Surah Yusuf 20 – Nabi Yaqub- Deathbed

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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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in Surat Al Baqarah verse number 153, Allah subhana wa tada mentions what happens on the deathbed of nebia qub la salette wasallam.

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Now, of course, we have to bear in mind the lives that all of them had, and the interactions that they had with the use of Allah sallallahu wasallam.

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What type of interaction Do you think that we are qub Elisa would have with his sons after all of that on his deathbed.

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I will be Lamanna. shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim, I'm going to show how the hairdryer Cobell mode. Oh, will you present? Will you witness when death was present with nebia who Allah salat wa salam, if Kali bunny when you say to his sons, matter bounnam embody what will you worship after me?

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So there's a few things that we can learn from just this question. And number one, he says what will you worship after me? That's checking to see if there's any possibility that they will be idol worshipers. See, doesn't say Who will you worship after me is what will you worship after me? Another way of interpreting this is to say how will you worship after me? So if you're going to worship anything, anyone other than Allah Subhana Allah to be included? By the way he asks the question corlew and then they respond. Naboo ilaha illa Hubba Ebro Ibrahima is Mariela illa Huwa Haider, one Abdullah who Muslim they responded they say we will serve and enslave ourselves to your

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God. To the God of your forefathers Ibrahim is married is Hak alayhi salatu wa salam ala Hawa hidden to only one God, one nano Allahu Muslim moon and we will be submitted and to him.

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Now, the real takeaway for us with regards to this question and response is the concern that Nabi aku alayhi salatu wa sallam has on his deathbed if we were to investigate into our own lives and see what type of concerns do we have? Because that would be a good reflection of what you'll be thinking about an owl dissipates?

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Would it be? So who's taking over the business? Who's going to take the house? Who's going to take the call, right?

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Or would it be how is the state of your dean, when I leave this world,

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with the parent of this day and age be concerned with what happens to my children after I die, over the period of this age, be concerned with what happens to my children after they die.

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Because many of us, in this time and age, especially this post apartheid era that we live in, with all the opportunities that have been opened up to our communities that perhaps will not have opened up before. We want the best for our children, every parent in the right mind wants the best for the children. But normally, this is limited to the base education in the dunya.

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The base of clothes, the base of abodes, the base, the vehicles, the base of toys, for example, at different ages. And very unfortunately, very few people are concerned with getting the very best of team.

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Normally parents will take months of planning and deciding as to which school the children will attend primary school, high school. And then of course University and they always want the beast, how much concern is given to what my what the state of the Islamic education of my kids are going to be? No, it's fine as long as they go to some madrasa. And as long as they can Pacha, you know, do the things that I had to do once upon a time and then that's okay.

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Today, we find that many youth are actually questioning Islam. And I've come across youth also will actually lift the fold of Islam. And this is because a lot of parents are giving so much emphasis to things like recreational activities, sports, and the I'm gonna call it jr education for lack of a better term.

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And very little concern to the Economic Education but from the life of nebia Kumara. Salatu was Salam of the many lessons we can is the type of concern that he had for his progeny. And the legacy that we left behind legacy is a big word. These days, people want to speak about the legacy that they're leaving behind in the world, as far as prisoners and so on.

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But we can ask ourselves a few very simple questions. Where am I really given the base to my kids have really lived the best that I could possibly give them

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when I die, or my kids going to be able to fulfill a simple task, like leaving my Serato jenessa

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on my kids go

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To be able to make to ask for me? Or do they have no clue as to how to turn to Allah Subhana data and make

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all my kids getting to know the procedures to have me buried in the islamically correct manner? Or are they going to need to rely on others, you know, but an enormous Labyrinth that they can completely take over imagine as if this is just a few simplistic things. Of course, there's a much greater legacy beyond that. Remember, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us after we die, only three things will continue to benefit us or eliminate the farabee beneficial knowledge that will continue to benefit the world. It would be valid in solid Konya, Ola, pious children who would continue to make dua for that period. And then in Sapa to geria. That type of charity that we give

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it will be perpetual, that will continue to benefit from we might be from among those whose deeds and legacy gets completely cut off. Because according to Islam, that which you leave behind that will really be of benefit to you, after you leave this world The only those three things and if we cannot, if you cannot really prove to ourselves, we've left behind something substantial in regards to those three things, then what is it that you've left behind? So what if my child can play the violin? So what if my child is an expert, hockey player? So what if my child has a PhD and a doctorate? What

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guarantee do I have? I will see my child into into the gates of Jenga?

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Because that's the ultimate success from Azusa honey nury modafinil agenda modifiers, may not be mentioning, previously mentioned things overstating is, how could we possibly be so concerned with the dounia that you forget about the the accuracy. And the last point that you wish to reflect on with regards to this is the outcome of the brothers of Yusuf alayhi salatu salam, we know the bad things that they did with regards to an abusive to the extent that we might even judge and say, You know what, there's no turning back from that stuff at all of him. They really did some bad things. But even they could manage to find a way out from the wrongdoings and then back to Allah subhanaw

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taala. So that the end result is that they are Muslims, Muslims, as they stated, again, hypothetically speaking, if we can, if you can rely on the information that we spoke about last night with regards to the marriage of so therefore, and use of vajrasattva Santa Fe, even with resources within the mind might be some youth, some youngsters with terrible things, be at Xena, you know, be it abuse of substances, whatever the case may be. Many youth actually feel you know, there's no hope for me. There is no hope for Minami. So what's the point? Why should I can't go and make Florida I'm in a faulty style guy can I proceed? This is a trick of shaitaan shaitaan wants to

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make us feel that we not good enough to turn back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. But the spear reminder that there is never, ever a moment when it's too late to turn back to Allah and this we are dying and our throat is a soulless, odd shell filled with the sun as it is in in the waste. The doors of our leftover will always be open for us. Now, to conclude.

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Allah subhanaw taala says tilicho metacoda harlot those nations that have passed by Lucha maca Sabbath Allah Kumar cassava, for them is what they've earned for you is what you've earned. While aluna American we are married and you will not be questioned with regards to what they used to do. You stand responsible for your own lives are called cuckoo dinosaurs. And people in this world they say be Jews be Christians then you will be guided by millet. Ibrahim hanifa just amazing brother when he asked me this question last night you know some some Jews and some Christians would still be convinced they are under it and they are under it. No, we are on the right team. So how do we really

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have this conversation? This answers it for us. Allah says no ballmill letter Ibrahim hanifa is only one the right Dean because he's only one right God and that the right Dean is to be disinclined from all false gods and inclined only to the one true God that was the way of knapik Ibrahim and that is our way.

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Womack and Amina Lucia he was not of the polytheists Well, it always is kulu Amanda Bella, say say we believe in Allah. Allah in China that which was revealed to us by my own Zilla Ibrahim, that which was revealed to Ibrahim why he's married. Why he's happy. Why our group when asked about and the tribes well my Odia musawah that which is given to Moosa that you just given Teresa de una mirada him that we should add the profits were given from the load land for Rico by adding minimum. We don't disbelieve in any of them. We don't distinguish between them. When the hula hoop Muslim, we submit to all of them. So what is the right thing? The right thing is to follow the one true God and

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all of his profits and that's it. If humankind stopped believing the results in profit and then call that religion, something else, then that's they doing not God's doing not Allah

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Doing a letter Allah is one. His message is one His prophets came and the one message and we simply follow all of them. We didn't stop believing of tenebris Moosa as they are who did we did not stop believing often of ERISA as the Messiah, the rather we followed all of them and the last and final messenger Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for in Amman Obi Mythili amento if other people believe as how you believe he figured that out and they will also be guided or interval low and if they turn away for him mmm fishy cos then they are in trouble. They are in opposition for say Africa whom Allah is enough for you against all of them. But who was Samuel and him and he's the the

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owner. That is the summary of how we can explain the differences between the Muslim Brotherhood and an assault as far as we are concerned, there is only one faith. We you stop believing that is your own concern. But as far as allies concern, there's only one way militar Ibrahima hanifa Muslim in the way of another Ebrahim monotheistic and submissive to Allah subhanho wa Taala alone labranda Sophie can the dire we have one more discussion with regards to the legacy of NaVi Yusuf it also speaks about the law of fear which we'll touch on tomorrow evening be delighted Darwin and in hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen