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Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of learning to acknowledge one's own weaknesses and prevent enemy attacks is discussed in a study on the topic of cyber security. The need for guidance and direction is emphasized, along with the importance of avoiding mistakes and bringing one's mind to reality. The use of words and the concept of a "anything that adds to agitate your" life is also discussed, along with the importance of being patient and not just being a good person. The transcript concludes with a discussion of the use of words and their relate-to-the meaning of "has."
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So when you go back now and rethink about the story of the people of the cable, but I think

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one of the biggest Mercy's a human being can have, you know, on the one hand if there are on a path to escaping oppression is protection, that's protection from outside enemies. But in this journey, in the journey of knowledge, the enemy is not outside. Where's the enemy? Inside, you still need a law from Allah. Athena Athena malankara. Athena hora

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de la given to him, he says humility. As a matter of fact, I shared with you what he said to Bill salesianum. Right. And the last time you've been taught what I don't know, I've been taught what you don't know.

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First thing he acknowledges what he doesn't know.

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And as a matter of fact, first he acknowledged what lusatia knows what he knows, and what he doesn't know. There's a lot of power from Allah for someone who's learning to acknowledge that they don't know, technology, but they're still on the path technologies that might they might sometimes cross the where they were supposed to go, and they went the wrong way. And then they have to retrace their steps. Right? This is important because you know, when you learn, and by the way, masala Salaam has an assistant next to him a student next to him. How easy is it for a teacher to admit they're wrong?

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It's hard. Oh, I yeah, that was wrong. That wasn't right.

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Well, let me correct myself. It's hard. It's embarrassing. That now the shutdown comes and says, your student is going to think you don't know what you're talking about. You're not really that good of a teacher, because you're supposed to know everything all the time.

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You know, they say, Yeah, well, maybe I did. And then instead of admitting that you're wrong, you say, Well, you know, it's complicated. And you start, you know, doing a political speech about how there are circumstances in which this might be acceptable or stop. Just admit you're wrong. I didn't know you know, what, oops. Yep, that was wrong.

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I do this all the time with students and not admit I wrong, I make them feel bad for pointing out my mistakes.

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You know, all right. I have to say, like Skye, and I miss type in a shy or something. And there's those ones like that. It's as shy as I say.

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And I'll re type in the sky said no, read carefully. The sky for Dummies.

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As a joke, that's fine. But you know what? It's okay to admit your mistake. So it doesn't reduce anything from you as a teacher. So that's a little bit about you know, that one minute and you know how a new light has been shined on it de la Vela, from outside threats of Allah from the inside the inside of us that needs to be put into check Allah keep all of us in check.

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Then of course the the key words, you know, when he says call Allah who musala Tomioka, Allah limani Mr. Lim turista. Could you teach me from what you've been taught in terms of uprightness, Mr. Olympia, even

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Rushden. Railroads have been tied together. Now, knowledge and guidance have been tied together, which is an important distinction or Rushden here you can even say is the kind of tummies

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particularly from all the knowledge that you have knowledge that sets you in the right direction, such a beautiful word, tying all of what we've learned in the sutra together, listen to this carefully, you can learn a lot of stuff, but you won't have direction.

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You can learn a bunch of stuff and you have no direction.

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You can have you know, there are people who are nerdy, and they have information about all kinds of things, all kinds of things, sports technologies, you know, fun facts, the cabin states have all their capital, you know, the capitals of all the states, you know,

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all kinds of stuff, but no direction. By the way, this happens even inside Islamic Studies. You can know all kinds of stuff. You can know like all the state of art, of how to pronounce this word in the Quran of house according to pronunciation, you can know it. And that's also knowledge. It's really cool, especially like at a party.

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if we lose sight that all of that knowledge is supposed to lead us in a particular direction.

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and knowledge is in and of itself is not a goal. Its goal is to better give you direction. direction was your goal. Knowledge was just a means to get to that goal. Think of think of knowledge like a map. The purpose of a map is not for you to go in every street. The purpose of a map is just as much to have which streets to avoid, and which Street to stick on to and if you do take a wrong turn. At least you have a map which means you can make a few turns and come back on track. You know, for

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kasasa in the study of Quran for myself, I mean for Allah

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is supposed to be the book of direction, it's supposed to be the book that guides you in the right direction. In the study of karate itself, I can get lost in technicalities and Arab and narrow and solve, and the root analysis of a word, or the 80 different opinions about this one, Ayah or whatever, and lose sight of the fact that I was actually studying this because I wanted direction in my life. That's what I was learning before. Now, so I can collect quotes,

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and get all like me on people.

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Because people like doing that, like, I'm gonna go on you now. I'm gonna call a bunch of stuff. And most of it, I won't even translate partially because I don't know what it means either.

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Don't lose sight of direction, don't lose sight of direction. So it's so beautiful that masalas are asked adds that qualifier or rush then, you know, it ties the previous stories together, especially the first one the story of the people of the cave, because people lost sight of what's the point of this story. Let's just argue how many there were, let's just argue how many years they lived. You know, you're missing the point. You're just missing the point. So don't miss the point. And by the way, that's the temptation here again, isn't it? Where who is?

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Is he really green?

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You know?

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Like, Where is this place? Is it really beheaded? I'm going to I'm still going to Bahrain to learn now.

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No, that's just some side commentary. It's okay. Get back on track. Get back on track and don't lose focus. Okay.

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color in the calendar. Sati Amaya sobre. Okay, for those of you I'd love to hit the theme of cyber is a special theme in this story. So what it means what?

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Patience, perseverance, right.

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In this story sobor is made dependent on the recognition that Allah knows the unseen. There's an important lesson is very succinctly said here sobor is made to pet somebody is dependent on how well you recognize that Allah owns the NC. When do we become impatient things that happened that we experienced, that we can see that we can feel that we can touch?

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What gives us the strength to be patient through those experiences, there are other things happening, that are in the unseen world that you can't see or feel or touch. For all the bad that you're experiencing. There's something good that's happening, easiest example of that, that's so evident in the soul of our messengers that I can give you It's so beautiful, is when the when you visit somebody sick,

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they're in pain, they're experiencing pain. They're they're not able to do what they were once able to do. They're they're bedridden, they can't you know, some simple pleasures that like sitting up and eating, they can enjoy, right? going out and taking a walk they can't do anymore. And you go to this person, and the prophetic words are lovers, orange holla no problem. purifier and Sharla

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pure Wait, no problem, all these problems? No, in another world. In another reality or reality, you can't see this is actually not a problem at all. In the grand scheme of things, this is nothing.

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And then on top of that your body is actually contaminated. Your body has to be cleansed of an internal contaminant that is keeping it from being healthy and health and purity go hand in hand and the exact opposite words. No, this is a purifier.

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Yeah, it's purifying your sins. It's purifying some other mistakes is purifying trouble and if you were healthy you would have gotten yourself into is purifying things from your life that you did not want you did not need you know this is the idea of sober you missed a flight you were getting you got on the airport. And you've got security line was super long. And you get to the gate and sorry, you just called and they closed the gate in front of you because they watch you running

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Can I get on no the gates closed? But you weren't making eye contact with me as you close the gate you

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know, but it's close. It's a policy we once we closed the gate you can't get on. And then she got some message on the walkie talkie. There's a few seats over here.

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It's jersey

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but it's closed.

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You're upset? How come did he let me on this flight card This is so horrible, you know, etc etc. Actually, maybe maybe there was some evil for you on that flight.

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You don't know. You don't know if you landed early, something bad was gonna happen to you on the way home some accident you avoided that now you didn't you will never even on that road. Because you came home three hours late the next morning. Something a lot plant averted from you. We look at the scene and we lose our patients. The entire purpose of the story is to know that there's something a lot always has a better plan in the background. You will experience things that added to agitate you that you don't understand that I don't understand. But we have to rely that Allah has something better plan for us. That's the lesson that's being taught, and so Saba is actually the lesson the

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lesson learned

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That's why it keeps making its appearance again. And that's why you know, Allahu Abel sumati will have, by the way, even before about the unseen, a lot of loans, the unseen of the skies in the earth arrangement will have came before people making, you know, assumptions about the unseen, throwing stones in the unseen.

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this was actually particularly important for the Sahaba because while we're going through a lot of trouble at the time, like this is a mucky, surah they were being persecuted things did not look good. But Allah azzawajal has something working in the background, something's happening that they don't realize, like one of my I'll give you one more example of this, even if it takes the rest of our time.

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The hard one of the hardest examples to process if you don't recognize this is sometimes the knock on the profit slice of lemons criticized,

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like our boss, our profits criticized, he frowned, he turned away.

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He bolted on the forehead and he turned away. Right. And that's how is this a good thing? How is a critique of the province is a good thing or actually the story I just recently taught the story of I shall have the lover Anna. She was slandered other the most noble woman I mean, this woman did more good.

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I want you to understand the pressure on this woman, this young woman,

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a fourth of the traditions of the province Isilon would not make our way make their way to us.

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If it's not for our mother,

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she has one of the most noble tasks noble responsibilities ever given to a woman in history.

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And yet, and she is one of the most revered, respected, regarded figures in Islam

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and Islam.

