouse, your husband or wife, if they are given gender as well, Allah will make them 70 times more beautiful than the hudl in. Now the hurdle ain't Let me tell you, if you were to take one strand of hair of the hole in and place it in this world, in this world, the scent of perfume from one strand of hair from her, will illuminate and its fragrance will reach every inch of the entire planet. That beautiful fragrance, perfume smell of her hair, and your own spouse will be 70 times more beautiful than that strand of hair than the total in this is something our profits fairly subtle, Sam says, and you

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know, sent authentic head Ethan as soon as the Deadwood and other places as well. So just to give you that, that Now you might be thinking, I don't want to be with my husband. You know, he treated me so bad, you know? And even though we never got divorced, I mean, oh ally, you know, I did my time with him in this well, could you create me another husband and gender? Listen, all of the problems and the struggles that you and I we had in this worldly life. If that is the spouse that you left this world with, Allah will erase all of that hatred, those confrontations, those arguments, those those ill feelings alone will erase it all. It will disappear in general.

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You will have costlier elbow pads with your own wife as well. You know, every time you see her, it would be as though you're seeing her for the first time. And then Alice continues and he says

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Casa fabby Arabic woman to get the ban again, believers are being told this right? which of the favors Are you going to deny? Which is the favorites of your master? You're going to continue to deny the hoonah Leah poo to well model Jan. It's as if these women were pearls and gems. You know what's amazing about pearls and gems in this worldly life, they never deteriorate. You know, they never crack or spoil or rot away, you can literally keep them pearls till the end of time.

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So the spouses of Jenna,

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they remain literally perfect. You know, after certain time in marriage, everything just becomes blah. And then it just becomes like normal. You know, to others. You're still young, you're still handsome, she's still beautiful, but to each other. Like Yeah, whatever. Whatever, no big deal. You know, we're just living. We're just going about our day. So what? Yeah, go to Walmart, oh, Jan, that feeling will remain permanent forever in gender. You see your spouse, it'll be as though you see them for the first time and those feelings will be preserved and protected permanently, until the end of time, and forever in it for eternity. So be a little bit cool man to Kathy Ben. Hello, Jessa.

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Will son, Elon son, is there any other reward of excellence except excellence? You know what I love about this area? When you're excellent in this world, when you're excellent in the Hereafter, then that's all you get. And that's all the treatment you have is just pure excellence. You know, a plus student in this world? How do they get into colleges and universities? How did they accelerate? And how do they find academic success in their journey in their life? They're the first ones to be called out. They're given the honor status. You know, once they produce then the treatment is that when they graduate, all these companies line up because that's the first person they want. It's the

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one who had excellence Allah says in the theater, particularly everybody who is given Jenna And may Allah azza wa jal give all of us Jenna Allahumma Ameen. You will have nothing but excellence. You know what I love about this as well. This is one of the eight that proves everybody will be happy in gender that no one will be like come on a lot like you know, look at how look at the bricks on his house and look at the ones on mine. Nobody's gonna say that. How come his grass is so much greener and more luscious than mine. No one will say that. Because you will have a son you will have excellence just like everyone else. There's no such thing as unhappiness guys in paradise. To be a

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that your job is to get the band

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mean doing he imagined that 10 and aside from the two genders to gardens you already have, there's another two gardens for you as well. which of the favors of your master you're going to constantly be in denial of mood to him 10 this is what I like to call jedna 2.0 remember in the beginning the first introduction in this sorta of gender, a lot told us about trees that will intertwine with one another soon as the person enters gender, they will intertwined they will see these branches come to get together f men, f men, so these branches will mingle and intertwine with each other. Now, the next conversation, you know, this is sort of the Advanced Studies of gender, Madame, Madame mutton,

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these that these trees now the the branches will have this luscious, thick greenery attached to them. You know what damn mutton is like you ever see, like some of those commercials where, you know, somebody will be standing underneath a ton of trees, and the sun is trying to beam through it, but it's barely getting through it. You might see like one ray of sun point here, one ray of sun point. And that's it because it's so thick and luscious. And then when you look up, you see these bushes or you see these leaves, and they look totally black and dark. That's what happened to 10. Like, it's so thick, rich, it's so thick and rich and healthy and luscious of greenery for big.

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You're a big comment to get the band sunlight barely gets through it, Allah says, Are you still going to be in denial?

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You know, for the a layer of equimat to get the band between all of this conversation

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is also suitable. man's way of highlighting Are you still going to deny look at all the detail I give you. Look at all the detail I present to you. still gonna deny, you know, one of the

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one of the evidences for Truth and Honesty is detail. Somebody can give you an explanation. And say to you I was there at this time the sun was out at this time. This person walked by I saw this I saw and they give you all of this detail about the circumstance that they were in is one of the first signs that they're telling the truth. Because usually liars are very generic or they concentrate just on one problem and highlight that one thing.

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So Allah says, look, look, look at all this detail I give you even the bushes and the leaves on these branches. I'm talking to you about that as well. FEMA, ie nanny nebo 10. There are also springs of water that will gush around these massive trees for the Arabic woman to get the ban. fee EMF Kiha. Member earlier on in the sorta it was branches that have

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fruits on them. That's it. It just had these fruits that when you bite into them brings so much joy and happiness to you. Listen to this.

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They will also have fruits phakisa. One nwodo men and date palm trees as well as Roman pomegranate, little men. You know why these two are so important? It's specifically highlighting the treasures of Arab culture. And when we think about Arab culture, especially in the Mexican face, what do you think about

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the companions, the followers of the Prophet are they selfless and when you think about their rewards agenda, it's going to be the companions. So this is alluding to some of the treasures and blessings that directly connect to the treasures and blessings that companions loved and cherished particularly in Mexico and because of the constant abuse and persecution that they had to endure during that time. Less system worry. You know those palm trees that was part of your heritage, it was in your blood, it was you and the real men those fruits, they were rare but when they came my goodness, you all cherished it. Some of the healthiest things you consumed in your entire life. You

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will have all of that and more faqir. You will have all kinds of fruits

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for VA your ob Kumar to get the ban fee him no hi Ratan concern

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for all of you and for them.

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What a great choice hi rod from the word Higher. Higher means good. Also means the perfect choice. He said beautiful. What a beautiful choice. You made it. You got it.

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Agenda you made it. All of what you've endured all the struggle. You know, all those lectures, all those reminders.

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Everything you were told was halal and haram and you try to just you followed it. Who was hard?

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There's a lot of conversation about vaccine vaccines these days, right?

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And certain ingredients in vaccines with islamically. How do we approach this? Should I get vaccinated? Should I not? Do I do.

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And you go through the research, you study, here, like men, the simplest decisions, it might seem common sense to me, but I still gotta go into books, I gotta talk to shoe, head, all of that. And then when you finish gathering all of this knowledge, you go out there, out into the world out into the streets, you're tempted. Your desire button is pushed a million times a day, your desire button

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is pushed all the time. You're constantly provoked all the time.

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And you hold on

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to quote, Alesis hierarchy on his side.

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Beautiful choice you make to hold on

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to be a euro be Kumar to get the ban. Here it is for you, oh believers, whichever the favors of your master Are you constantly going to be in denial of

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look at all the detail the sutra presented to us, particularly about gender,

00:26:35 --> 00:26:58

particularly about reward? And what's the sort of called guys out of men? What's the majority of the sutra about gender? So put it together? The greatest reflection of Allah's mercy, particularly when we leave this world is Allah will give us Jana in sha Allah. Hold on.

00:26:59 --> 00:27:10

That's what sort of man is helping us to do. Hold on, don't let go Hold on. Keep pushing. And keep striving just hold on.

00:27:11 --> 00:27:16

sha Allah insha Allah you'll get there. When you do.

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A man shows you and teaches you and helps you to see you know, the thing that you were doubtful Have you questioned you heard so many YouTube videos of so called you know, experts, denying Allah denying religion, denying the existence of Allah, all of this stuff. My goodness.

00:27:42 --> 00:28:06

We were We were just a not offer. Just fluid then Allah caused us to mature then on top of that, have the audacity to deny deny his existence really. But you the believer never fell into that you held on You just said you know I let him Dino humiliating you know you got your own way I got my own way. Allies are judge and some handle

00:28:07 --> 00:28:26

the hidden the hierarchy on his son for all of them. And for you and I In short, look what a beautiful choice we made tomorrow in sha Allah huhtala we conclude the surah so stay tuned for that insha Allah and I guess tomorrow as well i'll talk to you about what we do after this visit

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which is ECMO low theater and met Allah subhanho wa Taala help us to get to the end of the surah but more so help us to continue to learn the beautiful knowledge and wisdom of this beautiful perhaps the most beautiful chapter of the entire quarter an in shall long term love metal line so which I'll bless you all all of you that send your send them to me why they can send him or her to law he will broadcast to all of you that send to us to be May Allah subhanho wa Taala return those doors to all of you only many folds over. mela is so much a multiply the doors you give me back to you many folds over inshallah Tada. I love them. So I will see you all tomorrow roughly around the same time. Just

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like a lot more just open. Hello. Hi, Ron. Welcome to Darwin in hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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