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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala shadowfell Mb will mursaleen so you know whenever you know Mohammed in Salalah Valley who are early he was happy he he married a woman standard ob suniti he Isla Yomi Dean Barrett. Before I get into anything just to give a chance for some of you to get online. I'm going to start just reciting our passages today. As we continue our journey through suta to LogMeIn on

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our own it will be dilla hamina shale banyuwangi

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What else? Tina? musen kita Bella Mia

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or john nubbin? Mo Mo. Man who

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Wayne now? Isla robu wanting to

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marry him. Yeah, a solo kulu me now going back to Saudi Han in Navy man med wound Boone Ali, what

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he meant to come

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So Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. Here we are guys, we are starting and resuming our journey through Sumitomo. Meanwhile, we are at verse number 49. And today we'll go up to verse 55. In sha Allah hota Allah.

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Again, I know I said five days, I'll take a break, but it ended up being like, I don't know, eight or something like that. I those of you that were with me in sueded. Look, man, it was a fantastic program. It exceeded all of our expectations, we didn't realize that the response that we were going to get is the response that we got when he left in hand. So I just want to again, extend my gratitude to all of you that participated in that those of you that didn't, that's okay. I would advise you to pray total carrots tober. And okay, I'm just joking, guys, this is a joke, okay, so don't go and be like, Oh, my God is asking us to do better. No, no, no. But honestly, we will have

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many more. So stay tuned, I'm already working on the next project and inshallah that will be released a very, very soon you'll have to register for these kinds of programs because they're a bit more private and informal, if you would say, and it gives us a great chance to ask a lot of questions, engage in some discussions in sha Allah hota Allah so that will be coming up very very soon. I burned myself out guys, I that's why I needed the time off. I literally burned myself out it was very, very strenuous in terms of the material terms of getting to the studio presenting all of that stuff, but hamdulillah you know, it's what you have to do these days it's to make these kinds

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of engagements work we can be in a classroom together unfortunately, at least in person. So we have to make the virtual you know, option work as best as we can in our favor in sha Allah, what are the anyhow, Allah subhanho wa Taala continues well after the attain ambu Sol keytab.

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So Allah azza wa jal says that he gave Moosa the book, meaning the what the total Lyla whom he has to do, and that perhaps insha Allah they would find some sense of guidance. So now there are two prophets that have been mentioned in certain meaning, you have sought to know or excuse me, the prophet no Holly Sam, and now you have the Prophet Musa alayhis salaam. There's there's it's really interesting that these two prophets are being mentioned because they have the same thing in common. No highlight he said them, the disbelievers drowned the disbelievers of mozzarella he Sam What happened to them? They drowned. So there's common commonalities already between the two stories. But

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what happens next? Well, jarle never been a model Yama, oma. Now, obviously, we've already gone through the confrontation of fit around with musala histogram. And at the end of the day, what fit around and and you know, his sidekick says to musala his cellar and to heroin alehissalaam for called an mineralia bashore only with Lena or como whom Elena be doing, you actually expect that we're going to believe and follow our own slaves. they've submitted themselves to us, we own them. Now you expect us to follow them and obey them. You're out of your mind. Literally. That's what he's saying to Moosa, and hold on. He's like you

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Two of you are out of your mind. And we extracted a lot of lessons of what that means to you and I in our day to day age, that although we probably don't have to confront fit rounds, we have many rounds in our own lives that we have to confront in the same particular way. But get the boom African women are more lucky. And so he lied against and he basically denounced and, and repel the two of them. And of course, he was amongst those that was deliberately Biola panel with Carla's will destroyed. That's when that conversation is done. Well, aka the attain and Mazel keytab that we gave musala, he slammed the keytab, the todo la Lumia. To do, just so that they could find some guidance.

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It wasn't to just you know, it wasn't to destroy them, it wasn't just to warn them. What yeah to do here also highlights is one of the main purposes of this book, or scriptures, the main purposes of scriptures that we've always seen, so the core and Torah, the Injeel, and so on, is to bring guidance to people guidance to give a sense of direction and he Dahlia for all of us, we know how to make the right decisions that are good, not just for Allah subhanaw taala, but good for each other as well. You know, there there are endless amount of scenarios in worldly life, that we have to learn how to navigate and understand and comprehend and respond to. And we don't always have the

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answers of how to do that. And when you realize and you concentrate on milk, or eggs or other scriptures as a source and a means of giving you some sense of direction. hayday also means to bring to light, you know, bring bring to light and make obvious of that which should be clear and obvious to you but sometimes gets distorted, it gets you because out of confusion or lack of knowledge, you don't actually see that that truth, or that reality is right there in front of you. So he de It is also an opportunity for you to discover the truth as well to discover direction and clarity and things which are never in Imodium. And we also made the son of millennium. So essentially, he said

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on what omo and his mother, Maria Marley has said them they were both a way now human way now human, our is to protect yourself from a danger. Now this particular word caused a lot of confusion for scholars even till this day. Some of our lmm mentioned that there are stories that from biblical resources, right, that mentioned that during the time of just before fit around. There were other liter leaders that were there, that they were not the same family of fit around. But they were sort of sub leadership you know, you had the the highest status or the the powerful King or leader. And below him you also had leadership that were in charge of particular areas or groups or places just

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are all are all around Egypt and other places as well point is is that some of these leaders claimed that they had seen in a dream that a man was going to come and destroy their kingdom. So our way now is that Maria Marley, his Selim took her child or usarla, he sent him away to Egypt somewhere or for another part of the country somewhere. The point is, she took him away, to protect him from what was to come. So this is one interpretation of what our is that she took her child and they wanted to stay protected, and away from whatever potential dangers that could harm her or her son. This is one interpretation. The second interpretation is where many of the scholars of tip co2 had taken which

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is remember for those of you that were with me in solid money, and we talked about when money Mr. alayhis salaam found out that she was pregnant, she ran away from the city, and she went into an elevated area, sort of like a top of the mountain somewhere and there were trees there shall be somewhere in the east end of her city, and she's kind of secluded from everyone else. Then Allah subhanaw taala revealed to her to shake the tree dates came down on all of those those series of events. So that's the second interpretation seems to be the more common interpretation that the scholars them have taken. And this is where Medea Miley has slept while she was still pregnant with

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her he Sara Lee Sam went to this elevated area, and she protected a way Noma protected herself and her son from any potential danger or scandal or other things that would have happened within the community. She came from Eli Robert Watson that he called him one marine. See Cora is like a soil that is typically not your average day to day type.

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Have soilless is really special, it's easy to harvest, it's easy to plant. Marine, of course, means springs or fountains of water that would gush. So it fits very good very seamlessly, as it seems, with the whole narration in the story that, you know, she went to a place, there were trees and palm trees everywhere, there was water and streams that were gushing around her so called Ollie one marine kind of hints towards that opinion, which is why the majority of the scholars took that anyhow.

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Yeah, you'll have Russell

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Oh, messengers and prophets kulu. You know, you bet eat from that, which is good. You know, this is one generic principle that all Prophets and Messengers since the beginning of time, they shared kulu, Menapace bad, eat that which is good. When we eat,

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when we eat that which is healthy, when we balance and try in a moderate way to control junk food, and sweets, and chocolates and all of those things. Although those things are highlighted, we still try to moderate and monitor how much we consume. Because at the end of the day, too much of that stuff could harm you. When you are are focused and you take your diet and your health seriously, you are inheriting a quality you've inherited a quality that all Prophets and Messengers they shared. So when we talk about, you know, I want to do what some of the prophets and messengers did I want to kind of follow their path I want to live like the way they live, I want to eat like the way they ate

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kulu may not play about this, what Allah subhanaw taala says, Now play the bat is plural for Byam. And also Cleveland. Cleveland is another word for perfume and cologne.

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So what is Allah subhanaw taala saying, He's calling foods the same name that he would call perfumes and Cologne, that the foods itself has to bring that same sense of pleasure and enjoyment that you would get when you smell a nice fragrant subpanel. It's so beautiful. So actually, part of inheriting this discipline from prophets and messengers is you don't just eat anything that you that you know, is thiab, but that the fact that the word is used, it means you should like it as well, you should enjoy it as well. It should be pleasing to you. You don't just have to eat something just because everybody else is eating it. But to you It tastes like cardboard or something like it just

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it's awful to you. But it's good to somebody else. You can find you know if that's what you would like, go ahead and eat it. But I'm going to add a little extra salt, I'm going to add a different flavor. I'm going to make it my own way. We do this all the time, right? You go to a restaurant, you try something and it's like, wow, this thing's so amazing. But then you go home and you make it and you make it a little different. You add your own flavors, your own spices, and you make it taste a little different. That's funny You bet. So what Allah subhana wa tada is saying is that, yeah, you can eat, take care of yourself, take care of your body, but also enjoy the process. Not every diet

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you go through has to be like the sort of torture you know you're you're you're mixing all kinds of different ingredients and something that you would probably would have never eaten your entire life. But here you are just for the sake of weight loss or you know, to maintain and promote good overall health. So here we are, you're going to just try to eat this and chug this down. When you're done. Your face goes like this and you're like, Oh my god, I gotta do this for another two months. It doesn't have to be that way. And you know, companies are dis have discovered this. That's why you can go online now you can find delicious recipes, really, really tasty foods that all promote

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overall good health, strength and weight loss and all of the other things that we strive for as well. Right. So kulu may not pay you back. I wanted to highlight the word but you bet just because of the usage of the word. It refers to fragrance. It refers to good food. So anything pleasant. Last thing I'll mention when we're talking about food here is doesn't food bring pleasure to all of us? Of course it does. Food brings Sorry guys, I'm stepping on a mic here. Food brings pleasure to all of us. How do you have a nice social event without food? It's the most boring event on the planet. So when you have food, you make sure that it's food that everybody likes, you know, you order

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pizzas, you have snacks you have all of these things. That's all part of play you bet you're inheriting a quality of what prophets and messengers also were ordered to do a lot Ahmed will slowly haha so here's the catch. It sounds pretty relaxed so far. Sounds pretty good.

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A lead then follows up and says oh don't forget do righteous deeds.

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eat whatever I want. That's good to me in a moderate way, but then I also have to do righteous deeds. What's the connection here? To be able and I think guys because of COVID-19 and lockdown and all of this stuff, I think these a it really stand out to us more so now than ever before.

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Allah says eat that which you enjoy and it's pleasant to you enjoy that stuff. Okay, fine. do righteous deeds is your way of showing gratitude to Allah, thank you for giving me not just something to eat, but something that I enjoyed eating.

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How many people out there, eat what they eat, because that's all they have to eat. They don't have the luxury of choosing that which they prefer or go in and have those options and say, Okay, you know what, no ketchup on this, I want this particular I want that flavor. Instead, I want that drink. Instead, I want this, I want it to be organic. They don't have none of those choices. Whatever is in front of them. That's what you eat. Case close, Marcella.

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So what is a, let's say, Oh, you better be righteous.

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You better as a result of having options. You better show gratitude to me by doing and working and being doing righteous deeds. So some of that food that you have leftover, use it for something, give it to somebody else, package it up, eat it the next day, reheat it, whatever you have to do, but show that you're grateful for what Allah subhanho wa Taala blessed you with. You know, one of the things that I told the students when we were teaching when we were teaching pseudo Lockman, as I said that one of the most profound reminders of food that we have in this world, is when you walk into a grocery store, walk into a grocery store, guys, and just look around, you know, I often

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wonder, why do we as a society need that much that much options for one item. So like, you go into the cereal aisle, and you literally have like 50 different kinds of cereals, okay, five or six different types of cereals. You know, it's probably okay, fine, you know, give or take, you got a couple options to choose from. But you've got endless amount of every item and options to galore. You know, one can argue and say, well at Hamdulillah, this is all Baraka and nirma, from Allah. So you can say that, but what Allah wants you to do is he wants us to show that show that you're grateful every time you walk into these grocery stores, and you have 55 different types of seafood,

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and fishes, and lobsters and all of that stuff. Enjoy it all. kulu menapii bathala told you just enjoy it, it's fine. But I want you to show an extend gratitude, particularly to those around you do something good with your life as a result of all these options Allah gave you do something good show and reflect that you're grateful that Allah blessed you that every one of those aisles, there's endless amount of options, you can go to the grocery store every day for the rest of your life and pick out a different item you've never had in your entire life. Be grateful for that. So Subhanallah You know, when when I listen to the news, you know, sometimes you'll hear the news reporter will

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walk up to those long lineups outside grocery stores and ask people so what are you getting today? What brought you to line up for one hour or 25 minutes or what have you? And a person will be like? Um, I just kind of came to get my favorite cereals.

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Yeah, like you stood outside online

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to just because you your favorite cereals. Okay, I guess that was a necessity necessity. Now the person? Yeah, I just wanted to make sure that I had all the snacks that I enjoy.

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Really, that's what brought you out to stand up in the freezing cold in the rain, whatever, to seek and get your favorite snacks. And then the you know, the more common reason was to stock up that I get that I understand. But do you think about you know the other first two responses, it really makes you wonder so panela how privileged we are as a society to be able to do that in the middle of a pandemic. We can still say, yeah, I'm just going to the grocery store just to get my favorite snacks.

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bags of chips and so on just to prepare for this shutdown and this massive pandemic that we're in. Yeah, I just grabbed my favorite things. Whereas other countries Yeah, we just want rice. Anything else? No, that's all we could find was just rice. Nothing else. So we're just gonna boil rice for the next two weeks, and that's what we're going to survive on. Now the person is like, Oh, I found a bag of tomatoes.

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Half of them were rotten. But I mean, that's that's what we need to survive right now. Because everything else has shut down.

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The farmers can go and work. grocery stores are closed or, or they're running out of items. Because we can't seem to import and get goods coming into the country because everything is shut down, the borders are shut down. We don't know what else to do. It just makes you think Subhana Allah. So that's why Allah says to us, Allah says to us, wireman will solve a lot of lessons, thanks in the bema meluna Eileen, everything that you do, I am fully well aware of what it is. So every ounce of help, every item you give back, every ounce of food you try to consume so that you don't waste a lot says I'm fully well aware that you're taking this seriously. Well in the heavy metal comm this is

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indeed your own man. What messala referring to now this slab, the oma of all of the prophets and messengers. So in the heavy metal comb, all of those prophets and messengers, all of their nations omoton wahida they were all collectively united. Be omotola no robocon factor cool. They were all united upon the same ideology, the same focus the same concentration. Well, in our book, I am your master fat doubled. So be conscious of me.

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That Takata embro whom baina whom zebra Allah split and allowed factions to manifest now so they separated. Bane at home, zebra, zebra, zebra is literally pieces or chunks of something. So what ends up happening, they went from one oma and they started to split up into chunks. This community went this way, this group went that way. This group went out that community here this religion there, they started their own religion there, they started their own cult, they're just started their own movement there. Everybody just split up. So you went from one unified oma to now they split up into Zoo Bora.

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This is where I got the title from for this video. Like how do you deal and cope with division? I'm not going to speak to you about Okay, it happens. I'm going to speak to you now about how this sort of teaches us how to cope with live with and respond when there's division in our communities, okay? often what happens? often what happens is number one, we respond or you're not on the hook. This is not from the Sunnah. This is not from the teachings of this, this is not in the court. That's usually how we respond. The Prop, you know, on the one hand, I get it, I get why people respond that way, you know, what's obviously wrong is obviously wrong, you try to respond to it. But if you make

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that your every day and night struggle, that you're going to go out there and sift out for years and years of your life. Everything that is wrong with the community.

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On the one hand, you might be tackling some of the problems. But on the other hand, all of the basic principles of the deen the things that Allah highlighted in the core, and that were fundamentals that people should know the average member of your community should be aware of so like co2 and Tafseer and prayer and all of these things that charity, yeah, all of these basic foundational disciplines of our Deen they kind of take like a backseat to the conversation because every other halaqa is we have to clean up this problem. This is a bit or this isn't this. So you've over you've concentrated and consumed all of your time into solving one set of problems and ignoring a plethora

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of other issues and basic principles, basic fundamentals, no one seems to know they can all quote you everything that is wrong about the community, but hardly any of them can practice what is expected out of the

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community. So that's the first problem with that approach. The second problem is that, and I wrote, I wrote some of them down here. There are always new ideas. Every generation, every community, this is one of the main reasons why people split apart. At least one of the main reasons right, is that people have discovered, they learn, they interpret new ideologies, new understanding new fundamentals of what their opinion is about what this is talking about, what this suitor is addressing what this hadith truly means, what the purpose of the prophets I send them is, they develop these new ideas. So every time you're tackling one problem, another idea is developing on

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the side. So what are you doing, you're just going around in one big circle, each at all that one big circle all the time, you deal with one problem, another problem starts to deal with unending, that's what that's what ends up happening. The third issue with this is that

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not everyone is a deviant, just because they don't follow your interpretation and your ideology.

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Your understanding, you know that you know how tough that is to swallow.

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You have to have an incredible level of humility, to be able to say to yourself, yeah, I'm not always right.

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Not everybody's gonna follow me. Not everybody's gonna agree with me. So okay, I have to accept that.

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And the problem with a lot of the guys that spend time just calling out everyone's mistake, is that they can't seem to accept and swallow that pill, bro. Like, not everything you say, is going to be accepted, no matter how much you feel. It's correct. It doesn't. And just because everybody doesn't accept it from you doesn't mean that they're all deviance now doesn't mean that they're all wrong. That doesn't mean they're all destined for punishment, or they're all misguided. And I say this, because people at the end of the day, we are taught in our student to have his no one to think good of others. So at the end of the day, you think all of these people have gone a different direction

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or reinterpreted something, because they have an evil heart, and they want evil for everybody else that does that's not on their path. They still have a good art, but they're still trying to get to one place, which is to get to what they feel is the truth, to get to what they feel is the path of hidayah. So the question now is, what do you do? If you respond, you run in circles? If you continue to respond, then you develop this idea that I'm right, everybody else is wrong. And if you leave it alone, then we obviously know what will happen then. So what do you do? Listen to the core and what it tells us to do.

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Go lower his beam, beam Allah de him Fetty hoon.

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Allah says that all of these groups that went off and did their own thing, they all are going to live real happy. They could it be content, they're going to build their own messages, their own churches, their own this and that, and they're going to decorate it, they're going to fundraise. They're going to get the you know, all of the funding, they need all of the money, the community is going to kind of migrate towards them. They're going to be real happy and they're like, how do I got out of that community? I started my own thing and this is what I'm doing. I'm all good. How do you respond to all of this? Listen to what Allah says further home.

00:28:40--> 00:28:43

Allah says, leave them alone.

00:28:44--> 00:28:51

over k, leave them alone. Leave them alone for a thorough, thorough, thorough home

00:28:52--> 00:29:00

is a loss of paradise. Feather home is like don't even waste your time. So just leave them out. Don't even waste your time.

00:29:01--> 00:29:02

Feel humble at him.

00:29:04--> 00:29:20

Feel how marotti him hamara is at the bottom of the ocean. The bottom of the ocean is called hombre. Alyssa says just leave them alone. fee humba team that they are at the bottom of the ocean.

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Hector hain until an appointed time.

00:29:28--> 00:29:30

So what is a lot teaching us here?

00:29:31--> 00:29:40

One the court earns way one of its ways that it teaches us how to cope with division is sometimes you have to know when to back off.

00:29:42--> 00:29:44

You try to remind

00:29:45--> 00:29:59

you try to teach. You have the conversations the debate, you try your best with everything. But what does Allah say at some point you have to just back off and leave them alone.

00:30:00--> 00:30:43

Why, because Kudlow has been the Mandela day him at home because every single one of them claims that they're happy and they're doing just fine. Now how you know how you hear the argument that? Well, if all of us are happy, that means we're all on the truth. That means every religion is the truth. It's not just Islam. It's not just Muslims, every one of us is strange, because I'm happy being who I am. I'm happy with what I'm doing. I'm happy with where I'm going and how I'm praying or not praying. So everybody's on the truth. This is the way it's supposed to be. What is a laissez faire thought home via hombre de him just leave them at the bottom of the ocean. Obviously, you

00:30:43--> 00:30:50

know, this is an expression to just just leave them if they're going to drown just there's only so much you can do.

00:30:51--> 00:30:55

There's only so much you can do to save them from drowning. Just Just stop at

00:30:57--> 00:30:58

an appointed time is coming

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is a boon and no mid dome Imagine no mid dome became Emanuel then is the last a guys do they actually think that for a given time, they're just gonna go on my family web any and have so much children so much wealth. You ever notice this is kind of the primary incentive for splitting off from a majority and starting your own thing is two things, money and building your own community that reflects your own values, your own personal and preferences and values, whatever you think is right, whatever you've grown up. So let me give you an example. You'll walk into a message right? And you'll be like, well, this is this is interesting. Message used to be like an office used to be

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my dentist used to come here and get dental work done. Now it's a prayer hall can find. And the same kinds of people walk into this method, only one type of one color, one culture, one background, one country. They're the only ones that walk into this one place. And you're thinking it's a message that should serve the broader community. But I just see one group of people here.

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Okay, so they're all they're

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there. Mmm, standards, like, luckily, we need to fundraise, we got to pay our bills. We have enough money to pay our bills, who's gonna donate Boom, boom, boom, everybody starts raising their hands. They raise $10,000. He's able to pay off and have a little extra for the end of the month. That's what a lot. That's what a lot highlights here says.

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No, middleham bohemian malyon woodburning. New seriola homesale highrock bellaria. Sharon, they're just hasty towards doing what they feel is right. But they can't feel that Bella shadow, they don't feel nothing. They don't realize that Wait a minute. Deep down above and beyond these beautiful walls, this beautiful structure and all of this community of my own people of my own country of my own color. Deep down, beneath and behind all of this.

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I actually split off wrongfully from a community just because I didn't like I didn't like how I didn't have the power. I wasn't the president. When we had the vote. I lost I just I hated that. So I started my own thing. So I can be President. I can be ma'am. I can be CEO, I can be it all.

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You forgot those things.

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You forgot really why you split off into a zoo Bora by you chunked away and started your own thing. So what does a lot teach us?

00:33:45--> 00:33:47

This sort of here teach us

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that you've got to know when to stop and just leave them alone.

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You know, you might walk into the same message and be like, bro, brothers, sisters, you go to the administration and be like, You guys gotta you guys should not be here. Because there's four other messages just down the street.

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And you guys are literally sucking out the resources of the community, just to feed your own whims and desires. Like just because you don't want to cooperate just because you don't want to be with that community because of where they came from, or how they do things or how they cook their thoughts. So you want to do it your way. So you're going to now extract more resources from a poor community just to feed those whims and those desires just to feed that stop. And they look at you and be like, brother, if you don't want go, just go Leave us alone. We're doing our own thing. Just leave us alone. And you're just like, Oh, my God.

00:34:43--> 00:34:45

Bella Sharon.

00:34:46--> 00:34:53

The they can't feel and comprehend anything wrong with the scenario nothing.

00:34:55--> 00:34:56

So what do you do?

00:34:57--> 00:34:59

Five out of home for your camera team. happy to hear

00:35:00--> 00:35:01

Just leave them alone.

00:35:03--> 00:35:14

Let them drown. This is what Allah says not what we say it is what Allah says. Let them drown had the heat until an appointed time Oh, it's their appointed time is coming

00:35:15--> 00:35:18

subpanel life so paneled Wow.

00:35:19--> 00:36:04

next set of verses is going to be you know, some really interesting qualities really interesting qualities of believers guys, oh my god, you know blow your mind just to see what sort of Telemundo is going to highlight next. It started off with qualities of a believer. Now it's going to continue that same conversation. Why does it do it now? We just finished talking about division and how to cope with division in a community right? Why then does Allah start off the next passage of the suta with qualities of a believer is there a connection between division in a community now unless is five out of home Fiamma to him had died? Just leave them alone Let them drown until an appointed

00:36:04--> 00:36:44

time to qualities of a believer. Is there a link between these two conversations? Yes, there is that it's absolutely beautiful. So what is that link? Well, you're gonna have to tune in tomorrow in sha Allah to find out okay guys. So we are back we are live and ready while in hand to continue and finish up our journey through sudo tell me no and we just got a little left actually. So we might have maybe two or three sessions Max and we're done the entire soda in shout Allahu taala so all of you that have tuned in today may Allah azza wa jal bless you and reward you thank you for your support and for your time. Again, these are short reminders, take it for what it is and I hope that

00:36:44--> 00:37:06

it uplifts you and inspires you in whatever way possible insha Allah throughout your days and throughout your lives in sha Allah, so just like malo Hydra, we will see you all tomorrow roughly around the same time in sha Allah hotelera Allah, may Allah azza wa jal keep you safe and keep you healthy, was set out Mara Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh