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Our old will be hamina shale ball and Johan g

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Odenton out on

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Olam to me. Thank you.

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Welcome to holy man ofI pulu be calm.

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Totally Oh la hora Sula. Hola. Como min en e calm Shay.

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In ALLAH hafiz fudo he

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala ashrafi Mb you will mercerie Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi edge Marian woman stand up assume that ilaha illa Yomi Dean Amar Bard, Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. Yet, this is the final episode of pseudo hoogenraad. So today we're going to conclude the pseudo be is Neela hytera Allah. And then I'm going to introduce our next topic. I just I can't even wait but let's just get this done with in shot low cap, lots to talk about obviously, and really, really important subjects with respect that every single Muslim should know about and you're going to see what we're talking

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about very shortly in sha Allah call a little Arab men. So now that Allah subhanho wa Taala describe to us that we are all one that He created us as a population mixed with different tribes, cultures, colors, traditions, and so on. That we are supposed to come together as one in the economical mind the law at Qualcomm, the amongst you, the ones that are most respectful are the ones who have the urge to please Allah, the urge to connect with and protect their relationship with Allah. In the law, hollywood Javier Allah subhanho wa Taala is has a complete knowledge and hobby it and is fully well aware, quality air auto em in the bed when they said we believe. Now today we have as you can

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see the title from the from the title of this video, we have the modern day bed when we believe I'm Muslim. I accept Islam. You don't have the right to judge me. And we're talking about people and there's so many of them. That on the outside the things that we can judge each other with, you know, I can judge you by the way you speak, by the way you conduct yourself by your behavior and you can do the same with me. What we're not allowed to judge is our email what's in the heart. I'm going to talk a little bit more about that later. But the point is, is this was the same response that the bed wins during the time of our Prophet alayhi salatu salam used to say to him quality out of and

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they all used to say, Mohammed we believe we were with you, but they'll never show up for a Salah they'll never follow his teachings they'll never follow his instructions. None of that. But when it came time and they were confronted Yeah, yeah, yeah, we were Muslims. Yeah, we're good. You be I know La Ilaha Illa LA I know what the Quran is. I'm Muslim that's fine to leave me alone. I don't have to do all these things that you guys do. go for Hajj, fast every Ramadan and starve myself I don't have to do none of that. Give a portion of my hard working money, my wealth to the people who don't work to people who don't have jobs. You know some Muslims actually make comments like this

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about zakat. Why don't have to give up. I worked for that money. That was my efforts. And I just gives a portion of it away. Come on. I'm Muslim is not enough. So this is the same thing politics are out of they said yeah, we believe now they said, Men we have even we're really sincere. This religion is everything to us. What are you talking about? Look what Allah subhanho wa Taala who knows us best? Look what Allah says. Pull them to me. No say to them. No, you don't have Amen. welling while a king pulu a slum? Nah. You just accepted Islam. So what are we seeing? There's a difference now between the two.

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There are people who are Muslim, but don't have true men.

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There are people who are Muslim and don't have true men. What are we talking about? Here's an example that I hope you will understand the concept that's being highlighted in this sort of

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imagine a family that has two kids. One of them is a real practicing kid, okay? They've gone for head General Motors, they pray they practice the real core and they're in classes, you name it, everything with the religion, that one child devoted themselves to it.

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But the

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second child is the complete opposite. second child has into drugs, never wants to pray, doesn't care about Islam doesn't associate with Muslims, you know, Hillel and how to arm is no different, completely off a different side, just completely off this, this particular path. So you have two of these individuals, when one of the parents dies.

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If you do the inheritance in accordance from the quarter end,

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are you going to give a majority portion to the one who was pious? No.

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Right? They still have equal portions to an extent, right? So what we're learning from here is a concept that's really important and very simple. But for whatever reason, it is difficult for people to absorb and understand.

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It's one thing when somebody tells us that they are Muslim. How do we judge their amen? How do we know that they're real Muslim, that their true Muslims? The answer, we don't? How do we find out? We can't? So what do we do? We accept it, they say they're Muslim, period.

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Period. We don't go beyond that.

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But you know, human beings. We're curious, curious creatures. When somebody tells us that we're Muslim, that they're Muslim. We want to find out more why and how they became Muslim. We want to see really and truly if they are Muslim, we're really good at judging, we want to judge. And when I say we were talking about a culture, we want to just take that step further. Judge away.

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We don't have that, right. That's a less territory. So how do you judge somebody, Islam, the fact that they verbalize and they say they're Muslim CASE CLOSED, you cannot we are not allowed to go above and beyond that. We can judge behaviors like I can say to somebody, look, you said you're Muslim, but I saw you like in a bar and you are literally drinking like I walked by, and I saw you there. But we can say all men, you might be Muslim, but you're not a man. You're You're not a true believer. You don't have Amen, you're just this is all just action and rituals for you. We're not allowed to do that. So Allah saying that he subhanho wa Taala he's giving the instruction. Paul, you

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say to them, meaning the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam is not bringing this about, he's not coming up with this by himself. He's being told by Allah. Okay, now you can say to them, no, you guys are not believers. Well, I can pull a slim now. Instead, rather say to them, you guys just became Muslim. That's all you did. Well, am I you yet the holy man who feel kulu be common. Amen never actually entered your heart. You know, we've learned in this surah that Allah subhanho wa Taala who Allah subhana wa tada says was a Yana who feel kulu become that he Bure beautified Amen. In your hearts. Now Allah concluding the sutra says, but he men never entered your heart. My

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goodness, how true this is. In this day and age. There are so many Muslims that claim they are Muslims that they practice Islam. But you wonder and you question Is he men in their hearts are not. It's something to think about. You can reflect about it. But you can't pass judgment on anyone. Unless they're Muslim, they're Muslim. leave it at that. You can judge their Islam you cannot judge their Amen. Huge difference between the two. Huge difference. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala continues and says, we're in total your la hora Sula, hula yet coming Amanda cliche. As long as you say, you obey Allah and His Messenger, La Jolla lit comb in America, you will never lose anything of

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the actions that you perform. Not a single bit of it. You won't lose it. In other words, they'll be counted for something. Whether Allah subhana wa tada decides to accept that or not. That's his choice. That's his territory. We have no say in it whatsoever. Man.

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If Muslims again, as a whole, really internalize this a really understood this area. There will almost never be a single fight or disagreement in our massages in our communities in our Institute's, it'll almost never exist. Because if you think about 99% of the time, when there's a problem, you know, when Muslims fall

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apart or the disunite, or they start fighting. Still Allah said in the same sort of way in pa if attending means meaning, a lot even called when two groups of Muslims are fighting with each other he says they're still moltmann. So we can fight based on the fact that we're assuming or judging that somebody is not a true believer. I don't think you're really in this. I don't think you really, I don't think you're really devoted to the mystery. I don't think you're really devoted to the community. I don't think you're really really in Islam. And you start bumping heads, a lot called even the two groups that are fighting he called him movements of panela. So who are we?

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Who are we to take that label and pass that judgment across panela this solar Oh, my goodness, then ally. So Joel continues in La fudo Rahim Allah says he is always exceptionally Forgiving and Merciful. In the middle mode, meanwhile a Latina M and will be led you will surely you know this is the last time in the entire port and you find a verse that starts off with intimate meaning and indeed the believers a Latina M and will be led to water slowly. They're the ones the ones that particularly believe and recognize Allah and His Messenger solahart he was sent him. You know, we saw this a couple of times in this pseudo we saw it ensued at Nord, we saw it quite a few times in

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the quarter end. But this here at the end of Sudeten, hoogenraad is the last time we see

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a lot of firms, indeed, by no means the believers, particularly those who have a man with a lot in his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for millennia are taboo, and they never doubt for a moment, what jahad will be the unwary human and foresee him fee sebelah. And they struggle with their wealth and themselves in the path of Allah. In other words,

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this is not just talking about battle in you know, in the fields, no, this is talking about that they personally struggle with themselves to change and alter their lives, in accordance to the teachings of their religion, they try their best to accommodate and try their best not to accommodate Islam, but to accommodate their life with Islam. That's the next point.

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That's the next point. A lot of people think this is what's going to be brought up now in the concluding verses that they do a service to Islam.

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You know, a group of brothers and sisters come together, they build a Masjid and they think, oh, hamdulillah You know, we've done something for Islam, this mustard would never run without us. While law he while law he

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all the classes that we teach all the massages that will that are built all of the core and that we teach everything.

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They will continue.

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But you and I are dispensable we leave.

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We go. But Islam will continue.

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And we're here so when somebody feels like Ah, you know, the school could never run without me.

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Now Allah is going to call that out. Now Allah will call it out. And literally say to us literally say to us Subhana Allah, what's wrong with you? You actually think that Islam needs you? No, no, no, you need it. You need it because why you're gonna you're gonna die, you're gonna move on to you know, the world will still continue to turn and Islam will still continue to survive. Look.

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If the world continued after the death of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam What makes you think that something of Islam won't continue? When you're not there?

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The greatest human being to ever touch the ground. When he passed away, Islam continued Subhana Allah.

