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Murtaza Khan
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After praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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continuing the theme, which is ama, whereby we mentioned the certain suitors inside these Jews, or indeed inside the Quran that they coupled together, are they classified as twin suitors, whether that be physically that they mentioned as being twin suitors, upon the blessed tongue of the Prophet sallallahu I sell them for mustard and salted baccara and surah, early Emraan whoever besides the two suitors will memorize these two suitors, will come as two clouds of shadows of the individual, on the day of judgment, like what sort of follow up? And so to know that we find to recite these suitors as a form of protection from the evil eye, and magic etc. and its other sources inside the

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Quran which are coupled together, because they seem follow the same theme or they come together, and the same theme spills over into the following surah thermoskin surah Allah and third answer to Toba. Do we find the theme continues to one surah to the following surah does not differ Sara mentioned us but there is no bus mela there is no Bismillahirrahmanirrahim inside so to Toba under modal yesteryear the surah Toba as the topic continues with the theme continues, or the Quran continues from Surah to Allah and fell into sort of Toba. Like what we find Surah Rahman and a worker that we find the same continues of paradise of *,

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of blessings of punishment of torture continues this theme continues from one surah to the following surah. And likewise, today is well so to broach the theme of Soto Boroujerdi mentioned the previous Juma continues inside so Tarik, the beginning begins by speaking about the star speaking about the stars. And the end begins to speak about the punishment those individuals who reject the loss of one or the other and about the power and the magnitude of the

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The only difference in the middle you find that is of speaking about in sound about the human being, and this is the theme of so to just speak about the human being the essence of the human being, of this nature of the human being, speaking about his or her nature, and how the arrogance begins to develop this individual to try and to challenge Allah subhanaw taala he mentions the individual concern

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Yep, the min max def, boost, they have an insert now.

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The human being begins from being from gushing water, to becoming a speaking individual. So just from that, from that water, he becomes this personality, he becomes this this individual and all of this, speaking about this various creation of Allah Subhana Allah and we find a shortcut I mean number two, Laurie mentioned, edible mahalo your dulu Allah Allah mahalo. All this repetition nature speaking inside the Quran about this great creation of Allah Subhana Allah, it actually points to the greatness of Allah Subhana Allah that is why loss panda continues throughout the Quran to speak about wears off offs and examine some that he makes inside the Quran about what he has created.

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Because this shows a we find that this creation is so so magnificent, so glorious, so beautiful. Allah sukanta is far beyond that is far greater than that. Far more beautiful than that. far more powerful than that. That's what these are yet inside this juice and, and in general throughout the Quran are trying to highlight and with this repetitious nature inside the Quran, using the word linguistically a person shouldn't find boredom or shouldn't feel that it's repetitious nature the Quran Why does the Quran repeat itself? If you study the nature of the repetitious nature inside the Quran, a ticker fil Quran, you find every time it brings a different theme, a different word, a

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different understanding, that in essence, a person who begins to read the Quran does not find using this word linguistically, any boredom person really understands the Quran sees Halawa, and sees the beauty of the Quran repressor begins to read the FRC to karate finds even more I get it even more strange things that all these different words and slight changes were had to learn about them how to cut about the hoof just to change your some letters or some haircut how it changes. The whole the whole concept for Mukhlas scene to move the scene in battle that we find had changed the whole meaning and concept or the use of an a center, that he is a sincere individual or he is one who is

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selected by Allah Subhana Allah, both of these meanings hold true. This is the nature of the Quran. that a person who begins to live with the Quran begins to see the greatness of the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala and thus, we find that

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This greatness of Allah Subhana Allah. Allah speaks about this inside the end of social work that we find whereby loss from dimensions for proximity will welcome new June. Indeed we make an oath via the Stations of the setting of the stars. When Nola pasa Malone, Darla moon lo Telemundo have been in the dishes is something which is a great promise, a great oath that a lot of that I takes. Now Casa moon Lau tala Muna aldine Allah refers that this is a great oath, a great promise that a lot this great swearing of Allah Subhana Allah via the settings of the stars. Mm. Tobermory, he goes to the view that this this oath, or taking this swearing of the stars, is not about the stars.

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It's about the

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because an Iron Banner to the loo and adeleke because the verses that come up and speak about inner hula Quran Kareem fie keytab in Baku, Lama su Ella Mata Harun because after Allah mentioned this is a Quran which is Kareem, this is inside the the preserved tablet low Hill maffucci remains that sort of barrage. So he goes to the view that this this person that this oath that Allah that Allah is to Canada is taking, about. phenoxy will be my walk into June, who are who are example for an conceal Quran 30 baronne, that his oath of Allah Subhana Allah is about the magnificent glory of the Quran for a hand wherever view that we take, whether we take it as being the stars that Allah has placed

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there, or they take it as the Quran both these views, they are penetrated inside this Surah Surah two Tarik was sama he was one other Akuma parekh unless from God takes an oath by the heavens by the skies and via a Pollock a park the Magna duck fellow within Arabia means to knock

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to make to make a noise, does he find that some scientists as a side point have actually discovered a star inside the heavens

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and Lady and let it get to

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the it makes a knocking sound that is actually the star the night camera star that makes us actually sort of continues knocking that we find we find that the Prophet is some filorga diver inside Hades that we find he sought refuge from that which comes at night or that which comes in the daytime except for elda with parekh. Yet he will hire except for that which comes with with good news. Something that comes with something which is beneficial. And as he mentioned, so the Hadith that no one of you enter into his home when it's time of the evening, because why yet Whole Foods attend upon his family members returns back from a journey or turns on the night and he finds that his

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family are not in an appropriate situation. So person should inform people inside his home upon his return etc, that we find the kuliah to Allah loca. The linguistics of the word of parekh that we find on my inside is versus the Quran kumbhakarna Imam so you to define who Najib and najem it is the star Kokila and no three year this great Stein said the heavens that we find a lot of time that is taken off by the start inside the heavens that we find this surah the Prophet Allah is not some will recite the stories about Marisa you mentioned when you speak about classified

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every job has been called fatahna in a famous Hadith. So he said to Margaret Jebel read so to Sampson read so Tarik will lead the people inside the prayer. But it's not the Hadees whereby when the companions when he was a non Muslim, and he mentioned when the prophet Elijah to Swami came to the to the souk of a thief,

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and he asked them for some aid or some assistance. He said that I heard the Prophet alayhi salatu salam reciting surah so to park filter helia when I was a non Muslim, I heard him reciting this surah. So he basically memorize this surah he learned the surah inside Johanna McKenna, a Muslim, but he's a non Muslim. fella stemma became Muslim, he said then i would i would recite the surah when I became became a Muslim, and it shows that the language of the Quran the impact of the Quran to understand the Quran, McKenna better is Quraysh It was a far away from the Polish because of solidness. The most pure of people inside the language in his speech, was the polish that you find

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was known as the pot. The lines of poetry that used to hang around the garba you find the 10,000 lines of poetry.

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See, do Fatima hate that one time just recited 10,000 lines of poetry.

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And everybody who's standing there, hadn't written them down, had memorized them

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had memorized them this was this was the Cobra. The power the ability was given to the tedious individuals in speech and memorization. That's we find that what he said to me, he said

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Hannah Danna miracles of Allah Subhana Allah in general come to challenge what people are showing inside society whether it be recently Salaam showing the discovery of medicine, people of musala Islam in discovery of associate magic that we find in trickery that we find so the Quran comes with this more jeiza Where is married with this miracle of local of language? That's what they they concluded himself as a man had that had the detachable what that Hakuna Matata qu anthem Sammy doon first to do the Lucha boo. Read the Sarasota najem

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kulu Montana Hydra,

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Phoebe delaine haraam whoever was there, such an all of them, they're frustrated, except for one individual took that dust and he placed it on his face and later on a number of citizen mentioned individuals killed for his arrogance, etc. But it shows that the courage understood the language of the Quran.

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Read about Abdullah Abu sufian read about how the impact of Quran Allah used to hear the Quran and you say to one another, don't don't share this with the people with the masses of people. When people hear that we're listening to the Quran. People are going to walk away from our Deen just like today you have to you have to place some some

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elements of obstructions about the Quran in society. They exist today. In naomichi do kadowaki do Qaeda look at the commissary so they plot and they plan they try to make these obstacles about the Quran. But the Quran will penetrate society. The Quran will spread inside society. They know the new lay so Canada Allah because this is the deen of Allah subhanaw taala and he will take care of his Deen subhanho wa Taala and that we find that energy most of what my other aka

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Alma Mater mclaury will explain to you what a politic is.

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If I'm a bit above mm sufian authority, or Kanaka mm could be fictive Siri, every time Allah Subhana Allah mentions women at the Raka Sukkot agenda, Allah Subhana Allah answers explains what it is 13 places inside the Quran. Whenever this question is posed a lot of that will describe what he's speaking about. Why the tuxedo Quran bill Quran is a meme ship Schumpeter is famous this deceit as well but he begins to list was completed by Sheikh Mohammed Salim Appiah, his famous student competed at well beyond because she passed away You never got to complete it. Just like MCT is a gentle lane. If he shaved never got to complete it. animam cu t seconds. sooty. So I have a doorman

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who became a competitive scene at allatra you know, able to visualize any difference between the two shifts, had the nightmare minimize so palitana suffer to sahid suffer to mufa serien birsa lives with people who make the seed of the Quran, the impact of that Quran, it goes into them, that they begin to narrate or begin to speak or begin to make them see just like their own teacher made that tough seal of being with them. So 13 places inside the Quran, Allah Pandey explains woman at the Raka response himself Subhana Allah, Allah Fimo they were they were they were hidden inside certain

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way but a lot of that doesn't explain what he's speaking about Subhana Allah Well, I'm not one man you darica whenever lost brother mentioned woman Utica land assata kulu Karim whenever lost from the mentioned speaking about the hour or speak using words without you the rica three paces or the Quran the answer is not given

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is much unknown. Allah doesn't speak about it, because he had the idea that they had this and in Astra and he sir speaks about the last day No one knows. So Allah doesn't explain when exactly the last day is going to be will only highlight what the Seaford of the last day will be if something was to reflect upon, and najma kept this this pacing star and Moody, the one is read and gives this light that we find was mentioned authorea will explain to you what the star is in Nicosia mentions. Yes kobushi oppein that the role of the star is to pace is to brand is to burn the sharpener we mentioned previously three purposes of the stars that Allah place them inside the heavens. Amongst

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them is to to burn the Sharpie to send down these meteorites the stars upon the shopping to burn them in Makati. falcata Fatima, she has served in this the only place inside the Quran after the such orthotic insert so to suffer the Allah uses the word fellowship does he because he uses evidence that this star is one that goes or stars that is go and they strike a shopping, strike the gin. We tried to steal information from the heavens and bring it down to the people in cold enough silom Allah Hafiz every soul every individual will ever have an opponent your cool, Rocky will have a watch over it and we find inside a bomb shop

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Dimensions inside is tafsir Harris, a protector will be over every single individual who is this protector over every single individual

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who not filata to acquire cold over who Allah Subhana Allah will no higher on half a bar. The protector over all of us, is Allah subhanaw taala he's the best protector and coolness in Allah have faith ever every single individual is one who protect studies Allah Subhana Allah Allah. So when Allah Subhana Allah becomes the protector of an individual person doesn't need anybody in society. nierman moelleux when it molossia, the best protector the best helper is Allah Subhana Allah, but obviously a person needs to gain that protection of Allah Subhana Allah Wa kolu thermae cause lucro mm shokin effective see refer to

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the half is the man aka the intellect, that every person has their own intellect, their mind to judge what is right, what is wrong what to do inside their life inside their life. When can the code die, even though its meaning is weak, because the idea of the siaka don't point towards that, but it could to certain degree speaking about the human being, what seems to be more evident, is the half it is is melodica is the angels that Allah Subhana has placed angels over us to protect us throughout our lives, while you see a comb have forgotten, unless panda places sins upon us, guardians to God as right from the beginning of our life, even before the beginning of our life that

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the angels who come and they place the soul into our body, and they write down the four things about every single one of us that's imprinted in our forehead, that will be delivered. When we leave this life. They are guardians all around us. Now who mokuba to maintain your day you

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know, with umbrella. They are guardians over all of us. From behind from in front of us around us were protecting us by the permission of Allah subhanho data.

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And the strange thing is that Allah and Allah after this Ironside sutra, the 13th chapter verse number 11, Allah mentions in Nevada law, you know, you remember comin Hatha Yoga, you know, maybe unforeseen.

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Allah will change the condition of a people until they don't change their own selves. What is the relationship between the first part of the verse about their guardians who are going to guard and protect all all of us and changing our condition

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will move in delay so panatela

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knowledge belongs to Allah Subhana Allah by person can extract that one view is that just like a lost hunter spirit will spiritually protect you physically will protect you

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by sending these angels that the change inside society needs a physical change. You can't just rely upon Allah Subhana Allah protects us with the angels, a lot of them will change our situation with the angels. That's what the eyes to share in our daily work well with the likes of Hana data change inside our society, yes, we have angels that protect us. But we need to make that effort inside our lives. In Allah Allah, you know, you remember Coleman had to remember unforeseen,

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Allah will never change our condition, until we don't change our own selves. So this overreliance something else will come inside society and changes society, that may possibly happen to us and the primary madman becomes. But prior to that, the impact of change lies upon every single one of us. So just like last time that has guided doesn't protect us. So at least that we could do in return, even though a loss of power does not need that from us. But what we can do in return is that we can make the effort of Dean inside our life is uphold these these teachings inside our life. Like what if I were inadequate to have you been to Rahman Khatibi Yalla Muna mata adone in Surah, in fact, already

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mentioned they are they are scribes, over all of us. Their manual field will call in Illa Allah The Yurok a Buddha did not a word we utter except for angels are describing a record writing on everything that will take place upon us. As we find the role of the angels

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shavon will see it even something simple but we use these words it's not something simple because a tofik minimize Subhana Allah. whoever reads it could see the Hadith in Bukhari as the rate of Abu hurayrah. Speaking about protecting a son of God as occur, the cattlemen when a shape on cavemen used to Steve for him three nights consecutively. Then he taught him something

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shavon who kazoo cafe Leia, but he said words of truth, he should have whoever reads this ayah every single night, there will be a protective right individual protect the individual till the morning. I too could see the moon I have an aura

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Inside sootel Baccarat verse 255, if you are on here, sure, he ayatul kursi

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Ashura, Seaford de la Subhana, Allah

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can see third of Allah Subhana Allah names and attributes and suffered the loss of data inside this ayah. one ayah

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classified is the greatest idea inside the Quran whoever recites every single night will be protected from shopping. In other heads anyone will recite to every single of the every single seller

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and believes inside And besides that, that this ayah nothing would prevent the individual from going into gender,

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shape to see something simple, but it's, it's the conviction. It's that belief, in the words of Allah Subhana Allah tasche or the other methylation paradigm you read this if Allah Subhana you you feel the grand jewel, the beneficence of Allah Subhana Allah and they saw me I had inside the Quran that we sat on a daily basis but we don't understand that we don't we don't read deep into them. suta Fatiha can shave 17 times a day how many fans really understand sutra Fatiha

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ambus understand the final two is suited Bukhara who's under understand the iron insert so to know Allah musawah he will help us understand the and the suited hasher he will we take these mobile they we take these stations of Quran these ayah in the Quran we just understand these are Yeah.

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We will we will feel the greatness of Allah Subhana Allah inside our lives and be more visualize and focus towards Allah Subhana Allah file yonder in Santa Mima. Holika

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let the human being look at what has been created from

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Allah standard speaks about as we mentioned, all these great things.

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And then once you remind the human being about his essence, because this human being thinks that he's he's grand, he thinks he's great. He thinks he's powerful. He thinks that he owns this and he owns that. So Allah subhanaw taala throughout the Quran, as you mentioned, never mentioned and incense speaks about the weakness of the human being. To remind us that don't become proud about yourself.

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Don't be karma booty two minute elmy illa Camila, your knowledge and your power and your abilities Colleen

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minute. little small it is in front of Allah subhanaw taala. That's why because he mentioned abajo Subhana Allah Allah,

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Allah de julio caminho so Allah makes this point to remind the individual about his weakness. Let us go back to remind you the human being of what you was created from and what are you in comparison to this great creation of Allah subhanho data of the stars the moon, the heavens Earth Holika met in Delphic even created from his gushing water. Yeah, could you mean Venus will be what thora

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una comunidad de de speaking what is a soul batara a soul is the is the loins of the man with terror a killer who are mccannon kala, where the woman wears her necklace her jewelry showed meaning the upper part of a body a person, a culture Yes, I mean had the idea that an insert is a because even studies succeed. And likewise MMC, UT la kupala endermen Houma

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the essence of creation of the human being, is being a doctor what

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is between the male and the female? So look, are they speak about the essence of the human being is created from this gushing water from from inside the Quran. Allah mentions that we're in such an insane beginning inside there, I'm sure gin which is the mix water the man and the woman This is the beginning of the human being is another place inside of for Allah mentions. That man has been created from mimma in maheen from despicable water, cold weather to shear Illa Matha all is punched What about the human being?

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The essence of the human being and how he he wants to prevail himself as being this Almighty powerful individual that we find in know Allah de la there are some differences they mentioned. That means even the water to bring it back to his essence Allah will bring it back by the most common meaning is in know that indeed to Allah Subhana adhamiya Rue de la Subhana Allah, Allah Roger de la Kadir what the Mira Sani in an insane that Allah will bring the human being back to him so Canada Allah, yo ma tubular sorrow

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on that day that you find that the secrets will be unveiled will be thrown out. All of us. As you mentioned, this theme inside this juice has been about returning back to Allah subhana wa laddie you have the familiar

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Do I want to add a he?

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He is the one that begins creation and one who will repeat creation. Well who am one who Allah He and this is something simple and easy for lots of Canada Allah inside so to whom as a side point so to whom speaks about the human beings.

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That's the main theme of Subaru is about the human being, who not sitter to a yard mutata yet woman Aya T. Lateral Phil Quran, Missy has the ayat. Six times inside the Quran Allah continuously mentioned will mean it continuously six times in a trot, no place inside the Quran. Actually seven times because after I add a lot of dimensions again women 87 times inside so to whom Allah mentioned about his idea about his science, all of these for what to ponder, to reflect, Allah means that is full of the insert, creative a bath from weakness

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will become strong, return back to weakness. This is all signs of Allah Subhana Allah, all the power the magnitude of Allah Subhana Allah using a state of weakness, then become powerful, you become mighty Allah returns you back to weakness, weakness, that again you will recreate you and bring you in a state of weakness in front of him. So panatela does refine. Number

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four monitor him in our other colleagues. We give them some life.

00:26:30 --> 00:26:32

We give them some life to enjoy themselves.

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But then we take them we take human beings make them return back to us and we return back to Las pantalla either been or leave survey chastisement awaits these individuals. Yama tubeless Sara mm Sadie inside is the fear he mentions that in this dunya people conceal themselves.

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They conceal their faults, they conceal their mistakes, they conceal their sins.

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But on on that day, whatever is hidden will be revealed.

00:27:03 --> 00:27:13

Whether it be the good deeds of the pious people will be exposed both on that day. Whether it be the evil Sins of Fujairah be exposed on that day.

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Mm, Sandy's most famous students what they mean number two, the LA when he speaks about a Sarah air inside his Tafseer he mentions this is speaking about the heart. So he begins to speak about rectifying our hearts

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focusing in our hearts, our intentions, that the essence of all of this life, all these armor, all these actions all of our life, it all revolves around one thing

00:27:42 --> 00:27:52

it revolves around the heart. Yo man, I am so mad and well known in them and attala be convinced Celine or the oldest dude know his world all of this

00:27:53 --> 00:28:36

is not going to benefit any of us. Except for a person who comes with a pure a sound heart. So he begins to focus on Easter Seals a Sarah in the person will have no kuva no personal stem from that they will have no sin. Now said we might not talk to me because you request people to come and help you to aid you and assist you. On that day there will be no help. You won't have the power yourself to avail to help yourself you won't be able to ask someone else to come available to help you for either a new flick of a store when a Trump is blown for answer but they know whom your money denwa yet alone. There's going to be no unsub there's going to be no lineage. There's going to be no

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family. There's going to be no friends there's going to be no father no son, no mother, no daughter, no clan, no tribe no family wonder yet the SIR alone and we're not going to be able to ask any individual

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This is the end of May June. The 23rd chapter read the sooner we the iron inside the beginning but we know and then opposite the ending speaking about the disbelieving individuals.

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This is math. This is sunako Quran

00:29:07 --> 00:29:19

or swaying between believers and disbelievers between paradise and Hellfire between reward and punishment need to focus inside our lives that many of us we stay away from this was summer either rodri will be there this summer.

00:29:21 --> 00:29:23

The sky which brings down a lot or brings down the rain

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and we find that the the earth which can shock which splits open.

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Hey Allah subhanaw taala makes a new oath.

00:29:34 --> 00:29:59

He began by making an oath. So some of the ultimate FRC they mentioned the first office speak about preservation of the Quran from a distance, as we mentioned that the stars are there to protect for anybody penetrating the heavens and to protect the words of Allah Subhana Allah and the second oath here is more direct, whereby Allah fundamentals after these discussing in now the colon for stone that this is a

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Kowloon hakama call in your bus or the lockdown Anima the Quran is preserved, preserved from above and preserved upon this earth. That's what Allah mentions are super aged.

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And the ninth verse or so, in the nationalism that they grow in and who has evolved, we sit down the thicker and we're going to God and we're going to preserve the Quran.

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And now the colon first one, this is called fursan Allah the UFC lubaina T one Bobtail that's what the Quran is a separates between truth and falsehood of a smile Koran and fork on the criteria between good and bad. That's what the Quran is the ultimate FSC like Mmm, Sham PT mmm could be the go to the View. In Nola colon first one is p Kiba. In returning resurrection. In Nola colon fossa indeed it is a fact that a human being will return back to Allah Subhana Allah. If we take the view that this is speaking about the Quran, why does God speak about the heaven sending down the rain? And the earth said bring out the vegetation.

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These are things that give life so just like this is life to the earth will live lies to the Kullu lies to the human being is the Koran. That's what it is lies to the human is the Quran that's a main terms of Quran is has been given this metaphor of being the reign of being vegetation of being these these minerals of benefit that's what the Quran is that's what a professional he described it what is the impact of knowledge of the Quran? Like a barren land a fertile land that's what the Quran it says impact upon the individual woman while bill has Lee

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we might not be Larabee is Quran isn't joke isn't just or an Islam is an entertainment was become for people who bridgid tight the Quran with strength. I said to ya hodl kitabi take the book with over which strength Quran isn't just isn't playing isn't any entertainment isn't a pastime.

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That's unfortunate many Muslims are thinking that the Quran is some form of alleviation Quran Islam is is to be to be funny to be entertaining, to be light hearted. This has this mckern but don't equate that with Islam. Don't equate that with the Quran. Don't make a mockery of the Quran. Don't make jokes about the Quran indirectly.

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With the Quran teaches the Quran

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Have you thought the evil person does it implement? I never mentioned the person who makes a mockery of the Quran joke about the Quran. Heather no Amina kufri is a form of proof of disbelief rejection of the verses of Allah Subhana ganda. That's why I personally take the Quran in in a serious nature in his recital is implementation and living according to the Quran. mm suitings or is the Sierra tournament Thor. He brings numerous narrations speaking about the Quran about the power of the Quran, speaking about fittin fit and trials and tribulations that people will face at a later stage is prophesized by the prophet alayhi salatu salam for Manuel Han. So what is the cure? What is the

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solution? And all these narrations begins to speak about that the cure the solution is returning back to the Koran, holding fast to the Quran. The way out is the

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leave aside the level of authenticity and durations. But because the narration numerous narration I find other narration speaking about in other words that we find it is hard to like Mateen Qur'an is the strong rope of Allah Subhana Allah, whoever holds on to this role will be successful. That's a lot. I mean, rasma said, he begins to mention

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when people begin to turn away from the Quran has

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they become degraded, they become demoralized, they have no value in society. We are covering both him and him.

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On the scale of how far away from the Quran they are, the more further away you are from the Quran, the more disgraced you become.

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So the only the only solution is for us personally, and for his Muslim Ummah is the Quran.

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That is it's a simple solution. But obviously for some people, it's not a simple solution.

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Because we find that this debate still is still there in 50 to 53 odd Muslim countries around the world that we find that yes, the Quran is important is a tacit approval is a lip service, that the Quran is important, but we ensure that souls with what

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are honored, Bill, Bill cavani Allah you

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With loose constitutions, objectives, manmade objectives we surround ourselves with them. That's why it's very important to read the first syrup problem of classical dilemma and in contemporary must speak about common foreign.

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Now essential Quran essential Quran is not just material to our essential Quran isn't just reciting of the Quran as a known Kabir is a very important factor of the Quran, the reciting of the of the Quran.

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But it's something more deeper than that, that rule number four focus upon So in the last century or so,

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the last 150 years that we can see the whole impact all beginning from the begins by breaking of the language of the Quran.

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Come in a sharp FML Parana, yo how many of the people understand the Quran relate themselves in a language of Quran?

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You know, we speak about the color of light Subhana Allah,

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their greatest Vicar of Allah Subhana Allah who is

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one of the currently Akbar going to thinkery of the of Allah and Allah is the Quran. Whether that be in his recital would have been his pondering, would it be inside is too big, is the greatest thing is the Quran. And that's on last Friday. I mentioned that in dunya t Duna. k that we mentioned that these people they're going to plot and plan against,

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against the Quran against Islam against Muslims. From a halal Katharina Amelie, whom provider, leave them for short time rouladen Yanni for short time, leave these people alone.

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Some of the elements of fussy dimension. We never mentioned in the beginning intentionally that this is speaking about a najmul circuit who wore a suit on a salatu salam. O is Al Islam, this piercing, bright star, this radiant star is the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam.

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And this can be plausible, because the last time that I mentioned that we sent you, as a witness as a testimony upon to the society mubasher and one of the era what the Ian Illallah he is, he was siracha monniera.

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The prophet Isaiah is Raja munia is a blazing sun

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is a light, a light of guidance.

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So this meaning can be provable that the energy Masaki is the sending of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, or the calming of Islam that will pass is a radiate light that will come everywhere. That's what Islam will be. And for us, is to just carry out what we need to do that the weakness of this human being that we find

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that is human being that we are weak. And these human beings they're weak as well. They want to plot and they want to plan against Allah Subhana Allah

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and Allah will take care of the plotting and they're planning we shouldn't worry about that.

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That we find we should wait for the seed of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam how important it is to see the beauty of the Quran, where is the M Kuru became the de nikephoros the use be to cola Toluca or you retube

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these individuals they want you to either incarcerate you, imprison you, or they want you to object to Luke to kill you. Oh yes to juke out to expel you from the land. William Karuna William Kula Willow material.

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They plot and they plan but Allah Allah has the best of planets.

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Does he find that up to the seat of the profile extra from all these hit multiply subpoena data visually? Many things that we can relate today what's taking place inside this world don't don't fall short. Don't become worried.

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Look at the Battle of burger that we find. how few of individual there were 313 individuals that we find in number

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what color are the mini FIA unique him Allah Subhana Allah

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made less than number of the believers in front of the disbelievers and made in front of the believers that number the disassembly then displays to be less.

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We just have to make an effort and at last Sunday I was saying the Guardian send the protection do what he needs to do some kind of Allah. And likewise he sent down the rain.

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And he sent down the rain that the land the terrain whereby the believers were that was a strong land to strengthen their standing and wave the land whereby the mushrikeen were that became soggy became wet,

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became difficult for them to walk to remain there.

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So this is all the planning of Allah subhanaw taala

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to let these people implode, let them plan, let them do whatever they want to do.

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Allah Subhana Allah would place the obstacles will create avenues. We'll make the way out make the new roommate the life providing that one small condition is that we make that small effort

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We make that small effort in preserving and guarding the Quran upholding the Quran upholding the sooner the teachings of the prophet Elijah, we make that small effort. It's only a small effort if you really think deeply about it.

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But yet the small effort has got us in so much fitting

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it's got this Muslim woman so much fit in at the moment and we living in because why we don't want to uphold the Quran. We don't want to uphold the Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, may Allah subhanaw taala give us all the tawfeeq and ability to return back to the book of Allah Subhana Allah to drink from the book of Allah Subhana Allah to penetrate into our hearts into our mind into our soul into our lives.

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