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Cornell Santa Mira, Sula,

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masala ponen Otto Fattah Allah

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horn up in Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Ali he offered with solar woman while buried Santa Monica Marina to LA to Boca Raton. We are now at verse number eight. So so far, we have been talking a lot about some of the individual qualities and disciplines that Allah subhanho wa Taala expects out of us so that we can be of the truest and most sincere believers to him some kind of waterland. Next on that list, Wallasey in a homely MT him why he muroran then they are also those who when they are trusted, and when they are given promises and contracts to uphold overall rune, they look after those things. Two things are mentioned here. The first is Amanda,

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Amanda comes from the word M, and M, and literally means peace, literally means security and protection. And that's when you know, when we trust each other, I should feel at peace and secure, that I've mentioned or giving you something and I trusted you with that I can go to bed at night, I can relax, not having to worry that you're going to betray my my trust, you're going to take whatever I've given to you or set to you, and carry that on or break whatever agreement or trust that we have with each other, which leads us to the next point. Why D him are doing now there are many terms in the Quran to describe a contract or an agreement doing is more or less the most

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generic of them. So I have done is also used to address the social and cultural understandings that people have. So culturally, we know that you shouldn't act a certain way that you should abide by certain rules, even though they may not be the law of the land. You just don't do certain things, because that's the culture and the nature of that society. So an example of that is and I've given this example before, when Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions in so little metadata, and the same word is used that if you if you, for example, see reserved parking, okay, you know, and you have like a doctor's name or an employee's name or the President's name, but it says reserved parking. You know,

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one of the silliest questions I get is, did the Prophet alayhi salatu salam ever have reserved parking? You know, did he tie his camel in the same spot each and every time? And you're thinking to yourself, like, What are you talking about? It's such a hill state. It's such a Jadhav mentality. It's just sheer ignorance. The word I have done another version or another word for contracts in the Quran, or code from aquadome. All of these things also in encompass what is socially and culturally understood. So when you see a sign with somebody's name on it, you will obey that sign. You should respect it and you should follow that rule. Even though maybe the law doesn't put the doctor's name

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for reserved parking. The point is that organization, that property, that facility, what have you, they have decided to designate certain individuals, because you know, they're in and out of this, you know, facility very often, it's always trouble for them. They're important people, they're part of certain things. And so you want to ensure that you make the property

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as accessible as possible and as easy as possible for them, so that they're able to provide the services you need from them that just makes that's just common sense. So when you see that, when Allah subhanho wa Taala says our full biller code in sorta telma EDA, then he tells us here, why do him murrah rune, you actually respect those rules. And that's part of Islamic discipline, you know, and not every single thing has to be painted to us in black and white. The, the finer details are captured in these comprehensive words and verbs that are mentioned throughout the entire quarter. And they're large, they're comprehensive, they're vast in meaning. So that teaches you an eye, that

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it's more than what the translation tells us. So the two things are mentioned here, the MN t him, every time a trust is given to you, you take care of and you nurture that trust, whether it be in relationships at work at school, that doesn't matter. You know, you rent a car. What happens to a lot of people when they rent cars, you know, you rent cars, and then you basically, most people drive the car

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in every possible way that they would never drive their own car. In a similar way. They'll never do the things that they do with a rental with their own property. You're breaking the amenity him. And you're also breaking, you're going against why to him, the agreement was that you're going to nurse you're going to take care of this vehicle, you're going to treat a driver, that's understood, it doesn't have to be spelled out to you in a contract, you're going to treat this vehicle as if it's one of your own, use it for what you need to. But don't go around joyriding and going crazy and doing 360s all over the parking lot. That's just crazy. And unfortunately, because that happens so

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often. I can remember years ago when I was looking to buy a car and I would see a car that I liked. It just so happened in one vehicle I was I wanted to buy was actually a previous rental vehicle. And I didn't know that right? But the agent actually would give you a document. And you would have to sign to say that, you know, you are aware that this was once previously previously used as a rental vehicle. That's all it said. And I used to think to myself, why would you have a separate document that you have to sign stating that you you are aware of the background or the history of this vehicle that it was once used for a rental? And then you start thinking Oh, okay, now it makes

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sense, because of what people do with rentals. Okay, it makes perfect sense. So, believers don't do that.

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Believers take care of other people's property, as if it was their own. Believers ensure that they follow rules, regulation, whether it's stipulated in the law or not, if it's socially and culturally accepted, you respect that, and you follow it, especially when it's within the framework of your Diem. It's within the framework of Islam. So this is really crucial, really important. One thing that's interesting, and then we'll move on to the next verse. Amanda? Where does Amanda start from where does trust begin? in the home, if you can develop trust with the people, with the people within your household, then people will see and appreciate that quality in you outside of your home,

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they'll can they can see that they can do business with you, you know, if your wife and your husband and your children all there's trust within the family ability, well, you guys have an amazing relationship, there's a lot of trust, there's a lot of confidence in all of you, you know, I think we can do business, I think I want to hire you, I see how you treat your parents, I see how you treat your your husband, your wife, I see that I see how you take care of your kids, I see how you know you, you protect what's in the home. So you know a lot lots of you know, professionals in the corporate world when they look for certain qualities and their employees. So you know, before they

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hire you, they want to know if they can trust you. They're going to give you certain information about the company, they're going to pay you you're going to do this and that. And one of the things that is important to look at is just the family relationship that everyone has that tells a lot. Because if you can trust each other within the household, then there's probably a good chance that I can trust you outside of the home. So trust begins from within the household. Once it's preserved and protected there, then that manifest in all of your actions and interactions with people around you. Why to him is the natural consequence of trust. If you can preserve trust with people, then

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contracts and agreements, all of that fits into place because that's part of the bigger picture of what it means to trust. So you can see an agreement you can read it you can sign it and you have no problem fulfilling what's in that agreement. That's what leaders do.

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That's what people do. And that here according to this sorta is what believers do May Allah subhanaw taala always make us from amongst them alone I mean, wasn't Athena humara la sala to him you have your own man I love this area. I love this a well Athena humara salotti him now we have the plural form of silhouette. Before it was a Latino home feel solid to him it was in singular. Now it's in poor weather Xena humara del solo at him solo ad so they are the ones with all of their prayers. They protect them you have your loom from half it from half although you protect them. Now, let's talk a little bit about Sala what why is it in plural? It doesn't mean that it's referring to all of

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the photos, all the prayers, okay, not just the five daily prayers solo it also encompasses because it's in plural and it's not specified. It also includes all of the student prayers, the nephele prayers. So the HUD showed the loha this soon and before and after all of the prayers. You This is what believers do they nurture all of their prayers. Now, one thing I want to mention to you with respect to why we do these additional acts of worship, for the most part, we have become

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the federal only community. You just pop in prayer. fuddled. Hola, salaam aleikum. poppin. Do you know you make sure you you you fast in Ramadan? Have you thought about how he maybe I'll stay if I feel like it out. It will just become like this fuddled believer, this fuddled mentality. You know what the problem is with that?

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When you mess up in life, then the first thing that gets compromised with your with respect to rituals and worship with Allah is now going to be the photo world, the only thing you've preserved and protected and the only thing you have the following prayers. So now when you compromise the photo prayer, so if you mess up in other things and other aspects of your life, and it's now going to start affecting your concentration, your ability to pray, all of that starts to feel like a heavy burden, then what ends up happening now you start compromising the thought of prayer. So what do you have left? What do you have left? Nothing. So this is why the sunon prayers are there. This is why

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we do voluntary acts of worship. The scholars tell us that voluntary acts of worship protect the compulsory acts of worship. They protect that. So when you mess up and you have like those low points in your Amen. Then the first thing that gets affected is like Okay, you know what, I'll pray your fudgier. But man, I'm so tired. I'm just not into it. I'll just skip the certain prayers. It's not ideal, but it's not as terrible as if you skipped the total carats of fudger itself. You see, you see my point? You walk into a Masjid. You're feeling real exhausted or you know, you're just not there like mentally you're just not there. But you still get into the masjid. You pray a lot with

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McRib. Now you have two rakaats or four rokerites or 600 carats of student prayers after mclubbe. But you get up because you're like you're really tired. And you're just like, man, I can't concentrate. That was a real horrible muffler for you. You know you were thinking about everything except muffler, but the point is you protected the fuddled. So now, the soudan prayers you can give or take the rules are a little bit more lacks than when it comes to sin and voluntary acts of worship. So if you mess up in your life, you can mess up in some of the voluntary acts of worship, but you don't want to mess up with your foothold. So that's why it is so crucial to protect the fold

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acts of worship especially or sada by performing the sunon and voluntary acts of worship. People who pray to God almost never ever miss out on father prayers. They almost never do it. It's it's almost impossible for them to mess up on their fuddled if anything, all of the towhead Jude and the extra sunon prayers just add more concentration, more sincerity, more discipline to the Father prayers. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, just talk to anybody who you know, prays extra prayers, and they'll tell you well, yeah, like the photo prayers become a piece of cake. And they become the priority. You know, you have all these certain prayers. Those are like checkmarks

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but when it comes to the fuddled that's like your final grade for the day. So you that's like the final exam. So you have so think of it this way. The sunon and Noah fill prayers. There are like short quizzes. But before

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Falling prayer is like the final exam and you have five of them every day. So you want to make sure that if you're going to fail, if you're going to mess up, okay, you can give or take from a quiz here and a quiz there, you can fail one or two quizzes here, and they're fine. But the final exam, you don't want to mess up there, you want to make sure you bring it all when it comes to the final exam. Okay, so I hope that makes sense. Well, Edina home and then Allah subhanaw taala says, You have you alone, the believers, they protect these prayers. We've already talked about a lesbian home feels solid to him harsh your own, and, and the concept of bush war.

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I'm thinking really hard about this, guys.

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I want to do a solid series. But it's not what you think. I'm not going to sit here and be like, okay, they're this amount of autocannon of solder these other words, you bet and go into all the

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I don't want to talk about any of that stuff. So we're not going to talk about that we're not going to talk about how hard you should raise none of the fifth aspects when I'm thinking about is, How awesome would it be

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to have a series about the concentration or the horseshoe of prayer? And again, I'm not going to say to you, okay, you start off by doing a, b, and c, and then all of a sudden concentration just turns on? No, it's about eliminating distractions. It's about finding, you know, beauty in the karma. In the then, you know, how often do we actually take the time and just kind of think about the event itself? You've got all these different phrases? And what exactly are they talking about? And what they mean, and how was the event and the apartment? How it's legislated? And what why is that there before the prayers? Is it preparing you for something? Are you supposed to be thinking about certain

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things? Why the event and the akamba? Why not just step up and just start praying? Why do you have to announce these even if you're in your own bedroom? No one else is gonna hear you. But you're still gonna announce the comma at least? Why?

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Hawaii? Why do we start off with Allahu Akbar?

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Why not? Bismillah? Why not? Just, hello Allah? Why not in any other light? Why does it have to be Allahu Akbar? You see, all of these aspects of prayer represents something important and meaningful. It's huge. When it comes to the experience of prayer. When you journey through this time between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala is your private meeting with him and him alone? You can't ask no one to do it for you. And once you finish the prayer, you can't take it back. Like oh my god, Okay, you know what? I didn't like that. Let me just do it one more time. No, it's done. You submitted it to him? It's in the record book now. So how do you develop the focus? The concentration, so that you

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can taste the sweetness and find meaning in every prayer? How do you do that? eliminating distractions, keeping my mind focused? People say within a 20 minute span, three minutes of that is full concentration. So how can you reverse that where at least you can have you know, the vast majority of that 1015 minutes however long it takes to pray? where the majority of it is focused? How do you get your knifes your heart, your mind to just concentrate? Maybe that would be a series coming very soon. Insha Allah, Allah

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will aka whom will where he soon now unless now a lot concludes the first section of Swords Milan, and says to us, those are the ones that are going to inherit. They're they're the inheritors. What do you inherit? When you go through all of these qualities? What do you inherit? allatheena uri Thorne alfetta. dosa home fee. How do you do?

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This is so beautiful. They're the ones that inherit a better dose. We all know what alfetta doses that are dose, the highest level of gender fit or dose, the actual term means a green luscious garden with beautiful flowers decorative. It's just pleasing to the eyes. Do you ever see gardens like that?

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I think it's in Dubai. They have like a flower museum or a flower garden or something like that. I've seen pictures of it. I've never had a chance to visit it but I believe it's in Dubai is massive flower garden. And they have like gardens that are like yeah, they have like model planes that are just built with flowers. And some of my friends who have visited told me it's one of the most beautiful places you'll ever visit.

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All you do is you walk around and you just watch these beautiful flowers, beautiful greenery, plants everywhere and it's just, it's a different world. That's unfair to dos. So immediately by title Allah gives us a hint that unfettered dos one of the things that makes it incredibly special, even though all of Jenna is a garden, but Alfa dos is a special type of garden it's a it has a particular level and style and beauty associated with it that the other heavens don't have met Allah subhanho wa Taala make us from amongst them. Allah home me home fee Holly do they are in it forever. So

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the next section now of the surah is a completely different topic. So let's go back for a quick second.

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We will get a fair dose in sha Allah hoteller so what do we do? Number one,

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we pray.

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Number two, we have whoa Sure. Now you know what, who sure is? Number three. When the believer hears level what's level with everything that's useless have no benefit to us whether it's words or actions, people, anything surroundings, all of that is level. You protect yourself from low morale. Do you repel it? you reject it? You get uncomfortable you don't want to be around it. So that's what number three number four will levena homeless zucchetti Ferry loon you're always thinking about ways to purify yourself your knifes za cat here as we mentioned, we know that it's not talking about the cat that you pay why because the ends with fat you don't alleged and say I am you don't. And then is

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the verb that is used to describe the cat that you pay but Farrell fair Elune plural is an action. You're always doing things to make yourself better. Number five, protecting and guarding the privates, which we talked about yesterday in the previous episodes. Number six for in the Himalaya romelu means so once you do that and you and you find beauty in your marriage, then in shout Allahu taala your there's no blame on you. You reserve all of your desire, your your love, all of these things that all of us are created with, for where Allah subhana wa Taala says okay, here's where you can let go in your marriage. Number six, you're not looking for anything above and beyond the

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limitations of Allah subhanho wa Taala from an avatar or from any better Hall water cooler eco hula Dune number seven that's today's lesson we're living in a homely Amana team number eight why D him ra room number nine will Latina humara la sala wa t him you have a loan. And so so you have at least at least bare minimum nine things to do.

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Well, you can move it soon. You know what's incredible.

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Alice Doesn't say we'll let you come home we were the throne. It almost sounds kind of redundant. Why not just skip and say well, Athena who Marilla Soto to him you have your own a lesbian as well for a dose of him. Why not just go straight into Okay, they will get fitter dose that's what they will inherit. Why add another sentence. They are going to be the inheritors. They are going to inherit alfetta dose.

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It sounds redundant. It's like saying, here's the beauty.

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With you get to a a number nine and you achieve all of the nine or 10 things that we just mentioned. Ola. He can humble where he soon is like Allah subhanho wa Taala saying

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you did it. I'm so proud of you. You're gonna inherit the best now. Good for you. Congratulations.

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You prayed. guarded your tongue. Protect the privates. You protected modesty held on to your deen,

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your Salalah everything was intact. So proud of you. You're gonna inherit now.

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It's like, there's this pause. You know, it's like when your kid comes to you.

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And they show you their report card. And you see in the report card and you're like

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all A's, even in math. all A's.

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You did math. Math was your hardest subject but you did it. And you say to your son or to your child you say to them.

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I'm so proud of you. And you pause. You don't be surprised your kid just starts crying because they hear those words from his or her parents. So proud of you, but you're not done. So you still you follow that?

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With so proud of you,

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you are going to get a surprise from me. We're gonna go to the toy store we're going to go to Toys R Us we know the mall, you're going to choose anything you want. I'm so proud of you.

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So it's as if Allah is saying well I can only worry through my goodness you're going to inherit I'm so proud of you.

00:25:21--> 00:26:17

You are going to get leadin a throne and Farah DOS and on top of that, you will stay in alfetta dos forever. Good job. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us from amongst them will not cut a hollow canal insert a means to lead at mill lane next subject. Allah created all of mankind from Sudan, Sudan from the word seller, seller, Salah is when you pull out a sword from a shield from the shield you pull the sword out that's called Solana okay. So Allah says that he pulled out and created mankind mill clean from the best and chosen types of soil. Okay, so from clay or soil. So Sudan gives us the the indication that you know, when you pull this prized sword member, the shield is there not just

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to protect the sharpness of the sword, but to preserve the integrity of the sword itself, that it's long lasting and it can stand you know, it can withstand time. And so when you find ancient Stuart's till today, the value is increased tremendously when the shield is still there. So Sula, so this is like the prized possession. So Allah is saying, You human beings, I created you from the best parts of soil, not just any kind of soil, Oak or clay, it's the most prized of them. Then Allah continues through Medina who notified then we caused him to become a droplet. Thelma here means an extended period had gone by. So from soil or clay,

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X amount of time, but it's an extended period. Why? How do we know that because of stillness and that always represents a long period. So Allah says that from that, not affair fluid or droplet Thea pataudi McKean. It was preserved and protected in a strong place, the uterus of the mother. You know, one of the miracles of pregnancy is that as her stomach begins to grow and develop, she still be able to bend down pick up things, she's still able to move to lie down. But guess what, what happens to the baby. It's still in the same position. It's stationary there. It doesn't get tumbled around, like if you have a ball with one marble in it. And you turn the ball upside down to what

00:27:55--> 00:28:00

happens to the marble. It's going and flinging and banging all over the place. None of that doesn't happen with her.

00:28:01--> 00:28:17

Allah causes the child to be stationary in the sense that it's protected. That's called pataudi, McKeen. Allah put this strong place for this child to develop in Subhana Allah. So pregnancy

00:28:18--> 00:28:33

it is a yet like this, that I hope now you understand why I say what I'm about to say. pregnancy is a miracle from Allah subhanho wa Taala it's one of the miracles that we have to appreciate

00:28:34--> 00:28:51

just the fact that she's pregnant, just the fact that a human being is being developed there. And it goes through these stages, but parati making just the fact that Allah created this vessel, where the child is protected from and protected from within is incredible.

00:28:53--> 00:29:01

So Maha lacuna, so from the now we have thumb again right. So from the fluid you have another filmer

00:29:02--> 00:29:14

so Thelma and extended period goes by Harlequin and noto fatter so the fluid now becomes so the fluid of course is the sperm it becomes now so mahalo Conan loco Fatah call

00:29:15--> 00:29:59

it local. So I locker now it becomes you know, like this, this piece of meat. So it starts to develop into something beyond just fluid is the point right? For Harlequin Allah Allah cotton so it becomes this flesh. So I locker so here's number one. So from this fluid next, number two, it becomes this piece of flesh for Harlequin, alacati Mobile, then from this flesh, it becomes like this chewed up type of flesh, so it changes the structure. Here's what I want you guys to pay attention to is the letter fat. We'll have three of them. Fat hi Laughlin and I love pata mobile fat

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So that's number one. Keep in mind, that's number one. So it goes from this hanging flesh to a chewed up type of flesh. Okay? So this is embryology all happening in this area. Number two, here's the second letter for Falco. lockeland Mobile hut are Avon. So it takes goes from this chewed up flesh, and it starts to develop. And now bones start to develop in his child, now you start to see an actual human being forming, start to see a head you start seeing arms, fingers, legs, all of that. Number three, back so and here's the third Fat Fat Cat cell, nwlr ivam Allah and we dressed up kassa

00:30:45--> 00:30:49

is the word that is used to dress something up beautifully.

00:30:50--> 00:30:58

Allah says that he took the bones and he dressed them with skin and meat. So it starts looking like a full child.

00:31:00--> 00:31:35

A lot calls that process that he takes it from a droplet to a piece of flesh to a chewed up flesh to bones now with skin and lamb and meat, muscle, all of these things, all the organs, the veins, etc. Allah says that's how Allah decorated the human being so panela bill, which is just remarkable, that's when you go for the ultrasound and you're like, Oh my god, I can see its fingers. I can see its toes. That's *in someone Allah. Allah says that's, that's beautiful dressing for on my part.

00:31:36--> 00:31:39

So how many letter fairs Do we have three.

00:31:40--> 00:31:53

The Prophet alayhi salatu salam told us that there were three stages before the soul is blown into the child. How many days has to go by 120 40 days, from when it gets into a

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hanging flesh, that piece of flesh that's 40 days, add another 40 days, then it becomes into somewhat bones, it starts to add another 40 days and then the skin etc all of that is there. So after 40 plus 40 plus 40 is how much 120 days. The profit are the subtle sentences after 120 days the soul is blown into the child now the child comes to life. We'll put a lesson a thumbnail and Chanel who hope and our heart. Then what came after Thoma What did we say Thoma represented an extended period. So from the first 120 days of pregnancy, after 120 days until the end of pregnancy. It's a whole different child now. This is a child with life. This is where you start feeling the

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child. It punches you.

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You feel movement. You feel like the feet just poked her stomach. She's like oh my god, I can feel it moving. I can't feel here. All of that life in the child that's that comes with.

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After an extended period Allah allowed now life is brought into this child like God. So Allah uses so much so beautiful and it's so precise and shut now how can alpha ensure it developed now it went from this stage now to the stage of life. Hulk an alpha Hulk an alpha represents that now the child starts to really develop and grow up into a full fledged baby photobiological love who is and will highly pain then she gives birth.

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she delivers the child and what does Allah say Fatah powercolor students from sudfeld Rockman What did we say Baraka represented as Ziad you know when something goes beyond your expectations. So when the child is born, Allah says vitabiotics Allah, this is Baraka from Allah because now the child will step into the world. And there are expectations that you will have for the child, Allah will have for the child, but it will exceed our expectations as a result of Allah's Baraka.

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It will exceed our expectations How?

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How does a human child baby exceed our expectations? What is this a referring to? You want to know what a simple answer to that is? Look in the mirror. You are the bottle of Allah. Look in the mirror. Look at what you have become.

00:34:34--> 00:35:00

Look at what you have accomplished and done in your life. What you've seen what you've experienced, what you've learned, and the person that you have developed to become today. That person you see in the mirror. That's Tabata cola. That's the last bottle okay in you. Your parents probably just wanted you to be healthy, but instead you weren't you were not just healthy. But you became a doctor so you brought health to other people.

00:35:00--> 00:35:10

to hundreds and 1000s of other people around you. You became a doctor, you took care of animals as well. So you didn't just look after the human race.

00:35:11--> 00:36:04

You started helping creatures, animals so that they could sustain and live a healthy life. That's bottlecap you became a professional athlete, you became somebody that was valuable, valuable and a contributor to your family and to your community. All of that is bottlecap. Or you just became a good person, Baraka for Tabata colo Arsenal, Holly theme, is and whenever it is attached to creation, it's always referring to human beings. Let me say that again. I send Harley 18 Harley pin creation, Allah says his bottlecap is the best given to his creation, when you have a son and you have holep together in an A A, the SN which represents the best choice that Allah gives, is always

00:36:04--> 00:36:06

attributed to human beings.

00:36:07--> 00:36:16

So we are the chosen creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala as human beings, Hawaii because of all the bottle care that we

00:36:18--> 00:37:05

illustrate, and we develop and we show and we share with the rest of mankind. All of that is a reflection of you are the best creation I put on this earth. And the all that you do and you accomplish in your life is part of my Baraka. It's such a beautiful conversation of the stages of development, but also what comes afterwards once the child is born. It is just such a remarkable surah These are some of the reasons why I chose the sorta so we'll pause there and shut low Tara and continue tomorrow, the pace will start to pick up guys so just stay with me and it shot low Tara tomorrow we will continue May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to not only achieve and acquire the

00:37:05--> 00:37:50

qualities that are mentioned in the introduction of this beautiful sutra. But we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to protect it in us in our hearts and in our lives. Let us protect all of these qualities. So they are approximately nine of them. For those of you who missed missed it just go back rewind this the the episode and you can jot those down. And in sha Allah hytera Allah We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala always and forever to make us a creation that is a creation of gratitude, a creation of love, respect and Baraka in a manner that is pleasing to Him before each other lahoma mean, so just a level higher. Ah, and let me know what your thoughts are about the Sol S series. Remember, it's

00:37:50--> 00:38:31

not the fifth of Sala, I've actually done that years ago. It's online. It's called the prophets prayer describe I think I did like 40 or 50 videos, so all of that is there. But I want to talk about the dead skia of solid the purification of solar, what you and I should really achieve and accomplish with every single prayer. So it all goes back to several ahaadeeth and I want you to know what your thoughts are on that for our next series. We can take a break from tipsy and once we're done disorder inshallah. And of course we can look at some other topics okay, because that camallo heighten all of you that send your Salaam and your doors may alert so God bless you all with all of

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your doors back to you 10 times more widely considered more to Leo Barakatuh for all of your son m fetches akmola high euro jack Malabo Hira, was Salam or Aleikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh