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Mr De Kumara matoba barakato

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Spindler Rahmani Raheem

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in Alhamdulillah Hina monastery you don't want to still fill one out rule to build a Manchurian fusina amin say Dr. Molina, Mayor de la palma de la. One a little fella had

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a shadow

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either in la de la sharika we're gonna do an AMA hamedan abdomen rasuluh I'm about to fall in the cul de sac eater Baba or higher. alhuda houda Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam was Shara la Marina de to her wakulla mo desert in beta wakulla beta teen Bala that in wakulla Bala Latina, Frobisher hurry sorry, while you're sadly angry, we're headed okidata melissani of Coco Lee of the praising Allah Subhana de anda. And continuing with the journey of the prophetic traditions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa earlier seldom, who was sent to take us out from the realms of darkness is through the light of Allah Subhana Allah to refine human beings to make them to become

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the best of individuals. That's when Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah describes the Prophet alayhi salatu salam will use a key him. He's one that purifies them, teaches them find other than manner, manners and etiquette. That is what gives rank and honor and dignity to individual the dignity for the slum. And ham didn't learn that he hadn't already had one couldn't Alina Tatia Lola and her de Navarre. All praises belong to a loss of Hannah Anna, who guided us to this two alley slum. And we had not been guided to Islam we would have been amongst the losing individuals or the lost individuals in colorshot, Minh, all in in sunny who will Islam, every form of dignity nobility, for

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an individual has voluminous Islam. The share of Islam is what gives dignity to an individual individual, gives them nobility gives them rank, they publish a surah gives them a rank inside this world, before the era, so not Allah, he said, Man,

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that's the son of Allah Subhana Allah in the heavens and upon this earth, that he increases those individuals who make the effort to come close to him. When Lizzie Naja had rufina learner Dr. gnome sabudana, who ever strives in our paths, that we will open up the various paths through higher paths of goodness for that individual path for them to come closer to Allah Subhana Allah, and as we find that a symbol of a person who's coming close to a loss of Hannah Diana, and refining themselves, a symbol of that is a part of obedience towards Allah Subhana Allah. And likewise we find refining one's character, one's behavior, because the individual knows that every stage of their journey,

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that they increase in true comprehension of Allah Subhana Allah increases inside their own internal deficiency, that what am I in front of the creation and before that, what am I in front of Allah Subhana Allah, and as you find this concept of devotion, commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah, and the concept we talking about after that, to be good towards the creation, the people that we engage with and we live inside society, we work in commerce and allow a lake show goodness to people just like a lost count, and I shall goodness to you. This in itself is a lesson for many of us, to begin to ponder and to reflect. That whatever we possess, whatever we own, whatever we have, whatever we

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have acquired inside our lives, could lumen nama Subhana. Allah is all from Allah Subhana Allah, He takes, and he can give. He gives honor give dignity, and he can debase and devalue any individual he wants. The key element is, man can Assad upon biLlahi Subhana Allah, the One who is truthful and sincere towards Allah Subhana Allah, Allah never lets that individual ever go to waste.

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It does not count I mentioned in no money atopy while your spirit for in number Allah you did Roger and mercy Nene talking about a stupid story of use of alley selam. In normal your Ducky whoever has stuck on by Subhana Allah develops our fear of a loss panda Allah and his patient regarding that for in La Jolla, you'll be a general morosini Allah never lets the actual dues of God ever go to waste. And as we find when a person begins to understand this inside their life, and begins to think about how they begin to engage inside society, how to benefit individuals, because the masses of the people unfortunately, are lost individuals

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The message the people cost and conferred disbelieving individuals from a zero home Eleanor, the end result is going to be nothing but the fire. And as it becomes incumbent upon us that we become engaging inside society, to try to save people. Islam is not there to destroy people, or to harm people, or to send people to the hellfire. Islam has been said than to encourage people to come towards the light of Allah Subhana Allah when our sanaka ihlara method either mean inside certain MBA that we find talking about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, when our sanaka ihlara method and amin will not send you except for the mercy to all of the worlds, the worlds of the jinn, the world

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of the human being, the unseen world whatever it may be all of the creation is the sending of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam Omar sanaka illa, fatale nasci Bashir on Juana de la Vela kidnap sarana, Celia, Allah moon, will not send you except for the whole of humanity, want to give them glad tidings to warn them. But indeed, most of mankind seem to not have knowledge regarding that. Likewise, in a hadith in Bukhari that we find the Prophet Allah Islam gave this parable, that he's an individual whose kindle the fire ignited the fire. And you find that the mosquitoes and the moths and the insects begin to come towards that light, and he tries to stop them. But we find that these

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insects that hastin towards where there is light towards where there is heat, and they overcome him and enter him into the fire. This is the parable of the masses of people heading towards a hellfire. And the prophet Elijah was trying to stop them, trying to prevent them, trying to help them to not end up getting inside your handle. And that should be the man who will be the way of the Prophet should be the way of the believing individual woman as an amendment that are in a body where Amina sada will call it in any minute muslimeen who is the best individual who calls to Allah, and carries out righteous action and submits to Allah Subhana Allah, this is the path of the believing

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individuals to encourage individuals to come close to a loss panduranga because indeed, this Muslim Ummah is one oma together. And that's the focus of today's Hadees is all linked to the previous ad that we talked about, about living inside society, about ordering the good and forbidding the evil. And likewise, you mentioned a certain idea to be focused upon inside soda and Ron, about ordering the good and forbidding the evil. And likewise, if inside, so to Iran, that we mentioned talking about fine character behavior, and we find that today's topic revolves still with sort of early Emraan, and still with superhero Gerrard about how we should engage towards one another. The whole

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summary of this can be summarized in one verse in the main owner is indeed believing individuals, and nothing less but Brethren, towards one another. What is Brotherhood in Islam? We don't want to engage. And what we find that many of us fall into technicalities, specifications about technicalities of brotherhood, you find that Al Quran was Sunnah in certain rules and certain texts are a genuine, certain words are used, that you cannot begin to make that we let of them begin to reinterpret them begin to have a different understanding regarding them. Allah Subhana Allah uses generic words for all time and for all places for call Allah Subhana Allah in the month of May

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Noona, watan all believing individuals towards one another our brothers, a element of brotherhood, it is a begin to then we begin to dissect it that was dismissed in our display certain things towards them and another Muslim or give them destroyed another Muslim or give them that right. That's not what the Quran is encouraging us to do. But until just every single Muslim towards another Muslim, believe it was another believer. They are brothers in faith, and like was in the Quran addresses this Muslim oma in the head, the Moto moto Haider and the disorganize one nation is one body. That's what we are together that we are together, we live together, we diet together, we

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will be resurrected by the Roma, Roma, this is the final oma is going to be resurrected together on the Day of Judgment. How are we going to be recognized by the people that day judgment whereby the Prophet alayhi salatu salam will see a great masses of people and you think that that will be his oma? And it will be said no, that is the Omar Musa La Silla, look towards the other direction and you will see such an immense oma to her the oma to Mohammed Salah Sunday's our oma, we are the last people that we are going to be the first individuals, first individuals who are going to be given that success of going into paradise, after many nations who came before but cannot be completely

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morose and how many messages that they came before. Before the messenger prophet Allah is not to sell them, but his privilege will be given to us individually and as before, even to excuse expression that some of us may think shallow or trivial things inside our life. These are symbols of this Muslim ummah. These are sha Allah Subhana Allah, the prophet Allah is naturally mentioned, if you want to be recognized on that day, then come with a whiteness of your forearms, the whiteness of your faces, the whiteness of your feet for Whalen, aka kabhi Madonna

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Well to those ankles that were burnt by the fire. For what reason? Why did you rebuke certain individuals that when they perform their will they never wash themselves appropriately, may sound very trivial for many of us individuals. This is symbol to be recognized as the home of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, the whiteness of our forearms, the shining of our faces, the shining of our feet that we find is all a symbol. Whoever doesn't perform, they will do appropriately will not be recognized on that day, we'll have the salatu wa Taala person Salah becomes invalidated when I when I used to be that a person doesn't even know that there's a perform, they will do properly just

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places their hand underneath the tap, or places their feet underneath the tab and think that they've carried out an obligation. If a person wants to carry out the obligation, they'll be focused towards every single minute detail to give them that success inside the Acura just like you find a dip car and you have a car for these individual minute every single detail that they pencil it every single thing in and almost 20 elements so not that he gives them success upon this dunya that we individuals. We have the earth era, we're supposed to have the belly, we're supposed to have that conviction, but we fail to understand and fail to comprehend that all these what may be

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linguistically trivial elements for many of us individuals, elements of successful Muslim Omar elements of success to be recognized as successful individuals. And as we find success begins when we begin to have that concern towards one another. I Muslim is not there to download upon another individual to debase another Muslim or to make another Muslim feel bad Muslim is there to try to help oneself when a Muslim advisor another Muslim is like a mirror reflection in certain bacteria that we find is a reflection person sees a reflection of their own self help the big man of cool do I implement what I'm trying to tell the people who do inside inside their lives? You are practiced

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that myself? That's too corny rebuke those individuals that those individuals Lima Taku Luna mela kerabu Ramachandran in Dubai and Takuma Abu Ghraib, it is in front of Allah Subhana severe it is that you tell people to do something you don't carry it out yourself. And likewise is the beginning of social Baccarat that we find a Marula nasty that Miranda will be returned soon and foster comm want to tattoo Nikita as Allah. He wrote to the people with beer but taqwa piety in good actions, you don't carry it out inside your own life as sala de Lune. Now you seem to comprehend them begin to understand moosh makhoul is not comprehendible that a person tells people to do good actions and

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doesn't exert the effort. Then the last thing I mentioned was that a newbie Sabri was sada way in LA Kabira Illa Allah hace in the path of success inside the Quran was there a newbie Sabri was Salah, seek aid and assistance via patience and a Salah when la Kabira Illa Allah Kashi is going to become something tequila, something difficult, something hard for masses of people, except for of course you read except for those individuals who find that success inside us Allah code of Hammurabi noon Allah de da home de Sala team Kashi successful adults believing individuals will suffer little mini he saw me know that we find in the 23rd chapter of the Quran, some 10 out of 10 characteristics are

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mentioned about people and legendary sooner Jenna, those people are going to be given paradise inside the Astra kettlebell we find twice is mentioned that these are individuals who offer this seller who preserved the seller who worried about this seller cause she wrote that a lot of the mentioned will lead either homeless on our team you have a boon who got and they preserve their prayers, God and preserve their prayers what a committee said I mean my only comment is sabaki masala is everything about your preparation inside your life? Everything that you find that revolves around the beginning and the end of the prayer has Luca been on Islam he has Luca Mina sadati your

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share of Islam is your ship of Sunnah where your own self inside your life way my own self inside my life. your share of your Islam is a Sunnah. That's all it is. That's all the life of a believer is that if a person is able to understand that inside their life, then the path of success becomes open. And likewise powerful concern for the Muslim Brothers come in one year now you saloon how many of our Muslim Brothers you don't pray? That's the point we don't want to enter the technicalities and the field we find in general personality Tara cassava cafe in January when a person leaves a Salah leaves the prayer is that disbelieving individuals will come in one dinner, how many from

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amongst our loved individuals have family members as society around us people who don't pray, people who don't pray, and we don't seem to be worried about this. If we have a concern in the minutiae echo tone, if you have a concern for our brotherhood, then we're worried about their success, not inside this dunya inside the Torah, and as the Prophet alayhi salatu salam when he began to give advice about how we begin to engage towards one another for overland has to do don't become jealous towards one another. Why are they

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Why did the prophet Elijah begin to mention letter has to do old Kadima

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He said Don't be jealous towards one another. This is a talk about the rest of the bad traits and characteristics. He begins by talking about Don't be jealous Leanna hazard you for recall muslimeen because what will destroy this Muslim Ummah, amongst the things will be jealousy, jealousy amongst our own turf with envy that we find Redeemer has documented and aluna has said fill in while merkabah and we find one person in position or in authority or have knowledge of understanding that we find if I many times people would speak ill of another individual, Leah know Milan has CDN because they're jealous about what a person may have acquired inside the law, mean for delay Subhana

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Allah, Allah has given them their liquor for tea magnesia that's the virtue of ally gives to whomever he wants, person was given a man was given wealth given property, people begin to speak ill of that individual and the man who Hara Hara his life, his hobbies wealth is haram. Jealousy that we find this makes dissension inside this Muslim Ummah, as we find that jealousy in Al Asad Kunal hessonite, Kamata Karuna

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has entered in the jealousy. It burns away your good deeds, just like the fire burns away at good. That's what jealousy does. It takes me Tamia. Kabuki random Imani. Allah has said that we find who has the worldly Emma is to take believe to take away that person's dilemma. And you don't want to yourself just that near that near most taken away from that individual. That's in general safety. But jealousy is that you can't tolerate the person has been given something inside their life. Oh, this is from Allah Subhana Allah. Naima minima he Subhana Allah, I'm destitute and NASA, NASA Allah, Muhammad for me, why do you show jealousy towards people who is that which Allah has bestowed upon

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people, it is a loss of a parent and who gets what he wants to give. And he takes him wherever he wants. And then he trusts these individuals to disseminate whatever they may have of their wealth of their property. So that's we find that that has to do, firstly, that we find, don't be jealous towards one another, never show that towards another Muslim, to be jealous of the blessings that Allah Allah has bestowed upon another individual

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who will hazard will upon you to follow any element of jealousy inside your life. The second thing that the prophet Elijah mentioned when I turned joshu

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joshu is a type of bidding against your brother or an element that we find of trying to endure z that is Sylar, what are you read and yesterday he to increase the price of a commodity to affect your brother You don't want to purchase that. But your brother You know, he's trying to purchase something and you intentionally come and you begin to try to outbid him. No amila Hazara The Hague, a form of loss for your brother bidding for the price bidding for the price. So they have to pay more money. Look at these Oh, surf, cut, look, Euro karoun look at these also have these characteristics mentioned by the population from 1400 years ago, that exists that is Muslim Ummah

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today of jealousy and are trying to outbid another individual, like what you find when a huddle

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and booth the honeycomb, do not hate one another, do not despise one another. And once again, what we find inside our society, an element of hatred towards another brother that you find one or two that borrow hula, a rod, do not turn away from one another, whether it be spiritually or mentally or financially, do not turn away Do not be a variance towards one another. We find when a person studies or studies various Islamic rulings, you find that the chest and the mind should become vast and begin to understand the certain elements inside the body of Allah Subhana Allah have been placed in as an element of balance, because some of us in an element of Hulu have extremity that we find

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that we only see certain things in a certain image that we find certain elements that help us to teach, of keeping, so fulfil muslimeen of keeping the ranks of the Muslims to be sanctified, to be displayed in an element of unity that we find. We find by to learn how to rob the house of Allah Subhana Allah, the Most sanctified place, Allah dunya the most sanctified pay for this dunya woman de la pena Amina, whoever enters into an atom and not good enough described, it's not just the cabinet facility, they say, oh poo harem, all the area even outside going past various technicalities earlier mentioned all classified as harem is all to be respected woman de la Cana

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Amina, whoever enters inside that place become a state of peace and rest. This is the ultimate place book, the ultimate place dunya we find emotionally all of us that we want to be there in the house or in front of the house of Allah Subhana Allah. But yet we find that this black stone, whether it be the reward, the authenticity, question when it came down from the heavens, whatever it may be, it had, but it's black stone that existed, that we find that Muslims would rush that they will fight, they would even kill one another. But what we find what takes preference over that

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We find what takes preference preference over that is not to harm another Muslim. No to harm another monster in the sanctified environment. If somebody pushes you, somebody shoves you, somebody harms you, then you walk away. Because now to protect another Muslim, the sanctity owner has more preference than to kiss the black stone. And likewise, you find in certain said that we find if the carrabba was to be taken down brick by brick and demolished.

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So when interlace of Canada doesn't mean anything in front of a lot of Canada either, then the blood of a Muslim to be spilled. Look how much we love the house of Allah and Allah this, this whole Muslim Ummah will become ballistic about if anybody tried to harm the house.

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But do we become that same element of feeling inside the heart and I might win a blood of a Muslim is spelt. Do you have that? Sure. Do you have that feeling? He will see a llama novella mm at the heavy volumes of works that we find talking about similar to the earlier talk about seed of the earlier about their life, but the man can do now Moon Bay lane. Now Joby tune, never used to sleep at night traveled. And when a loved one asked them why you trouble because they are no fool and Ursula rissalah someone sent me a letter that inside they learn inside their their country that they are being oppressed, that they're being harmed, and this is happening to them, not able to sleep,

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and we see various things on a daily basis inside our lives.

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But for some of us, it doesn't seem to travel us and Iran turning away from the Muslim thinking doesn't have anything to do with me or concern me likewise find Ramadan another point whereby telephones begin to take place for shavon is supposed to be locked away. Muslim Lee begin to increase in the FIBA inside their disputes that we find what have you so Lisa monniera whether we should pray eight units of prayer or whether we should pray 20 work on telephone Allah Akbar Ahmed al Sunnah as more than 1000 years, I've been debating about how we look at art of prayer when Allah in Ghana, even though we may go to the View to pray a lot of Sinatra we have the night prayer, we

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still had a little Buhari that we find handy to Asia, or the law that the Prophet Shafi ramadan ramadan inside Ramadan outside Ramadan never prayed more than eight hours of prayer.

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But they are the hour that existed. This person has spent the whole day Ramadan in debating with other Muslim creating ill feeling amongst other Muslims that you find for cod mention that even the siting of the credit is wrong, even if the credit is wrong, which $1 can at any country may be his mate got it all wrong, for so full, full muslimeen muslimeen owner, to be united with a Muslim takes preference over the siting of the present. These are things that sometimes we fail to understand, we don't understand the real concept of unity, to show unity with the Muslims to be unified as of takes preference over these things which are beloved to us, that a person is struggling to encourage

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people in their life to follow this, but if not heard, their voice is not heard, or not becoming dominant enough inside society, then they follow the masses. crucial element of unity, unless the masses of gang upon the state of Balala claim misguidance that occurred inside corruption inside their belief. And that is something else, that we are all a person should be tolerant towards that not turning away from other individuals, or thinking or despising other individuals have any understanding whether you're about to come on eBay. And likewise, do not try to purchase or outbid purchase something over your brother. If your buddies purchase something for nine or 10 pound, don't

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come to the purchase said I will sell you the same item

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for less than that or come to the center and say I will give you more money for that Rama mentioned even though you may have made a contract that you're able to return the property in the contract that you find another deal. But remember I mentioned it will create an element of rank or ill feeling in the heart of your Muslim brother, Rob Kizuna has a focus upon this is not about technicalities and about contract, I made a contract with a brother. That's all that concerns me. If it creates a contract that you know to break it or to do something to create ill feeling a bad relationship between you and your Muslim brother than the person should leave it. person should

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leave it. But many of us it's all about technicalities that we fall into. We don't seem to understand the spirit of Islam of love and commitment and devotion towards one another strengthen ourselves is what Islam is searching for. Then we find waku Eva de la Werner, all of you should become the servants of a BA waku Eva de la Werner, all of us should be servants of a bar. That is what our judgment is. That is what our symbol is, that we are all servants of Allah Subhana darna we will want to be a bad man, and let the name chanela of the hohner we want to be a bad man servants of Allah Subhana Allah, Wookiee upon the face of this earth. That's what another Muslim is

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encouraging other Muslim to do inside the life that's defined, even if I had continued to the end of SoTL for corn that we find Rabbana have

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I mean, as Virginia was reacting kurata

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tokina a man, a mama soutine sorry. He mentioned the coolness and tenderness of the eyes of your of your spouse and your children is Silla whom is not home

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for them to be pious and righteous upon the earth. Before the ACA, he talks about that there'd be coolness of your eyes on this dunya I am, the greatest blessing that can be living inside this environment at the moment is rectification of our children, rectification of our young children that we find that they are good children, obedient children, Allah Subhana first obedient to Allah and Allah, then after obedient towards their parents, the people around them, because we know more and more in a daily basis, what is the value of our children? What is the average benchmark of many of our youth that we find? What is the average perception we need and what they want to become inside

00:30:54--> 00:31:35

their life is clearly visible more and more as we develop inside the society, the average individual is drifting further further away from Allah Subhana Allah and as we should be worried about the rectification we should be praying to Allah and exerting our efforts to protect our gene, protect our generation to protect the people around us, by the permission leave of Allah Subhana Allah, then we find all Muslim, a whole Muslim. Then here we find the generic words and Muslim a whole Muslim a Muslim is a brother to another Muslim that's you find me a surety sir for amongst a minor signs a day judgment how early the morning Oh is in beta somoni which is in about 80 or 90 odd signs that we

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find minus signs of the day judging that we find that you find a sudden the roof to give Salah because somebody that you know now to Salim Ali, you don't know him, you don't give him some I know we thought if our Fulani is from another group, another set another machine another community but for to Salim Ali has the T shirt he saw these amongst the signs of the Day of Judgment, that minus sign that a seller is only given to the person that you know personally you want to give Salaam to a seller the cooloola shall equally Muslim As salam is for every single Muslim min Manya Salaam that we find a dilemma discuss we give Salaam to another individual, that person knows that you've

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entered into a bond into a contract that you are not safe. You are not safe. We might tongue we might speak we might etickets we're now into a bonding into a contract. That's what mean man if a seller is when you greet another individual, when you meet another individual, that's what a Muslim should be full of giving Salaam to whoever they know and whoever they don't know. I've just set up one time what Shalu milele oneness hoonigan prophetic traditions that we find once again small things that we may think we may find them to be trivial for us to sell them show you things that will make you love one another care about one another have concern about when and I've just said I'm

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spread the salon while Tom give food to the poor individuals and pray in the night was most of the people are sleeping. That's what I symbols of a Muslim that they are that spread in a salon worried about spreading Islam, to the people around them greeting food or the individuals around them. And then we finally have limo. A Muslim does not oppress another Muslim. And now the yasuhiko Bill odwin with Ernie Allah He doesn't take away anything of harming another Muslim or press another Muslim to remove.

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A Muslim can never ever oppress another Muslim. They are known as bone mineral Kufa will carefully route who volley moon for answers that disbelieving individuals who move on the moon. They're the ones who oppress, and Muslim men suffer, it never can oppress another Muslim. Why never can oppress a non Muslim, even wherever kalinina wherever we do that we have no oppression. They're not oppression, they are a form of alleviation and as a form of alleviation for a person upon his upon his dunya. When a person is stoned, or punished for dinner that we find is becomes a form of alleviation for an individual, the person's taking the punishment in his dunya when I adopted Akira,

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and de la semana de la raza takes up punishment inside this dunya there's no punishment beat me later, as I said earlier for that individual, that you find a heavy throw to Cambodia, the woman who committed Zina that we find and then choose punished, and what we find that some of the companions, they found this something to be something repulsive, that the punishment of the of this woman that we find using these words very, very broadly, as an actual feeling, that his punishment is being imposed upon this woman. But what did the Prophet allies last time say about this woman that her reward, or recompense that when she carried out what was imposed upon her, will cover 70 people of

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Medina Santi pyramid Medina, what she's coming to done today, it off of them to acknowledge her sin, acknowledge her mistake, and

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To take that punishment in this dunya koblin. Akira to take it inside this dunya that's what Hadoop is. Is purification is alleviation is actually raising your rank inside the Akira Leanna khulumani Adam kapa haka in a tabula all your children. Adam, will we make mistakes, and the best of those who make mistakes are those who repent. That's Evan Kramer, Josie. And he's modality to Sally keen to hear about the footsteps of the travelers inside that he highlights how Columbia hit a note that when they made a misjudgment, only we can use the word liquidity a mistake inside their life what they chose to do, you find that they become better individuals in the choices that they make, that

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when they made that mistake to become better individuals. And that's what I mean a believer is when a Muslim makes a mistake, and Muslim not like many of us that we think begins to collapse. That Muslim should begin to question itself and raise themselves in a ranked hastin. One or two steps more closer to Allah. No. Do you think I've committed a sin?

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Are you believe that takuna tomura Mattila in Nova Nova Jamia? Don't despair of the mercy of Allah. Mercy of Allah is the man. little mini then muslimeen he has it Oh, Allah mentioned Rama Toba, he did many little muslimeen he had the mercy of Allah cos meaning for the bereaving individuals. Talk to me Rama killer, never display of the mercy of Allah. He forgives them pardons all sins of your sins reach to the heavens, no matter how many of the sins that you carried out inside your life. And a person repents back to lots of other person what Allah that wipes out those sins, we find a person commits a sin inside the night. Well in the in the morning a person acknowledges their sin, we are

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to Illa law, repent back to love and Allah wipes out the sin of the individual so called out of the unknown la la hora and New York for the person who said that nosy as a lord who forgives. So pardon him. What were your metalli secondary sins again? he repents again Allah forgives him there for the sins again, Allah forgives him then Allah says Allah for Allah I forgive it forgiven you this is about soup and Anna Baba is

00:37:12--> 00:37:17

merciful nice boss open is open for everything individual agenda

00:37:19--> 00:37:23

is not for certain individuals who think that a good nice guy good for them individual

00:37:24--> 00:37:25

any individual

00:37:27--> 00:37:56

any individual can a happy run by miskeen and nine do cola so when I show you what I meant what I get when I say you know the individual has been lost for the races that individual aka crew gender to enter to paradise. The Anakata city called Big creator for beaver newbie, he acknowledges and seems that mistake, well we are the environment what they lifted, but when you see that European Islam begins to penetrate inside their heart, your idea to Illa Allah repents back to Allah.

00:37:57--> 00:38:18

Tina, we can never ever perceive inside our life, never perceived that his person was inside their heart or go to a law by so Canada Allah does define a Muslim never looks down upon another Muslim and Muslim should always think and could no Muslim have the mini every single Muslim is better than me. That's what the Muslims you think inside their heart, everything.

00:38:20--> 00:38:59

City there's supposed to be one person left, one person left standing, we're not going to Jenna, for underneath. underneath her the shots. I'm going to think that I'm that one individual. This is Bob. He doesn't think he's ended agenda time ago. He's thinking that I'm that one individual that's left, who's been stopped there. And so you find a bit like Rudy mentioned that one day standing there. And he's kind of gdrp knew what they know who it was a barrier between me and him. And I was on the other side of the bargain bargain. wretched wretched I am individual. If I don't say Allah Subhana Allah, companions Have you heard that no one was there. But this is a mirror momineen rebuking

00:38:59--> 00:39:14

himself questioning himself asked himself to fail Allah Subhana Allah and that's what a Muslim should be asking himself to fail Allah Subhana Allah I didn't encouraging the rest of mankind wakulla Kali her there was stuff from lolly welcome. What do you mean Muslim meaningful stuff in order for Rahim

00:39:26--> 00:39:59

al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad, Allah Allah He was said to be human, Temasek Episode natalio meeting about the sci fi they continue, are these bad characteristic that we need to remove from ourselves from a society whereby the Prophet Allah is as I mentioned, voila, boo, a person does not betray another Muslim or does not let down another individual. You might have a you do who way on pseudo person aids and they help another Muslim and as you find a headache on shore, a Hawker in Canada vollem and oma lumen.

00:40:00--> 00:40:37

Your brother, whether he is the one who is oppressed or the oppressor, whether it is oppressive individual or being oppressed, you find a Muslim is one that aids, AIDS and tries to hope to take that person away from the oppression, oppression of the oppressing another individual. And likewise the one who's oppressed, that a person responds to the call of the oppressed individual tries to help that individual alleviate the oppression, the hardship that they're facing. And that we find that not just follow the mere conjecture, and the requests of the society around us, of how they begin to display Muslims, how they begin to display Muslims, and it should be a key element of our

00:40:37--> 00:41:15

belief that should be penetrated inside our hearts. When a lot of that describes the wider society around us. These are certain elements we should reflect upon, whereby they're full of treacherous plots, and planning and harming and destruction and taking us away from the path of Islam. These are words that still remain in general is still remained inside the Quran the remainder in a time and in the future as well. Woman as documented by Hadith woman as documented by a pillar, who is more truthful in speech, then Allah Subhana Allah, that from above the heavens sent down these callamard till the end of time to remind us and to warn us that create don't create dissension amongst your

00:41:15--> 00:41:33

own selves remain an element of unity not trust the people around you in what they begin to say about other Muslims. What are your zebu Muslim does not lie to another Muslim, what are your hero who and a Muslim does not despise or look down upon another Muslim Muslim should never ever despise the most innocent The idea is

00:41:34--> 00:42:17

that we find don't become those individuals who scoff or belittle other individuals, other Muslims, as an Yoku, Hiram men whom perhaps there may be better than those individuals. And likewise the women should not belittle other women, perhaps those women are going to be better than those women. These are all traits or characteristics encouraging us to develop inside our life. One or two sided leanness even attempts even RB Mariah is so lokmanya if I want to sorry, Elena discus Logan was Sharon, one or two sorry, and a Sarah who are local German. It is the throat, the neck of the camel, the camel, the beast is not able to place his head down, bend it down appropriately. The Quran uses

00:42:17--> 00:42:50

such kalimat lokman when he's advising his son, he said to one or two sorry to cut the curliness. Don't raise your cheek up to mankind. Another keeper, you know become arrogant towards the people around you don't think that they are elevated. There's something special about you with the people around you. And Kalamata ferrania is talking about suffer too. and higher. We're not tied to mystics of animals, as we've been many times or the person will not give certain answers. He's talking about animals talking about parables of animals that we find for what reason earlier discussed

00:42:51--> 00:43:34

for us to not begin to become belittled individuals to begin to behave like animals. This is an insane, an insane shadow. Because the enemy is element of knowledge that raised the rank to begin to behave and conduct themselves over how the way animals conduct themselves how they behave. And as you find a Muslim, does not despise another Muslim is always worried about another Muslim about their hate, and about their goodness. And that's when Rob bershad met through it before in a blab noxzema among alumni about Rahu you find a person that the doors are closed, disheveled individual or closer to individual it is personal to take an oath by law and Allah will fulfill that over the

00:43:34--> 00:44:14

individual will respond to that individual. So a Muslim should not betray or let down another individual that we find that punishment is spying upon other Muslims harming other Muslim spreading biases about other Muslims that we find a severe punishment for those individual to create Ranko in the ranks of the Muslims or to dissect the Muslims. And then the Prophet Allah shall be mentioned, all of this ever evolves if we understand a taqwa hoonah or your Shiro Ella surgery he said Allah tala Murat he says a taqwa hoonah a taco Hakuna Matata Hakuna. The essence of all of this is not technicalities. If you have piety inside your heart, then you find that piety leads you to carry out

00:44:14--> 00:44:54

these actions. That's all it is inside Islam your piety, it leads you to carry out these actions, not for the sake of the people, but for the sake of for your conviction and belief in Allah Subhana Allah, that's what it is your belief in Allah Subhana Allah that He will reward he will recompense he will give a good return. Now what will what will let people give the other people can give and people can take a vehicle and speak when they speak even but a person who does it for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah, then they will be with me either in the manner in which there are no redeeming jazza and voila, shakoora we see you for the sake of Allah. We don't want no praise, or no thanks,

00:44:54--> 00:44:59

no gratitude. A person does it for a sake for the face of Allah Subhana Allah and as you

00:45:00--> 00:45:43

Find the element of taqwa to develop that inside life inside our hearts that we find. And as we find if we take these characteristics inside our life, and begin to pray and ask a lot harder to remove this rank or this ill feeling inside the heart, we cheat on plays upon all of us, of creating that inside our hearts and our minds. to dissect us away that we find amongst us applications inside the Quran. rubberduck fildena guanella Dena takuna been a man while at alpha kobina, Latina, Manu Ravana in Nakuru for a moment take away any bad feeling any Ranko take it away from my heart, this is applications or the Quran, that towards another Muslim it should be no Ranko no hard feeling towards

00:45:43--> 00:46:18

another Muslim. And as you find inside Jenna as well, Allah Subhana Allah mentioned when as that no Murphy Murphy so to remain when we're going to remove the hill, and because in general that we find the hearts of the human beings were purified, because in his dunya, we can have many things that he's doing a very common element of certain things inside our heart that exists, because you can't change that. That's what my manual called that we find you can live the heart It always changes. You can penetrate certain things persons or like someone you're not able to change that. But inside gender that we find, almost wanting to change the hearts remove any element of hatred or bad feeling

00:46:19--> 00:46:53

inside gender that we find that we find gender is a replication this dunya whatever inside is gonna exist will exist inside that era. Well to be mata shabbiha. But we only find a difference in his in the identity, the format names will be the same as everything I bet he mentioned, but the format will be something different. So just all the things inside his dunya that we have, all the way that we conduct as are things that take place upon his dunya all of that will be removed inside the era, that on that day we find it will be one will be brothers, brothers towards one another reclining on our sofas on our couches, looking towards one another. That's why the person tries to be brothers

00:46:53--> 00:47:32

inside this dunya encouraged when do you find another Muslim should be encouraging another Muslim to come close to Allah and Allah. Allah mentioned basement area inside total for fun that we find. Whenever they say well upon me there are two such individual to be my comrade, to be my friend. Lacan Delaney and his decree bad idea, Annie. Well upon me I took this individual, as a comrade as a friend, as a friend. He took me away from the path of Allah and Allah after guidance came to me and as a person, we raised that benchmark of the people around you not reminding you about Allah Subhana Allah, they're reminding about lokhandwala then these are evil friends. These are bad friends. Yeah,

00:47:32--> 00:48:16

we letter it to Fulani kalila well upon me that I took such and such individually to be my friend. Real Friends are those individuals who worried about your email, worried about your email, your devotion, your commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah and as we find there has to be Embrey in Mira, Sheree and Yamaha Muslim, sufficient is for Muslim to despise another Muslim. We find in the end of the Hadith kulu slim Hara Malou watamu wildoe everything of a Muslim is sanctified, their wealth, their property, their blood and their honor. Every man a Muslim is to be respected and understood, Muslim, are still Muslim. And the essence of a Muslim is sanctity. That's the essence of every

00:48:16--> 00:48:56

single Muslim don't fall into technically Some people try to push unfortunately, inside a society that a person by default and this becomes a cafe. Then this person becomes this person left the fold of Islam suddenly becomes that this kills them slay their blood take their property addresses to Muslims, not a burden. A burden never ever fall into that trap. Us non Muslim is sanctity. Every single Muslim is to be sanctified. What Allah Mahmoud, if an even Muslim and a die. A great debate takes place in Delft, where a person can dig up a grave to make more space for other Muslim ummah. How would I care for as for disbelieving individuals than their bones and they're dead? There's no

00:48:56--> 00:49:39

there's no respect towards them. There's no respect towards them. That's defined when a calf was a year later it couldn't to taraba or disbelieve individually say if only I was just destroyed before this destroyed before this perma sanctity for Muslim was a living while said dead was in the era America for a while now for those who don't enter the fold of Islam, then there's no sanctity for them. Look how evil it is. How many of them that you find that new form format have taken himself from this dunya cremation. cremation, burning himself and other koblin burning himself in this dunya. Before adapted.

00:49:40--> 00:49:59

This Allah has described some of these individuals torturing themselves, about the home. Some of them they take their lives, take their lives away, because they don't have Eamonn everything inside is doing your possess. But they don't have the man over trivial matters trivial issues that you find day in and day out. They take their life away. And as we began with

00:50:00--> 00:50:38

The ultimate blessing that we have is an Islam is that Islam gives us strength, gives us schoolwork, gives us hope, gives us faith gives us an aspiration inside the Torah, that whatever we do inside this dunya for our own sake for our family's sake, for the sake of this oma is all with Allah Subhana Allah and he will reward immensely beyond our expectations, in no manual for sabula Jerome Bihari he said, we'll give to the patient individually, without any accountability they can never ever imagine. Now last 100 years old, tofik inability to live true to these words of the Quran and Sunnah makers amongst those individuals who implement them to the best of our ability to raise up

00:50:38--> 00:51:17

among the ranks of those individuals who implemented this and to be with the final prophet sallallahu to send them in the law on Monday equal to soluna Allah nebby you're Latina, Amano sallu alayhi wa sallam with a slim Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa ala Muhammad Ganesha later libre Hema ellebra humana Camby to Maci Olam America vertica Muhammad Ali Mohammed Ibrahim Ibrahim Monica habito Maggie Ramona, Tina Fey, Tanya Hashanah Warfield, Sierra de hacer una walk in urban Robin Avalon for Santa Wyndham. darkfield and outer Hamner, an akuna Minal Casa de la pena fieldon. Only one unit readiness of accountability men, whether you're Alfie lupino, Dina and Manu from Ghana, in

00:51:17--> 00:51:44

Nakuru for Rahim Robben Africa, Elena sobre la Posada mana one so Nana kobilka theory of Ghana today palooka Nevada de tener habla number karamba in NA canto HEB, Roberto habla de Minas Virgina with Maria Tina kurata. mustafina proper etiquette Bellman Dinah Contessa mula Halim what too bad a Magna Carta Weber Rahim subhanak degradability Amala seafood was Salah morale boost Elena al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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but is waiting outside it will be no second Juma? We know it's a holiday period is we'll take one small step forward, make more space for your brothers behind you.

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Leave no gaps making more space for brothers waiting outside is going to mean our second drummer to make more space squeezing together in Sharla is only for a few minutes making space and unless pandemic's space for you inside this dunya and inside

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so stuffy materasso SubhanAllah. Leave no gaps to horrible Stan close to one another.

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Alhamdulillah neurobion around me in Ottawa manual rocking many kiyomi in in Cana Buddha canister me in a nutshell upon Mr.

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a few quick announcements on behalf of the machine. Firstly please do leave in a quarter quarterly in a good manner. Do not block the pathways and create a nuisance that people are going by and Charles please do respect the people on the streets of one another, you know, congregate outside the mesh if you want to welcome to remain behind inside the masjid. Secondly, this Sunday would be a funeral rites and regulations seminar for sisters only. As you know many times some of us are fully aware of how to wash a dead individual and prepare them but for our sisters and our women folk, we find out very rarely that we're equipped for this where families are equipped for this and

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especially we know that only women can can wash other women etc. So if your family members are free fully seminar conducted by sisters only about the washing of the body, the shroud and the preparation seminar this Sunday for women only from three o'clock to five o'clock, you can register

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if you see the poster or just turn up on the day inshallah three o'clock to five o'clock specifically for women only. inshallah also is going to be a program following Friday for the young youth for brothers only. What is known as night mania, whereby the machine will open all night for young buddies to come and to participate in various activities inside the machine and food and drink etc. We provide an overnight event for young brothers to come and attend in Shanna

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