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AI: Summary © The importance of making choices based on knowledge and an educated understanding of one's options is emphasized in a series of conversations. The speaker discusses the struggles of witnessing and reacting to a recent incident where a woman called Jana died and was killed. They emphasize the need for people to stand by and not give up, as it is difficult to see the difference between what people say and what they do, and the importance of choosing one's actions and actions. The segment also touches on the challenges of technology and people not being able to stand up for their rights, and encourages people to stay true to their beliefs and avoid negative behavior.
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Llamosa lucidly Mubarak identity you know Muhammad in our early he also having a domain you're gonna have to turn that because I don't think there's something out there

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this is something you have to fix something there

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad no other early he also happy as you may know that

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today insha Allah he will talk about Sewell Atul Raj

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is the final Surah within the group, the second group of Surah Surah. And

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among that, I think the 30 of the use of the Quran 30 last cluster of the Quran summarizes everything and the first group talked about the pillars of taking a faith

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or accepting a religion and the second group talks about choices. And we went through the first four sorrows in this group that talked about choices from different angles, so that the Creator talked about the sanctity of it, the holiness of the choice, the fact that is granted to you by God himself. subhanho wa taala. So we're gonna be a lot of talks about the fact that you're accountable for your choices. You're not making choices into a empty nothingness, you're making choices, and there's accountability for them, cinematography talks about the fact that they're recorded, and that there are consequences, both in this life and the hereafter. And certainly Chicago in Chicago

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reminds us that the margin of our choices isn't as wide as we think it is, it's actually quite narrow, we don't have as many options as we think. So we don't have we're not making as many choices as we may think. So make your choices very, very carefully, very wisely. And make sure you're basing them on knowledge and on an educated understanding of what's around you. That's kind of what sort of talks about, you think that that would be enough

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in terms of this, you know, talking about this issue, but there's one more Surah within this group that will talk about choices. And by far this is the most effective for me at least, and understanding the concept and it's a very heavy one no sort of sort of broach the constellations.

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I'm going to read the first couple of verses and then I'll remind you a little bit of what the story is and then I'll tell you what the purpose or point of the solar actually is. He's just a pilot what data was summer either till Guruji Well, yeah, we'll mill through the washer heating when I should put the lettuce herb will do the Aneri. The team will work who would eat Humala you have rude or Humala. Anna you're following me in a shoe Who would wanna come home in home ill Minogue hola hola z is ill honeyed hola de la Homolka sama. De will. Allahu Allah, Felicia in Shaheed in La Vina Fattah and we'll move meaning in our Mina de mala Mia to follow him either Bucha Hana wala whom either will

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hurry up in Ella the man who Samuel Foley had the home Jana, to tangerine, daddy Hill and her will the legal Kozuka do

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these verses and Subarus tells us tell us a story. I'm not going to tell you that full story today because it will take much more way more time than I have actually available to me until Aisha but you do know the you know, the basic idea of the story is that a group of people somewhere in Shibuya Jersey around the peninsula, Arabia,

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tried to change their religion while they were being ruled by a polysius dictator, while they were being ruled by someone who claimed to be God or had a numerous number of gods that he wanted people to worship. And they found the concept of la ilaha illAllah. And they wanted to believe.

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And what happened was that this this king, this dictator, dug a trench, filled it with, with wood killed, kindled a very large fire within it,

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and began to throw believers into it.

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He began to ask people to make a choice. Either you can hold on to the era in Allah and you're thrown into the fire or you change your faith you go back to how things were before and we spare you. And that's how things went down. In a very known incident that is very famous within within Arabia during the time of the Prophet I mean, the prophets of Allah, Allah was like this, and I grew up hearing this story not from total rouge, but from his new uncles and grandparents and people who lived,

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lived around him because his story was very well known. It was well documented. It's similar to the story of us Hubble field. These are the tales that are told of the land.

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And the property is hard to say I can only imagine him listening to this story and wondering how this went down. How could it be How is it that people can do something like that? I'm not sort of just not interested in selling one in diving into why a human being would throw another human being into a Kindle Fire that

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and talked about elsewhere. Sudo Bucha is talking about an aspect of choices, which is the following statement. And if you understand this statement, you understand the whole purpose of pseudo budaj

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not doing anything, is a choice.

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Not doing anything is an action, it's an activity. It's doing something. If you choose to say nothing. Well, that's what you chose to say, in saying nothing is a choice. It's not

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passivity, and indifference. If you just don't care. That's a choice you made.

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If you're passive, if you allow things to occur in front of you, and you do not react, and you have no input, and you have no opinion, and you don't, you have no effect. That's a choice. You're making that choice. You know, when you're a kid,

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and Johnny, something breaks in the room and your parents come right running upstairs. And your first thing you say is I didn't do anything. Right. Now, it depends on where you are in the in the grapevine, and it depends on where you are. If you're the youngest, you're safe. If you're the oldest you're not. You can do anything. That's a problem. What do you mean? Didn't Why didn't you stop them? Why didn't you calm them down? Why didn't you remove this person? Why didn't you so not doing anything for certain people doesn't work at all actually, making you know, actually makes the punishment worse. And this is what Allah subhanaw taala is teaching in sort of the BlueJ the concept

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is very simple. Your milk piano if you come and say, I didn't do anything, he'll tell you, that's the problem.

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You're not gonna let you decide to come and say I didn't do anything. Exactly, exactly, didn't do anything. And here's where this sort of tells us story. So you understand it was summer either algebra which I swear by the sky with his constellations that go upwards. In contrast to the trench that was digging, digging, that goes downwards. And there's always these contrasts and the sewer and open the Quran. If you if you only think about them a little bit, you can always catch them. Well, yo milma Oh, and I swear by the promises day, which is your military of the day of accountability, where shall he didn't want my shoot, and I swear by every witness, and everything that was ever

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witnessed, that's how this is the linguistic breakdown of these two words, not talking about a specific incident that was witnessed, or a specific witness. He somehow without taking an oath, by every witness, every person that ever witnessed anything, and every incident that was ever witnessed by a human being was shot he didn't want to shoot, of course, when he makes an oath subhanaw taala and the surah is always drawing our attention to something within it. Like when nosy ideological like I explained at the beginning, it was talking about the neffs as a preparation so that you understand what is required of us what the job and obstacles are gonna look like. We're sure that he

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didn't want to shoot so he's making these oaths of paradise whereby the sky with all those constellations, I swear by the promise Dana swipe, I swear by every witness and everything that's ever been witnessed.

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Cotulla was horrible, dude.

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And nerdy that deliver food is Humala, you have made the people of the old dude

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it'd be punished severely.

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Now who are US Hello, dude, who are the people over? Look, dude, here's the here's the catch, and the sooner they understand who you are, because when you first think hear the story, your mind will say it will go and say let's have a look dude, are the people who threw in the believers into the fire?

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Unfortunately, you would be mistaken.

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He's not talking about them. subhanaw taala obviously, obviously, if you're throwing a human being into a kindled fire going to be punished. Yamo Pm is talked about later on in the sutra in Medina, third channel Mina. Well, Minetti those who Punnett who tortured or mistreated the believers male and female.

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But oh my god Bucha Han nama what? Oh my god, we'll have you on these people. We're going to be probably a steel mill pm and they won't be burnt just like they burn others. So who was a Sabbath, dude? So the sewer begins to continue so I'm not going to make this up. This was actually explained to us who they are, who else have a lot to do with our and then he explains first of all, what the dude is a Nerida tilava Who the fire that has been kindled with fuel and the fuel is the is the wood that's in it.

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And then he explains the pilot on it is the home highly polluted.

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The word cada or corrode in the Quran has a specific usage jealous or is to sit by the means to sit back from doing something Jealous is just to sit it's just the source. What we're doing right now either means there was something that you should have done, but you sat you sat you stayed back, you didn't do it. So you find the point of account either Latina caribou, Allah Allah Sula,

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or you'll find it. Yeah. And he used quite abundantly and suited to Toba wherever he used subhanaw taala the word

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collider or call it in Yokohama, Allah ideen. You're not talking about those who just sitting down sitting down. It's not a sin. It's those who stayed back from doing something they should have done. So it is

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If the concept is figurative as if you're supposed to stand up, but you chose to sit down, but it's not just sitting, it's not just the act of sitting down. So is the whom I lay here as they sat in front of you, dude, erode, sitting back,

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abstaining from saying anything, abstaining from doing anything. They just witnessed it. Now you're like, No, I don't think that's correct. Well, again, just read the verse right after it. Even O'Malley Harkleroad. Whoa, these people are cyberlock Dude, Allah Yeah, Faloona bill me, Nina should. And they were regarding what the perpetrators and the criminals were doing to the believers. They were witnessing it, they were witnesses to what the criminals did to the believers in Guatemala, nya, follow whenever Mina should, and they witnessed what happened.

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This is a big problem with in our mentality as Muslims today, your problem of being a bystander to the problem of saying it's not my problem,

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nothing to do with me, I just don't care anymore. They can do what they will. People can behave however they want. This is their prerogative, I'm going to just take care of me. And then we draw a conscious blind eye to a lot of what happens around us, whether within the country that we live or elsewhere within the globe, we thinking that since we didn't actually cause the problem, since we didn't actually commit the crime, that somehow we are going to be exempted your multicam from being held accountable regarding that crime at all. So the brooch at the end of this group of pseudo that's talking about choices, that told us our choices are sacred, and they're gonna be

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accountability and they're documented. There will be consequences in the market is small, so choose wisely. At the end of it is saying and by the way, being passive and indifferent and not doing anything is also a choice. It's a choice, and you will be held accountable for that choice as well. Portilla is horrible dude made the people of the dude be punished. May they may be may they be not forgiven, maybe not be forgiven by why they didn't do it. They didn't participate in this in this horrific activity. They didn't they didn't encourage it. They didn't support it. They didn't start it they didn't actually do it. So why would they be punished for it?

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Is O'Malley her who would because they sat there and watched because they sat back because they had an option they had an opportunity. You had a choice to speak up and see what needed to be said at the moment and stand for what was righteous and defend those who are oppressed and they did not well whom I learned if I Luna will move me in a shoe who would see how many times the word shoot now is has been in the Surah right for sure he didn't want matured and then again once you might have it would have been about me and I should go in regarding what they the perpetrators the criminals did to the believers they witnessed it. Why am I now call me No. And these criminals had no hatred

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towards the believers except the fact that you're meant to be let me know Billa Hill Aziz al Hamid accepting they believed in Allah the unfathomable and the Praiseworthy, Allah the Listen to how he continues talking about himself Subhana wa Tada here and suitable rouge, unlike maybe other suitors, Allah the law who will cause some tea will help the one within his hand is the sovereignty of the earth and the heavens and the earth. Will Allah who is equally shaitan

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Shaheed Allah subhanaw taala witnesses all

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he's taking an oath by every witness, and everything that was witnessed, and he is seeing the people of your Dude we're going to be punished the ones who sat back and witnessed it, and watch this this atrocity occur and say nothing and do nothing about it. Tell them that Allah subhanaw taala owns the sovereignty of the heavens on the earth and he also witnesses everything. Allahu Allah Cooley che in JD saw that he witnessed you witnessing it.

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And then he talks upon OData about it to other groups. He talks about the group that actually committed the crime in Aladdin fit me in a minute. And then he talks about the the third group, the believers,

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the believers who are already thrown into this fire who stood by their freedom of choice, their choice of faith, their Eman level in Allah subhanho wa Taala and accepted a fate that for you and I is something that is almost unthinkable is unimaginable for me to even talk about. I don't tell the story purposefully in detail, because there are children, and there are people who are fainthearted. And to tell you a story of people who are being thrown into a kindled fire is very difficult to hear. But they did it in the Latina woman why middle Saudi hottie gnome Jana, tangerine and Danielle and hell the article photos will be this is the biggest win. They're going to be the biggest winners

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Yokoyama, the fact that they stood by what they thought was right

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But the bystanders, on the other hand, are going to be in a different place. Those who witnessed and said nothing and did nothing. Those who chose passivity, those who chose indifference. You see, the enemy of love is not hatred is indifference.

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The enemy, and the opposite of empathy is not is not oppression is indifference. Really, the real problem with the world is not the people who are doing the crimes because there are a handful of them. Those who actually find it are messed up enough on the inside, to commit an atrocity to commit a crime to kill people to mistreat people to oppress people to be racist to transgress against them. They're very few in numbers, the vast majority of the human race, or just should are the people in that gray area raised in the middle. You're talking in the 90 percentile group of people who just watch witness who see here is he made by Navy back in the day, maybe many, many years ago, maybe not

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that long ago, maybe I was a kid. Even before that, before there was television or radio before before we could actually communicate globally, before we could figure out what's happening. We only heard the story after the story was over, maybe then was less of a problem. But today, somehow we have enough money to document people's Jonnie poverty, but not enough to feed them. Some others enough wealth, to take 95 Six angles of footage for people who are starving and people who are being transgressed against and mistreated and oppressed and people who are being tortured, but we just don't have enough to actually save them and do anything for them. And the problem is that we all

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actually get to see this.

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We are all watching it. We're all witnesses. Here. Here's the fear of understanding. Here's a fear that I have with total rouge is that we are all witnesses. We are actually witnessing all of it. We see it we just scroll up because we don't want to see it you don't want to hear you don't want to see is too difficult. It's too hard. But I always see the difference. I don't see I honestly don't see the difference between what we're doing. And what the people have a look dude, did I just don't see the difference. Oh my god, if I don't believe me in a shoot, are we not witness to what they're doing?

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What am I teach? You said that the most

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hopeful area that he knows in the Quran is his opinion, is historical borouge.

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In his opinion, this is the most hopeful verse that he

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is the verse that you feel is most empathy alignment. I asked him so what is it? And this one he told me? He said in the Lavina, Fattah and Nina, well, I mean it was after that.

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So Mala Mia Tubu. He stated that indeed the ones who tortured and horrifically murdered the believers, male and female. At the end of the verse, he says, Oh, my God will Jahannam they're going to be punished in the in Gehenna. They're going to be punished with with the hellfire, but in between what they did, and the consequence of what they did, he inserted subhanaw taala these three words. So Mala Mia Tubu. They did it. But they never repented to say that, had they repented? Had they performed tilbyr then things would have been different. Had they performed any form of Toba then maybe that wouldn't not be wouldn't have been the outcome. And here's the catch, I believe that

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suited gurus, the only way for them to perform Taliban was going to be if the witnesses spoke up.

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If you go into a mode of tyranny, and mistreatment and you find no one to speak up against you, you start believing that what you're doing is okay. You just start believing that what you're doing even though somewhere deep inside you, no, it isn't. But if no one says anything, if no one is speaking up against it, if no one is objecting, if no one is pointing a finger, if no one's saying that there's not the right thing, then you will start believing that what you're doing is fine. There's no problem and it's so you keep on doing it. Why do you think that I don't continue to be around?

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It's because of Herma and and the people around him? Because they kept on blowing into it? Yeah, of course. Of course you're gonna Of course you're Yanni. Of course you have to oppress this group. Of course, you're better of course, you are a God, of course. And he's believes that after a while, because no one's telling him you're wrong. They're all too scared. Everyone's too scared to say the truth because we say the truth. You're putting your neck on the line. But really, the truth and your neck have never been equivalent in any scale. As far as Allah subhanaw taala is concerned. It's never been to equivalent unity, my life and righteousness are not equal. My life is not worth

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righteousness, by any by any by any stretch of the imagination, and how it plays more, is much more wasteful, is much more valuable than anything that exists on earth on Earth. There's nothing there's no there is no situation or circumstance that allows us to say that help here can be forgotten or we can we can push it aside or something's more important. Nothing's more important. Nothing is more important.

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then standing by what is what is ever at any point, and that's just a fundamental concept within our deen fundamentals in Islam is that help is always the right thing you always stand by always supporting always speak up for it. And these people who's out there scared knowing that imagine if you're in some one of these witnesses spots, you're sitting there, and literally you're watching an army. throw people into a fire. You're gonna speak up. You dare speak up? The moment you say something it'd be thrown in as well.

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40 Let us have a look dude, are you hearing what he's saying supine or without a booty that would mainly be punished. The people with whom Allah and if I don't have been meaning I should.

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Not only did they allow that to happen and not saying anything, had they said something, maybe the perpetrators would have performed Toba at some point and they would have been saved as well. Sometimes you sit if you do the right thing. Not only do you save the oppressed, sometimes you can save the oppressor as well. Sometimes, if you say and how can you stand by it and you're not a bystandard? You're not a shahid just watching from afar. Sometimes if you say the right thing, not only do you save the oppressed, but you also save the oppressor as well. So Mala Mia to boost it's, it's mind boggling. How can Allah subhanaw taala be offering this group of people who burned other

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human beings alive, Toba? He does. And he's some and he's in one way or the other blaming the people who watched it said nothing.

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He continues to paint outside of the sewer in a bubble shot of beaker, Russia. Dede in who you believe while you are IID? Well, who will awful what do we do to our she'll Maggi doofah Ulema you read, he talks about himself for a moment Subhanallah Andy, the wrath of your Lord is severe. Indeed, he's he begins it and he will bring it back again. He began life and He will resurrect him bring it back again. And he is the most forgiving, and he is the most loving.

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And he is the one who owns the throne. And he is the one who's most glorious, and he does what he will subhanaw taala just reminding you because you're wondering, Well, why didn't you? Why me. He does what he wants to partner with either you or not. You don't get to tell God what he can do and what he can't do what he shouldn't do, or what he shouldn't or why he didn't do something or why he did. That's not our place. It's really not up to us. Really the reason that we're here on Earth is go ahead, live life and learn to stand up for what is right line up to learn to speak up for what is right, learn that your life is not the most valuable thing in the world. But it is. And that's the

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whole point of this really just coming back to that simple point. And then he says Subhanallah WHAT THE HELL attacca Hadith will you know, your owner with a mood? You ever hear the story of the soldiers? Why the soldiers who was more of a bystander than a soldier

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who when they perform one of the worst atrocities, you ask them? Why did you do this? They say I've done more. I'm just I'm just a command and servant. I have no control. I'm just a soldier, someone else's commanding me. And he gives the example of crown and ThermoWood.

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Because her own eyes I explained to you a moment ago, the only reason he continued to be brown is because of his soldiers. No one spoke up. He believed that he was God. Imagine that your lead you lead yourself and others allow you to lead yourself to believe that you're actually more than than flesh and blood. It's insane. I don't understand it. ThermoWood is the

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everlasting example of love, love and difference. The problem of Saudi how they said I'm wisdom owed wasn't difference. They just didn't care. You couldn't get them to care about anything. When people are have too much wealth, they stopped caring. It's hard to get a child to care about anything serious if you don't, if they don't learn to carry responsibility early on in life, they become too indifferent. They just don't care anymore. Everything is a joke. Everything seems so simple. And then they see horrific. They see I've tried studies and they say nothing about them

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around our thermal load. What do you think about the what do you think about the geonode? Where do you think they fall your milk? Belly Lizzy and Kapha rue de tech debe Allah humara him Hey, Paul Bell Hua Quran Majeed, who you know Him who? Bell? Now, the problem is not that people are just indifferent. It's also that they're in a state of tech VB, how many times have we heard this so far? Are you seeing a pattern with me? Am I able to actually, I need to put this thread and so through all these sorters you see how many times I go take the job. This is the problem. The problem is that if the hook is clear to you, but you just for some reason, choose not to follow it, not to stand by

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it. You see it succeed is not just refusing to follow will help the cause he is also refusing to stand up for what is right. That's also a form of text deep. A form of technique is when you know this is right. You know that defending these people or speaking up for their rights or stopping them for being oppressed or speaking up against aggression of any sort or

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Racism more or supremacism or, or hatred you know that's the right thing and you don't do it stick need just a little different form of it but it's still thick leave because you just watched you know what was supposed to be done you didn't do it. You knew what was supposed to be done but you didn't do it why? The question is why because you're not the one who caused the problem basically approach and telling me certain approaches giving you a pass telling me a suitable is offering you an exemption. Yeah, you don't have to as long as you didn't, you know, perform the crime, then you're fine. No, it's not saying that.

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It's not a home island if I loan money in a shoot and they watched it and they watched it. How many things have you watched, but in Ludhiana Katha roofie tech, the problem is that they just don't want to stand up for what is right along whom you will not on him, Hey, open Allah subhanaw taala and compasses them all from behind them. And I mean, there is it's as if you're walking and you don't notice that Allah subhanaw taala is right behind you, encompassing everything you've done. Every choice and every non choice that you think isn't a choice, but is a choice, passivity. And indifference is a choice. Not doing anything, is a decision. It's a decision that you're making. You

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can't say I didn't do anything know that you decided not to do anything. There's no such thing as I don't believe in anything. No, no, you believe in you. Everyone believes something. And everyone's doing something sitting back and is O'Malley? How could I just watched that? Yeah, no, that's exactly what you did. You watched and that's the category will come in your multi AMA. There's no such thing as that. I had nothing to do with it. There's no such thing. There's no weight, there's nowhere to run. There's nowhere to go. You're in this and you say that you can't leave the pitch and say I don't want to play anymore. You're in it's, it's already done. You're going to be held

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accountable. Make your decision. You can't say I have nothing to do with it. I'm going to I'm going to withdraw. You can't that's not an option. That's not I'm sorry, that's not an option never existed. You're fooling yourself. If you think that you can step away, you can step away you're in it, you have to make a decision. Well, who are Quran Majeed on Philo hen mahoe. And indeed, the Quran is glorious. And it is, it is preserved in a in a place that only Allah subhanaw taala knows of.

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And that's the second group of suitors and sort of Hinduism.

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I think in my mind, my humble assessment is one of the most important groups of suitors in the whole Quran Not, not just, it talks about choices. I think we underestimate the importance and the value of our choices and our decisions. I don't think we carry as much I don't think we feel that we have impact on ourselves and the world around us. I don't think we believe that we actually matter that our words and our decisions and our actions and our and what we care about and what we hope for and what we do will affect the world. I don't think we understand that. And the Quran is not speaking except to people who value their choices, who see that their decisions are very valuable because

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their sacred their God given Allah told you, you get to choose, no one can take that away. And no one's offered that but you and he's telling you there you're accountable, they're being recorded, there are consequences the margin is small, choose wisely. And if you choose not to do anything, that is also a choice and I'll hold you accountable for that to that as well. And that's the second group of sewers in Tucson my hope you found it to be beneficial before we go move on for prayer

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as the numbers within the city continue to go up hamdulillah Leone we don't have as bad mortality rate as we had in the beginning. But we are seeing a surge in hospital hospitalizations of people with COVID I nanny if you ask me what your what wakes me up in the night screaming from a nightmare is that somehow we close down and we can and I go back to praying Misha halogen chakra it alone here in front of a camera. And I hope that we don't come to that but I think we all have to be a bit wise in terms of choices we make regarding it. So I think there's a few things if you're feeling ill for any reason. Just don't come to them. It's not this message for any message. Don't go to any

00:28:50--> 00:29:21

management. Don't come here and then go somewhere else. You don't go to any masjid for that night. If you're feeling not feeling well. Make sure you have a rapid test at hand and use it and see if that you do have it nicely properly. And if you're someone who feels a little bit ill please continue to wear masks I would encourage if you're someone who is not vaccinated because we're not asking people you should be born on asking the question or if you're someone who is immunocompromised or if you're someone who who was the only exposed to someone who may have it and then just wear a mask and try and keep everyone safe so that inshallah we can continue to enjoy

00:29:21--> 00:29:52

Ramadan in the in the form that we're enjoying it I think everyone knows it to be honest all around the city. The massages are packed. Every there's one out if you look up front, when you're coming in, you'll see like 12 Different places where it's on oh yes happening. They're all full. All of them are packed and people are coming out because I think after two years they're realizing that this is the biggest nightmare that we had and when it was taken away we are in Sharla all learn the lesson and we're coming out to massages and we're participating in prayer we're being a part of it. So we hope to be able to continue that as I come along here. So baccala behind diction Allah Allah

00:29:52--> 00:29:57

He learned to stop struggle to break or some Allahu wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad meanwhile, earlier zombies remain