Musleh Khan – Tafseer Surah Al-Hujuraat #06 V12-13

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The concept of "the tongue" is a reflection of one's relationship with someone. assumptions can be dangerous and lead to negative behavior, including privacy loss and embarrassment. Representatives of privacy and respect for others' opinions are essential. respecting one's feelings and not talking about anyone is crucial for building one's own independence and pride. educating others on their actions and doing things that benefit them is crucial for building one's own independence.
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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah He of tolo sila, while Manuela Mr. Barrett's Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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We are on verse number 12 and 13. Now that Allah subhanho wa Taala has told us to stop making fun of each other. He was warned us about telling me sudwala telling me soon and full circle don't highlight the faults of people, even within yourself or within others, while at anibus will be a low carb and don't come up with hurtful names or nicknames and even if they're good, but in a sarcastic way, and then Allah subhanho wa Taala also talked to us about the tongue in terms of

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words that are filthy, rude, offensive curse words, ie whether they're direct or indirect. This is one of a few verses in the Quran I get asked this question a lot, especially from young people is swearing How long is it really hot? Um, there's no a and the poor Anna talks about swearing. Yeah, so this one is for Super badly, man. It's talking about corrupt nouns. So even if you say the name of something or you're describing something or you intend something, all of this falls under for silk. So Allah tells us it is an absolute shame. It is also another way of the core and to prohibit that. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala starts off with the next verse. Verse number 12. Yeah, you hold a

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Xena. Mmm, again, yeah, you will Athena me No, I think this is about the fifth time in the sutra. We're seeing Oh, people have email in every single area so far. That talk to us about the tongue started off with Yeah, you're Latina? Me? No. This is a general principle across the board for all time. If you want to control what you say, then you have to have a sense of genuine and sincere, amen. You know, people tell each other, don't talk to me like that, or don't say those things about me or Don't address me in that way. You know, we tell each other how to act or how to speak to one another. But this idea, the way that Allah subhanho wa Taala brings up this conversation. How you

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control your tongue is a direct reflection of your relationship with your Creator. It's how you interact with Allah subhanho wa Taala. It's going to be manifested in the way you speak with people Subhana Allah. Nobody thinks about their tongue this way. Nobody thinks Okay, I have to be careful of what I say and how I say because it's a direct reflection of my Islam who does that. But that's what these are all about. If Allah subhana wa tada wanted, he would just say to to all of us, each tiny boo katha Domino VM Nick, just protect your tongue. And now in the next subject here in this verse number 12, listen to what Allah is going to tell us now or warn us about next, yo Latina M and

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each table. Each table comes from the word jumbo, Jumbo literally means somebody that's beside you. A lot is saying to you and I, to protect, even if there is reason or cause for you to assume. And it's right there next to you. Allah says to protect your tongue from ever getting involved and making assumptions about people. This is the true shame of this concept of assumption. Let's understand what assumption is to begin

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With because Allah says each tenable, kathira min of one most protect yourself from all forms of assumption. Now, assumption is literally assuming the intent of someone else, or assuming malice on someone else. That's assumption. And even if it's good, we should we should prevent ourselves from doing that. Why? Because there's no guarantee with assumption, like you just don't know. And the fact that because it comes with uncertainty, you don't know you're just assuming you're presuming that somebody is going to do something or act a certain way, but you're not sure in and of itself disqualifies disqualifies you from having that right to assume to begin with, this is a general rule

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of thumb in life, not just in religion, but in life in general. So a couple of examples of this.

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You don't have the right that if somebody left their laptop on, they walked away from their desk, then you pass by you see their emails, or you know, oh, they're emailing each other, okay, left their WhatsApp open. You know, a while ago, I found a cell phone in the mall, you don't have the right to try to unlock in and figure out who, what, where, who they call, none of that. handed to the last the phone walk away. Because you might see something you're not supposed to see. And to to the Lost and Found there's protocol for that. There's protocol for you know, you don't get the you don't have the right to when all the employees are gone.