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So what about us? What about us, the world should have paused if we're going to talk about that Islam needs us it would have passed that the death of the Prophet it sort of serve the world continued Islam continued, life moved on. So when that person passes away, that claim that you know,

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nobody could function without them.

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Nobody could build without them. Nobody could step and move forward without them. You know, on the day of their janessa Yeah, people are gonna be sad. People are gonna cry, people are gonna weep. But life will continue.

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Life will continue. Islam will continue ilario will clear until the day of judgment. So look what Allah subhanaw taala continues. Let ecohome aside the akun.

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Allah says that the people who never doubted their efforts and they change their lives

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To accommodate and bring Islam into them,

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not the other way they try to manipulate and change Islam because that's also highlighted in the Quran and other places. They tried to make what was halal haram and what was haram had. We looked at verses like that and sort of, you know, they try to manipulate that was something that was always prohibited and tried to make it okay. So they tried to fit it in their own life and Allah is saying

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those who fit their lives into Islam. Those are the people that are Sadia Cohn. They are the ones who have said, they are really truly honest people. Those are the people with Amen. Those are the people with faith.

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You know how hard this area is to teach. I can't tell you how difficult this verse is to teach.

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It's so different in so many ways, so many ways.

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We still live in a time where

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many of us as members of this oma

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I try to figure out how Islam can accommodate our choices and our lives, our lifestyle.

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And that attitude. Now, man, I want to do this I want to go here, but Islam said it was hard on there's gotta be an opinion somewhere out there. Now photoshopping you shopping was born. There's got to be a chef out there that could at least sympathize with my needs. So now all of Islam is thrown at one person. Watch what Allah says about this.

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Pull it to Allah moon Allah Hubby, Dini, who say to them, are you guys going to teach a lot about his Deen? You know, the one who issued these real bizarre photographers who wrote all kinds of books, and totally manipulated and changed rulings after ruling right now, like you guys see behind me, I have some books from my library, right. But the majority of my library is at my office at the Islamic Institute, right? It's there in that library right now I have you know, a very beautiful library but within it over the years people have given me books have gifted me books, and even sometimes have gifted gifted me books that they've wanted me to look at and question because the

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author you know, wrote two three volumes about marriage and divorce. But they've never come across any of the rulings that the author put in his book.

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You know, you can you can marry you know, multiple endless amount of wives or husbands. You can you know, restrict them out. You can divorce every single day if you want. So, where these rulings come from is another story but the point is a lie saying, you actually have the audacity to think or believe that you can teach me about my Deen you can change my Deen so that it could serve and accommodate your life. While law who we are the math is semi what you wanna fill out?

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This is all this is how Allah reminds us you forget. Allah is the one that has knowledge of the heavens and earth did you forget that?

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Allah because I have knowledge of every single thing. What can you possibly teach me? I'm your Creator. What can you teach me? It's kind of what Allah called it culatta mon no Allah. Islam o como por la tamanu la Islamic home say to them, don't you truck excuse me mo na La la la hub equally shade in Ireland. Sorry, I'm skipping around all over the place here while love will be cliche in Ireland. And Allah concludes verse number 15

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that he is the one that encompasses all things and has complete knowledge of all things. He are more known or LA can assemble. You tried they tried these so called scholars or authors or people they try to impose their Islam hola tamanu Allah yet Islam welcome, Islam come say to them you will never force or impose your is your version of Islam on me.

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All students who are in those philosophy classes

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in college and university you're studying about the purpose of life, anthropology, Darwinism, all of this stuff, the evolution of life, purpose. This, remember it? It is verse number 17

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verse number, remember this verse. Allah subhanho wa Taala says Yama

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Nora lake and as level

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they came up with their really weird, strange version versions of Islam,

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they totally changed all the rules about hijab, you know about the beard, about etiquettes and I

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changed it all to fit with their perception or theory about what religion is, should be and enforce this on you. You know, you ever sit in some of those classes where you get this really intelligent professors really smart person comes in really eloquent in their words of it, but they'll say things to you, like, you know, Muhammad never went to Medina, because God told him to, but it was all about business. You know, it was all about the economy, you know, the economy was about to collapse in the Mexican face. So he migrated in pursuit for a better life for his people and for Islam. And so that's why the first thing they did is they established a government they build a mosque and dah dah

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dah and it just going on and you're like,

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we fully Well, no, there is a spiritual guidance and influence attached to this. There's no amen in this explanation.

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So here we are, you're talking about the hidden jewel of our profits highly sought to celeb and excluded what all of the spiritual elements of that conversation throw it out that cmo known alayka and Aslam, they tried to impose their own version so that you would accept it. And then unless is por la de mano la Islam I can

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say to them, you will never ever impose your version of Islam upon me.

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In bed Illa who barely left We are mon noir la come and her delcam lil Imani in kuntum saw their pain, but indeed, by Allah subhanho wa Taala. He is the one that has the power and the authority to impose his version of guidance and he men, to all those in quantum cider cane, to all those who are truly honest, you know, we've seen cider clean a few times in the sooner as well. Put it all together students.

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If you want to have true Amen, the kind of event that Allah expects from us, you know what you have to do? You know, it's so tough. Georgia teaches us. You have to have to be honest. You've got to be someone I'm not talking about just honest in life. You've got to have this genuine thirst and honesty to want the right thing to do the right thing. No matter how inconvenient it may be, no matter how difficult it may be. Just try. Yeah, putting that hijab on when it's 40 degrees outside on a hot summer day. Yeah, it's really inconvenient. Let's be honest, it's inconvenient. But you're in quantum cyclopean here's somebody who can claims that they are from amongst the honest people. So

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what do you do? For the sake of Allah, Allah, Allah put an end obligated this discipline on me and I'm going to do it. That's how you know that's the litmus test for you to know. Now, I have to admit I'm following true human with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now, this is the separator now, through thick and thin I devote myself

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I devote myself

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and finally, in the La Jolla, Ireland will have a seminar where it will unfold or LA herbal serum Bhima Terra meadow and in conclusion in NA, Indeed Allah subhanho wa Taala year IMO hybris summit he has complete knowledge of the unseen in the heavens and the earth. While Lahu Basilan Allah has complete sight to be more temperamental of everything you and I do

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that conclude suited to her gerat.

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So where do we go from here?

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Well, I'll make this real simple and real quick. What's the soda after soda rock man what's soda rock man sister. Sula, tawaf para in sha Allah. Hi, Tyler. I want to begin. So total warfare in sha Allah, I kind of regret that I didn't do it after we finished sort of Top Ramen that we we didn't go go into welfare. I don't I don't know why I didn't think about it then. But nevertheless, nevertheless.

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I want to I want to get into sort of total welfare for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it's about the Day of Judgment. And I think this is a great precursor to the conversation that will lead us up to preparing for the month of Ramadan.

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Ramadan is our once a year rehearsal of the entire room

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where I I look at it as sort of a major rehearsal of the Day of Judgment of Ramadan because we gather i mean i don't know how this Ramadan will be but the point is is that will at least bare minimum we gather together in our homes and we're all doing the exact same thing as an oma we're fasting

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we're praying we increase as

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we're doing our extra Salawat or extra a bad debt, we start fast fasting the same time we complete the fast the same time this is unification at its best, exactly some of the things that happen on the Day of Judgment. But in shout Allahu taala there is a step by step description of not just the Day of Judgment, but also description of the jahannam in details like you will never know and in descriptions of the agenda in details, so panela like we would never know and then there's also a lot of fish in the sutra as well about the color and and how the Quran was sent and how our etiquettes with the poor and should be. There's a lot of different things in the sorta so we're

00:26:14--> 00:26:57

going to talk about what welfare means and then get right into it. It's going to be a little bit longer. I don't know exactly how long I never planned for how long any of these series are but inshallah tada we will take our time as we normally do, whatever the amount of episodes are, that's what it is. So next in sha Allah starting tomorrow, it is sorta toward para Bismillah hytera Allah. So with that being said, I pray that Allah subhana wa Taala accept from us our journey through sorta to hoogenraad May Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to honor us and bless us with all of the teachings of sorta Cujo dot preserve and protected in our hearts in our lives. May Allah subhanho wa

00:26:57--> 00:27:38

Taala bless all of us with immense love for our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in our hearts, and that that love is manifested through our actions along I mean, may Allah subhanho wa Taala purify our etiquettes And may Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to increase us in righteousness in goodness, good mannerisms and etiquettes not only with each other, but with our beautiful way of life that Allah subhanho wa Taala titled al Islam met a lot of social causes of people that we submit ourselves to his Deen and not the other way around. Not that we expect the deen to submit itself to us and our choices and our lifestyle. No, we want it to be the other way around because we

00:27:38--> 00:28:23

want the last panel with Allah to count us from amongst the Society of those who are truly truly honest. For the sake of Allah. May Allah azza wa jal count us from amongst them alone. I mean, with that being said, I will leave it at that. And in sha Allah, we will see you all tomorrow for pseudotyped while Cara B is Neela hytera Allah Okay guys, take care have a wonderful Saturday. I mean, I guess maybe for some of you Saturday's finishing some of you Saturday starting on my Saturday is kind of in the middle already, but nevertheless may align so which will bless you enjoy the rest of your day and your rest of your weekend. Was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh