Balancing the Dunya and Akhira

Haifaa Younis


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The speaker discusses the definition of dunya and how it refers to a person who is in a low register. They also mention the importance of the Quran and how it relates to the dunya life. The transcript describes a person who is in a low register and has a three bedroom apartment to afford.

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So what is the definition of dunya?

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Always when you want to learn about anything start with the basics. What is dunya?

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So the word itself means something very low that's one of the meanings when a do no meaning when lower bass and the other meaning

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I'm sorry

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I didn't hear the time so

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usually it says hi to dunya when we refer to this life we put the word life but when you say do something close when it blew up or close to me, that's also doing something close meaning I see it I'm living in it all around me. And it's something Nope. I

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don't translate one of the words that after

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the later one later, so it's coming later. I don't see it. And that's why it's hard for me to even feel it because I don't see it. But I see the life every single day. Right? Now let's come to the Quran. How did Allah define living under any way you can think of an Allah will make us remember the What did Allah describe to me?

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Exactly that's a famous I have photos

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which are probably one of the most comprehensive description of domains assaulted hiding the alarm? No. And NEMA method will highlight the parable of this dunya life I was hired to do me the lower life the lower or the obvious life you're living on the new life in nanometer or higher to dunia right what KLM want to know not matter yeah animal animal Hayato dounia Larry moon wanna live is play now is distraction is how they describe it. So when the child is playing, that's playing when the child is playing is getting distracted from what he should do that's loud.

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So in the normal hangout of doing a lot more and a lot of things in order to know meaning learn this remind yourself of this teach your children this teacher said post the Alamo animal has a brilliant label will

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play amusement distraction, true or false. And

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never had to do it. Yeah. When was Xena?

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Xena to beauty Don't tell me life is not good. Don't tell me life is not beautiful? Don't tell me how to get nice children is not good. Having a good car looking good. Wearing nice Xena beauty. So Ally's describing it as it is he did a pretty close and personal afterward before now in NEMA have been labeled where the hole was in attune Beauty Water Catherine, Dana, Bella Phil and Wally while it is competition,

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who has more power more

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unwisely while older, more wealth and more children.

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Competition she has a three bedroom I have to afford. She has to I have to have three or at least two competition to cancel. What I found home was wistfulness.