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sit there and you go through the surveillance because you think that I think he's up to no good. Let's watch him. Let's see how he goes to his car. Let's see how he walks with his family. Let's see who he's talking to know, all of this is valid. And Allah says, protect yourself. Even if you have the right to assume and it's right there next to you. If something is happening, or you're just saying, I wonder, and even the little things. So it's not just if a scenario unfolds, and you and you think you can assume it's even just assuming you see, you see a couple walking, they're like, Oh, I didn't know they were married? Well, that's because maybe you weren't supposed to know, it's

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none of your business. So assumption literally puts us in our place when a las panatela says don't assume it's basically a core ends way of saying, mind your business. And as long as you don't have

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a valid reason to assume anything on anyone 99% of the time. Don't do anything, leave it alone. And even if somebody gives you information and talks to you about anything, you're not allowed to share that with nobody, or assume that you can tell others you if you go to someone's home, it this happens a lot, right? You go to somebody's home, and pretend I'm the guest and I'm talking to the host. So I'm going to look at the directly at the camera, and I'm going to pretend that I'm a guest of all of you. But here's where my eyes are. So I'm sitting in your home and you're like oh, Mashallah. So how are you doing? Everybody's good? How's the family? on by the way, you know?

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Mashallah, you look good? You look healthy. Oh, so you got new curtains. Okay. And then later on when I leave your home, you don't you tell somebody I went over to their house, man. You just seen how many pictures they had on their wall? Don't they know about that stuff? She see where they shop. They like they like shop at Walmart for everything. You don't get to say any of that. Where does that come from? Listen, to listen to what a look into you. So one assumption. So we talked about if you hear news to confirm it, otherwise, remain quiet. We talked about everything with respect to the tongue of highlighting people's file faults, making hurtful comments making up nicknames for people

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don't swear or make rude gestures or remarks to people. Now we have assumption.

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Now listen to what happens next. In the barrel of underneath them, some of the assumption is sinful. What does love mean here means that sometimes when you have the right to assume so say for example, you see somebody walking, and they're walking like this in the mall, like they're hiding a weapon or something and you're just under kind of scoping out the * scene and they're walking around. You don't have to be like, oh, that person clearly looks like they might be up to no good but Allah says, He said he will get the item in advance. I'm not going to tell the police or the security none. What's obvious, and all the indicators are there that something is not right. You don't have

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to write to assume that that person is a straight up criminal. But judging from actions, it looks like they might be up to something it looks like they're heading the wrong direction. It looks like they're hiding something. If somebody walks into your store and they

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See a bunch of items. And you know, they walk into with this nice, beautiful jacket on no big deal, just a customer browsing in your store. And then as they're walking out, they didn't buy anything, but their jacket is all puffed up like this because they stuffed a couple of items here and there and they're just kind of walking. Okay, have a great day, you have the right now to be like, okay, something is very obvious that it's not right. It's not the way that he or she came in. So you have the right to assume in that case that okay? Hey, sir, ma'am, we need to check you we need to we need to check the cameras, we need to look at it because you saw indicators. When those indicators are

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not there assumption becomes completely caught on. So Allah does make some exception in a barrel of some of it. But then even Allah subhana wa Taala adds Ethan. So what Ally's highlighting here is that some of assumption in and of itself could be sinful in the sight of Allah. So you have two things happening here. You have assumption in general, Allah says, protect yourself from it. But then when Allah says some of it is sinful, meaning that there are others that are not. So hope you understand that point, right? Well, as I just said to here is the next part next part of the verse? Well, it just says, who Allah says, to just says, Who is to spy? It's to spy on someone. And then

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you just you're looking, you troll them on Facebook? Whoa, they just posted something, why don't they post it?

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That's fine. I'm not talking about browsing. Because when somebody makes something public, it's their public. But if they added you to their friends list,

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and their account is private, but they added you to their friends list, that immediately entails that a lot of what they're sharing is restricted to a group of people that they've allowed to enter that circle. So those of you that are part of these private accounts of friends and families and so on, you've got to respect that whatever is being talked about, or messaged, or what have you, the natural default is that I don't carry this onwards to anybody. Okay, can we I'm in the chat group. You know, I'm in the chat group, when we talk about this stuff all the time. He or she is the one that says it. Yeah, that's the justice.

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until somebody you know what, don't worry about it. I'm in that whatsapp group. So I'll let you know. I'll let you know what they're saying.

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This is to justice, who to justice who has a quality to it, though. And the quality is at the cost of humiliating or embarrassing or hurting someone. You know, if we're talking about, for example, the COVID vaccine. And if you're in a whatsapp group of doctors and professionals, and scientists are talking about COVID vaccine, but it's a private group, and they're exchanging all kinds of information and knowledge and so on. Right? You can take now that because that obviously affects everyone on the planet, pretty much. You can go and have conversations to Hey, you know, I'm on this whatsapp group, they're talking about these things, so on and so forth. You're not hurting anyone.

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You're not embarrassing anyone. So you see what I'm saying? that just says Who here what Allah is referring to? Is the kind of spying that initially was none of your business. You were not supposed to know or see what you put, but the person went that extra step to figure out and find out and see and goes back to the whole video surveillance. You know, you followed somebody at the mall to see and you're like, oh, wow, look at look where they're going. And they just kind of walk to their car. That's to justice to the spy. Allah says, Don't spy. Now, here's the third instruction while the Bow, bow bow. And don't you dare backbite amongst one another.

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Don't talk about each other. So you have assumption.

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Then we have spy. Now Allah hits at home and says, Don't even say anything about each other. Because one could assume internally and leave it at that.

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We can make assumptions about each other, but not say anything. Unless it's don't assume. So you got to remove that from your heart. We could be spying on someone, and they'll never know we're spying. They'll never see it. A lot eliminates that whole ambiguity, the ambiguous nature of justice, eliminated all vennela goals, the third step and that's the the most extreme of them and that is, don't you even dare talk about anyone? Well, Lieber is well known, even if you're telling the honest truth. Don't speak about it. Don't talk about anyone. And we've talked about this earlier in this order. And it's even about good things. Like an example that I use all the time is

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If she finds out, she's pregnant, and she wants to keep it with between her husband and her family, and that's it, you don't have the right now to be like, yeah, call somebody like, yeah, they're pregnant. My daughter's pregnant. No, don't do that. Because they clearly kept it private, they're waiting for a certain time or period or period where they will publicize it. But for now, leave it because you don't know what she might be feeling she could have complications that even you as her own mother have no idea about her own father have no idea about. So you got to respect what people's feelings are, when you talk about them. Now, when all of that, I mean, obviously, when you're

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listening to this guy's easier said than done, right? What kind of world do we live in? Like, everything that I'm saying here could probably be things that, you know, we're just talking to just kind of floats in empty space and is gone, because nobody really pays attention to these kinds of things anymore. backbiting is almost like a lost discipline. It's almost like lost, like, we live in a day and age where no one cares about talking about anyone unless it's really offensive or hurtful, and they find out, okay, you talked about me the other day, why did you do that? I told you don't ever talk about me. Don't ever say this, that was supposed to be personal, I confided into you, I I,

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unless that happens, it's just a norm now. They'll lie. So they'll help us Man, these are some of the, what these areas are teaching us. of. It's how easily human beings can sin. how easily it is to fall into these kinds of things. Just allowing the tongue the tongue to become loose, let it go. These are the problems that falls into. Now Allah gives us a rhetorical question, you hibou I had to come a koala lemma he he may forget it two more? Do you actually love to eat your the flesh of your brother? whilst they are may not may it may it dead, may tear lying there dead. It's rotted. It's a corpse. It's sitting there rotting away. And allies saying can you imagine yourself, you'd love to

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sit there and just eat the fuckery to move, you would be disgusted by it. Just thinking about it would be disgusted, you would be disgusted by

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the whole point of this phrase. The sentence here is to highlight when someone talks about someone else, when somebody back bites,

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they have to feel disgusted by backbiting about somebody, just as disgusted as they would feel imagining eating the rotten corpse of another human being.

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That feeling that if you start to cringe or your hair starts to spike up and you get goosebumps, and you're like, Oh, I can't even imagine eating something like that is the exact same attitude. We're supposed to feel if and when someone back bites.

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Who does that?

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Who feels that way?

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That's the point. These as highlight things that

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as a population as a culture.

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For the most part, human beings have lost

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many communities fall apart. Marriages break relationships. So many fall apart and destroyed simply because we're talking about each other or made assumptions of one another.

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Are spying on each other

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rude comments and gestures towards one another

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sub panel you know, a great scholar had once was asked how did you obtain such a high level of knowledge and

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and this great scholar is still alive. Chef Matata, Shan Katie Have you thought holo one of the great scholars of Medina and one of the great foci amongst the football where somebody asked him like, now he's just such a young age in his mid 40s. And he had achieved and learn so much. He had read 1000s and 1000s of volumes of material and spends 20 hours a day, you know, 18 hours a day just reading. I sleep for just a couple of hours just to enough to rest and recharge and then continue with this day. You know so much I actually did a talk about him again. I did a biography about him. It's a two part series. I believe it's on YouTube as well on the biography of chef matar a shell TT

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for the whole lot, right? Anyhow, somebody asked him, how'd you attain such a high level of knowledge at such a young

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he said something that I can never forget. He said, I don't know, this is all valleca for the law, he may actually, you know, this is a blessing that Allah gives to whomever he wishes. But if I were to point out something, I think is a result of why Allah has blessed me with so much is because I never talk about anyone. I never backbite and I don't tolerate when people are backbiting around me, I I tell him to leave.

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So if somebody comes and asks him share so and so said this and this and this, should we continue to take knowledge from him or not? You know, people, students will come and ask him these questions. You know what he does? If you ask him this about a name of so and so he tells that student that the questioner leave

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because I'm not talking about nobody just leave and he actually expels them out of the classroom or out of his, his his doodles his lessons, Cisco just go. And he says to us that he believes that this is one reason why Allah blessed him with the knowledge that he has his because of his discipline, that he would never ever tolerate. A Lieber, whether listening to it saying or, or anything of that nature never surround himself with that. And I thought that that was truly profound. And the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala highlights this. And the disgusting nature of what the Hiba can be a consequence of is truly remarkable. It really tackles the attitude. Now, one last thing before I go

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on to the next verse, remember we said so little hoogenraad is all about the etiquettes mannerisms of a believer.

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So far, like 80% of the surah is focusing on what

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the tongue

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most 80% of the students only about the tongue.

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What does that tell us?

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If you control what do you say?

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Then you will control how you behave.

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It's remarkable. Mental luck continues.

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What takala in allow her to wobble Rahim have Taqwa and consciousness of your master. Because Allah is tillable Rahim Allah is the source of Toba and repentance and exceptionally merciful now, yeah, and you have ness. The conversation is now expanded to all of mankind.

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Yeah, you hiddenness all mankind. Now Hello canal calm indicating what

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we created all of you from males and females, meaning you're all equals. You're all together as one. Some of you are males. Some of you are females, but you're all one. Okay? What's your I Lancome short Oban. We'll call back in a liter out of full. And we made all of you short, Uber. Short. Uber is like a large population. Sure.

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It's a large group of populace or population a group. So you were nations upon nations upon nations will call back and tribes. Why white alemi is so different from each other different skin color, different languages, different behaviors, different attitudes, different backgrounds, different religions. Why Lita out of why are we all different? Lita out of all comes from the word or out of or out of literally means culture or habit. So Allah is saying lichter out of all, so that you can get to know each other, that you can explore one another, you can discover each other, you can appreciate the differences in one another, you can respect each other. This is why we are different.

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It's not because Okay, so that we can just simply do things differently. It's so that we can appreciate one another. You know, some of the most brilliant people on the planet are travelers, because why they explore the planet, they explore different cultures. And this is one of the blessings man of doing this job. You know, at hamdulillah I've traveled the globe, all over the Muslim world. And it's incredible to me, not just the culture of Muslims across the globe, what they eat and how they act and how they dress and how they talk. That in and of itself is remarkable. But it's how La Ilaha Illa. Allah ties us together. How at the end of the day, no matter how different

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we look, behave or live. This is one thing that always makes us love and respect each other is because we are connected to let you let a loved one

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So, it's remarkable. So Allah says, I created you from different tribes and different nations and people, so that you can appreciate these differences with one another. Otherwise, if Allah wanted, we would all be one race, one color, one people one religion. But Allah didn't do that a lot, once us to discover one another, a lot wants us to appreciate the differences in each other. So now it eradicates racism, discrimination, stereotyping, all of that is thrown out the window, because a lot of the intent was not to be superior above others, not to claim that your race is more supreme than everyone else. You've lost your mind if that's what you're thinking, this is saying Lita out of oil

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is actually so that you guys can get along and respect each other. Now there seems to be one is more supreme and better than the other. We are the chosen one. All of you are servants to us.

00:26:01 --> 00:26:12

You had nothing to do with how we were born and designed? Didn't did any one of us get asked, okay, what color do you want to be when you come into Earth?

00:26:13 --> 00:27:04

You know, what language do you want to speak? What What country do you want to be born? Did anybody that ally ever asked us that? Did we ever were given that chance to make those decisions? No. So the fact that we were born the way that we were born and how we are is directly linked? That if you had no say in what what you are as a human being, then that clearly should indicate to you that you have no right to consider yourself above or supreme from others. No, right? Simply by skin color culture Association. No, right. The profit are the subtle salmon. His last sermon said the only thing that makes you different from one another is taqwa is your connection with Allah. That's the only thing

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that differentiates you from anyone else. Subhana Allah, Lita out of fools is incredibly powerful.

00:27:12 --> 00:27:15

In a Croma Kumar, in the law, he calm those of you

00:27:17 --> 00:28:02

those amongst you that are most respectful with Allah subhanho wa Taala will always have the urge to protect. And those of you that are most respectful, you know how beautiful this area is. Because we just learned that the reason why we are different from you know, in terms of appearance, and culture and so on, is because Allah wants us to get along and discover these differences with each other. Then Allah says, the most respectful amongst you is the one who protects each other. So in the one who protects those differences with one another.

00:28:03 --> 00:28:07

So if you hear racism at work, and we do, dude, white talking like that,

00:28:09 --> 00:28:13

don't be Don't be a racist. Don't judge somebody just because of the way they look.

00:28:14 --> 00:28:35

If you're a Muslim, and you look down at others, because they're not Muslim, you have no right. Zero, no, right? We have no right. To have the sense of superiority over others just because we are Muslims or we are associated with Islam. You know why I say that? Because you don't know someone's tomorrow.

00:28:37 --> 00:28:45

You don't know someone's tomorrow. No idea what Allah and what his ability and his power and his authority can do.

00:28:46 --> 00:29:01

Don't know the same person you've assumed and concluded. There's no guidance, they'll never get there could be the same person that Allah snatches all of your amen and give it to that person because you assumed you misjudged them.

00:29:02 --> 00:29:30

Subhana Allah, think of every Sahaba every companion, what they used to be before Islam and what they became when they were Muslims, we usually concentrate on just you know, all of the great deeds and examples that they set, which is remarkable, it's marvelous and lose sight of what they were prior to Islam, the journey that they came through. If the Prophet is that was Salaam looked at Oman and be like, Omar,

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you're pretty you're a pretty awful guy. You're huge or intimidating. You're rude guy, no patience. You don't belong in my oma. He never did that. Instead, what the prophet Allah is little Sam do. He made Dora to Allah to guide or O'Meara to Islam? Allah, and Allah accepted his door and role model the alone one of the most powerful intimidating figures in math

00:30:00 --> 00:30:26

becomes Muslim. And during that time before he wasn't Muslim, he tried to assassinate the Prophet Ali subtles and tried to kill him. And now Allah subhanho wa Taala put or oma right beside the men and to follow under the man's leadership, the man who he tried to assassinate now Omar is now told, follow everything this man does.

00:30:27 --> 00:30:30

And your own mode. The man he tried to kill

00:30:32 --> 00:31:17

was taught by this man about a lot to the extent were almost cried so much for Allah and he was taught all of this by the men who he tried to kill. He's taught about Allah he's developed this connection with Allah and their stories that are not used to cry in his prayer so much for a lot that it left these stains on his cheek these tear stains on his cheek that were permanent that's how much he loved a lot. Where did he get that knowledge from? From from the prophet Isaiah salt was sent out directly from him. The same man who tried to kill once told him Yeah, um, what if there was a prophet after me it would be you.

00:31:18 --> 00:31:21

And Allah honored or model the Allah Juan.

00:31:22 --> 00:32:12

By burying him right beside the man he tried to assassinate Subhana Allah, you have no idea what someone's tomorrow is. So that's why les says you protect each other, the greatest respect that human beings can can exemplify and illustrate with one another is respecting each other for who we are. respect you. Just because you are you I respect that. I want the best for you. So if you want to have that conversation, I can suggest to you, Islam, Allah, I can have that conversation with you. But if this is your choice, I respect that. I respect that you want to be and follow what you want to be. But I pray Allah gives you the best of guidance. Walk away, you're done. That's in a

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kurama coumarin de la a taco. And finally, in the LA highly mon hubiera Allah has complete knowledge and is fully well aware.

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brothers and sisters, let that I guess resonate and let that process in our hearts in our minds of how we treat each other. You know, every Masjid every Islamic school needs to have this a painted on their walls.

00:32:44 --> 00:33:29

So that it could it could be encouraging when non Muslims want to walk into a Masjid after they just finished watching like fox news or something. And they heard about Islam and the Muslims. But then some of them you know, hesitate but when they're invited to your messages they actually walk in and the first thing that they see is Yeah, evenness in a holla canal calm indicating what with john Locke unsure about what callback elites are out of a coma coma in de la ikkaku, Nola Honeyman, codesa first a they see, so welcoming, so beautiful. We have to paint this on our walls in all of our communities. It's inviting.

00:33:30 --> 00:34:18

So that way, others don't feel and you know, it's constant battle to, to to show and illustrate to others. We're not trying to shove Islam down anyone's throat. That's not our job. Our job is to invite to encourage to be examples and to show the world what it's like being Muslim. Now, if that is tempting and inviting to others, then we welcome them and we take them on that journey. If not, I respect your decision. I respect which you want to be. CASE CLOSED, walkaway. Why? You don't know what that person's tomorrow is? You don't know Allah's work. You don't know how Allah guides people, as well says voila, who Yeah, de may Yeshua, he is the one guidances in his control. So he'll take

00:34:18 --> 00:34:39

care of that part. Your job and my job, Udo LSB just invite people and encouraged him in this path. leave it at that. May Allah azzawajal bless us honor us continue to educate us a lot. I mean, I'll leave it at that and inshallah tomorrow we'll continue we have about maybe two more sessions inshallah.

00:34:40 --> 00:34:59

Yeah, I think about two more sessions and then we will conclude the surah in sha Allah huhtala and we'll move on to the next one. Okay, we'll have we continue with a couple more soldiers before we pause and get into our Ramadan stuff inshallah. Okay, so with that being said, meant a lot and so we shall continue to teach us this beautiful Deen

00:35:00 --> 00:35:11

Allah subhanaw taala continue to honor us May Allah so which will purify our hearts, our tongues our actions alone and mean. Take care of them while they come to light you will want to countenance

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