Musleh Khan – Tafseer Surah Al-Mu’minoon #011 V91-100

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The segment discusses various topics related to Islam, including false accusations, false accusations, and the use of god in a situation. It also touches on the worship of certain goddamn deities and the importance of protecting from temptation. The segment emphasizes the responsibility of believers to confront ugly or non-pro credits things and the need for individuals to be in the presence of shale teen until death arrives. The segment also discusses the afterlife of spiritual callings and the negative consequences of shale teenage life. The segment ends with a promise to discuss a different topic on Saturday.
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We'll be learning in a shell banyuwangi

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mentor hold on long woman.

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woman can mean ILA him either.

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Bina Paula Paula wanna

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be male? Hola kavala baraboo Miranda barreled Subbu Hannah La

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La been watching sure that he

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be in turian Naima you want

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to journey feel only avoid uni me. Rob being silent to john D Phil O'Neill Vaughn he me in

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North Korea common law call

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it is our ability here Some say national level be manual see

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this level of metal Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shafi Amir you one more saline Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was happy he he married Mr. Barrett said Mr. Lee Kuan whatever to lucky Obamacare to him. So guys, this is part 11 as we journey through sorbitol Macmillan, and it's also the second last episode before we complete the sorta the next episode in sha Allah, we will finish off with the surah. And then we'll get into a very interesting and a completely different topic in sha Allah that I've been thinking about for some time. So I definitely want to begin that. So let's get right into this. Just a quick recap of what we've been

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talking about. We are now at the point where the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is confronting people who blatantly lie period, what do they lie about? They lie about their denial of the existence of a love that Islam is the truth. There's no way to navigate and get around the idea that look, you know, this religion came with its purity. This religion came with one message this religion connects us back to what originally who we were, we were people that worship one creator and one creator and alone. So when they're confronted, the only thing that was said to them, but at a down home will help. It came to them the truth, nothing else, what in the home look at the moon, the only thing

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left for them to do was to just completely deny, okay, I just don't want to do that. I don't want to follow that. I don't want to have anything to do with it anymore. I don't care. I know it's the truth. But this is my lifestyle. This is the way that I want to live. There's nothing else that I want to do. Now will is going to highlight some of the other things that they lie about.

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metta have a love for me whether Allah says he never took a son. He never took anyone as a son. Stop saying that because he never did this woman can amerihome in Isla, it's not even befitting of him to have any association attributed to him. ILA literally means a deity. It's not even befitting. And, you know, one of the arguments that you get is that, okay, you know, if if God is there, I want to see him or his the unseen. So how come I can't see him then? Why should I believe in that? Why should I believe in something I can't see, I can't interact with I can't talk to I can't do any of this. So it doesn't make any sense. Not realizing that the sun that they also attribute to Allah is

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also from the unseen. Can't talk to him, you can't meet him, you can't interact with him. That's also in the unseen. So what really is happening here, where is all of this coming from? This is what a lot is highlighting.

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Either leather have a kulu ella has been a holla colada barrel, de humara barreled, everything about what these deities supposedly created, or they were created to do. So there's two ways to understand this.

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Everything that you associate to these deities of worship,

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and what you claim that they themselves create, or they themselves do, what are the bounds of Marla barreled?

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Ultimately, these statues and these idols that

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They would end up competing with one another. So if you have a god for the air, you have a god for oxygen, you have a god for money, you have a god from the sun, you have a god from the moon, you have a god for the water, you have a god for wealth, you have a god for children,

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then what would end up happening? Allah is telling us that these gods will eventually start fighting with each other. They're both competing with each other. We already learned the word I don't well, either. I don't we said, it's as if they're start putting each other down. So they'll say to each other, oh, you're just the God of the sun? Well, I'm the God of water. And the moon, they take me as this, they take me as that solar panel of blessing, they would ultimately have competed and try to put each other down as well. Some kind of law. It's really interesting Suba Han Allah here and you'll see for Allah subhanaw taala

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how they could stoop to this degree, and describe their life and describe what their beliefs are and describe all of these things. So panula you'll see formed from the word while suffer means to literally describe something in detail. Allah is saying how, how Subhan Allah remember Subhana Allah is always used in the poor end to denounce something. So when you say Subhana Allah, how could they do that? Subhana Allah, how could they commit that kind of show? Subhana Allah soprano, that's how it's used. And they'll say for of what they're describing to Allah, I don't even know how you do it was Shahada. Allah is the one. And here's some of the things that they claim that these idols do.

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I live in like he was Shahada. They claim that these things have the knowledge of the unseen and they will bear witness for them as well. fatahna la hora fatahna and you should recall a lessons move away. That means just get away from what they have associated a lot with. Pull the rugby image to the end, man, why don't instead say to them, our master is the one that cares for us. And that guards us to the end, man UI dude, he is the one that cares for us. He is the one and the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is being told here and say to them meaning the corporation the Mashallah coins of Mecca say to them, you mind master is should you show me what they are threatened with? So in

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other words, our master, Oh Allah, so Allah prophesizing was being told call upon Allah and say, Oh Allah, just show me what it is that they're promised. Show me what these idols they claim they do. Oh Allah show it to me. Let me see if this is really what they believe in what they associate is it actually true? So this is what the prophet it sought was said out of the Fela Tajani filopodial volume in coal mill volume in and then he continues, all my master don't ever make me from amongst the nation and the people that transgress the wrongdoers. So the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is being asked, look, he's being told, turn to your master and ask Allah Himself for some clarity. ask

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Allah for clarity like what exactly is happening here? You know, they they attributed this God to water show me or Allah how he controls water. They said that this was the Son of God, show me Allah how this became this your son? Show me what they associate and attributed to these gods or these statues or these idols of worship? Show me how that works. And instead he continues with the door Oh Allah Don't make me from amongst them follow the journey. We'll call the volley mean

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filata journey filco Mill Valley mean? We're in LA and new documentary to whom la casa de Rouen, we are indeed able to show you what we have threatened them with. Do you see how Allah twists or turns the conversation instead of law says what in the island? Indeed what we're going to do is we're going to show you instead, our promise, what is our promise the people who associate with Allah ultimately what the punishment is. So Allah says, Oh, don't worry. Instead we're going to show an expose exactly what we have in store what we had promised for people who do this. It is our ability here. So see ya. Allah says respond by repelling bility he acts and repel and respond with that

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which is better from the awful safety from the evil and the awful things. So in other words, Allah is saying, when you're going to respond to idol worshippers Don't make fun of them. Don't put them down Don't insult them. Unless says in another sort of so little anime while at the Superbowl live in a theater.

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I mean, do Neela Don't you ever dare for a moment curse the people who associate with Allah. Here's the thing Muslims

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were taught in the poor end about the purity of our religion, and that purity is to worship one creator. But all those that choose otherwise we do not have the right to insult or put them down.

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We don't have that, right. This is a direct

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command and instruction of the poor and don't make fun of people or put them there are cursed people who do that. So pantalon My goodness, how incredible and unbelievable is that? Despite how much you might disagree how much you might feel sorry, you know how much you may be like, Oh my God, look what the app and what they're doing look like, look what they're worshiping. You don't get to curse. You don't get to insult you don't get to point fingers and be like okay, well jahannam is ready for you guys know you don't get to do that.

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Allah says infallibility here I said oh, Sr. respond with that which is better, more pleasant, more pleasing in a civilized and dignified way. From the say, say it from the word su we hear this word a lot in poor en se yet literally refers to something that's despicable and something that's, that's ugly. So Allah is saying when you ever you confront something that's ugly, or despicable in whatever way shape or form, our responsibility as believers is to respond to that in the most civilized way, in the most respectful way. Otherwise, just get away from it. Don't get involved in it. That's literally what they are teaching us. It's one thing what the verses say, it's a whole nother thing

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with people do Allahumma Stein, no RLM will be merciful. And Allah says we are fully well aware of what they associated what they describe with Allah subhanho wa Taala. In other words, a blessing. It's not going to help you if you keep losing your cool every time. When you start a debate, it turns into a confrontation and an argument it's not going to help us. This is what Allah is saying. Let's say I already know and I am fully well aware and I have complete knowledge. No, we are completely well aware. Be manual seafood with what they are describing to Allah. So just keep yourself together. Keep your cool together. Now, listen to this next I will call the rugby arrows

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who became in hemans to share pain and say to Allah, Oh Allah Oh my master. I seek protection and refuge in new from the punches and the poking of shavon hammers that this is where I got the title of this video from guys hammer is that the punching and the poking in the influence? The temptation of Shave Club? You know, in psychology, they teach us about triggers. These are tricky. hemas that is the triggers of champlin he's not just telling you what to do. He's poking at you. Hey, you. You ever noticed like, and I'm not saying kids are like this? I'm not saying kids are trifling. But do you ever noticed that when you know you're working for example, and you know, your kid comes with

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like Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, and you're like,

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Okay, fine. Three seconds a daddy daddy daddy and daddy daddy that and it just goes on daddy daddy daddy for like a little, literally five minutes. And you're like, what?

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And then the kid looks at you. And

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that's all your child wanted to do was just to call you get your attention this

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year. And you're just like, oh my god, you know, for five minutes. You're screaming at me. And you're calling me and you're doing all of this just for that? Well, shaitan has a similar way.

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What does he do?

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keeps poking at you.

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In person keeps poking these images in front of your face. Hey, you.

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You're trying to get away from this let us install programs on your phone on your computer. So it can block these images. And every now and then there's still that one image it just pops out of nowhere. Oh my god stop at all. I haven't seen that. It's all

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that's the hammer set of shell shell team.

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in context, this is obviously Atlanta Hawks and and tells you look how rich that group is that worships that idol or that statue or that person? Look how they're together. You know, we always say how come all the other religions are so unified. They're together and they support each other, support each other. And Muslims look at us. We're all over the place. We're scattered like monkeys everywhere.

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At some point, you have to be really cautious when you make statements.

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Like that can't just be mesmerized, and your eyes twinkle when you see disobedience, glamorized. And it's decorated in a way and you're like, look at them, look at them and look at us. None of the lessons Just relax.

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That's one thing to criticize. It's one thing to critique and observe. It's a whole nother thing, if it's from him is that to Sheltie, because it's a thin line. That could be homicide. You think of yourself, oh, my God, look how stable they are. Maybe that's the religion I need to be in. Maybe that's the following I need to follow along with and you think to yourself, oh, you fell right into it homicide to Sheltie.

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This is something we rarely talk about. We talk about the whispers of shame. We talk about the traps of shale time. Rarely, we talk about the poking and punching of shade pod. And there's that saw the profit it sort of service being told what called rugby.

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Rubik just ask a lot of protecting. Because that's how everything starts. By the way, everything starts with a trigger, a punch, a poke. That's how it all starts. You know, when we're talking about the term poke, you're on Facebook. If you want to get someone's attention, what do you do? You send a poke, you poke them liberally, you poke them, right? Send a digital poke tip is, hey, we'll come right here. And if you do those for the wrong reasons, then it almost is like that's your hem is that the shale tape digital form. So Pamela,

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then a lot. So Joe continues, what I will do became a little bit caught up be a guru, and aligned. So Joe continues, and he says, and I seek your protection, all my master rugby, a little, that they even come near me, meaning the shell team. So these are, here's where we're at guys, these are doors you and I must make to be protected from the temptation and the punching in the triggers of shaitan.

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So you're asking a lot will be let him initiate by analogy. That's one. Number two, what are all the big a rule and I also seek your protection that the presence of those triggers are nearly you don't even want to be near it?

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I often get the question very often more than I ever want to about students and people in general, that are addicted to clicking the wrong website.

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It's just a habit and it's an addiction and it's a legitimate addiction. It happens to a lot of people, a lot of people more than you want to imagine how do I get over this brother Muslim? How do what do I do?

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First and foremost, I could say to them all fear alone or make Dora or

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initial shadow energy. That's not gonna stop you from taking your mouse and scrolling and clicking. It's not like this magic wand that suddenly freezes your cursor. So as I was elimination upon arrival a cursor just freezes and stops. That's not how it works. What we learned from this a a what are all the because it'll be a year to ruin is okay.

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I probably need to take a break from the computer.

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I probably just need a break or you know what the next time I I opened my computer, make sure somebody around me. So at least that presence of somebody there would encourage me Okay, they're right there they can see just don't don't do anything. So that can start to encourage me to start doing it when I'm wanting to not do it when I'm alone. Or take a break from your phone take a break from social media take a break from the things that you might feel are the homicide of shale teen in your life. So that's what we'll be caught on beat the horn is referring to

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Remember to call a lot of bureau gear Oh my God.

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You know this area? Well.

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This a is is frightening. It's scary the way so little movie loon is going to conclude itself it's going to start off with this a number 1999 the way that it's going to start now is going to be talking about death jahannam punishment, Day of Judgment. That's all coming to us. Think about how this sort of began It started with these beautiful qualities put a flat helmet need on, you know the success and champion of the believers who they are and how we can become them and so on and so forth. Amazing qualities, this divine list of qualities that a love truly loves. And think now how it's going to end literally threats after threats from Allah subhanho wa Taala and like I said, the

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Don't be frightened in the sense that Oh my God, why is he doing this to me? No, no, no, no. Remember, I told you, this surah is like a digital punch in the face. It's like a spiritual and that digit spiritual punch in the face. That's what the sorta is. Don't we need that? You know, sometimes the advice, it just falls on em tears like, it's just like, yeah, okay, that's a great Hi, Keith. Wow, really? Okay. So for hire, click, okay, let's get back. Sorry. You know, this dude was lecturing me. Okay, let's get back to planning our date. Let's get back to planning whatever. You just like, it didn't work. Sometimes we need a spiritual punch in the face. And that's what the

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sword is gonna do to us, and it continues to do to us. And no one else says they're just going to keep on doing this being in the presence of shale teen and taking on the triggers of shale teen until death approaches them had to either double remount until death approaches any one of them. That's when they're going to say Paul out of the middle gentlemen. Oh Allah. Just give me another chance. Give me another chance. Learn the mental sign you have in FEMA taraki so that I could go back on this world and do the righteous deeds that I ignored corrupt taraka it means you just literally kicked it to the side. That's taught Okay. Get away from me. I don't want to go pray. Come

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on. I don't want to have to do all of that stuff. I want I love my free life. I love that. I don't have to watch what I eat. I don't have to control my eyes. I don't have to care about what I wear and how I dress. I don't have to watch my tongue. I love that life. So getaway. That's those individuals who die in that state. This is what ends up happening on in the afterlife. They Begala largely, you know, they don't even say so panela.

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Those of you that study Arabic You know what largely is largely known. It's called a fairly Taraji fairly. ethology is like a verb of hope. So they're not saying Oh, Allah send me back one more time because I'm going to do the right thing. They said send me back one more time. Because I hope I might do the right thing. So there's still no guarantee they're not even giving guarantee to Allah that they're going to do the right thing. They're the same. Or law Just give me another chance to send me back to Earth. Maybe I might make the right choice. Maybe I might do it. Maybe I might start saying and doing the right thing.

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lolly Lani. Our modal slowly headed female tada

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You guys ready for the spiritual punch in the face? Listen to what Allah says. Here's the spiritual punch Kenda

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Keller every time you see it in the Koran denounces everything that came before.

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So everything that they asked for and they said Alexa is killer it's basically Allah saying Be quiet. By no means whatever it's all talk in her Kelly Martin who call it a

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loser those are just words you all keep saying

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right? That spiritual kick can punch in the face when we just got so here we are you bet you're all pleases give us one of the middle God let me also just take me back Take me back. Okay, do the right that just please Oh Allah Just give me that another chance. I got to try my best Landy. I'm gonna try to do my best. Just Just give me that chance. Allah says, Be quiet. You're just talking smack. It's all garbage, chatting away. empty promises. That's all it is. So just be quiet Kelvin. Just don't continue

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to lie. I don't ever and I pray none of us do want to confront a lot this way.

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The anger of Allah

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is more severe than all the punishment of gentlemen put together

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because the anger of Allah.

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He is the creator of the jahannam. So if the creator and the designer of genom is upset,

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then that is far greater and more devastating than anything that jahannam can give or offer to to its inhabitants. So panela

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less angry here in this Kenda Be quiet. That's true. You're just talking words and look what a login concludes it. And this is what we conclude. Well maybe water bottles often lie to me

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yuvaraj through, there's just a barrier behind them coming to them until the day of judgment. By the way, guys, a a number 100 is the only verse in the entire por en, that uses the word butters

00:25:14 --> 00:25:32

to refer to the life of the grave. So there's one a So Bob Joseph is used several places in the horror end. But a number 100 when people ask what is the proof in the end, that there is life in the grave.

00:25:33 --> 00:25:37

And there is some sort of life in grave life itself.

00:25:38 --> 00:26:23

This is the area that you look at. Because Allah says that there is a barrier behind them, meaning there's this transition period, meaning the life of the grave itself, between them, and Isla Yomi uberto, to Ward's the Day of Judgment. So there is a barrier that they have to go through to get to the Day of Judgment. So what's that barrier? It's only one thing, still life with a grave. So it's the most explicit a in the entire Koran and number 100. So remember that you only were thrown. So as we conclude, how does Why did Allah concluded this way, because unless it is basically Allah is saying, don't worry.

00:26:25 --> 00:26:26

You and I, we're gonna die.

00:26:28 --> 00:26:31

We're gonna go back into the grave, and then we're going to be accountable.

00:26:32 --> 00:26:48

So if you claim that you didn't have enough time, or you would have done righteous deeds, if you were given a second chance, don't worry. Let's see on that day, what your scales will present.

00:26:49 --> 00:27:34

Let's see. So a look is like, it's like, what are you supposed to say now? What are you supposed to do? Can't say or do anything? When you get a response like that from him? subtidal Ouattara, you can say nothing, it really puts us in our place. Apparently, a really just shuts the conversation down. So in conclusion, all of us that make promises to do certain things for the sake of a lot, these are the eight that's pretty much saying to you, you're running out of time, get yourself together and get on it. Get on it. Male last panel subhanaw taala put in our time, may Allah so which will put in our lives llama mean? Tomorrow and shut Allahu taala we will conclude the sutra.

00:27:35 --> 00:27:53

And once the sword is not tomorrow, tomorrow's Juma it's going to be crazy day for me I've got a lot of jomar things to do. It's going to be a crazy day on Saturday in sha Allah roughly around the same time, we will conclude Sumitomo Menon and I'm going to introduce to you my next topic.

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The next topic is going to be very, very important, very interesting as well and it's going to be relevant to all of us, I promise you inshallah, you will love it. And we are definitely going to take a break from the Tafseer. And so the next topic the hint is, it's not going to be to see it. We're going to just take a quick break from that and discuss a completely different subject in sha Allah that I know all of you will appreciate in sha Allah, Allah azza wa jal Bless you all take care of everybody. And I will see you again on Saturday. Insha Allah, Allah wa Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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