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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the controversy surrounding the announcement of two suitors inrows and the use of the Prophet system to emphasize the statement. They also discuss the meaning of "will" in court context and the use of "offensive" in the culture. The segment emphasizes the importance of finding and breaking down evil elements in society and the negative consequences of hazard, smoking, and lying about one's own health. The segment also touches on the negative impact of jealousy and jealousy on mental health.
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Yesterday I had done soda to NASA and had mentioned that our books of Tafseer pretty much unanimously and our authentic books of Hadith Sahih Bukhari Sahih Muslim, they all mentioned an incident that might be perplexing to our modern ears. But it is something that it's not really problematic and that is that these two suitors were revealed because somebody by the name of libido Eben Eliasson, who was one of the rabbi's of the city had done some type of sad against our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And the profitsystem complained to Asia that having these effects and he made to Allah, so two angels came to him in a dream, and the two angels had a conversation, and they

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explained where the item of the head was. And so the Prophet says that I'm sent a mod of vinyasa and Bilal, and I didn't know before that and others to go to that well and extract the item of sale, and to recite Philip Innes over that item, and also to recite it over himself to eliminate this. And we said that, in fact, if you understand what is the reality of sales, and the symptoms of the profits or sell them, they were so trivial, that really Allah did protect him. And the effects of Sahara was so miniscule that this does show the perfection of his prophethood. And this is something that as I said, we find it in Bukhari and Muslim in every book of Hadith. Every book of sera mentions this

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now, yesterday, I had uncertainness. Today, we'll do sudo Falak. And one point, I forgot to mention yesterday, that, in fact, there is a controversy, where were these two students revealed? Was it in early mcca? Or was it in late Medina, because the style and the mannerisms of the pseudo seem to be early makup. But the Hadith that says the car took place is in Medina. And so you have amongst the Sahaba, even you have some who said this came down in Makkah, and they said some other said some who came down in Medina, and there is a way to interpret both of these and that is to say, these two suitors might have been revealed in early America. But when the Prophet system may do our to Allah

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to eliminate this ahead, the angels indicated these two suitors are used to battle. So it's not that they came down in late Medina, they might have come in early makup. But it is a reminding that these are the two suitors and there is this phenomenon that is known in the sciences of the Quran, that that which was revealed in Makkah, but either came down in Medina again, or the angel Gabriel reminded the Prophet system of something that he can use the same verse for this incident in Medina as well. So this is a way to reconcile that maybe the suitors did come down because they've been busted. They came in in McAfee's, how can they come in McAfee's and then the Hadith in Bukhari says

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that because of this, he has the angels are saying recite Filipinas the responses maybe it was revealed in makup. But the prophet system is indicated by Allah he is told these are the two suitors to use now for your situation. So this is a way to reconcile so so that I will follow because again, simple Surah Al Hamdulillah these as soon as we all know since we are little children are ooh Brr bill Falak. We went over yesterday the whole and our Udo, anytime Allah says it is meant to emphasize the whole Quran is everything the Prophet system is saying to us He is saying because Allah told him to say So then why the extra coal? Why is there extra something called here it is a

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mechanism to emphasize it is a mechanism to draw your attention to whatever phrase occurs after all, it is something that is even more emphasized. And that's the point of all our rules will be built for luck. Say, I am turning to the Lord of the flock for protection, I am turning to the Lord of the flock to envelope me in his protection in his his in his power. So that nothing harms me this is what Udo is and yesterday we mentioned that the Muslim only says our Uzu followed by the name of Allah as for other religions and pagans and whatnot they would say to do with other than Allah will do from the they will seek refuge in Jesus they will seek refuge in the jinn and whatnot we Muslims

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act seeing is the other doing a coup is an act of worship for either karate or other festivities. Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim it is not allowed to say ooo followed by anything other than Allah azza wa jal are the names and attributes of a lot we can say Oh, do we carry Mattila? We can say our Oh do you know bee bee bee bee bee mallacoota ba ba ba Rotella we can say our EU bill Koran. It is also allowed

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Because the Quran is the speech of a lot, but we cannot say our ooo followed by any other created object. So all our Uzu we are built for Allah say, I turned to the Lord of the fella, what is Falak two meanings that are there both are valid. The primary meaning of Falak is the dawn, when the sun rises, this is the primary meaning of Fedak. So I seek refuge in the Lord of the dawn. And the secondary meaning of Falak is from the name father in law, her father could have been one Noah, and fall in that secondary meaning is to break open and the dawn breaks open because the dawn breaks the night. So there's similarity in meaning right, so first off is the dawn because it is as if the dawn

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is cracking open from the night and the secondary meaning a Fennec is anything that cracks open and then life comes out like the seed. So a lot is familiar could have been one Noah. So the father clear means that which is cracking open and coming out, both meanings are valid, but it seems by the context of the sort of the first meaning is the one primarily intended say I seek refuge in the Lord of the dawn, why the Lord of the dawn, I mean, Allah could have said the Lord of this load or that why the Lord of the dawn, our scholars mentioned that just generally speaking, the dawn and this is an all cultures is an indication of change that is positive, right? We save even in English we say,

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oh, tomorrow will be a New day, new Daybreak coming. The point being that when Allah azza wa jal is mentioning, He is the Lord of the dawn. So the lord of positive change, whatever has happened, whatever is bad, Allah azza wa jal has the power to bring about something new, something better he is that Lord, as well as we all know that when the sun comes up, we feel a sense of optimism of renewal, that again, there's that positive change coming place. Whatever happened in the past happen. Today is a new day. This is a new dawn coming up. So Allah is mentioning this point of optimism that I can bring about positive change, I am the Lord of that positive change. Another

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reason why we might have this phrase or bill Falak is that most evil occurs at night. And the dawn eliminates that evil, right? So thievery and robbing and stealing and crimes have a far harsher nature, as you know, and all of these types of crimes they occur at night when people go and attack others and Rob others and harm physically harm others. And again, when people want to do evil things they typically do at night, even in this culture, that nightlife is called the nightlife, right. So when the day comes, so it's a different time, that evil, it goes away. Even in this society, when the day comes, people have to go to work, they go to church on Sunday morning, whatever happened

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Saturday, then they have to change it like that. So the point being that the Arab will fall off here is an indication evil is over now. That's it. Now it will be something that is positive, so called Uber up bill Falak. From what? mindshare Rhema Pollock from the evil of what has been created from the evil so we are turning to a law seeking protection from all evil men, Sherry McCulloch, from the evil of that which has been created. Now an interesting point here, that which has been created, who created it, it is not explicitly mentioned even though it's understood, it is understood there is only one creator, and that is Allah subhanho wa Taala. But when it comes to evil, our profit systems

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that had it isn't because it was Sharon Lisa, like evil is not ascribed to you directly. It is not etiquette. It is not a dub, to ascribe evil to Allah, even though everything that happens Indeed, there is one creator, but we do not ascribe the evil to Allah, we ascribe the evil to other than indirectly you will say other than Allah, but we don't use the name of Allah. And that's why when Ibrahim alayhis salam is making that drop, he says what either merill two, four who is Shin, when I fall sick, Allah will cure me, even though who caused the sickness, but out of other you don't say it right. When I fall sick, then Allah will cure me and in the story of credit and Moosa. That's

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when when Heather says that I repaired the wall right, so Heather says, Sorry, not the wall the ship for IRA to an eba. I wanted to cause damage to the ship. And when Allah mentions the orphan, then for arada bukannya blue ha, I should the Houma your Lord, one two that the orphans are protected and reach the the mature age. Both of them are from a law but when the ship was harmed, either said I wanted to harm the ship. I wanted to damage the ship and when the orphans were being protected to their says

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One to the orphans to reach maturity. Look at the difference in adapt, right? And that's what Allah says in the Quran as well. masaba command has selected from in Allah wa sobre como se yet infirm enough sick, any good happens thank Allah any bad happens this is a consequence of your own sins and actions. So we learned from this the Quran is very clear in this the Prophet system is clear that we do not ascribe out of evil to Allah, even though there is one Lord and there is one creator. But that's not how we phrase things. And we ascribe You know, my sins caused this to happen even though Allah azza wa jal is the one who controls everything. So we might ascribe it to the creation even

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though of course as we said, there is one being who intended at all but it is out of other words, we say so our auto Berra, Falak Mencia, Rima Harlock, from the evil of all that has been created, so we seek refuge in Allah. This is a generic phrase, any evil that happens, any evil from any source, a law will protect us this is something again of the fundamentals of tohei the fundamentals of the Quran, that as Allah says, if any evil befalls you, none can save other than Allah subhana wa tada and if Allah intense any good, none can prevent that good coming to you. Other than Allah subhana wa tada a little bit a bit fella Mencia Rima Hara now, from all of the evil then Allah specifies three

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things, there are three that are extra evil that are emphasized in the surah and these three things are pulled out with a bit of rubber felt machete Mahalla, woman Sheree loss, you can either walk up woman Chevron of a 30 foot rocket woman Sherry has it either has three or the things that are especially protected from number one, from the evil of the law says when it walkups these are nouns and verbs I want you to understand from the evil of the last, what is the last tip

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again, a number of interpretations, one interpretation based on a heady thing dimity is that the last is the moon. So from the evil of the moon, when it is full. And the second interpreter which is the more technically correct one, that last sip is the night and of course you understand Moana night they are synonymous like what does the one indicated night and walk up when it becomes especially dark? So from the evil of the night when it becomes very dark. Now, why, why from the evil of the night? Because most of the evil in this earth occurs at night. Most of the robbing and raping and pillaging and stealing most of the most of the shut off most of two people doing things

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should not do when does it occur? Well and also when did the shale thing let loose? Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said when the sun sets that is when the shale Dean run out in the world so you protect your children bring them in for a while after motive Don't let them this is a headache By the way, don't let them be playing outside for most after like maybe 15 minutes 20 minutes when the Shelton are rushing out you keep the kids inside the house then after that if they need me to go outside in the backyard, whatnot, no problem. They can do that if they want to point being when to the shelter in spread out at night. And when do they stop? They sleep right before

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fudger as our professors have told us that right before the Adana fudger the Shelton just knock out they don't want to prefetch it and they don't want to listen to the event. So the knockout and they sleep throughout most of the early date. So when does that Shelton causing the evil? Woman Sheree hos you can either walk up and from the evil that occurs in this timeframe of the depth of the night the darkness is of the night that is one all of this as we know in all cultures and societies that is one of the primary sources of evil occur. So we seek so natural evil and supernatural evil, natural evil is robbing and pillaging and causing harm you understand? And supernatural evil is as

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well when do the jinn and Shelton become active at night? So we seek refuge in a law from the evil that occurs in the depths of the darkness. And in the night. Much of the osteotomy the walk up woman Sharon 34. Okay. This is of course the primary phrase that is dealing with say head in the two while we detain Philip and us when we share enough thoughts and from the evil of those females that blow nefa is between a blow and a spit. There's no English word. NAFTA is a very specific Arabic word. You have spit in English and that's bussaco in Arabic, and you have blow in English, right? And that's nefa but there's something called NAFTA, which is in the middle and there's no such word in

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English. And what nefa does is you split and below half half 50 split 50 bucks.

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This nothing, nothing actually comes it's not actual split this

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is nothing and not fourth is something that, if it is done properly is an act of worship. And if it is done improperly it can be an act of ship. When it is an act of worship, when you recite the Quran and you do not fret over yourself, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would use this net worth after reciting Filipinas ITIL. Courtesy any Rokia you're allowed to read the Quran, and then you do not fit into your hands.

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And then you do over or you can do on a sick person, your child, your father, your spouse, you do not have the Quran. I think it was a dumb curtain right? Nor do we say dumb, the same thing is nothing, right? That's what it is that you read the Quran, and then you blow over that person in a manner that's not to blow and not to spit is when you do know what to do not spit on the person guys, huh? You don't actually know you don't do that. That's not what nothing is. Nothing is it sounds like it, but it's not actually it. It's a middle between that. Now this is an act of worship when it is done using the Koran. Okay, what's the opposite? The opposite is said when the evil

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people use incantations to invoke the jinn and worship the jinn. And they call out to the jinn and their languages and their techniques. And you know, we all know these incantations exist and hamdulillah inshallah nobody knows them. But we know that there are books that they use, and they do bizarre things that go to the graveyard. And they do this and they do that, as explained yesterday. This is all an act of worship to the gin, the gin want to be worshipped to the Jew to feel that, Oh, this is a man doing this, you know, to me, so the jinn will ask the ridiculous things go to the graveyard at 2am and find the leg of a new tender the eye of a toad and this and that, and that

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weird things right? At Why? Because an intelligent, sane, powerful human being will then be searching for the eye of a Newton, the front and the leg of a toad is going to be looking for this leaf and that plant and that animal. And in this the Djinn fields what this man is humiliating himself for me, this man is doing what I want him to do. As I said yesterday, for those of you that were here, one of the biggest myths when it comes to magic, is that the magician controls the jinn. This is 110% false. No, the magician does not control the jinn. Rather, if anything, the genie controls the magician. The gin is the one that is telling the magician to worship. So the magician

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the human has to subservience himself to his human has to lower his dignity and do something despicable and blasphemous in order to please the jinn, no human can control the jinn, unless Allah wills it, and that is prophets to lay man, by what power will a human control the jinn I said this yesterday by whips by chains by what power? Only Allah can link the Djinn to a human. And Allah only did it for Sulaiman. Our Prophet Mohammed says, Adam said, I wanted it. And then I realized Solomon's da. And I said, Let it be. So he let it go. He didn't do that he could have controlled in the famous incident of body that maybe one day we'll talk about point being, when we share enough 34

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year old, why feminine? Why not facts, because that means the female blowing, and it is understood by all the scholars, a male who blows is just as sinful as the female who blows. Here we have something in Arabic called cada Maharaja hollub. You mentioned something by the most common manifestation, it doesn't mean that the uncommon manifestations are helpful. So the verse should not be understood, if a man becomes a magician is Hello, not at all. You're just describing the common wave? For example, Allah says in the Quran, how long for you to marry are what are the Ebo khumba latifi jewelry comunista Akala T the haltom behind the young girls that are the daughters of the

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women you marry, that are raised in your houses. So a man marries a lady, the lady has boys and girls, those girls a lot is saying it is how long for you to marry them when they become old. very explicit, very clear. Now, why does Allah say and those young girls that are in your houses? What if a man marries a lady she has a daughter that's not living in the house? Does that daughter become lol in 1015 years? Yes, sir. No, no. So why does the law say and those little girls that are in your houses, this is called hot Raja Maharaja Khalid, Allah is just saying the default when you marry a lady, she's got little girls, where are they? They're with the lady. So who's gonna raise it most

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likely you will be the one raising them. So Allah is saying you are a father figure to these young girls. This is the reminder you are the one raising them. How can you marry the one they

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become older, they're never going to be allowed for you. If you consummate the marriage this these young girls become how long for you permanently but then why the phrase in your houses? Here we go ha Raja Maharaja Allah Allah is describing the common situation doesn't mean that if the uncommon exist, it becomes harder the same thing over here. Usually across societies and cultures, it is the women who get more involved in this ahead. And this is something we know from our cultural experience, right? Not that you don't find men, they are also there, but who are the more common when it comes to this they had issues it is the women, generally speaking, it is more common for

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women to go to magicians and for women to become magicians, this is the the reality of all cultures, whether it is in Haiti, whether it is in Pakistan, whether it is in Morocco, it is the reality that generally speaking, we find the other gender does this and why this is the case maybe another topic we can do. But So Allah is saying Nephi that simply because it is the more common doesn't mean the lesser common becomes highlighted. So of the women that are doing nothing earth for Okada, from knots or knots. And this indicates that one of the primary methods of sale because there has Madhouse, believe it or not literally said has methods there are different ways of doing it. And one

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of the most common ways of doing so head there are other ways for example, the what we call voodoo dolls, so you have a doll and you put needles or pins in it. There's also found in early religions and paganism and there's the charts that are there as well. And numerology is there as well. There are many math hubs of literally there are different ways of doing it. One of them which is the most powerful and the most evil is odd and awkward is that you take something of the person, whether it is hair or a comb, like the libidinous awesome, got the comb of the profits a little setup, and it was some hair, and you then tie a knot around these things, and you in can take you you say the

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Rukia that is sharqiya because there's Rukia that's, that's a that's a bother, then there's rokeya, that sharqiya and this sharqiya this incantation, every time she ties the knot, she will then do the invoking the gin invoking the evil and then tie it there. And this is one shorter end of 30 filler awkward. And this type of sale is one of the most difficult to remove as well. Because to remove it generally speaking, you need to find that item and break the ties and knots. And that's what happened in the profit. So the sellers dream, he saw where the item was. And so he sent I might have been yes it and it and others he sent them to the well, they kept on pulling the water out until the

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wall was drained. Then they saw that item covered by the sand they went in they took it out and they then broke it up and they recited fell off enough or according to one report, the profitsystem did it and the other ones the Sahaba did but the point is either way, they recited Filipinas as they broke the knocks one by one. This also shows us by the way, and inshallah yesterday I promised you some some day inshallah we'll have a detailed lecture about the reality of say head and jinn and Rukia and how to do this. But for now, one of the most effective ways No, I will say the most effective way to break the head is to find the item and to recite Filipinas and break the item. This

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is the Sunnah of the Prophet Sall Allahu Allah says exactly what you did, you found the item. And when you find it, those notes are then broken. And you can take a knife for example or a scissors and you recite follow up and not and you do nothing. And as you do not have you break the knot. And you break the knot like this after reciting follow kindness. And this automatically lifts the spell automatically. That's the most effective way. How do you find the item? Generally speaking, you make the out to a love for the dream. You make dua to Allah for the dream. And I have dealt with a number of cases where I told them make do ask sincerely, and they saw in their dream exactly where Oh, and

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my aunt's house, they're there under that title in the room. I saw it put over there and they go and they find it over there. This is a gift that Allah gives you when you turn to him that Allah will tell you if you make dogs have to sometimes have some sometimes it doesn't, that you see the item then you go to that place and you then destroy it just like our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. It happened to him when we shot an F 30 for the robot and the final verse. Woman Sheree has it in either has it so three things number one, the time of evil. Number two, the worst category of evil when the evil invokes the jinn world when an evil person invokes the jinn world number three, the

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worst block that is found in any human being. That's what we seek refuge from. These are three worst evils, the worst timeframe, the worst relationship

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chip which is the relationship of a human with the jinn, and then the worst arc of the heart. Those are the three main things that we seek evil from. And that is woman Sheree has said in either hazard and the evil of the one who has has said when he has has said and has said, again, there is no technical term in English, we say jealousy I just posted on Facebook this, there is no English word for hassad. Because jealousy in the English language, it encompasses that which might be permissible. And that which is how long if you desire something that somebody else has, this is not hazard in the Arabic language, if you desire, something that someone else has, this is not hazard.

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The technical term is lip law. You want what the other person has, and the lip da could be permissible. It could be neither how long no header only if what they have is how long and you want it, then this is how long for you otherwise, to desire. If for let me give you a simple example. You see a person driving a fancy car or you know whatever, got a promo, simple example. Somebody's got a promotion in a job. You'd like oh, I wanted that promotion. I wish I had that promotion. This is not hazard. This is liberty. You want what somebody else has gotten and lived in and of itself is not sinful. It is only sinful. If what he got was how long and you say I want to hold on somebody's got

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won the lottery, right? And it's how long I wanted that how long money and you should not be wanting How long? But if what they got is Hello. And you feel I want that as well. Technically, that is not sinful now, is it praiseworthy? No, not really. Because why should you want the dunya you should want the IRS not praiseworthy, but you're not going to go to jahannam. Allah is not going to punish you for wanting what others have what is has said has said is to feel a burning irritation. Why did he get it? Why did she get it? This is hazard. Do you see the difference between one to what somebody else has versus feeling negative that somebody else has it? That feeling negative is

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hazard? The positive element is not hazard. Do you understand this point here? It's a very important point to say. There is nothing sinful for desiring something you don't have. Technically it is at the very least mobile if what the object is mobile, you can desire 1,000,002 I wish I had Bill Gates money. That's not hazard. I wish I had this luxury this and whatever. That's not hesa that might be foolish. It might not be praiseworthy, but it is not sinful. As long as the object is hella when is it sinful? It is sinful. When your heart cringes? Why does that person get it? What difference does it make to you? If Allah bless somebody else with a blessing? Why does your heart feel miserly and

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stingy? When Allah gave somebody else something that is what has said is and it is always out Ahmed has never had that it is always blameworthy. It is always something that is of sin. Why? Because when you feel has said, You are challenging Allah's wisdom and

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think about it, when you feel has said, what you are saying is, that person should not have gotten it and who decided to give that person what he got? It is Allah. And that's why Allah says Amir soon and NASA Allah, whom Allah whom

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do they have has said, over what Allah has given from his father to his people, to whoever Allah chooses to give, has said, therefore, is a theological disease, it affects a man. And that's why it is one of the only diseases there are some others. But so take a step back. Generally speaking, there's the final point by the finishing up here, generally speaking, that which exists in your mind, is not going to be sinful on judgment day. This is the general rule.

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As our Prophet sallallahu it said him said Allah has forgiven, what's my Ummah thinks of itself to do. If you imagine a sin, if you Daydream of a sin, if you even desire in your heart to sin, but you don't do it. The general rule Allah will overlook it's not good. It's not positive. You should not be daydreaming of committing a sin. Right? But if you do it, Allah foreign Rahim Allah will not calling you to task right? A person wants to drink and he's daydreaming of drinking. Okay, this is not healthy, just don't do that. But Allah is not going to throw you in jahannam for imagining

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calmer, imagining zinna imagining this is as a process that Allah has forgiven it. It's not good, but it's forgiven. But there are some exceptions, that the mere existence in the mind or the heart will be sinful. Number one on the list is hazard. Number two is qubit. qubit is also there, there's a few things, very few things. If they exist, then their mere existence in the spiritual realm is going to cause you sin. Why? Because has said, as we said, is a theological disease. It challenges a laws hikma and the laws other it is a weakness of a man in a law to have acid and that is why we cannot allow it to exist our profit systems that Yakumo acid, I warn you against hazard, because

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hazard destroys good deeds, like a fire destroys twigs, or in another like vinegar destroys honey. Basically, anything that destroys anything has said is the one that is destroying it. Notice what he said has said destroys your good deeds. Simply having it in your heart destroys good deeds, which means you have to monitor your hazard. Make sure it doesn't even exist. Abraham, Josie mentions the worst of all trades is has said it was the cause of the first sin in the heavens when it believes felt has said of Adam, and it was the cause of the first sin on Earth. When hobbies and hobby the hazard existed between the two of them. The first sin up there has said the first sit down here has

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said and the very final point and inshallah we'll continue about this in a very detailed lecture has said causes people two things. Number one, it causes people to act in the most foolish and despicable manner, you lose track of common sense. You do things that you should not do. And we see this in habit and kabhi. And we see this in a police and Adam, that when you feel has said you your mind doesn't even work and you do things that are stupid, harmful, dangerous, foolish, and will bring about fitna in this earth. But number two, and this is the much deeper topic we don't have time has said also brings about a supernatural disease and that is a line that is a lying and our

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Prophet system said lie know how it is true. And what is I mean, in order to say another natural again, this is an iron is true. It is something that is a reality. It is something the Koran and the sun come with us for the Quran, the story of use of when Jaco said to his sons don't enter into one door, enter into a weapon with the further away because we don't want people to have I interview. And woman Sherry has it either has said we are seeking refuge in a law from Iran as well. And I in again, it's a deeper topic, but just to very quickly talk about it because everybody asked what design AI is the jealousy in the heart that goes unchecked, and it grows and it festers. And it

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becomes like some type of rotting disease in the heart

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for wisdom that Allah knows this evil in the heart empowers the hurryin of the person the jinn of the person to then physically attack the other person. So I in is a type of the jinn attacking and say Hell is a type of the gin attacking, both of them are gender related. Both of them are gene related. And I mean, you don't even invoke the gene to do it. But your evilness allows your Corinne to do it. And that's why when a person has I mean,

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when a person has jealousy, sorry, I will affect the other person physically. It might affect the person physically. So for example, if a person has jealousy of another person's wealth, perhaps their wealth their business will go down. If a person has jealousy, ladies jealous of another lady's beauty, for example. And so Pamela men are typically jealous of power and wealth and women are typically jealous of beauty and marriage. This is a less annual other that we have human beings weakness that we have, what is our weakness as men? Primarily it is wealth and fame. And what is the weakness of women? Primarily it is beauty and good marriages. And that's why you don't show off you

00:34:31--> 00:34:59

don't boast about these things, because you will open up the door for iron for jealousy. What will happen that the lady will or the matter whatever will feel jealous, jealous, jealous, then the Corinne will get the power. The Corinne will be fed the jealousy. The Corinne will then rush and do something disfigured. The lady's hair will fall off. The lady will get spots. Where does it come from? From the gin, the gin is able to cause some physical changes we'll talk about when we get there and so she will not get married or the marriage

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

We'll go down you know sour and and become a divorce and whatnot from where from the iron. And that's why even if you do not invoke the gin, but you allow the iron to exist the jealousy to exist, you will be sinful on judgment day and you will have to answer to Allah you cause that to happen and your jealousy has to go checked, you have to bring it back and eliminate your jealousy and inshallah one day we'll talk longer about jealousy, these two suitors these two sort of should be recited regularly. I mentioned yesterday number one after every Salah number two morning and evening after fudger in particular like half an hour after Frederick or an issue of time and a horrible time and

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number three before going to sleep. These are the three times our professors would regularly recite the sutras so we should also regularly recite the sutras to protect ourselves from all of these evil May Allah subhana wa tada guide us to those who are righteous and May Allah protect us from all evil was akmola hidden was set on wanting to live

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in a feed dounia Solomon

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yeah man

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