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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various topics such as the title of Islam, the use of salt in diseases, and the various types of words used in media. They also mention the discovery of dark swords and its potential link to various diseases. The segment covers various types of sores in Dhaka, including El Hospital, El Mosque, and Mo for son in the Quran. The speakers also discuss various blessings and experiences, including the ability to write and use a horse as a tool for warmed-up people. The segment then transitions to a presentation on the signs of the moon and the Chinese New Year, including the importance of fulfilling covenant and breaking not promises. The presentation then transitions to a presentation on Amy Amy, who talks about how she had a difficult day and how she had to work hard to achieve her goals.
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So they might apply to have a lot of cattle

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so that might contemplate our cattle these others as he will come to you to

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see bites to see abyss This is

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Dylan shallow today we're gonna be with solids and

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this is to see the bytes saw that inshallah

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you should want to pull your notebooks

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the series or the sessions are either eyes keep always saying mostly for people who are lm savvy you know, it's not for a lay man this is for really people who seek you know, sound lm so that they can join the Charlotte area and benefit from these sessions. And I always say that you know, the scene may not be interesting for everyone you know, the people who like the topics such as

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you know, Sierra or just you know, things that gives them an immense boost. But I've seen what's better than talking about the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala Is there anything better than talking about the book of Allah and here in this stuff see inshallah I chose to do it you know, in a very special way I don't go deep into it. This is why we call it a bit bytes or bits short sweet, talking about you know, the the solar for instance talking about the time when it was revealed, the reason why it was revealed and maybe the topic the topic or the subject of the solar solar shala Tada, today is with solar and then

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today is with solid metal. So if you want to, you know, pull your books, not books, bands, and then maybe try to take some notes inshallah. Alright, so at national brothers and sisters, let's start Bismillah Alhamdulillah, WA Salatu, salam, ala it's number 16th in the morning, almost half, right? It's number 16 in the in the end, so what are the be in Arabic gets caught? You know, none of none means bs or be Latin in Arabic one B, and Bs, right? How many Ayah does it have 128 verses 128 verses from the of the verses of solid nine. And you can find it in Jews, 14 Jews 14 from the Quran. The Quran is 30 Jews. So solid in the hell is just number 14 and tomahto shallow tada we'll be

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moving on solidly it's a lot simpler. So it's a lot not tomorrow, tomorrow's a day a lot. So Friday inshallah will be with selected slot. So we are in solid an adverse 128 verses.

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It has its number 16 in the most half, and it's in just 14 and it is a Mickey solo, except one area which is a mezzanine area. I have explained this in the very very beginning of my series, you know the series called to see the bikes, the difference between

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madonie sola and a mechi sola, you know, and the four types of souls that Allah subhana wa Tada, you know,

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spoke about in the end there's four types of swans. And there are souls which are murky and souls which are made any meaning the souls that are making are being revealed in Makkah and the souls that are made any are revealed in Medina, as simple as that. So so it is a murky soda except verse 110 110 110. Verse number 110 is a med any so that's why this is interesting in some headlines in the in the Quran, you will have, let's say one, one soldier, some of it was revealed in Mecca and some of his refuting Medina there's some sources are fully all of them are revealed in Mecca and some are all revealed in Medina and some so others you have some as revealed in Mecca and some

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revealed in Medina, depending on the reason of the revelation, you know, or the circumstance of that revelation, right. So, this is why when you study to see it, you get to understand, you get to understand, you know, these saws that you read and that you read the idea that you read, you know and once you go deep into the Tafseer you will understand all this AI was revealed in Mecca because of this incident that happened or this I was really intimidated because of this incident that happened and so on and so forth. So sort of the BS

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is a mecca sola except verse 110, which is a myth any made any idea and it is called the bees. It has also another name.

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It is called a Nam. The bees are an arm and the head right so so that natural has two names a bee

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Because the bees are mentioned in it, and this is amazing, really, once you understand this beautiful sauce or Nell, it has so many amazing areas, and also allows us to talks about the bees and talks about the you know, the honey

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and the different types of honeybees. And sometimes people they want to they say oh,

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this honey cure all diseases. Because the Prophet says about honey and Eliza talks about honey in the end fishy fat. So does that mean that Honey, you know cures all diseases or only certain diseases? Right? So we'll talk quickly about that as well. And it is also called Salatin or blessings or not. Yeah, blessings, because it talks about a lot of blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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The solar is from I mean, I mean, what I mean, those of you who are new, those of you who've been attending the series, do you understand what mean means four types of swords in a similar way? Well, the seven long ones like salt, Allah and Milan, and the SAT and married and those are considered, you know, seven, they're called seven to seven long ones. There are over 100

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verses, and then next to them come in from me from hundreds and mean. So this sort of because it has 128 verses. So it's considered to be from amin, and then after the mean, you know, what's that mean? comes from me, I mean, 100 in your soul that has about 100, versus more or less, it is considered to be from El amin, and then you have something called El mosaddek, those who are below 100, called muthoni. And then the very short ones are called mo for son in the Quran. So these are four types of sores in Dhaka, and you will not find any other type only for, right. And this sort of nail is from El amin, because it has ended 28. So little bit over 100 we cannot say it's from the center they

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want, because they want from the you know, way beyond, you know, how to 58 and so on.

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But in terms of its revelation, what's its number in the most half is in number 14, as I mentioned in the last half in the hall, and but in terms of Revelation, it is considered to be 7171 according to the majority of the scores, it's you know, it's 70 it's number 70. Oh, because we have 114 soldiers in the end right handed 14 soldiers in the piano chapters. So what the hell is it is considered to be chapter 71, in terms of its revelation, right.

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It is murky, so as I mentioned, except one verse, you know, in sort of nalco verse 110 sum in that book as a last panelist, it says somewhere in other bucket Idina has been bad enough with, you know, some major head or support in Alibaba mean by the head of a lot. So just says in that I that was revealed in Medina, then Lazarus talks about those who have migrated after they were, you know, persecuted hours after they were trialed after they were tried and then they they struggled, and then they showed patience in America became law in the house of Allah hindon Allah is merciful towards them and forgiver subhana wa tada So Allah is legit, we feel that I am in Medina.

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But the rest of the sola it's all in Mecca.

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The soul what are the reasons for this sort of to be in the because every solar has some sort of reasons why it was revealed.

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The solar has four reasons why it was revealed for

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two with regard to the struggle with the moshtix with the non believers and two pertinent to the no Madani era, two reasons pertinent to the modern era and two main reasons pertinent to the struggle with the mushy ki the soul that was it starts with a statement.

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I mentioned this is the very beginning of this series that you know, the right amount they have described the dark 10 are indicated there are 10 types of introductions. In the end if you look at all the swords in the end, there are 10 types of introductions. Some start with Alif Lam mean, what do we call those who don't? Like me? So the you know, the called health attention some song starts with praise and hamdu lillahi Leddy intellectual I guess. It starts with the substance

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Start to get some hands on some Hana lady I saw the empty slot, right? This all starts with at a modern law firm had the strategy to

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the the order of Allah subhana wa tada has come. So a lot of religion starts with some sort of statement in the soda. So it starts with a statement. Let's start, let's go and talk deeply about the soul itself. The Soma business sisters is split into two sections. I will summarize them nicely for you. two sections. So we're talking about solid and natural today, two sections. The first section starts from verse number one to verse number 89, verse number one to verse number 89. And here Allah subhanho wa Taala starts by clearing himself from any ship, the few teen Artesia subhanho wa Taala Tenzin Mina Sheikh, he, you know, clears himself from any you know, those who who associate

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someone with the worship of Allah subhana wa Tada. So Eliza just starts with that with that. Verse number one, and then it starts talking about the name of Allah Xhosa.

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Then the blessings of Allah Xhosa.

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And so in verse number five, unless I notice it says, Well, I'm a hoarder, ohana come for fi fi had its own woman a woman had a kuno Eliza just says the cattle No, he's talking about his blessings. One of the blessings of Allah is that we tend to take for granted we take a lot of us take things you know, like this for granted things like what and and the cattles almost penances the cattle has created it for you. There you could use it not only for for food, you know for for means of sustenance, but also for warmed,

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formed to use their skin for warmth, and numerous other blessings. Numerous other blessings so there's just talking about the cattle that Allah subhanaw taala also talks about other other blessings like one high level behind our hemiola little kabu Xena verse number eight, Eliza just talks about the horses, the mules, the donkeys for you to ride and adornment you know at the time whoever owns a horse as if today you're owning up

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you're owning a what

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a Cadillac not even a caddy was talking about Okay, you're owning

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what's a very you know, like high fancy car, a Lamborghini a Ferrari? Yeah, Whosoever right owns

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a horse at the time, or the chic camo, you know, the time is as if you own today, a very, very beautiful car. So alive. So just talking about the horses and the land the mules what I mean, and the donkeys, right, little cowboy hat was enough so that you can write it and also to use it as adornment. And then he talks you know, we start talking about other stuff other than mobilization, like one lady said, Amina sama, EMA and local fee Shah boom woman who I mean, who shows up Allah subhana wa tada says, he's the one who sent down from the sky, mat, lack of rain, water, so that you can drink from it.

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And it grows, what goes using the water to grows your vegetation? These are the analyzers that we tend to take for we tend to take for granted

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rain, we cannot survive without rain. Can you nobody can survive without rain. So I was just talking about all these blessings from Hannah who attacked him, you know, and he wants us to ponder. He wants us to ponder about his blessings. He mentioned, you know, initially the cattle then he mentioned and how you won't be allowed one Hamid, he mentioned the mules, donkeys and horses and I just explained the fact that whoever owned the horse at the time, as if you own a Lamborghini today on Ferrari or Royce Royce or whatnot, and then allows us It talks about, like the rain, that we cannot survive without rain, we cannot survive without water, right? So this water that you drink

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from it, and then you use it to grow your visitations and whatnot. And then from there on talks about other other blessings Like what? Who under the Sahara guru mean who the human body Yeah, what does Stephanie Julieta mean her?

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Best Muna analyzers are beautiful. He talks about the oceans. You know that oceans are named blessings from Allah xeljanz.

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Oceans their blessings from Eliza. Eliza says he is the one who blessed you with this oceans Why? So that you can eat from you know from what's in it like the fish. This is why and this is a 15 out of

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Now, anything that comes out from the ocean is eatable. And in terms of fish, not not gems, not rocks, not sand, but but fish, even shrimp.

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But hold on shift. I know for me that they say that, you know, shrimp

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not supposed to be you know, at the middle is the heroine who says allies Lucia says that in the end and the Prophet Mohammed also mentions that in the you know, in the Hadees that anything that comes from the ocean, you know, in terms of meat, you can eat, it's hella, it is held on by even mobile again, including shrimp and proms and I love shrimp, and I love proms. I know I do. Yes. So I'm sorry. You know if he told me hanafy was every there is no such thing. We go with the sound opinion and we have a clear areas from the

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Octo* is hella What are you talking about? Octopus is one of my favorites. It goes with you know seafood. Yeah, like you can you know seafood pie or seafood? You know, now we have something called that what do you guys don't have seafood the

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biani seafood Vianney the Hello Hola. Hola. tillable seafood biryani may make you laugh it's a new thing you know I am I invested today I just invented it. Seafood buddy any you know make that seafood pizza, right? Yeah, why not? You know, octopus, you know? calombaris you know whatever. Anyways, my presence is I'm not gonna go deep into this and that. No, I'm talking about to see it. Right.

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And then Allah subhana wa Tada. talks about his nap more about his name, his blessings, what may be coming at him feminine law, whatever blessing that you are, that you are living with, you know any blessing that that is Subhana Allah that is that you've been blessed with is from Allah Xhosa. Any blessings

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that you are enjoying it is from Allah subhanho wa Taala what made me come in firming Allah, whatever blessings that you are enjoying. It is from Allah Subhana Allah Allah. So do not relate that blessing to yourself with your intellectual or to your, to your intellect, to your

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intelligence, everything you should relate to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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because everything comes from him subhanho wa Taala. And then Allah subhana wa tada talks about. It's the same session or section. The same because we said we have two sections and whatnot. We're still talking about the very first section. And then Eliza, she talks about the bees, the bees, and then what will have in verse number 68. Well, I will have a Booker Elena Holly Anita Jimenez, boo tg Bella Anita Hill, demonology Bella boo.

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And Allah Xhosa, your Lord has inspired the beast to take you know from to take the indeterminate habitations in the mountains and in the trees.

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And so Pamela when you look at the bees, there are different types of bees, right different types of house from the mountain, from the from the like, from gardens, flowers, bees, that girl and the mountains are different than the their you know the honey that they produce it different from the the bees that grow in farms and whatnot. This is different. This is what Allah subhana wa tada says in the other app with regard to the to the honey he says your solution but only half sha sha

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Allah no fee for own in

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Allah very beautiful, Allah Subhana Allah says

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and then comes up from their bellies a drink

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a drink varying in colors. So when you see white honey versus brown honey versus black honey, right? These are it's it could be it It definitely could be genuine honey. It's not like because you have white honey. And then you see black honey and you say oh the white hand is fake. Or the brown honey is fake. All those honeys could be genuine because Allah subhanho wa Taala says they come in you know this honey that comes out from their bellies have their you know have different colors. Those that go in the mountain produce different honey is that those that go into farms, for instance, are those that are growing trees, right or those that grow so different and these honey Pamela each

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could be used for a different purpose as he and Allah beautifully said at the end fee he she fell or leanness in it is a is a chifa to people

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in it is a cure to people. A man came to the Prophet Mohammed Larson says he had a solo my brother,

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my brother, I don't answer questions now because I'm in the middle of my thing. So I think

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I won't be able to answer any questions until I'm done shout out to add a man came to the Prophet Mohammed diaries of Sudan. And then he came and he says yes, Hola. My brother is sick. My brother is sick. Then the prophet SAW some says his spirit will up. speed ahead. The holodeck with him his spirit I said

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you see my mind now? I mean don't ask me questions now asked me all the time because I want to keep my focus.

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Is this yellow sola, my brother is sick. He has a very problem, you know, stomach ache. Then the Prophet told him tell your brother You know, I said give him acid give him money. Then he came back says you have a sola he's still aching, you know, his belly says, Give him honey. Give him honey. He went and he came back for the third time says he also I still sick. He says, Give him honey.

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your your your brother's tummy has lied. And Allah spoke the truth. Give him honey. Then he came back. He says yes, Allah, he's fine. He's fine. Now. The Rama they have a discrepancy with regard to this hadith. They said, Oh, why he kept on coming back. And the Prophet kept saying go back and give him honey give him honey. They said one opinion was that maybe he did not consume the right amount of honey.

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That's why he kept on getting that ache that stomachache. Maybe he did not eat the right amount of honey. Or another opinion says that maybe he did not eat honey with the intention of shifa Olive, aka honey as the loss of Hannah with the analysis fee she fed in it, there is a cure, there is a cure. So here, the two opinions are either he did not take the appropriate amount of honey. That's why he kept on going back and say feed him honey, or he did not have the appropriate

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Nia intention to eat honey with the need of Shiva, but honey in it, she fell in love with that.

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So that's in first section. The second section starts from verse number 92 verse number 128, verse number 92, verse number 28. Allah subhana wa tada says in the La Jolla model will add the what ifs

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you want to move to Bali, Allah subhana wa Tada. Orders justice and sand and excellence. When in fact show one more. Allah subhanho wa Taala prohibits evil deeds and sexual acts of obscenity. So kind of with the Anna This is in the second section of solid and the hell from verse number

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verse number 92, verse number 128 and to the end of the soul

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in the label of

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orders, justice and accidents is an associate prohibits

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even even doing an obscenity subhana wa Tada. Then Allah subhana wa tada also talks about his oath when you make an oath you have to keep that oath. Well for me, I had the law here that I had done, fulfill the covenant when you make a promise, fulfill that promise. And if you cannot make a promise sisters and brothers don't make it because Allah subhana wa tada delivers judgment he will hold you responsible about every promise that you say you're going to make and you did not keep.

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If you cannot keep her promise not to make it.

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If you touch you're gonna keep that promise and something happened and you couldn't lay you can follow nevsun Ilsa Allah subhanaw taala will not hold you responsible for something that you really could not do. But if because a lot of us some handle a lot of people, a lot of Muslims, sometimes they make promises that they cannot keep and then they end up breaking them.

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And the Prophet Mohammed talks about the signs of the hypocrites, right? He talks about the sense of the hypocrites, and one of the sign of the hiccup is either either

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when he makes a promise he breaks his promise.

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So here Allah subhana wa tada says, what will be ideal either and fulfill the covenant of Allah subhana wa tada and break not break not your oath. What at the corner and then Eliza says something really beautiful here sisters and brothers Listen to this. When people they ask I'm going to be live on a stamp channel on the UK in the UK. Next week in Sharla they called me a stamp channel in the UK

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you can even get that on online or if you have in the UK you know everybody can get that.

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I'm going to be talking about

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the signs of or you know how can a person you know right after Ramadan is stay you know and keep up that boost that energy right after Ramadan. You know, because normally

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People do a lot of that but right after Ramadan sometimes people they tend to just go back down and then you know and quit. So how can you keep up that boost that energy? We'll be talking about that in sha Allah who data next Monday right? So here Allah Xhosa. Why did I mention this? Because Allah mentioned something really beautiful here in this ayah Allah, which is this one at Punahou, keleti, Nakata, coverting and katha. You know, sisters, even brothers, those of you who do knitting, you know, knitting, knitting, you guys Layla, maybe do knitting or fara. Whoever is there. I mean, you know, you know, do you guys do knitting? Like knitting? Right? So Alexa, she's given this beautiful

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example of about an keleti a woman who's been doing you know, she was knitting, right? She's doing knitting look, yes, me. Okay, you do that you're doing knitting? So imagine you've been trying to you know,

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do like make a shirt or or maybe a

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some sort of clothing, you know, ornament or whatnot. And it would you know, would that knit in and then and then the allies are just says, and who does the thread one she has?

00:26:14--> 00:26:47

spawn after it has become strong meaning here, meaning here, unless you're saying Don't be like dawn who's been knitting, knitting knitting, until that thread becomes so strong and then she after she becomes so strong, she spawns it and then it just breaks she spent so much time doing it, right knitting knitting, and then at the very end she let go and then all that thread opened up and then she missed up encourage you guys to have to start all over again. No, she's like a waste of time.

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A waste of time.

00:26:50--> 00:27:14

Then Allah says given the analysis Don't be like that one. So in Ramadan is a beautiful example. Don't be like that lady, you know, Ramadan for 30 days, 30 days you've been working so hard and praying and and doing soda cans clearly, you know, so you're working so hard and then the very end after Ramadan, you just drop everything everything you earned, gone. Right? So let's say don't be like that lady.

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Don't be like that. So this is all in the Quran is why said when you learn to cook and when you read the Quran, when you need to see it will help you you know, in your for short and you're solid, it will help you understand more the book of Allah subhana wa Tada. And then Allah just says at the end met in the Canadian federal law in Omaha. So, you know, verse number 96. From he says beautifully, and I use this example I use this area, one of the fundraisings, one of the fundraisings I use this a lot marrying the comedian friend, Omar Abdullah hubback

00:27:47--> 00:27:52

whatever you have, it will be exhausted. But whatever Allah has will never be exhausted.

00:27:54--> 00:27:57

Your wealth, it will be exhausted one day it will be gone.

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But whatever Ally's notion has, it will never be exhausted. So kinda Who am I? And then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Man, I mean, I met a man Amina, I'm inside had been also a woman from here no hate on Paiva whosoever works righteousness from men and female and he's a believer he shall less power says he shall you know, blessed him with a beautiful life. Hey,

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beautiful life we all want that beautiful life, that peaceful life, that serene life so Allah subhanho wa Taala says man Amira, sorry Han min Vica whoever right works righteousness from male or female and he's a believer. Work righteousness. Then Allah Subhana Allah Allah will make you live this beautiful, you know sound life and then the last panelist says, For kurumi models. Helen by eva escallonia mattala he says and consume and eat from what Allah has blessed you Hello lumpy but that which is held on by YouTube and when you do that,

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praise Allah and thank Allah for his Yeah. This is why the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam says, Allah blesses a person whenever he eats something, he says the hamdulillah I love you, it's something said hamdulillah you drink something saying hamdulillah Allah blesses that person so online, and he's saying that he says, eat from whatever Allah has blessed you with in terms of health by lip, and then was called Oh yeah, met Allah and be grateful for the name of Allah Xhosa be grateful for the name of Allah.

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So this is, in a nutshell, a summary of some of my brothers and sisters. I hope you will find it inshallah hotellet beneficial again, for those of you who came in late, you can go back and you know and watch this session, you know, it's a beautiful summary of solid and none. A summary in less than what, less than half an hour hamdulillah you can always go back and I know so it's solid

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Number 14 in the world and it was revealed it was in terms of the revelation is sort of number

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What is it? What did we say was seven was was it?

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What was it? I forgot? What was number 7171 in terms of its revelation, it is Mickey sola. It is a Mickey sola except verse number 110 110 it's Melanie sola and it has 128 verses and it's in verse number 14 just number 14 so this is in a nutshell my business sister's summary of sola inshallah hotel a Friday would be whatsoever and it's a lot so that slot so Hannah laid it aside, he didn't mean and he did have I mean, he did accept what a beautiful soldier and after that will be selected calf inshallah with that, all right, my brothers and sisters, is that common law fair? I will see you later on today. I know this is lower attendance for to see and there's maybe inshallah huhtala

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bigger attendance in the in the homemade happiness series, which we will have later on today at six o'clock pm eastern time. 11 o'clock pm UK time in Sharla. No, this is it's called homemade happiness. And it will be Episode Number 11 in sha Allah who tada more about Berenson right after the parents we'll be talking about husbands and wives inshallah. So you do not really want to miss it. You do not want to miss tonight's session inshallah six o'clock pm eastern time. 11 o'clock pm UK time in sha Allah is a common law fair 12 o'clock midnight, Belgium time. Is that common law fair but ecological. Facebook right here is to grind right that Facebook so that might look like I don't

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want to catch