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And yet, a lot put her through. I cannot imagine a more humiliating experience,

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to be in that profile as she is and to be accused of cheating on her husband, and to be accused of her husband being the messenger of a loss.

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And then if that's not bad enough, people from within our own family buying into it.

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People from within our own family, and this last thing over the course of a month

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that experience what she went through is so horrible. It's so bad.

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This is and by the way, from the from the shell the perspective the accusation made against an innocent woman is that itself should be whipped a person who makes such an accusation or even insinuate something like that, right they should be with and yet how did the crime describe it?

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He says la Tasha boohoo Shara Lacan, but

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don't imagine it to be a something evil that happened for you. Rather, it's something good for you.

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How is that good?

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It's good in the unseen. But I can tell you some things we can see now that couldn't have been seen then, until the day of judgment, Are there going to be innocent women that are slandered innocent people whose reputations are ruined by people's words, by people's casual comments and remarks? Yes, there are going to be people like that. And until the day of judgment, those people will receive their strength and will revive that know that their honor has not been tarnished. Because of the words Allah gave Tasha de la Miranda, she had to go through that for all the people until the day of judgment that are going to experience them

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they wouldn't have consolation if it wasn't for her and they'll know you know because when it when people say those things about you one of the first thoughts you get is maybe I'm a bad person if all the people are saying this I must be a bad person. So and she's so awesome.

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She says when it when she tells the story herself she says it'll be a lot without on her. I didn't think I was worth what I'm coming down for me. And she says such she chooses such beautiful words because now she knows she's worth it.

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Now she got lucky made her worth it. And so what that does is if the most honored of people can be humiliated like this, who am I? It's okay. Who are you? It'll happen and Allah will still return allies, the one who gives the dignity allies, the one who restores is someone who is good for you. That is a lesson that's been reinforced in this surah over and over again. Anyhow, call us God in sha Allah sobre la silica Imran, again, you will find I'm going to be patient but this time he recognizes

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in sha Allah, I'm going to be patient, child, you're gonna find me to be patient in China, which Dan finding is another theme that recurs here multiple times. For what Giada abdominally Bettina? certegy dooney in sha Allah sabalan right, finding is going to be something that occurs over and over again. And finally,

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I'll reinforce something I said before Actually, no, I'll go to something new.

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The pattern, the structure, one of the structural things about the story and then inshallah probably next time, I'll share with you like a an idea by iOS

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sense of the story and challenge is fun Takahata is when you say, How are How are each piece of the story structured? First they come upon something.

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The first part is they come upon something, then his or Elisa does something shocking. Like they came upon the ship and what did he do?

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He tore it up right? Or he they came upon the child and he killed him, etc. Then the third part is always moosari some questions Why did you do this?

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How could you do this? And then the fourth part is always either reminds him reminds him of what he doesn't explain what he did. He simply reminds him, didn't I tell you to be patient?

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Which means musallam keeps forgetting and by the way, did he say inshallah?

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He said inshallah, just because you say inshallah doesn't mean you'll remember.

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Right? We've got our back either receipt. Number Maria mentioned when you mentioned your loved one you forget. So he keeps reminding him and then musala salaam responds apologetically, until at the very end, masala Salam explains his actions, or Islam explains his actions and says, Okay, this is what this is the reason behind this and this and this and this. Interestingly enough, the word Vicar

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a play on words had already come in who because this is the last thing I'll share with you had the fella come into the crowd until I make mention of anything for you. The word secret in Arabic is reminder. It's also mentioned and in the beginning of the story, Heather said look, you have to follow me. And you can ask me any questions that I had that have come into the car until I make some mention of it to you. So the word thicker in the eye is used in the meaning of mentioned is that clear. But interestingly thereafter, the mention because of bizarrely, silabs nature, because of him not being able to handle what's going on around him. It was never ever anything mentioned.

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Everything was actually reminder. So the word Vicar, which was supposed to be mentioned turns into what reminder because that's what most Allison needed more. He between the Seon and thicker so the duality of both meanings is very nicely captured. Sometimes people just need to mention other people need a reminder. Some students in in learning some students, you can say something to them, and they get it. Other students.

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Please let me repeat that again. Oh, could you say that again? Yeah, if you say it again. Okay, just one more time.

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I think I'm getting it. And that's okay. A teacher shouldn't get annoyed. They should just repeat. They should just repeat this you just repeat.

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And that's okay. Sometimes for some people, that's how learning works. for other people. You say one time I got it. I got it. Don't say it again. Got it. You know, realize though, just because good students inspire students by the book of Allah. Hopefully, by next time we wrap up the story of Messiah. These were just some outside notes before we dive into the i a lot of colonial celeb article

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